Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai With Placements

Why chose a financial modeling course? The most important reason is, after the strong setback to the business industry in 2020, and considering how volatile the market had become, many business entities started adopting methods for financial modeling to mitigate risk factors. Thus, there is a rise in the need for Finacial Modeling. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is the only industry with a 9% steady growth from 2021 to 2031. In the list of cities with an emerging financial market, Dubai ranks at no.3 position. Thus, let’s explore the financial modeling courses in Dubai.


List of best financial modeling courses in Delhi


Introduction to the Importance of Financial Modeling

The age-old practice of financial modeling using paper spreadsheets and calculations was posing a significant problem for most businesses. First of all, it was a time-consuming tedious process. Secondly, errors meant reworking everything from the beginning.

In the year 1979, Dan Bricklin(Known as the Godfather of Spreadsheets) with his partner Bob Frankston invented VisiCalc. This was the first computer-based spreadsheet. Lotus followed suit in 1983 with a better version known as Lotus1-2-3. In 1993 with the introduction of Excel, the entire process of financial modeling took multiple steps forward, and now Excel is a prerequisite for anyone looking into financial modeling.


Overview of the Financial Market in Dubai

Dubai is the 2nd wealthiest emirate in UAE and it is known as the the “City of Gold” not only due to its 250-odd gold shops in the city but also because it is the major hub for media, business, tourism, aviation, manufacturing, innovation and development, shipping and the finance market in Arab.

It has been ranked 17th in the year 2022 in the Global Financial Centres Index. In the year 2023, it was ranked 12th on the International Financial Centre Index. There are 3000 leading non-financial firms based in Dubai. From the list of Fortune 500 companies, 138 have their headquarters for the UAE based in Dubai.

Dubai is well known for its special zones where easy regulations are in governance for foreign investments and free trade agreements. In the year 2004, the introduction of the Dubai International Financial Centre made it a global hub for upcoming IT and Finance industries. Thus, with the aid of this article, we enhance the advantages of choosing any Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai.


Skills Required for Financial Modeling

When the concept of financial modeling was introduced, the demand was for people who were experts in accounting. The scenario now has changed, and, although knowledge of accounts is a key component, many additional skills are required to gain expertise in the field of financial modeling. We have listed a few imperatives skills, which are also a prerequisite to a strong resume’ for a financial modeler. These are as follows :


  • Accounting and Auditing:

 This is considered the 1st and most important building block for financial modeling. This includes the knowledge of profit and loss statements, balance sheets, revenue statements, capital allocation statements, budgets, amortization, and many other financial documents. This knowledge comes in handy while taking financial decisions in different scenarios.

The knowledge of auditing helps to ensure that while doing financial modeling, minute details are taken into consideration to maintain high precision of the modeling taken into consideration. In addition, the financial decisions are compliant.


  • Spreadsheet Management:

This is considered the 2nd important building block for financial modeling. As the main component of any financial model is a thorough knowledge of the spreadsheet, thus, it is imperative to know all important Excel functions. The knowledge of pivot tables, formulas to be used, plug-ins, and complex calculations is imperative.


  • Analysis :

The 3rd most important building block of financial modeling is the analysis process of the corporate financial metrics. Now, analysis is required majorly in two sectors, which are as follows:

  • Data Analysis: The foundation of the financial model is data. Although most companies have a separate department for data analysis, yet, a financial modeler should be aware of the kind of data required for the analysis. They should be able to understand and analyze the data patterns and equate data trends.


  • Model Design Analysis: There are 10 Financial Models, which are :
  1. Discounted Cash Flow Model
  2. 3- Statement Model
  3. Sum of The Parts Model
  4. Budget Model
  5. Consolidation Model
  6. Forecasting Model
  7. Option Pricing Model
  8. Initial Public Offering Model
  9. Leveraged Buyout Model
  10. Merger Model


The basic skill required here is the acumen for analyzing, which data model fits the best for the situation.

  • Sensitivity Analysis: This skill helps a financial modeler to understand all the external and internal influencers which can make the target variable differ as compared to the goal. This helps in catching errors that can change the entire result. It reduces the impact of risk on the project by mitigating errors.


  • Forecasting: Another building block for Financial Modeling is the keen acumen for forecasting. With the help of financial forecasting in areas like investment research, budgeting, project financing, acquisitions, and raising capital, a financial modeler can make predictive models which help the company is making important financial business decisions. A good forecaster can capitalize on the opportunities showing positive trends and help in correcting variables that pose a threat to the financials of the company.


  • Soft Skills: A good financial modeler needs to know how to communicate the results to the internal members. They should be adept at making, charts, graphs, and presentations to communicate efficiently to the decision-makers. These skills also include the ability to plan strategies, do business planning and analyzing, financial market analysis, project management, and take up leadership roles as and when required. The same skills are required when convincing external clients in competitive analysis, market analysis, financial reporting, etc.


Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

Dubai is the leading financial hub for not only UAe but also for the MENA region. Let’s take a brief look at the institutions providing Financial Modeling courses.


Rank #1. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai


The institution was established in 2015 and is at present considered prominent amongst the list of institutions providing Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai. It has been recognized as the fastest-growing Edtech company. It has a presence in more than 23 cities across Asia, including Dubai.

They have as of date, trained more than 35000 students across the globe. They have expertise in various areas and focus on training in Finance, Marketing, Data, and other area.


Course Duration:  3  months

Course Fees:   INR 39900

Mode of Teaching:  Online


Financial Modeling Course Module:

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  • Ratio/KPI Analysis
  • Technicals of Financial Modeling
  • Different Types of Financial Models
  • Business Valuation


Course Features: The following key points make this course stand out amongst the other Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai:

  • The institution imparts 50 hours of theoretical training and then 20 exclusive hours for doubt-solving which is exclusive to the institute.
  • There are more than 100 hrs dedicated to indulging the students in practical assignments which are in concurrence with the latest scenarios in the industry.
  • The students are not only taught 10 major Financial Models but also others required for their knowledge before applying for any further employment.
  • The students are offered 2 months guaranteed internship, prepping them up for any interviews to be faced, and also the institute’s placement cell provides 100% assistance in finding suitable employment.
  • The certification offered in Financial Modeling by IIM SKILLS is recognized by the MSME Government of India.


  • Contact Information :


Address: H B Twin Tower, 8th Floor, Max Hospital Building, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034

Contact No. : +91- 9580740740



Rank #2. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

2. Informa Connect

The company has been in existence for the last 25+ years headquartered in Dubai. Training is the core expertise of the company and they offer a plethora of courses in different fields. Their second core focus area is event management and planning conferences for various businesses and are counted amongst the best event management company in Dubai.

They conduct more than 46 certificate courses in various areas. They are registered training partners acknowledged by ACCA and their courses run in collaboration with the Global Academy of Finance and Management, HRCI, Blockchain Training Alliance, International Association for Strategy Professionals, WorldatWork, UCLL, York University, and Strategy Management Group to name a few.

Their institution is considered excellent amongst the list of others offering Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai. They conduct the following courses in financial modeling:


  • Financial Modeling under IFRS

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Course Fees:  USD 1750

Mode of Teaching: Online


Course Modules :

  • Building Blocks of Financial Modeling
  • Excel Models for select IFRS
  • IFRS 9
  • Value at Risk (VaR)
  • Sensitivity Analysis


Course Features :

  • The course is designed for learning and methods for preparing IFRS-compliant models and is excellent, especially for accountants and auditors.
  • The course has an in-depth revision and recounting of Excel skills which are required for building these financial models.
  • The course emphasizes the current market trends and the latest trending data fields which companies are using.
  • The instructors assist in developing the financial models from scratch, thus it also helps in constant monitoring and aiding the development of the participants.
  • As the students participating are global, thus the forums allow networking with peers all across the industry globally.


  • Professional Certificate in Financial Modeling using Excel

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Fees:  USD 2740 ( for online participants)

USD 5445 ( for classroom participants)

Mode of Teaching: Online and Classroom


Course Modules :

  • Introduction to Financial Modeling
  • Planning and Designing a Financial Model
  • Working with Customized Formatting
  • Essential Excel Functions for Creating Efficient Financial Models
  • Using Tools and Techniques in Financial Models
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Using Sparklines
  • Pivot Tables
  • Modeling Scenarios using Analytical Tools
  • Charting and Visualization techniques
  • Creating Visually Impactful Charts using Formatting Functionality
  • Leverage macros to Automate Aspects of Financial Models
  • Utilise Form Controls to Enhance Financial Models
  • Capital Expenditure and Depreciation Models
  • Building an Integrated Financial Model
  • Building a Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Model


Course Features :

  • This course is specifically designed keeping in mind working professionals who need to update their knowledge regarding Excel Tools which are used in the current business scenario.
  • The course trains the participants not only in the theoretical aspect but also trains the students in soft skills, that is, presentation and communication skills too.
  • As the training material is sent to the participants before the course commences, it gives them the chance to the students to identify their weak points beforehand to get the right assistance from the trainers.
  • The course emphasizes multiple activities, spreadsheet assignments, and team activities live during the session. The activities are all done keeping in mind the best practices used in the business sectors.
  • The certification that the participants receive is from Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which is a symbol of integrity and quality and is much sought after when opting for any Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai.


  • Contact Information

Official Website:

Address:  Level 20, World Trade Centre, Dubai

Contact No.   : +97144072500, +971551760524


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Rank #3. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

3. Laurels Training Institute

The institute has been imparting Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai for the last 10 years. It has already trained more than 3000 students and has at present more than 500 students registered. The institution is headquartered in Dubai and has a global presence in more than 40 countries.

It offers courses in 25 areas apart from finance and has been awarded more than 9 training accreditations. As the institution not only trains students but also corporate clients, as of date more than 60 corporate clients have been trained under their flagship. It offers the following courses in Financial Modeling:


  • Certified Financial Modeling Professional (CFMP)

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Fees:  USD 1307

Mode of Teaching: Classroom and Online


Course Module :

  • Examination and Construction of characteristics of the distribution of returns.
  • Calculations of variants and covariant matrix and its application to portfolios
  • Simple tests to test market efficiency
  • Event Studies – constructing, developing, and running
  • Estimating Betas and calculation of Cost of Capital of the firm
  • Black Sholes model and its usage in calculating the value of an option
  • Application of Monte Carlo Methods to financial problems
  • Excel techniques
  • Market Efficiency
  • Portfolio Models
  • Bonds
  • Option Pricing Models
  • Corporate Finance Models
  • Event Studies


Course Features :

  • The course is designed for working professionals and individuals with some experience in the related field who want to understand the current best practices and want to brush up on Excel functions.
  • The faculty members are industry experts, thus, as per the current practices prevailing in the industry, they make the necessary changes and/or additions to the course.
  • On completion of the course, the participants have the option of getting certified by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai, or the American Institute of Professional Studies UK.
  • The students are provided not only soft copies but also hard copies of the reading material.
  • The students have the option to either attend online classes or attend classroom training sessions.


  • Contact Information


Address: Office No. 409, O Block, Hamsah Building, Karama, Dubai

Contact Nos. : T# +97143969124

M# +971505572242


Rank #4. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

4. Kaplan Professional Middle East  Institute

Kaplan Institute is amongst the oldest institute offering Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai. It has been in existence for more than 80 years and is counted among the Fortune 500 companies list. It has trained more than 10 lacs students worldwide and has over 400 physical locations in over 40 countries. They offer the following course in Financial Modeling:


  • Financial Analyst Foundation Programme (For Freshers)

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Fees:   Not Mentioned

Mode of Teaching: Online


Course Module :

  • Accounting Standards and Regulatory Bodies
  • Financial Statement Analysis and IFRS Conceptual Framework
  • Cash Flow Uses and Key Components
  • Revenue and Expense Recognition
  • EBITDA, EBIT, Gross profit, Net Income, and EPS
  • Accounting Mechanics
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial Analysis


  • Excel Analytics for Finance Professionals (For Intermediate Level)

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Fees:   Not Mentioned

Mode of Teaching:  Online


Course Module :

  • Formatting and Efficiency Skills
  • Working with Functions
  • Data Analysis and Presentation
  • Advanced Excel Tools for Efficiency
  • Advanced Financial Analytics


  • Three Statement Modeling and Valuation (For Intermediate Level)

Course Duration:  3  days

Course Fees:   Not Mentioned

Mode of Teaching:  Online


Course Module :

  • Introduction to Key Excel Tools Used in Financial Modeling
  • Model Development
  • Forecast Financial Statements
  • Valuation
  • Financial Analysis


  • Bank Modeling and Valuation (Advanced Level)

Course Duration:  3  days

Course Fees:   Not Mentioned

Mode of Teaching:  Online


Course Module :

  • Introduction to Excel Tools, Model Design, and Structure
  • Forecast a Banks Financial Statement
  • Valuation- Absolute( DDM and FCFE)
  • Valuation – Trading, and Transaction


  • Real Estate Modeling and Valuation ( Advanced Level)

Course Duration:  3  days

Course Fees:   Not Mentioned

Mode of Teaching:  Online


Course Module :

  • Introduction to Case Study
  • Introduction to Real Estates Cash Flows
  • Modeling the Debt Structure
  • Model Output and Dashboard
  • Modeling for Key Model Outputs


  • Project Finance Modeling (Advanced Level)

Course Duration:  3  days

Course Fees:   Not Mentioned

Mode of Teaching:  Online


Course Module :

  • Introduction to project finance transaction life cycle and model.
  • Developing the model
  • Debt Modeling
  • Modeling for Key Model Outputs
  • Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis


Course Features:

The following features make the course stand out amongst the rest of the Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai :

  • All the classes are conducted on demand and online, thus, making it very easy for working professionals to complete the course at their own convenient pace.
  • All the courses are of short duration, yet the trainers ensure to cover all the points in addition to case studies to give a practical hands-on experience.
  • The live classes have the option of video and audio sessions with the trainer.
  • The certifications are awarded by Kaplan Institute, and options are there to get certification from NASBA and IMA Institute.
  • The study material is provided in either hard copy or soft copy and manuals are provided with step-by-step guidance for building an efficient and successful model.


  • Contact Information :


Address: Rolex Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center DIFC (Dubai)


Contact no.: +97145546184


Rank #5. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

5. Global Business Advisors

Global Business Advisor is an upcoming training institution that offers more than 200 courses along with Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai. It has a local presence in 15 countries and a global virtual presence. It is an approved training provider from UKRLP and all the courses are recognized by CPD. It offers the following course :


  • Financial Modeling for Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Fees:  USD 4250

Mode of Teaching: Online, Classroom


Course Objective :

  • Applying a structured approach to Financial Modeling in Excel.
  • Outlining standards of a good Financial Model
  • Importance of planning and preparation for a Financial Model.
  • Steps to build from operating revenues to operating profits
  • Forecast property assets like manufacturing plants, equipment, property, and others.
  • Forecasting integrants of working capital
  • Forecasting interest costs and debt financing
  • Forecasting dividends and equity financing.
  • Analytical approach to managing circular references
  • Importance of error checking
  • Steps to forecast cash flow statement based on the income statement and balance sheet.
  • Steps to performing Financial Model Integration.


Course Features:

  • All the courses are conducted by experienced trainers who assign various assignments and exercises to keep the students up to date with the current business practices.
  • The best feature of the institution is the provision of personalized training courses to suit the need of the students. This ensures one-to-one attention and the pace can be chosen by the students grasping power.
  • The institute also provides the option of taking the course offline in a classroom, this ensures face-to-face training and also chances of interaction with the peer members.


  • Contact Information :


Telephone No. : +44(020) 38836031




1. What are the job roles offered after any courses in Financial Modeling and what is the salary range offered after completing the course?

After completing any Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai, one can look to either be employed or be promoted to the role of Financial Analyst, Equity Research Analyst, Risk Management Analyst, Investment Banker, Credit Analyst, Stock Trading and Portfolio Manager, Market Research Analyst, Corporate Development, Mezzanine Financer, Venture Capitalist. Quantitative Finance Analyst, to name a few.

According to Glassdoor the starting salary for an individual in the role of a Financial Modeler can range between INR 5- 7 lacs per annum, depending upon their area of expertise and the institution from which the students pass out. The maximum salary for an experienced individual can go up to INR 50 lacs and above.


2. Which are the industries offering maximum employment in the area of Financial Modeling and which are the top 10 employers globally?

The following sectors have a high demand for Financial Modelers :

  1. Corporate Finance
  2. Real Estate
  3. Venture Capital
  4. Commercial Banking
  5. Equity Research( Sell-side)
  6. Hedge Fund Companies
  7. Private Equity Firms
  8. Financial KPOs
  9. Broking Houses
  10. Credit Rating Firms


The following companies are the top 10 employers of Financial Modelers all across the globe :

  1. Goldman Sachs
  2. JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  3. Morgan Stanely
  4. Black Rock
  5. Citigroup
  6. Bank of Marica Meryll Lynch
  7. PriceWater House Cooper
  8. Deloitte
  9. Ernst &Young, and
  10. KPMG


3. What are the prerequisites for becoming a financial modeler?

For any individual interested in pursuing a course in Financial Modeling, graduation, post-graduation, or an equivalent degree in the field of Accounts and Maths, a thorough knowledge of Excel and its functions and its tools is required. The candidate should have a keen sense of giving attention to minute details and should possess strong observation qualities. Communication skills hold the same importance for a Financial Modeler as financial acumen, as one should be able to present reports, graphs, and charts in such a manner that is easily understood by not only the internal members but also the investors or clients.



Before the concept of Financial Modeling was introduced, companies were dealing with gut feel and human expertise for making decisions related to a number of areas. The situation can be best compared to a radar-less plane flying with no sense of direction and no idea when to land and where to land and which direction to fly. With the advent of Financial Modeling a very powerful tool was devised that not only helped in giving the companies a sense of goal direction but also the power to make decisions that were data-driven and not relying on gut feel.

The companies have a better understanding of their financial scenarios, their employee requirements, their future profit and loss situation, their financial fund requirements, and a data-driven vision of the future based on the history with the market factors taken into consideration.

A Financial Model helps set up a blueprint of the entire working of the business which is not only beneficial for the board of members, and employees of the company, but also gives a very positive impact on the clients and investors. Dubai is an emerging city and fast making a strong place amongst the prominent financial hubs across the globe. Thus, especially for Financial Professionals looking to fine-tune their career for better employment opportunities, enrolling in any Financial Modeling Courses, is a smart move.

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