Top 6 Content Writing Courses In Kolkata With Placements

Just like space, web content is expanding day by day. The immense increase in web content has created a huge demand for content writers across the globe. It’s a hot and rising field and people are showing profound interest in the field.


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Kolkata is an advancing city where people take a profound interest in rising technologies and professions. There are many aspiring content writers in Kolkata. With the rising interest in content writing courses in Kolkata, well-established web marketing institutes have started offering content writing courses as well.


With so many providers of content writing courses in Kolkata and choosing one that fits your criteria could be a cumbersome process. To make this process easier for you, I’m listing down the top 6 content writing courses in Kolkata. Read through and choose what is most suited to you.


But before jumping on to it let us first understand content writing and content writers. Feel free to skip to the listing if you’re confident of your knowledge. If you’re a beginner, I would advise you to read through this.


In the era of the rising internet, everything and everyone has an online presence. People rely on search engines for every sort of information. How would you feel if you’re the one providing that information? That’s what content writers do. They create content to make life easy for everyone.


Content writing is vast, and one can choose to do one or many things that comes under content writing. Some popular fields of content writing include:




You can create your blog and write on your niche. You can write about your experiences, ideas, and thoughts. You can become an influencer through your blog or provide information on various things that can make other’s life easy.


Article Writing


Articles are fact-based writings. You can write about a hot topic that people are interested in and provide genuine information to people.




Brochures include the summary of a business. It includes information like what services are offered by the company, the background of the company, company values, and much more.


Social Media Post


Social Media presence is a must for promoting a business. Business needs content writers to create content for their social media pages.


Business Website Content


Nowadays, every business has an online presence. Business websites need content writers to create content for their pages. They want content writers who can understand the ideas and thoughts of the business and wrap them in the perfect words.


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What should you look for in a content writing course?


Practical Learning


Practical learning is the most important thing when it comes to content writing courses. A content writing course must offer opportunities to work on projects or internships to gain some professional experience.


Course Curriculum


The course curriculum must be according to industry standards. All the major subfields must be covered. In-depth knowledge of all concepts is a must.


Career Guidance


Content writing is huge, and one can feel lost when it comes to picking up a career in this field. Proper career guidance must be provided by the institute to help students choose the right career path for themselves.


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Here is the promised list of the top 6 content writing courses in Kolkata.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a globally acknowledged provider of content writing courses in Kolkata as well as digital marketing courses in Kolkata. They have set up themselves as a benchmark in the internet marketing education industry.


The course covers a vast scope of must-have web content development skills like creating a website, using WordPress, search engine optimization (SEO), writing articles, blogs, microblogs, and press releases, designing infographics, brochures, flyers, personalized emailers, and using various tools for the perfect content creation.


Key Highlights of the course:


§  Practical approach-based Curriculum: Every week, there will be a few assignments based on the topics that were taught in the class. Personal feedback is provided on every assignment.

§  Guaranteed Internship: They provide 3 months of internship after the end of the living training classes where students work on various tasks along with additional weekly live classes. This internship adds a five-star to the portfolio and can become a major showcase in interviews or to potential clients.

§  Prompt Support: There is always a prompt response from the mentors in case of any queries.

§  Lifetime Access and Support: All the course materials are accessible for a lifetime. But this is not it. Lifetime support and guidance are provided by the IIM SKILLS team in case of any career or technical related queries.

§  Portfolio Development: Whether you want to apply for a content writing role or want to be a freelancer or maybe set up your content writing-related business, you must have a strong and eye-catching portfolio. IIM SKILLS team will provide all the help required in making your portfolio.

§  Career Guidance: At the end of the course, each student receives proper guidance in the career path they decide to pursue. Whether it is Job or Freelancing or setting up a business, students are guided until they achieve their goal.

§  Globally renowned Certification: There are two exam-based certifications, Master Certification from IIM Skills and Content Marketing Certification by HubSpot from the US.


The course curriculum at IIM Skills include:


§  Web Development

§  UI UX Set Up

§  Introduction to Content Writing

§  Keyword Research

§  Content Niche Development

§  How to Use Content Writing Tools?

§  Plagiarism Detector

§  Email Automation Tools

§  Google My Business

§  Social Media Presence

§  Social Media Tools

§  How to Earn Money Using Content Writing Skills?


This course is perfect for students, experience content writers, working professionals, Businessmen & Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Retired people, Housewives, and Aspiring College Dropouts.


This course duration is 4 weeks with live classes happening once a week. Each class is 4 hours long. They take online live classes on weekends. After the training session, there will be classes during the internship period as well. The course fee is Rs. 14900 exclusive GST.


In addition to Content Writing, IIM Skills also provides a staggering Digital Marketing course that can help you make a difference in the business domain and marketing sector.


Address: H B Twin Tower 8th Floor. Max Hospital Building, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi 110034

Contact: +91 9911839503


Don’t miss out on the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review. It will give you a clear picture of what the course has to offer from a student- point of view.


2.Kolkata Web Academy


Kolkata Web Academy is one of the premier institutes for content writing courses in Kolkata. They are well known for their practical approach-based curriculum designed to keep on par with the changing industry standards.


The course curriculum includes training sessions held once a week by expert trainers who have experience of over 15+ years. Students work as trainees under their professional web marketing and designing team and handle real-life client projects that help them to master the skills of content writing and prepare them to get started in the online marketing industry right away.


Key Highlights of the course:


§  Working on real-life client projects

§  100% Placement Assurance

§  Expert Trainers

§  Interactive Training Method

§  Mock Interview Support

§  Prompt Query Resolution

§  Exam based Certification


Course Curriculum includes:


§  SEO Basics

§  Google Webmaster Tools

§  Keywords Research and Analysis

§  On-Page Optimization

§  Off-Page Optimization

§  Local Business Optimization

§  Reports and Management

§  Google Analytics

§  Website Monetization

§  Live SEO Project


The content writing certification course is available in different modes of training. One has an option to choose from the online, classroom, Corporate, and On-Campus training. The duration of the course is two months with classes conducting once per week. The course fee is quite reasonable for the price of Rs 8000. The only eligibility criteria are to have a basic understanding of the internet and MS-Word.


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Kolkata Web Academy also offers a plethora of different certificate courses in web marketing.


§  Digital Marketing Course

§  Search Engine Optimization Course

§  Google AdWords

§  Affiliate Marketing

§  Social Media Marketing Course

§  Search Engine Marketing Course

§  WordPress Training


Address: Kolkata Web Academy, Ground Floor, 455, Grihashree, South Dum Dum, Kolkata – 700055

Contact: 974 8813 455


3. Dimensions


Dimensions is a well-known content writing service provider. They have also established themselves in providing content writing courses in Kolkata.


The content writing course curriculum at Dimensions focuses on making their students excel as content writers by honing their skills in web marketing as well as improving their general writing skills. The curriculum is a mix of theory classes and home assignments.


Key Highlights of the course:


§  Training sessions by Professionals

§  Small Batches

§  Prompt Support

§  One to One Career Counselling


The course curriculum focuses on these areas:


§  Communication & Research

§  Web Content evolution

§  Role of Content in Marketing

§  How to connect Content Writing and Content Marketing?

§  Writing content for promotion and advertisement

§  Basics of Content Writing

§  Types of Web Content writing

§  Introduction to Social Media Content Creation

§  Content for Offline Marketing Communication

§  Industry-based Content Writing


The course duration is 3 months or 12 classes which can also be extended to 16 classes depending on various factors. The course fee is Rs. 6000 which can be paid in two installments. Amid the pandemic, they are operating classes only.


Address: 137, Brojen Mukherjee Road, Chamrapatti, Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700034

Contact: 098741 61888


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4. PromozSEO


PromozSEO is a Kolkata-based Web Market Academy. They offer a plethora of courses in Web Marketing like Digital Marketing Course, Search Engine Optimization Course, YouTube Video Marketing Course, Google Ads (AdWords) SEM Course, Facebook Marketing Course, and Social Media Optimization Course.


PromozSEO values quality over quantity and is especially known for interactive training sessions because of the small batch size. They take only four students per batch. Their zest to provide individual care to every student is enormous and the main reason for them to be validated as providers of one of the best content writing courses in Kolkata.


The course curriculum is intended to focus on modern and ethical SEO techniques. They provide 70+ hours of theory classes and hands-on practice through assignments and projects.


Key Highlights of the course:


§  Training sessions from experienced SEO professionals

§  Practical Google SEO Training Methodologies on various types of websites.

§  Practice through working on live websites.

§  Course content is designed according to SEO industry standards.

§  All required SEO Tools and SEO training PDF, PPT, and video materials are provided at no cost.

§  Always Ready to Help attitude towards students.

§  100% Job Assistance post-training.

§  Freelance Projects


Course curriculum at PromozSEO includes:


§  Introduction to Search Engines

§  HTML Structure, Semantic Errors, and Validation

§  SEO Keywords Analysis

§  Blogging for SEO Training

§  WordPress SEO Training

§  Landing Page Optimization

§  Local SEO Training

§  Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

§  On-Page Search Engine Optimization

§  E-Commerce Keyword Analysis

§  Google Webmaster and Google Analytics

§  Mobile SEO Training

§  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Training

§  Voice Search Optimization Training

§  Website Audit and Site Recovery Training


PromozSEO content writing course is suitable for complete newbies and ones who are trying to move forward in the field. They offer online and offline modes of training. There is an option to opt for either weekday or weekend classes. Course fees are affordable.


Address: Harish Chandra Dutta Rd, Panihati, Sodepur, Kolkata

Contact: +91-7278581909


IIM SKILLS Kolkata Content Writing Course invite


5. Vision Upliftment Academy


Vision Upliftment Academy is an acclaimed internet marketing education center that offers content writing courses in Kolkata. They offer diploma and master’s courses in internet marketing-related fields. Their curriculum is aligned with the rapidly changing industry standards. Students get the opportunity to work on live projects to gain professional experience.


Mentors at Vision Upliftment Academy are dedicated to the upbringing of their students. After completion of the training period, they employ students at their own company and prepares them fully before stepping out into the world.


Key Highlights of the course:


§  Comprehensive content writing course modules

§  Small batches with limited students

§  Job Placement Assistance

§  Flexible Payment Methods with installment facilities

§  Lifetime Support for content writing-related issues

§  Learn different ways to earn money through content writing skills

§  Opportunity to work on live projects


Course Curriculum includes:


§  Article Writing

§  Blog Writing

§  Website Content Writing

§  Press Release Writing

§  Guest Posting

§  Service or Product Review Writing

§  E-Book Writing


The content of the course is designed keeping in mind the different backgrounds of students. Their course is suitable for authors, college students, entrepreneurs, aspiring writers and bloggers, retired people, housewives, and anyone who loves to write.


The content writing course at Vision Upliftment Academy is a 1.5-month program that happens twice per week. The course fee is Rs. 10000. They also offer a group discount of 15% if there are three or more students. Working professionals have the option to opt for weekend batches.


Their other well-known pieces of training include:


§  Digital Marketing Training

§  Social Media Marketing Training

§  PPC Training

§  E-Commerce Training

§  Web Design and Development Training

§  Cyber Security Training


Address: RDB Boulevard, Sector – 5, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

Contact: +919830367183


6. Seven Boats


Seven Boats is a globally recognized Digital Marketing agency cum training institute that offers a plethora of free and paid advanced certification courses in different fields of web marketing. After their 100% success rate in the Digital Marketing Certification course, they have now established themselves as a top-rated provider of content writing courses in Kolkata.


Seven boats are immensely dedicated to their students. Apart from training sessions, they also conduct workshops, live webinars, live projects and offer strategic consulting to help students grow their careers or business.


Key Highlights of the course:


§  Live sessions by Expert Trainers

§  Unlimited Online Access to materials

§  One to one career counseling

§  Job Oriented Course

§  Placement Assistance

§  Internship Experience Letter

§  Helpful Practice Activities

§  Post Training Support

§  Entrepreneurial Support


Course Curriculum is designed in inclination with industry standards. Curriculum includes:


§  Concept of Keywords

§  SEO Overview

§  Content Writing Guidelines

§  Content Research

§  Blog Content Writing

§  Web Page Content Creation

§  Sales Page Content Writing

§  Microblog Writing

§  Social Posts Writing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

§  E-Commerce Product Description

§  Profile Writing

§  PR and Article Writing

§  Social AD Copy Writing

§  Technical Content Writing

§  Domain Expertise based Writing

§  E-Learning Content Writing

§  Product Documentation / Prototype Writing

§  CV/Resume Writing

§  Syllabus Drafting

§  Email Drafting

§  Proposal Writing


The course duration is 2 months that covers 12 classes of 2.5 hours each. One can enroll in online classes or offline classes. The course fee is Rs. 12000.


Address: Unit 304, Diamond Arcade, Cal Jessore Road, Kolkata

Contact: +91 8017049042


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  1. Which are some of the best content writing courses in Kolkata?

There are many distinguished content writing institutes that offer content writing courses in Kolkata both online and offline. IIM SKILLS CWMC is one of the best online courses that you can pursue. It is a virtual immersive training pedagogy that incorporates all important elements of the content writing industry.


  1. What is the syllabus for content writing in Kolkata?

The syllabus for the content writing course in Kolkata includes blogging, best practices for writing, content writing tools, creating content for SEO, content writing for different formats, Google local pages, GMB, content keyword research, social media writing, content marketing.


  1. What is the course fee for content writing courses in Kolkata?

The fee for a good content writing course varies from 10,000  to 20000 approximately in Kolkata for a 4-6 weeks program.




There you go! You have your top 6 content writing courses in Kolkata. Every course in the list is well designed with the focus of making you the master of content writing. These courses will help you in understanding the subject at its best and about the outcomes.


Go through all the listed courses, take your time, and make a wise choice! If you find this article helpful, please provide your feedback.

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