Top 6 Content Writing Courses In Cochi With Placements

Are you a passionate writer but still not exposed to the professional side of writing? So, what are you waiting for? Here are the top 6 content writing courses in Cochi. Let’s make your passion into a profession.


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Content writing is one of the best courses you can learn even in this digital era. If you have your mind ready to work and passion for writing, the world is yours. Content writing is a growing niche that you can expect to generate income out of. To be a professional content writer starts from a small step, i.e., learning the subject. This is the smartest way in which you can create your own career out of it.


Learning content writing is the best way you can make a career out of it. Understanding the market, latest technology, tools are to be checked in order to make a successful content writer. There are a lot of successful content writers in India. What they always point out is to learn the skill before you use it at hand. In this way, you can exhibit your talent to true potential.


So, what’s stopping you? Every expert was once a beginner. Start where you are now. I’m here to talk about the top 6 content writing courses in Cochi. One step at a time.


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Top 6 content writing courses in Cochi


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading online courses in India. So, whether you are looking for online content writing courses in Cochi or any other place, IIM Skills is one of the top best courses available online in India. The experts have experience of more than a decade, and their teaching styles are interactive and unique in nature.


Practical classes during the lectures will help you a lot. The weekly assignments and classes can be corrected, and they give you proper feedback.


Key features of IIM Skills


  • Content market certification from HubSpot
  • Live classes with doubt clearing sessions.
  • 3 months internship.
  • Certified courses.
  • Can reach out to them for any assistance regarding the course.
  • Provide free tools worth 35k.


Syllabus covered


  1. Web development
  2. UI UX Interface (Blog creation)
  3. Introduction to content writing
  4. Content Keyword research
  5. Start writing content
  6. Content writing tools
  7. Duplicate content dictator
  8. Content Distribution using email
  9. Google local page setup
  10. Content marketing using social media
  11. Exploring Social Media Tools
  12. Freelance content writing



Other Courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching



Contact Details

Phone number: +91 9911839503



IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


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If you are searching for learning content writing courses along with client requirements, Infig content hub provides you with their unique method of learning content writing courses in Cochi. This course offers skills to make you a content writer with practice.


Being an agency, they also provide content writing courses that can help in real-life projects too. Hence, they assist in sharing the information and training regarding the client’s needs and in the right approach.


The services they provide include


  • Website content
  • SEO copywriting 
  • Ecommerce content
  • Company profile 
  • Brochure content
  • Blog writing
  • SOP writing
  • Resume writing
  • Personal statement
  • Academic writing


Key features of Infig content writing courses


  • Course from trained trainees.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Constant support from professionals at each stage of classes.
  • Real-life simulations that make learning easier.
  • Learning with real projects can expose client needs.


Contact details


 Vennala, Kochi, Ernakulam

 Kerala – 682028

Phone number :

 +9190488 15031, +9170127 34477



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3. Wordsline


Wordsline content writing is a cost-effective course that meets the professional side of content writing. Wordsline mainly offers 2 courses: online courses and in-house courses. The online course makes you understand what content writing is and makes you apt in becoming a content writer. Whereas, an in-house course is a certified course that helps you to become an expert in content writing with detailed theory and practical classes. 


Among other content writing courses in Cochi, this course emphasizes more on SEO by experts and practical classes with personalized support.


The Key features of Wordsline online classes


  • Gives you a proper guide to content writing.
  • Provides classes and modules on what content writing is to efficient content writing strategies.
  • It’s notable that practical classes are provided with 35 different types of unique content writing practices.
  • The online courses are worth 8000/- Rupees.


The key features of Wordsline Inhouse courses


  • Certified course.
  • Provides rich detailed modules in content writing, 10 hrs lecture in theory, and 90 hr lecture in a practical session.
  • Makes you a professional content writer that covers all corners of the content writing.
  • The inhouse course is worth 10,000/- Rupees


Syllabus Covered


Theory Classes 

Module 1

What is Content Writing?

Different types of corporate writing

The most selling content writing works 


Module 2

Step by step process of professional writing

Fundamentals of content writing

Applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ensuring Clarity and Readability

Proofreading Tips

Checking Plagiarism

Keeping References

Creation of variant layouts for writing in different styles 


Module 3

Top 10 Careers in content writing

How to start a career as a freelancer in content writing


Module 4

What is SEO?

Rules to create SEO friendly content

Tools for Keyword Integration


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Module 5

Content Strategy and Content Marketing

How to build efficient content marketing strategies with ease?



  1. Taglines
  2. Facebook Posts
  4. Classifieds
  5. Testimonials
  6. Reviews
  7. Mailers
  8. Creative Blog
  9. Technical Blog
  10. SEO based Blog
  11. Magazine Articles
  12. Press Release
  13. Layout Creation
  14. Brochure/Flyer
  15. Personal/Individual Profile
  16. Corporate/Company Profile
  17. Proposal/Project Plan
  18. Investor Proposal
  19. Product Descriptions
  20. Catalog
  21. Branding Guides and strategies
  22. Whitepapers
  23. Case studies
  24. Research Papers
  25. Academic Article
  26. Newsletter
  27. Corporate Video Script
  28. Advertisement script
  29. Voice Over Script
  30. Terms and Condition
  31. Privacy Policy
  32. Disclaimer
  33. Creative Website
  34. Technical Website
  35. SEO based Website


Contact details

Wordsline Global Private Limited,

Kudilil Building

Near Metro Pillar 450,SBT Jn, Edapally,

Cochi – 682024, Kerala, India.

Office. +91 9447717625

Mob. +91 7012405365


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4. Nestsoft


Content writing course led by experts with more than 18 years of experience and with assured placement assistance. With over 250 Seminars and around 15,000 students part of it, there’s no doubt that Nestsoft is one of the top content writing courses in Cochi. The course is inculcated with strong research skills and makes students independent problem solvers.


The Key features of NestSoft courses are


  • Provides all the essentials of content writing in detail.
  • Makes you effective in writing skills.
  • The emphasis is on proofreading and publishing content.
  • Career development classes led by professionals
  • 100+ success stories.
  • Serve internship on real-time Projects.
  • The course can extend from 1 week to 6 months


Syllabus Covered


Section 1: Essentials of Writing

  • Why not become a writer?
  • Do I Have Writing Talent? This is a false question
  • Best ways to get inspired in creating content


Section 2: Before you write

  • Intro to Writing 
  • Planning your writing
  • Guidelines for writing
  • What is a reader-centered document?
  • Reading to write
  • Referencing and plagiarism


Section 3: Write right

  • Reading to write
  • Writing effective paragraphs
  • Pre-writing
  • Effective writing
  • Communication with a subject matter expert
  • Grammar for Writers
  • Common grammatical errors


Section 4: After you write

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Communication with Graphic Artist
  • Rewriting


Section 5: Publication – Project Work

  • Writing for the web
  • Publication – Project Work


Section 6: Career development for writers

  • Professional development skills


Contact details

Phone number: 91 9895490866, Infopark, Kerala.


5. Skills Upgrader


Introducing comprehensive content writing, Skills Upgrader has provided the best platform in certified content writing. This platform provides you with creating your personal brand i.e.; creating content marketing with content writing courses. This can help to grow and promote your business.


This platform provides you the latest upgraded information in the growing content marketing niche. This course specializes in:

  • Web content
  • Blogging
  • Social media posts
  • Ad copy


Key features in skills upgrader


  • Trains you to be a technical, script, academic writer.
  • Podcasts, Blogs, videos, etc are the type of content you’ll get to learn.
  • The course contains mastering areas such as website creation, keyword research, SEO, blogging, content marketing strategy.
  • Create your own portfolio, resume, and even SOP.
  • Training to handle social media clients.
  • Graphic designing skills are offered.
  • Helps in creating content that engages the audience.


Syllabus Covered


  1. Introduction to content writing
  2. web hosting
  3. The connection between content marketing & UI/UX
  4. Website creation
  5. Understanding the writing process
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Keyword research
  8. Writing SEO optimized content
  9. Content Creation
  10. Content marketing using social media
  11. Call to action
  12. Content marketing strategy
  13. Lead Generation using content marketing
  14. Content marketing using Email marketing
  15. Freelance content marketing


Contact Details


WhatsApp: +91-9034229196


6. ECT


ECT is a government-certified training institute that offers content writing courses at a premium level. While other content writing courses in Cochi are privately running, this government-certified course is worth mentioning. With experienced professionals and trainees, ECT provides the best online courses that you can learn from home. The 90-day course provides an inbuilt internship program that can boost in getting experience.


The provision of work-from-home opportunities is notable. The 3-month course augmented with quizzes and assignments provided help in keeping track of the students.


Key features of ECT content writing courses


  • Recognized by the Government of India
  • Personalized attention and feedback
  • Live and interactive session
  • Lifetime support
  • Assured placement assistance
  • Projects from real clients.
  • Learn graphic skills and video editing
  • Mentorship from top ghostwriter in India


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite 


Syllabus covered


  • Module 1: Introduction to Content Writing
  • Module 2: Boost Your Vocabulary
  • Module 3: Avoid Common Grammar Mistakes
  • Module 4: Learn Writing Tools and Techniques
  • Module 5: Creative Non-fiction Writing Skills
  • Module 6: Learn Fiction Writing
  • Module 7: Master Business Writing Skills
  • Module 8: Learn Technical Writing
  • Module 9: Improve Academic Writing Skills
  • Module 10: Learn to Write content snippets
  • Module 11: Master Content Marketing
  • Module 12: Monetize Your Writing Skills
  • Module 13: Publish Your Book


Contact Details

Phone number: 91-7827916060



Content writing courses in Cochi


Cochi, the queen of the Arabia Sea, has a lot more to explore. With growing infrastructure, business, and other techniques land is developing each day. With the highest literacy, the competition intensifies each day and people need to stand out in the idea and content to be recognized. The given content writing courses in Cochi are among the top coaching classes you can avail yourself of. This can make you excel and create a profession in content writing.


So, this is your chance to break out and find your passion for writing. Mentioned content writing courses in Cochi have enough resources to make you the best. Explore!




The above mentioned are the top 7 content writing courses in Cochi. Cochi, the heart of Kerala, is a busy metro city and growing business. So, it’s always advisable to understand the technology and market in the growing era. The above-mentioned courses are best in Cochi.


These courses have their own unique features and nature in providing the courses in their own way. Enrolling in content writing courses is not mandatory, but these courses can help to build the foundation on which you can start your career. It’s always better to understand the technology before we start getting into it.


Tips To Excel In Content Writing


1. Wide reading


Reading is the essence of content writing. You have to read and understand subjects before the words flow out of you. Content is everywhere, but it’s different in how you present it. This is part where reading helps you, it enhances creative content writing.

Reading articles, blogs, product description advertisements, social media posts can help us understand how humorously or scientifically people present the product or create the content out of it.


2. Keep Researching


Researching helps in getting to know more about the content. The research can reflect in your writing. Collecting resources can help to make quality content. You’ll be exposed to different niches in which you might not be familiar with some subject areas, so reading articles, blogs, and other content might help to get an idea about the particular subject through which helps you write.


3. Be Flexible


Adaptiveness is the key to excel and establish a career in content writing. You might be referred to with content you don’t have the basic knowledge of. Here having an adaptive mind and flexibility to challenges can help you to get more projects and clients. 


4. Create your style


Content writing is a growing industry. To outstand your content, you must create content that’s unique and catchy. Creating our own style in content creation can help in recognition in the field. The signature once you have created can help you in promoting more of your works. This can be started by creating a blog of yourself and letting your ideas and content out of it. 


5. Practice


Finally! Practice practice practice. This is where you can improve your writing. Write every day, and this slow exercise can improve your writing. For this, you don’t need a particular topic. Write whatever comes to your mind and scribble it out, read it again, edit and rewrite. These simple steps can help your skill grow.




Q1.Is content writing a good career to start?

Everything we see around us is content- from advertisements to newspapers- the use of content writing is essential. So, there is no doubt in having content writing as a career, if you are passionate about writing and learning new things. The digital world’s need to express their ideas through content and content information helps to complete the communication. So yes, content writing is indeed a good career to start.


Q2. What is the average salary of a content writer?

In India, the salary of a content writer is about 20,000-25,000 per month.


Q3. Is it mandatory to take an online course before starting a content writing career?

No, there is no mandatory requirement before starting a career in content writing. But I would always recommend taking courses as you’ll get the basic idea and technologies behind the content marketing which helps to outcast the other competitors, and also strengthen your confidence in the profession.


Q4. Can I make a profession in content marketing even if I’m not fluent in English?

Yes, content writing is a growing niche. All those who are not fluent in English can opt for their regional language to start their vocation out of it.

Even if you are not fluent in English, I can assure you that learning a language is a skill that can be acquired by training and practice, so don’t let your hopes down.


Q5.What are different kinds of the job we can avail after completion of course?

Once you have completed the course, there are a lot of opportunities ahead. You can find the particular niche in which and can establish in that field later. It’s always preferable to explore every area before so you can find the strength and weaknesses in each particular field.

The jobs you can excel in are:

    • Technical Writer
    • Multimedia Content Developer
    • Web Content Developer
    • Copywriter
    • Instructional Designer
    • Courseware Developer
    • Freelancer

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  2. I love this post. It is very encouraging. I always wanted to explore my writing skills. But because of peer pressure and parents, it didn’t go well. I want to select a specific niche: copyrighting. This is because I have worked in sales and marketing. Later, I want to run my own business. Will these courses cover everything in detail?

    • Yes Kavitha, You can contact them on a personal number and can get the details and discuss your area of interest. I recommend you do enough research before joining any of the courses. Above mentioned courses are best to my knowledge. Don’t worry, if you have a passion for writing just go for it. All the best :)

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    • Hi Sarthak, of the all above mentioned courses IIM SKILLS are top-notch, The demo class by IIM SKILLS will give you a brief idea of what you’re about to learn . The internship provided will strengthen your writing skills and experience. If you are interested connect with them via mail or call. All the best :)

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