IIM Skills V/S Henry Harvin: Which is Best Content Writing Course

Which is the best content writing course between IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin? This is one of the constant questions in the minds of students and professionals trying to learn content writing. This is because both of them are equally competitive and offer quality content writing courses. Let’s take a deep dive into the features of both courses to help you make a clear decision based on facts.

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing can be defined as a course which involves the process of writing, planning, and editing the content available on the web which is usually for digital marketing purpose. This process includes writing content in blog posts, articles, scripts for podcasts, videos, as well as writing content for various social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, or writing texts for Reedits.

Why Writing appropriate content is very important?

Most people misinterpret writing content as “writing articles” only. But writing content also includes writing for many other platforms as well. Just writing articles and blogs is not just enough but a person can become a good content writer who can produce content in their own innovative way. Different formats of content writing include the following-

  1. Writing scripts for videos.
  2. Writing newsletters for email
  3. Writing content for keynote speeches.
  4. Writing for social media posts
  5. Writing podcast titles.
  6. White papers
  7. Writing copies for web pages.
  8. Writing youtube descriptions
  9. Landing pages.

If we explain it in a better way, then writing good quality content is very important for anything you want to publish. It won’t matter whether any person chooses to write for any platform. Whether one chooses to write an article, any blog, or writing content for any video or social media platform as well.

Different Methods of Creating a Content-

Creating content is very important for any individual to be a good content writer or for any business to run successfully. As promoting any product or service what source of content is been used is very important as presenting content is a key to attract a greater audience and build the brand for the company or the organization. So, let us know about some of the methods which can be implemented and should be considered while creating content for any medium of the platform a content writer chooses to write-

  1. Creating an outline for every content- To create an outline is the first and most important step before writing any content. This is because researching and writing everything on top of the content without giving proper sub-headings will create confusion amongst the readers while creating an outline helps a writer to develop fast writing speed. The second reason for outlining your content before starting to write is that it helps to create a suitable structure of the content before publishing it on any platform. Also, the main advantage of outlining any content is that it helps to showcase the main important points at first so that it is visible to the readers at one go and they don’t have to search for it while reading out the content. To create better outlines for any content some of the best possible ways are as follows-
  • Going through the previous content which is already published.
  • Using a professional template.
  • Using good quality content
  • Reading more blog posts etc.

2. Make it readable and easy to share- Content created which is easily readable and can be shared with anyone we want is the definition of great content. Content can be written by any famous writer in the world but if that content is difficult to read then no one will read it and it is of no use to create such content.


3. Make it interesting, Catchy, and entertaining- Any content created should be such that it holds the interest of our targeted audience. Just writing content that presents only theoretical facts and not practical figures and charts to prove or any case studies to showcase then it can never develop the interest of the consumers. It should be created at such a level that it should be readable and people should read it again and again. It should be catchy and interesting at the same time. As it is very easy for the audience to switch from one content to another without even giving a second thought.


4. Easily accepted on social media platform- According to the research, there are few contents which are easily acceptable on social media platforms. This means the link of the content cannot be easily shared or can be linked with other articles as well for reference. And in the end, if the content written is not easily accepted then it can never rank on Google which means content written is for a limited audience and can’t reach out to a greater number of customers.


5. Selecting engaging angles- Nowadays, as well everything is digital and easily available on the internet. There is a large number of bloggers who are creating something or the other for their audience. Therefore, creating content that represents views, in general, does not easily rank neither increases any views for the content written. It should be written from such an angle that should stand out from many other contents created. The content doesn’t need to be written in a complicated way, it can be written simply but should be presentable to the audience. Which angle to choose depends on the audience we are targeting.


6. Make it acceptable- Any content is written should be neither entertaining and catch or just informative. It should include both the factors then only content is said to be useful.


7. Create truthful content- A content created should be innovative and creative. It should neither be copied nor with any grammatical errors. The audience reading our content should read with trust that there are no errors mentioned and they should have trust in the content written and presented to them. Proper research about the topic to be written is also very important. Blindly just thinking and putting down the pen is of no use. Copied content is something that is never appreciated as the audience always wants to read something new and innovative and presented creatively. Every content is written should be plagiarism-free as well as with no grammatical errors too.




Content is something which is defined as not only the king of writing blogs but also it is considered to be very important for any website, any product to be sold, any service to be provided. In short, every organization and every individual needs to grow as a content writer and earn a huge amount of money. As mentioned above also, whether it is for a podcast, a video channel, a blogging site, a newspaper article, etc., writing good quality content is very important. Let us read in details about the advantages of learning content writing-


  1. Content Writing can make anyone wealthy- No matter a person has his own website and blog or not, the power of content writing is such that it can make any person wealthy. But if a person has their own website and blogging site then it is always a bonus point for anyone. If anyone knows how to write good quality content then he or she can choose to work part-time or full time as per their comfort. If someone wants to work as a freelance content writer then there are many sites wherein, they can search for work-from-home projects and work as per their comfort. However, if a person wants to work as a full-time employee even then there are many sites like glassdoor.com where they can get an enormous number of options to get their choice of the job as per their requirement and earn a huge amount of money.
  2. Digital Marketing becomes simple for content writers- In the field of content writing, if someone has their own website or blog then it not only makes them wealthy but famous also. Many famous bloggers in India have learned content writing and this is the reason many people appreciate them only based on what they write. Content writing not only helps to earn more money but also helps to save money as well otherwise, many people have to pay money to others for writing articles or blogs for their website. After learning content writing, the process of digital marketing also becomes very easy as it helps a content writer to easily find a niche and progress further. Taking this niche going forward also helps to find suitable keywords which helps a particular website to rank in google. Content writing also helps to align these keywords and phrases to form an article.
  3. Content Writing helps to reduce legal problems- Content Writing helps to reduce legal problems in a big way. First is that it helps to create content that is completely plagiarism-free and also helps to learn that we should not copy any copyrighted article. Second, it helps us to determine whether other content writers are playing smart and presented for any website or blog. However, content writing also helps to avoid such words which are unacceptable by any community or group. And it also helps to create content without any grammatical errors to submit to higher authorities in the organization or to the clients if someone is working as a freelance content writer.
  4. Developing research skills- By learning content writing course it helps us to research more and more from various websites before starting with a topic. Since a content writer himself will write content they tend to research a lot and take out the best information possible. It also helps them to take out the information which is completely correct and also verified too. Content writing also helps a person to be responsible. It’s their sole responsibility to create fresh content for their readers to be available. Therefore, it also teaches us to search for content that is from the most credible sources. As a result, research also gives enormous opportunities to learn new things every day and also helps to think about new topics instantly for many other topics we want to write about.
  5. Developing Creativity through content writing- When someone learns content writing they also learn how to be creating their own way so that they can maintain the interests of their targeted customers through their articles. Being creative is very important for any content writer especially bloggers because they need to create fresh content for their blog every moment. And if fresh content is not posted then the ranking of the website can go down at any time. Writing creatively also helps to collate interesting facts and figures and create content that makes their readers happy while reading the content. They also have an option of commenting which is also useful in increasing google rankings.
  6. Better vocabulary skills- One of the most important advantages of learning a content writing course is improving vocabulary skills. Better vocabulary does not mean using difficult words but presenting your thoughts in such a way so that it is easily readable by their readers. And it also helps in reaching a large number of audiences too. This also means that content created should be presented and published in such a way that it should easily be understood by a 4-year-old kid what a content writer wants to explain.

After mentioning the advantages above one should definitely go for a learning content writing course.

 IIM Skills V/S Henry Harvin- Course Evaluation:

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin

IIM SKILLS and HENRY HARVIN are known as the two most highly rated players in content writing. When it comes to teaching content writing courses both institutes have done a commendable job in providing the best content writing practices as well.

Candidates who want to pursue a content writing course often get confused on which institute to apply for as both the institute provides training which appears to be very attractive to the students.

Let us study about the detailed comparison between both the institutes and then we will come to a conclusion on which one to choose-


IIM SKILLS is known to be one of the best institutes for a content writing course in India. It allows all the students to learn about this course in a very comprehensive manner and also understand the vital aspects of the content writing industry in a detailed manner. This also plays a very role in the entire process of writing and marketing. Approximately 6 years ago IIM skills created their existence in a very great manner in the industry. Its presence is almost around 23 cities which is also a huge number.

Some of the key highlights of the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course are as follows-

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Highlight #1

Master certification- After completing a content writing course from IIM Skills one gets an opportunity to get the master course completion certification, with a letter of recommendation. Along with it they also get a chance to prepare for content writing certification from HubSpot as well.

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Highlight #2

Lifetime access to the students- Candidates enrolling for the course gets lifetime access to the lectures and recordings. This means they get a user id password from IIM skills wherein they can log in and listen to the recordings for their reference further.

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Highlight #3

Practical Learning- Students get access to 16+ hours to the live online training along with the projects and assignments which helps students to develop the practical approach towards the content writing industry and how to use such tools in reality.

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Highlight #4

Internship- Candidates completing the course successfully get a 3- month guaranteed internship which helps them to learn various new things and how to move forward with their career.

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Highlight #5

Free tools- Students enrolling in IIM skills gets lifetime access to the free tools which are also very important while writing creative and innovative content for any platform they wish to write.

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Highlight #6

Alumni Status- Candidates who have completed their course from IIM skills got an excellent opportunity to work with big content writing agencies and brands such as Fortune 500.

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Highlight #7

Other benefits- Apart from all the benefits mentioned above candidates enrolling in IIM skills also get an opportunity to publish their E-book on platforms like kindle. Also, gets an opportunity to publish their blog for platforms like the Times of India. Along with this they also get a chance to publish their first press release on an online news portal as well.


Henry Harvin is also known to be one of the top institutes for pursuing content writing courses in India. Even their presence is amongst various other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. They help students to learn different types of content writing formats as well.

Some of the key highlights of the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course are as follows-

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Highlight #8

Types of Content- Students enrolling for the Henry Harvin Content Writing course get an opportunity to learn almost 30+ content writing formats. There are different types of formats which can be used for different types of content been used. Some of the formats include Book writing, copywriting, media writing, and many more.

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Highlight #9

1-year membership of the Writing academy- If someone chooses to do their content writing course from Henry Harvin then they get a 1- year member of the writing academy wherein they get access to e-learning. But after this 1- year students have to pay for this membership.

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin #10

Certification- Candidates who complete their course get a certification of CDCW (Certified digital content writer). This certification does have value in the content writing industry to get jobs for the career ahead.

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin #11

Tools available- Henry Harvin institute provides tools that are necessary only for projects and assignments assigned. Like access to Grammarly etc.



Both IIM SKILLS and Henry Harvin are equally competitive and are quite good at offering content writing courses. However, they still have a few differences. Well, to know which course suits you best, you might simply sign up for the demo session of either of the courses, and then it will become very easy for you to choose which courses can help you the best in learning the craft of professional content writing.

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