The Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Gurgaon With Placements

One of India’s most major tax reforms was the Goods and Services Tax (GST). When the government implemented GST, it signaled a shift in the tax reforms. With the understanding and assimilation of the GST in India, new compliance and changes in corporate operations were critical.


The GST Certification Programs are created to educate students and industry professionals with specialized and up-to-date information on the GST regime. This article attempts to acquaint you with the top GST certification courses in Gurgaon, along with the several free courses that teach you about the practical aspects of GST.


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What is the benefit of the GST course?


With the introduction of GST, an increasing number of small and medium businesses have been compelled to preserve their records in an organized manner and ensure compatibility with the government’s statutory procedures. The GST Council (GSTC) alters the rules, tax rates, return formats regularly.


To overcome issues caused by frequent changes GST certification courses enable learners to develop the necessary skills alongside increasing job opportunities and salaries. Commerce graduates,  more than any other graduate, have reaped the most benefits from the GST implementation. There has been a significant increase in employment for such professionals across ventures before and after the GST.


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From junior to senior levels, the demand for such expertise is increasing. Graduates, company secretaries, financial and taxation experts, and anyone interested in these sectors can all take the GST certification course. The government has also taken the lead and launched nationwide training programs to increase GST knowledge.


There are a variety of GST Training Certification Courses to choose from if you want to pursue a successful career in the industry. E-records, Finance and E-GST instructional class, Goods and Services Tax instructional class, E-records and E-Income Tax accreditation course, and E-GST and Income Tax certification course are just a few of the available courses.


If you’re a GST applicant looking for expert guidance on how to combine your profession and goals, a GST practitioner course is something you should consider. Due to a lack of experienced personnel who can deal with the GST tax system and the uniqueness established by the Central and state government’s dual privileges, there is a significant need for GST practitioners at the local level. For ambitious bookkeepers adding a GST certification course to their CV will serve as a milestone.


If you decide to take the course, here is the rundown of the best GST certification courses in Gurgaon.


1.     Master GST Course


IIM Skills, the top-notch institute offers Live Online GST Certification Training twined with practical projects, free E-Books, invoicing tools and software, and more. They also offer a course completion certificate, lifetime access to sessions, hands-on learning with case studies, and 24×7 online support from GST experts. It is one of the best GST Certification courses in Gurgaon for graduates since it covers the core ideas of GST right from the start.


The curriculum follows recent changes, and training methods are inclusive of both academic and practical GST applications. You will receive free eBooks and information on all of the necessary tools and software for GST compliance. You’ll learn how to use various applications to help you work more productively. You’ll be able to take on more work and handle more clients as a result of this. For advanced data-driven financial courses, check out the top financial modeling courses in Gurgaon.


Leading industry professionals deliver the training, which is based on well-researched pedagogies. You’ll also have access to recorded sessions of the classes, which you can refer to if you have any queries. The examination and certification fees are included in the course fee of INR 9900 inclusive of GST.




o   Features and framework of GST

o   Key components of GST

o   Composition Scheme under GST

o   Genesis and concepts of GST

o   Input Tax Credit Claiming

o   Reverse Charge Mechanism

o   Implementation of GST for business

o   E-Way Bill under GST

o   GST Returns Filing

o   Rules of GST law


Following satisfactory completion of the course, a 30-minute online exam will be conducted. You will be awarded a certificate once you have completed the exam.


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Let us look at some other courses at IIM SKILLS below.

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2.     Introduction to GST Course


The NIIT Institute was established to assist the fledgling IT industry in resolving human resource difficulties by offering training and development to individuals, businesses, and academics. It is one of the skills and talent enhancement companies tasked with forming a human resource tank to meet global industry needs.


“Introduction to GST” is a concept-oriented course established by the academy. It is one of the top introductory GST certification courses in Gurgaon for commerce students interested in learning about the concepts and implementation of GST. This course will be taught via Tally and will be entirely based on concepts.


The course covers every aspect of GST, as well as how to implement it in Tally. Students will learn about the various features and principles of GST before moving on to the implementation process and the influence of GST on the taxation system, which involves the processing and recording of GST-based transactions using Tally software.


For better learning and retention,20 hours of classroom training is combined with real-time practice on data sets. Learners will be given dedicated machine room hours in addition to classroom hours to develop their Tally software skills. GST fundamentals, E-commerce, and Compliance Rating Invoicing and Input Credit Mechanism, Supply of Goods and Services, and Time and Value of Supply are some of the topics covered in the coursework. When students complete the course, they will receive two certificates: one for GST and another for Tally.


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3.     ICAI GST Certification Course


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), established by the government of India, is among the leading institutes that offer GST Certification Courses in Gurgaon. In an organized manner, the training provides specialized and up-to-date GST concepts and expertise. It also improves reasoning and problem-solving abilities, allowing for better decision-making.


Only individuals who have registered for the ICAI’s CA exam or course are eligible to enroll in the GST course. The course assumes participants have a basic understanding of the subject and essential skills for working in the global service industry. The ICAI provides video recordings of the course topics after completion.


The course is scheduled for ten days, and students have two choices from which to choose. A weekend batch (Saturday and Sunday) and a two-week batch (Monday to Friday, 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.) are the two alternatives. However, the cost of the course varies depending on whether you live in a metropolis or not. You may trust the advice of the ICAI faculty members because they are practicing Chartered Accountants, lawyers, lecturers, and indirect tax experts.


Anyone can readily obtain detailed technical and practical expertise under their instruction and supervision. GST, Input Tax Credit, Time and Place of Supply, Transitional Issues, Advance Ruling, Custom Duty, and Miscellaneous Provisions are just a few of the topics covered in the curriculum. All students receive their certificates from the ICAI after completing the course and passing the exams, held twice a year.


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4.     ICSI GST Certification Course


Aside from the ICAI, the Indian government has established the ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) to promote and regulate the profession of Company Secretaries in the country. The ICSI is part of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, a government department in India.


The ICSI maintains regional offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai city, with its headquarters in New Delhi. It is among the best institutes to provide top-quality GST Certification Courses in Gurgaon, alongside offering the best quality education to Company Secretaries’ students (CS).


This course is a complete guide to the principles of GST, alongside other nuances linked to indirect taxes, so that you can learn how to implement it. It also highlights the role of CS in the GST tax regime. For college students and working professionals, the ICSI has set aside weekends(Saturday and Sunday) for its GST course sessions. Each lecture will last six hours.


Students can access the course’s study materials in a digital format. The ICSI, like the ICAI, has made its course exclusive to its members and students enrolled in the main course (CS). Students must pay INR 7500 plus GST on the payment portal to register for the course. CS students can work as advisors, GST Practitioners, GST Compliance Officers, and representation services executives after completing the degree.


The end-of-course assessment is done online and is in the form of MCQs. ICSI, in collaboration with the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) Institute, awards certification to candidates who complete the course.


5.     ICA Edu Skills GST Certification Course


The training center is established with the primary goal of preparing unemployed youth for employment and partnered with the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) to reduce poverty and unemployment. ICA Edu Skills (Institute of Computer Accountants) has established itself as one of the leading training institutes offering GST certification courses in Gurgaon.


This Institute also offers other short-term and placement-based courses such as Finance, Accounts, SAP, Tally, Microsoft Office Certification, and GST certification. Graduate and Postgraduate students interested in pursuing a career in accounting and finance, 12th pass students interested in finance and accounts, and professionals interested in learning new skills are all eligible to apply but must clear the ICA entrance test.


On the Google Play Store, students will have access to ICA’s “Learnersmall” application. E-content, including notes, self-assessments, and mock exams, has been made available in the English language. Physical books are also an option, but they come at a higher price.


The GST Course, which lasts 27 hours and includes 80 percent practical knowledge and 20 percent theory lectures, delivers hands-on instruction with the latest software. The ICA has altered its GST course curriculum to keep up with the current industry developments and happenings. The course consists of eight lectures, the last of which is a GST project.


All aspects of routine accounting transactions, documentation, and maintaining flawless records in Tally or any other accounting software covered in the coursework. After completing the course, you would have gained knowledge of India’s indirect taxation structure, the use of Input Tax Credits, GST registration and compliance, GST returns, and e-invoicing filing.


6.     ICWAI GST Certification Course


Apart from the ICAI and ICSI, the ICWAI (Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India) is India’s third-best government-approved Institute providing GST certification courses in Gurgaon. There are three types of GST courses available, namely the Certificate course (online and offline mode), Advanced Courses (online mode), and the Crash Course (offline mode).


The GST Crash Course is for college and university students. The people who are members of the Institute, qualified Cost and Management Accountants, other salaried employees such as CS, CA, MBA, M.Com, and students who are either pursuing CMA or are CMA qualified are all eligible for the certificate and advanced online courses.


To participate in the crash course, students must have completed or been pursuing a B.COM degree. They could also be an M.COM postgraduate, or they could have completed or been seeking an M.BA. The entire GST certification course will be covered in 72 hours, the advanced GST course in 40 hours, and the GST crash course in 32 hours, with the exams for all three courses taking place online.


The certificate course costs INR 10,000 + 18% GST for non-CMA members. This course is priced at INR 8000 + 18 percent GST for CMA members, CMA Final Passed Candidates and CMA Final Pursuing Students. However, the exam fee is not included in the Course Fees.


Free GST Certification Courses


Udemy is one of the popular online educational portals offering free GST certification courses in Gurgaon and across the country. Experts in the field also provide the course in an easy-to-understand format for newcomers. Even though the free-of-cost version of the course does not provide certification, you will learn a lot about GST fundamentals, how to calculate it, and how to use it.


The free edition of the course simply includes online video content, but the paid version including a GST certificate, Q & A, and direct communications facility with the instructor. The ICT Academy offers free GST awareness sessions, including a series of video sessions with subject matter experts, notable industrialists, and corporate executives.


ICT Academy is a government-approved training provider, and they offer a three-day GST intensive course in partnership with NACEN (National Academy of Customs Excise and Narcotics). This course will help you better understand GST fundamentals.


ICT also intends to develop another online GST course that will include sessions from tax experts and Chartered Accountants with significant experience in the industry. Other online educational portals also offer free GST Certification courses in Gurgaon, available pan India too, worth your time and effort.


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  1. Which GST course in Gurgaon is the best?

Though there are many GST courses in Gurgaon, IIM Skills’ online GST Course tops the list.


  1. What is the duration of the GST courses in Gurgaon?

IIM Skills conducts 16 hours of lectures with practical training and hands-on assignments. It depends on the curriculum designed by the mentors.


  1. What is the use of the GST certification courses in India?

A GST certification course in India will definitely bolster your skills to grab better job opportunities and even give you an opportunity to open your own business.


Final Thoughts


The GST tax regime has not only made the tax assessment framework simple, but it has also aided and enhanced compliance, reduced tax fraud, and boosted tax revenue, all while creating a competitive export market. The GST certification courses in Gurgaon and pan India focus on developing a skilled workforce to deal with the GST regulations and compliance systems. You can choose to enroll in a free course too. Exercise your discernment to choose the courses which pique your interest.

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