Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai With Placements

In recent years, there has been a high demand for technical writing courses in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities. Let us first understand what we mean by technical writing. Wikipedia defines a technical document as a document or drafting specialized communication that is used in technical and occupational fields. These fields may be computer tackle and software, engineering, chemistry, aviation, robotics, metallurgy, and biotechnology.


List of best technical writing courses in Mumbai


In the ultramodern day, technical document encompasses all documents of complex specialized processes. These may be

  • Reports
  • Administrative
  • summary businesses
  • leaflets
  • exploration papers


We should flashback that any information conveyed in any way in the field is a technical document. A technical novelist may also write technical documents like the following –


Medical Studies

Feasibility Studies

Technical Reports

Technical Plans Thesis


Difference Between Technical and Creative writing

Before we interpret the characteristics of effective technical writing, let us understand how technical writing is different from other forms of writing like creative jotting, business jotting, and or fabrication jotting.

Technical jotting is done in a scientific style. It’s characterized by a simple statement of trueness, which doesn’t change with time. Still, creative jotting may not be grounded on verity.

We should bear in mind that the scientific jotting of different experimenters is much more analogous in style than the runes written by different muses. Still, technical authors may have individuality as well as their jotting habits.

Another difference between technical and creative jotting is that the former is used to convey a set of information, related to a specific specialized field.

We do it in a formal manner grounded on specialized data. Creative novels runes or stories may be grounded in the imagination and feelings of the writer. These may not be inescapably true.

There’s no place for feelings in technical jotting. Creative jotting is substantially amusing.

On the other hand, technical jotting is done to convey information, so that an action is initiated by the anthology. They may get a new direction in their ongoing exploration work, also by this.

Commercially, they may decide to buy a new idea or product, grounded on technical jotting. A technical writer would be someone who writes attestation for software operations. They generally work closely with inventors, product directors, and other business addicts. They may also write papers about technology motifs for websites.

Furthermore, technical jotting is always objective, while creative jotting is private. The jotting process for technical primers should include the significance of effective specialized jotting.

Technical jotting plays an important part in ensuring that the platoon members communicate effectively. It helps them to write clear and terse documents which are useful for both internal and external compendiums. In the ultramodern business terrain, the success of any design depends largely upon how effectively the platoon communicates. Thus, it becomes essential to make sure that the platoon members write effective technical documents.

Technical pens play a vital part in helping brigades meet deadlines and deliver high-quality products.

A technical primer should be written in such a way that it’s easy to understand, yet detailed enough to help druggies break any issues they may encounter. When writing a primer, it’s important to keep in mind that users do not always know what they need to do, so you must write instructions that are specific and clear.


Components of Technical Writing

While numerous people associate technical jotting with creating computer or software primers, it can be used in any diligence that communicates complicated ideas, hypotheses, practices, or procedures.

Since there have been written languages, there has been technical document. Technical communication and technical documents as careers appeared around the time of World War I, when technological breakthroughs in the armed forces, diligence, and telecommunications began to accelerate.


Technical Document Differs From Other Types of Writing in Several Ways

Clear Technical document conveys information easily and compactly, leaving little room for interpretation. The language is straightforward and brief.

Straightforward Data are presented in a direct and to-the-point manner.

Precise Technical document uses specific language to precisely describe objects and processes.

Easy to understand Specialized pens use simple, accessible words and avoid complex language. Indicative Technical jotting emphasizes nonfictional portraits. By doing so, you avoid misconstructions caused by the numerous different connotations of words.

Detailed Technical document leaves no room for interpretation. For illustration, a text provides the most comprehensive and factual overview of the content of the technical document.

Very structured it needs to have a clear structure so compendiums can follow on. Anthologies calculate on technical documents for step-by-step instructions.

Easy to skim Documents are written with’ skimability’ in mind, so cults can simply overlook the textbook to get the information they need. There’s frequently a table of contents, indicator, and applicable, descriptive headlines.

Problem- working every technical document is written to break problems. In these texts, anthologies learn how to negotiate certain tasks or gain technical information.

Technical jotting aims to communicate complicated information to compendiums in a way they can comprehend and use, anyhow of their previous moxie.

Technical pens produce technical jotting. They explain specialized information to another individual or followership as easily and effectively as possible. These pens also work with AI content marketing tools to ameliorate delicacy and speed up the jotting process.


What Does a Technical Writer Do?

Technical writers are talented wordsmiths who frequently produce product primers, how-to attendants, online wiki sections, journal papers, press releases, and other material that simplifies and explains specialized information.

These writers generally have a background in their subject matter, whether acquired academically or on the job. This subject matter frequently includes wisdom, medical, engineering, software, manufacturing, or other specialized sectors.

They use this foundation to clarify difficulties and get their anthologies which frequently include inventors, design workgroups, masterminds, and consumers on the same runner. Overall, a technical pen’s charge is to make procedures simple to grasp and products easy to use.


A technical pen is responsible for several tasks, including

  • Gathering specialized information on their company’s or department’s line of business
  • Plan the creation of technical documents according to the requirements of the company
  • Sort information according to its applicability and value
  • Produce and edit the necessary evidence
  • Make clones of all technical documents and enter them into the database for data security
  • Maintain an extensive listing and vocabulary of technical words and records
  • Along with this, certain technical pens may also have other liabilities or duties within their domain area.
  • Medical pens, for illustration, constantly publish drug-related material and product reviews in medical journals.


Still, on the other hand, you might write content on how freaks can enroot YouTube videotapes if you work as a Google technical pen. Anyhow of the field a technical pen works in, their part will involve two crucial duties subject matter exploration and technical document planning.


How To Become a Technical Writer?

Getting a technical pen requires a combination of strong notation ability, technical knowledge, and dedication to continuous improvement.


By following the way below, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career in technical notation.

  1. Seek education and training Specialized notation doesn’t bear a specific degree or time of experience. But multitudinous employers like contenders with a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or a related field. Some technical pens have degrees in engineering, computer wisdom, or other technical fields. For aspiring technical pens, there are lots of instruments and shops available, like the Society for Technical Communication ( STC) instrument or the American Medical Pens Association( AMWA). There are lots of technical writing courses in Mumbai which provide in-depth knowledge about the subject.
  2. Learn applicable ability it’s important to have a solid understanding of the technologies and industriousness you’re writing about, but you don’t have to be an expert in everything. Depending on the content, you might possess to master new software or programming languages. Specialized pens need good research ability to gather information about the subject they’re writing for which various technical writing courses in Mumbai are available to guide you efficiently. You might solicit subject matter experts, read product specs, or do some online disquisition. Other useful technical notation chops include Attention to detail Rigidity Time operation Collaboration AI content writing Prompt engineering.
  3. Understand style attendants Maintaining consistency, clarity, and professionalism in technical notation plays a vital role for technical writers, for which an ample number of technical writing courses in Mumbai and other cities have been designed in such an effective that you get a complete understanding of style attendants. Knowing popular style attendants like the Microsoft Manual of Style, Chicago Manual of Style, and APA Publication Manual ensures compliance with sedulity morals. By learning these attendants, you can streamline your notation process, enhance readability, and unite more efficiently with editors, introducers, and subject matter experts.
  1. Figure out your ideal work situation there are a lot of work options for technical pens, depending on their preferences and pretensions. They can work as in-house pens, creating specialized content and working nearly with internal armies. Specialized pens are employed in multitudinous fields, from traditional knowledge to information technology and manufacturing. Or they can work as freelancers, enjoying strictness and a variety of systems. Others may join an agency, serving from a steady aqueduct of assignments and a support network erected. Look for freelance technical notation jobs. You can also check out job openings on social media websites like LinkedIn.
  2. Produce a portfolio a strong portfolio is essential for showcasing your technical chops to implicit employers. It demonstrates your capability to produce high-quality, professional documentation. A portfolio plays a vital role in getting job opportunities and, thus, creating a well-fortified and eye-catching portfolio; the technical writing courses in Mumbai and various cities have introduced a dedicated module. Your portfolio should include a variety of work samples, analogous to Instruction manuals specialized attendants Whitepapers Online help systems. Include systems from different industries and technologies to show your versatility.


Other best courses in Mumbai:


Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai


1. Technical Writing Course by IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is one of the leading institutes in India that facilitates different courses. They have a Technical Writing Course that covers everything about writing mores, content generality, white papers, and journals, DDLC, converse writing, proofreading and publishing, API attestation, datasheets, and stoner attendants. They give practical training further than theoretical training with a literacy operation system.

This course has a fixed schedule, and it’s one of the well-known Technical writing courses in Mumbai. You get a transnational instrument at the end of this course. It’ll take five weeks to complete this course.


The course figure is 14,900 GST. Click on this to learn further about the course.

Contact: +919580740740,


Also, learning from assiduity experts facilitates you to validate your specialized communication expertise. Also, on successful completion of the course and assessment, you achieve a transnational instrument. No doubt, this instrument is vital in shaping and transcending your career prospects. And the gratuities do not end then. Indeed IIM expertise gives Global placement backing to its scholars.


2. Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai on Udemy

In this course, they will guide you through the specialized writing process – not how to write, but how to write effectively, snappily, and directly. They will show you their exact approach to technical writing that they’ve developed over the past twenty times. You can accommodate their technical writing system to your career to grow your technical writing demand.


3. Technical Specialist Writing Course on Coursera

Coursera is one of the most well-known learning platforms and is famous for its technical writing courses in Mumbai and other cities as well. Among the huge range of technical writing courses, you can choose yours. It is one of the well-known online platforms to enroll in with flexible deadlines. The Technical writing course is 19 hours long with four modules. This course includes technical definition, technical documentation, technical report writing, and academic and workplace research.


4. Tech Writing Course by British Council

British Council is one of the world-recognized institutions also known for their the co-owner of IELTS. Keeping in mind the demand for technical writing courses in Mumbai and other cities British Council has come up with an innovative way of teaching where they arrange workshops by renowned instructors and on completion they provide certificates that are valid across the country.


Course overview:


Understanding your readers 

  • Building information about your readers
  • Focusing on your readers’ needs
  • Using a reader analysis chart
  • Generating your content

Processes and instructions 

  • Best practice for writing instructions
  • Project – writing instructions
  • Describing a piece of equipment
  • Project – describing a process

Test and lab reports

  • Project – conducting a test
  • The purpose of your reports
  • Titles and abstracts
  • Exploring the IMRaD structure
  • Project – writing a test report


  • Clarity and conciseness
  • Using articles effectively
  • Dealing with technical language
  • Giving definitions
  • An editing process
  • Project – editing your reports


Course Fee: INR 10,000 per participant.

Contact No:  0120-4569000


5. Techwriter-Certification

The courses contain valuable information presented in a well-organized online format that you can access at your convenience. Here you will not only from the material but the presentation of the material. The instructors are both knowledgeable and approachable.

The courses are designed according to the increasing demand for technical writing courses in Mumbai and all across India.

The Final assignment helps prepare you for a potential proposal that may prove to be very lucrative.

They’ve assembled hierarchically the certification as per the position of technical writing skills. These are

  • Basic certification
  • Certificate for technical writers, developers, and editors
  • Comprehensive career builder certification
  • Professional technical communication certification
  • Certificate in structured writing in the technical testimonial
  • Work certification program writers


6. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)

Since 2001 it has been one of the trusted and leading distance learning centres. It aims to provide both theoretical and practical aspects to the learner. SCDL is not only highly accepted in the industry but it has an excellent range of programs to offer. It not only offers the leading technical writing course in Mumbai but all across the country. SCDL has been ranked 1st amongst top Distance learning B-schools. Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing is approved by AICTE.


An overview of the course:

The two-year course is divided into four semesters


Semester 1:


Information Development

Writing style


Semester 2:

Software tools

Advanced concepts

Project handling in technical communication

Others practices

Semester 3:

Business discourse

Creative writing in business writing

Advanced documentation

Semester 4:

Latest writing tools

Research process


Career option:

  • Technical Writer
  • Online Technical Writer
  • Business Writer
  • Technical Web Writer
  • Usability Tester and Information Designer

Fee structure:

  • For the General category ₹ 58,000/
  • For Defence ₹ 55,000/
  • International $1645
  • SAARC $1300

(Installment facility available for all the above-mentioned categories)



The duration of the program is two years whereas the registration period is valid for four academic years.


7. Knowledge Buffer

K Buffer is a service provider company based in Chennai India. It is known to be one of the best service provider companies if want to learn about Technical communication. Job-oriented technical writing course – In this course, they focus on making the students’ job ready. It module includes Associate and Senior Technical Writers, Instructional Designers, Engineering graduates, Freelancers, and Content Writers.


Along with technical writing courses it offers:

  • E-publishing courses
  • Diploma in e-learning course



Prism NetworkChrompet,

Chrompet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu,





8. Blue Dots Consultancy

Blue Dots Consultancy based out of Bengaluru, has been enlisted in the top 25 most favorable consultancies in India. Blue Dots has provided an exceptional platform for edging technical writing skills, and it is highly recommended for those seeking to enhance their abilities in this field. They focus on Process excellence and customer satisfaction. It offers indicate result-driven technical writing courses in Mumbai and all over India.


Some top companies that hire their students:

  • Samsung
  • IBM
  • HCL
  • BMC
  • Oracle
  • ZOHO



64, Room

2, Ground Floor

1st Cross

Nanjappa Reddy Layout

Koramangala 8th Block

Landmark Koramangala Passport Office

Bangalore- 560095, India.



+91 99001 71161 / +91 91485 19012


9. Information Developers Foundation

Information Developers Foundation or InfoDev was founded in the year 2009 by Rahul Karn, this is one of the pre-eminent, oldest, and best institutes delivering technical writing courses in Mumbai and all over India. The main focus of this foundation is to boost people to become great Information developers as the name suggests.

The technical mastery course is divided into 15 sessions. After completion of the course and all the assessments and assignments, you will receive a certificate.


Course Overview

  • Introduction to the It industry
  • Why are technical writers required?
  • Roles and responsibilities of a technical writer
  • career path
  • Principles
  • DDLC and SDLC
  • Technicalized Writing in an Agile Environment
  • Essentials in technical communication
  • Grammar focus for technical writers
  • Components of different technical documents
  • Advance MS word
  • Screen capturing tools
  • Content development process
  • Proofreading and editing techniques
  • Software and tools
  • Introduction to DITA and API documentation
  • Business communication
  • Scrum training
  • Freelancing
  • Resume writing and interview tips



Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Phone Number 7840841999


10. Technical Writing Course in Mumbai by Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Technical Writing Course Ranks #1 by the Tribune. It offers you one of the finest technical writing courses in Mumbai. They provide international certificates after completion of the course. It teaches you the art of transforming data and information accumulated through a process or experimental work into technical documentation and guides. The total program fee is 17500 with 36 hours of learning period with Job support plus Alumni status.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Technical Writing in Demand?

Ans: Technical writer jobs have always been in demand. The reason is the specific skills and abilities that a Technical writer needs to have while producing any document of specific technicalities. According to the reports, it is believed that demand for technical writing will grow by 10-11 percent by 2026.


Who is eligible for the role of a technical writer?

Ans: Anyone with good writing skills in technical documentation and with a background or familiarity with certain software, hardware, programming languages, tools, systems, or processes can apply for a technical writer job.


What is the salary of a technical writer in Mumbai?

Ans: Considering the demand for technical writing courses in Mumbai and other states the starting salary in India with less than 1 year of experience to 9 years ranges from ₹ 2.6 Lakhs to ₹ 13.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 5.5 Lakhs based on 7.4k latest salaries.


How to Find Technical Writing Jobs?

Ans: According to the market demand various job portals keep on updating the vacancies. One with proper knowledge and skills can easily grab a job in a particular domain.



Joining any of the above-mentioned technical writing courses in Mumbai will not only help you to upskill your existing skills and abilities but along with that you will be a part of the most demanding career opportunities. For freshers Technical writing is drastically growing and most the demanding career option which will continue to grow in the coming years. If you have a knack for writing, talking about difficult, complex concepts, and understanding certain subjects’ fine distinctions, you can potentially build a profitable career in this field.

If you are new to the technical writing domain and are seeking to burst into this industry, we recommend taking up a Technical Writing Certification Course, where you will learn the elements of being a technical writer, not only that you will also learn how to dominate technical writer interviews, and how to stand out as a technical writing in the crowd.

Happy learning!!

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