Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Coimbatore With Placements

Content writing happens to be a whole new kingdom for writers. In this technical time where people are more accustomed to scientific and technical things and losing interest in writing. Content writing is providing a wide range of opportunities for those people who have the capacity and ability to reach people, make a connection with them just through their writing.


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If you are a writer and looking for an occupation where your ability will be valued, then a career as a content writer is the best option for you. But before going into the jo field, it is very important to have some experience and skills regarding this area and if you are thinking about doing a course, then you are absolutely on the right path. Doing a course does not always mean that you are wasting your money, it consists of practical implications, learning skills, and gaining experience before you land a job. Let us look at what content writing is all about for your better understanding to help in making the final decision.


What is content writing:


Content writing is a process through which various companies produce various content for their audience so that they can reach maximum people in a short period of time, establish a long-term relationship with them and ultimately sell their products or services.


Coimbatore is a city in Tamil Nadu which is a prosperous land of architecture, clothing, jewelry, and so on. The grass forest museum possesses various animals and trees so mesmerizing that you can’t take your eyes off. It is a place for all the people who are interested in history, fashion or nature.


If you are looking for an institute in Coimbatore from where you can master content writing skills, then congratulations! We have brought you details about the top 5 content writing courses in Coimbatore so that you can make the right choice.


IIM Skills


The first in the list of the top 5 content writing courses in Coimbatore is IIM Skills. If we think of leading online educational platforms then IIM Skills is the first name that comes to our mind. It has been offering various educational courses for people irrespective of their degree, occupation, age, etc.



  1. 3 months guaranteed internship.
  2. Lifetime consulting and technical support.
  3. Portfolio development for job/ freelance.
  4. Publish your first e-book on kindle, google books.
  5. Write your first blog for platforms like Times of India.
  6. Recorded sessions.
  7. Publish your first press release on the online news portal.
  8. Dedicated placement cell.
  9. Master certifications from IIM SKILLS and others.
  10. live online training, 60+ hours of practical assignments
  11. 10+ hours of internship assignments and case studies.
  12. Lifetime access to all the latest content in your learning management system.
  13. Free tools worth INR 35000.



  • Modules :


  1. Web development.
  2. UI UX interface (blog creation).
  3. Introduction to content writing.
  4. Content keyword research.
  5. Start writing content.
  6. Content writing tools.
  7. Duplicate content detector.
  8. Content distribution using E-mail.
  9. Google local pages set up.
  10. Content marketing using social media.
  11. Exploring social media tools.
  12. Freelance content writing.


  • Types of content you will learn:


  1. Commercial page.
  2. Copywriting
  3. Article
  4. Blog
  5. E-book
  6. Sop – statement of purpose.
  7. Business listing.
  8. E-listing.
  9. Product description.
  10. Web pages.
  11. Mailers
  12. Brochures
  13. Instructionals
  14. Social media post.
  15. Digital infographics.


  • Duration : 4 weeks.
  • Internship: 3 months
  • Fees: 14,900 +18% GST


  • Who can apply:


  1. Students
  2. Marketing professionals
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Housewives
  5. Job seekers


The foundation of a successful educational blog gave birth to IIM SKILLS. It has 5+ years of excellence and educators from different industrial backgrounds. The one thing that makes IIM SKILLS stand out is their personal mentorship. The students are provided with mentors who will be clearing their doubts and guiding them through the journey so that they do not feel confused or left out.


IIM Skills has been ranked number 1 position by top education blogs such as Career 360, Advisor Uncle, Course Dekho, etc. They are known for their ability to break down complex concepts into bite-sized, actionable tips, making them easy to understand every concept with clarity.


Other Courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


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ECT/ Education and Career Times


The second in the list of the top 5 content writing courses in Coimbatore is ECT. ECT is one of the government-recognized organizations in India. It has been training participants from the leading multinational organizations around the world. It offers one of the best content writing courses in Coimbatore.


  • Course Highlights:


  1. Experienced instructors.
  2. Classroom training programs.
  3. Free workshop on Entrepreneurship.
  4. Lessons on types of tools to save time and earn more.
  5. 100% placement.
  6. Lifetime support.
  7. Work from home job.


  • Modules:


  1. Introduction to content writing
    • Content writing basics.
    • Effective content writing process.
    • Prewriting
    • Drafting
    • Paragraph building.
    • Revising
    • Editing and proofreading.
    • Publishing
  2. Boost your vocabulary
    • Tips to build your vocabulary.
    • Usage of words.
    • Understanding technical terms.
    • Using thesaurus.
    • Reading list.
    • Google tools.
  3. Avoid common grammar errors in writing
    • Sentence construction.
    • Fragments
    • Run-on sentences.
    • Sentence Variety
    • Wordy sentences.
    • Sentence variety.
    • Verb power.
    • A shift in time.
    • Pronoun problems.
    • Parallel structure.
    • Modifiers
  4. Learn writing tools, tips, and techniques
    • Grammarly
    • Hemingway app.
    • Internet research skills.
    • Writing hacks.
  5. Non-fiction creative writing skills
    • Introduction to digital advertising.
    • Copywriting basics.
    • Blogging skills.
    • Persuasive writing style.
    • Idea generation tools.
    • Social media content development.
  6. Fiction writing
    • Novels
    • Short stories.
    • Style
  7. Business writing skills
    • Introduction
    • Types of business communication
    • SEO writing.
    • Business plan.
  8. Technical writing
    • Introduction
    • User manual writing
    • Technical writing approach
    • Technical guides.
  9. Academic writing
    • Essay writing.
    • Research proposal.
    • Thesis writing
    • Capstone project.
    • Critique writing.
    • International baccalaureate.
  10. Specific pieces of content
    • Resume writing.
    • SOP
    • Cover letter
    • Application writing.
  11. Content marketing
    • Basics of content marketing.
    • Creating evergreen content.
    • Content strategy.
    • Content distribution and promotion.
    • WordPress/CMS.
  12. Monetize writing skills
    • Developing a strong profile and portfolio.
    • How to publish your book.
    • How to become a successful blogger.


  • Duration: 3 months
  • Fees: 15,000


ECT started its journey in 2010 as a career blog with the aim of helping people identify their niche and find their preferable career path.


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Skills Upgrader


The third in the list of the top 5 content writing courses in Coimbatore is Skills Upgrader. Skills Upgrader is one of the research and career consultancy firms devoted to career development.


  • Course Highlights:
    1. Internship
    2. Freelance writing opportunities.
    3. Dedicated placement support.
    4. 24*7 support.
    5. 100% practice exposure.


  • Modules:


    1. Introduction content writing
  • What is content writing?
  • Its rising popularity.
  • Reasons to make a career in content writing.
    1. Web hosting
    2. The connection between content marketing and UI/UK
      • What are UI and UX?
      • The importance of UI and UX.
    3. Website creation.
    4. Writing process.
    5. Search engine optimization.
      • On-page
      • Off-page.
    6. Keyword research
    7. Writing SEO-optimized content.
      • Introduction
      • Plagiarism
    8. Content creation
      • How to create content.
      • Content management.
    9. Content marketing using social media
      • How to create a social content strategy.
      • Content creation for various social media platforms.
      • Social media marketing tools.
    10. Call to action
      • What is CTA?
      • Importance of CTA.
      • CTA best practices.
    11. Content marketing strategy
      • How to create a solid content marketing strategy.
      • Freelance content marketing.
      • Content marketing using Email
      • Lead generation using content marketing.


  • Who can apply:


    1. Students
    2. Bloggers
    3. Marketing professionals
    4. Business owners
    5. Digital marketers
    6. Other industry professionals


  • Duration: 16+ hours of classes and 70+ hours of assignments
  • Fees : 7000+18% GST


  • Careers:


    1. Social media writer
    2. Copywriter
    3. News writer
    4. Blogger
    5. Technical writer
    6. Scriptwriter
    7. Academic writer


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Softpro DMTI Professional


DMTI division of Softpro was discovered in 2009. They have been offering 80% practical courses.


  • Course Highlights:
    1. Live projects.
    2. Lifetime access to lectures.


  • Modules:


  1. Content writing principles and process
    • Building confidence and technique for non-fiction.
    • Principles of non-fiction writing.
    • 5 writing exercises.
    • Storytelling techniques.

2. Content writing steps

  • Copywriting types.
  • Researching competition.
  • How to convert leads into customers.

3. Niche clarity.

4. Blog writing.

5. Content writing strategies for online sales.

  1. E-mal
  • The power of questions.
  • Using intrigue and curiosity.
  • The cliff-hanger effect.
  • Write with emotion.

7. Keyword research

  • How to find keywords.
  • Identify long-tail keywords.

8. SEO

  • What is SEO?
  • Why is it important?
  • On-site and Off-site.

9. Create graphic content

  • Importance of images in the content.
  • Consumption of content via images.
  • Using images to get attention.

10. White paper and case studies.

  1. Create engaging content for social media.
  2. Content marketing.


  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Fees: 15,550 for regular and 27,550 for diploma.


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Henry Harvin


Another name in the list of the top 5 content writing courses in Coimbatore is Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin is a leading career and competency development organization. It is South Asia’s oldest content writing course.


  • Course Highlights:
  1. 9 in one course
    • Internship
    • Training
    • Projects
    • Certification
    • Placements
    • E-learning.
    • Boot camps.
    • Hackathons
    • Gold membership.
  2. Learn 30+ content types.
  3. I year gold membership of writing academy.
  4. 24* 7-lifetime support.
  5. Unlimited batches.
  6. Multiple trainers.
  7. Mobile app access to the e-learning portal.
  8. Skills to translate thoughts into words that attract readers.
  9. Develop essential language skills to write for international clients.
  10. The technical know-how of launching basic websites and personal blogs.
  11. Graphic skills to design newsletters, PPTs, logos, etc.
  12. Develop research skills.
  13. Develop skills to identify potential target audience persona for your content.
  14. Build an effective content strategy.
  15. Know how to secure freelance projects from India, UK, US and avoid the risk of bad debt in international payments.


  • Modules :


  1. Language skills
    • Basics and jargon.
    • Grammar bookish vs digital.
    • Presentation skills.
  2. Internet skills
    • Research skills.
    • Graphic skills.
    • Data and reporting
    • Editing skills.
    • Legal know-how
    • Other digital skills.
  3. Business and marketing writing
    • SEO writing
    • Landing pages.
    • Social media.
    • E-book writing.
    • Newsletter and magazine writing.
    • Press releases.
    • Book reviews.
    • Product reviews and description.
    • Resume writing.
    • Cover letter
    • Editing and proofreading.
  4. Content strategy
    • Permanent challenges in creating effective content.
    • Broader structure for creating content for social media.
    • Segmenting markets.
    • Road map to create strategic content.
    • Ninja writing.
    • Mind mapping.
  5. Technical and research writing
    • Foundation of technical writing.
    • Research paper.
    • Project reports.
    • Grant writing.
    • Medical writing.
    • User manual.
    • FAQs
  6. Academic writing.
    • Study material.
    • Academic guides.
    • Tutorials
    • E-learning.
    • Instructional design
    • Question banks.
    • Workbooks
    • Courseware
    • Rubrics
  7. Creative writing
    • Foundation of creative writing.
    • Dialogue writing.
    • Scriptwriting
    • Fiction writing.
    • Blog writing
    • Article writing.


  • Duration: 32 hours
  • Fees: 13,500


Henry Harvin focuses on the growth of individuals and organizations globally. They believe in continuous innovation in products and services to maximize customer value.


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Frequently asked questions:

We have come up with FAQs related to content writing to clear your remaining doubts.


1. Who can do a content writing course?


Ans. There are no boundaries when it comes to content writing. Anyone who has an interest can do a content writing course. Students, housewives, job seekers, working professionals, business owners all of who are 18+ are eligible.


2. Is the content writing course expensive?


Ans. When it comes to the fees, it depends on the institute. But the cost is reasonable. Some institutes have divided the course into several parts and they charge according to the course that you have purchased.


3. Is content writing difficult?


Ans. The answer is simply no. Content writing is something that brings creativity. If you have an interest then you will be able to follow it easily. It depends on practice.


4. How many hours one should spend in a day on content writing?


Ans. As content writing is a matter of practice, being in a daily habit would help. The hours spent by one depends on his or her lifestyle, work, the situation of well-being. But in general, one must invest his or her 2-3 hours daily on content writing. Because it is a time taking process, one must be in constant practice otherwise he or she will not be able to reach the desired destination.

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