Top 12 Content Writing Courses In Agra With Placements

Why do you have to do content writing courses from Agra? Is it going to make your professional life move towards extraordinary heights? You will get the answer here.


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Agra is the city on the banks of the river Yamuna is recognized as a historic megalopolitan. It is located 210kms away on the south side of New Delhi, which is a digital hub. Being close to the center of the nation, content writers have plenty for job hunts. You can end as a full-time professional in writing or as a freelance writer.


With the large-scale digitalization in various industries, every business seeks a writer. Why because to increase their brand authority and customer creditability. If you can stand in good stead with your writing skills and looking for content writing courses in Agra, I assure you that you will get a clear idea of what to do next.


Let us understand what is all about content writing?


In the current scenario internet is the prime source of information. Search engines like google, bing, or Baidu fetches all information you are seeking. So the information you see or read in these search engines is what content is. If you prepare yourself as a good content creator,  you can rank well in the search engine. Thus, you can provide all information to your audience with a single click.


Various content writeups are blogs, product descriptions, service brochures, manuals, Ebooks, white papers, etc. Your professional life reaches new heights if you manage to excel.


With all these points, let us see the various platforms providing content writing courses in Agra rank-wise. The following programs are ahead of the curve and provide better services.


Top 12 Content Writing Courses in Agra:


1.    IIM Skills


IIM skills are the leader in the field. They provide training, in online mode without any compromise in quality. Their online content writing course is one of the best content writing courses in Agra. They offer extensive chalk talk to you in the following areas:



Apart from these, you can expertise your skills in SEO optimization. The duration of the course is four weeks which is the live session for 16 hrs. They give 60 hours assignments.



To have a writer portfolio, an internship is mandatory. IIM skills assure you with 3 months of an extensive fellowship with 10+ hours of internship lectures and mentorship.


No specific qualification is required. But to get hired as a professional, a minimum qualification of graduation is expected.

Other Courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


Key takeaways:


  • Lifetime support (technical & consulting)
  • Portfolio development for freelance/ job opportunities
  • Publish your first E-book on amazon, google
  • Write your very first blog on the platforms like Times of India
  • Publish your first press release on the online portal
  • Training for Hubspot certification exam of content marketing
  • You will get to know about freelance opportunities or full-time employment.

Course fees: 

It is very pocket-friendly and economical. The course fee is 14900+18% GST.


Participants of this program work in many big names like Barclays, Amazon, IBM, KPMG, DELL, and many more. So, if you are looking for some career development and change in you as a content writer, IIM skills are the correct place to gather the knowledge. The faculty of the program are leading professionals in the market.


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IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


2.    Skills upgrader:


Skills upgrader provides a comprehensive content writing course in Agra. The mode of training is online. They are aware of the impact of rich potential content in the industry, thus facilitating its learners with full learning facilities. The content types covered by them are


  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Interview
  • Webinars
  • infographics


The Course duration is four weeks that is 16 hrs of the live session. Their practical assignment hours are of 70 hours.



Students who took up the course can take on this internship for three months. You can gain real-time industrial experience.


  1. Students/Graduates
  2. Aspiring writers
  3. Bloggers
  4. Marketing professional
  5. Mass communication specialist
  6. Content marketers
  7. Business owners
  8. Entrepreneurs
  9. Digital marketers
  10. Marketing communication specialist
  11. Other industry professionals


Key takeaways:


  • Career prospects to grow as a social media writer, blogger, copywriter, news writer, technical and academic writer, or scriptwriter.
  • Ability to launch personal websites and blogs using technical knowledge
  • Gain hands-on ideas on social media marketing for your clients
  • Become a certified author
  • Grow your business and brand as a content writer
  • Lifetime support though they train you for independent writers
  • SEO optimization techniques for better ranking


Course fee:

Rs. 6999+ GST


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3. Udemy:


Udemy is the biggest platform where many professionals get trained. Content writing is also the one. The course offered by Udemy focuses on both SEO tactics and solid writing skills.


Course duration:

The course duration is for 6 hours with 97 lectures included in them.


Course name:

Writing with confidence: writing beginners to write pro by Clare Lynch.


Course fees:

INR 8,640


Please do a refined search in choosing your course through Udemy as it provides a wide variety of modules.


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4. Coursera:


Coursera is another biggest platform. Industrial experts designed the course. It is so prestigious to study here as at the end of the program, you will receive certification from globally recognized universities. The best thing is that once you subscribe, you will get updates from Coursera in choosing the best-suited one for your profile.


You can master the skill of search engine optimization, blogging, how to market yourself, and a lot. Just refine your search while choosing. The course also covers word syntax and logical arrangements of the content in creative writing.


5. Symbiosis:


An international university facilitates distance learning. Also, an AICTE approved one. The course enables one to nurture their aptitude towards creative writing by polishing one’s writing skills and honing the potential to be a professional writer.


This course enables you to attain clarity in writing and to learn how to impart the feel in writing. At the end, of course, you can write the following:


  • articles/blogs
  • fictional/non-fictional books
  • Poetry
  • Screenwriting
  • memoir


You can get exposure to different forms of writing. Thus, dwell in the realms of imagination and bring out fascinating insights into writing.


Course name:

The program carries the name of a diploma in creative writing in English.


Who can apply?

  1. 12th grade passed out with 50% in English
  2. diploma/ bachelor degree holder
  3. Students who have appeared for final degree exams and waiting for the result.
  4. International/ SAARC Graduate from recognized accredited institutes


Course fees:

Rs.35000/- excluding examination fees.


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


6. Skills share:


Skillshare is an American online learning community for people who want to learn through educational videos. They are one of the best platforms to the lore on content writing courses in Agra. If you are someone who would turn on self-learning, then skills share the best choice.


One of the best courses that I found is the Web content master class by Shiva Kumar Kannan. The total course duration is for 33 hours. All videos are for 29 minutes.

You will get to learn the following types of content writing:

  1. Business writing
  2. Ecommerce writing
  3. Blog writing
  4. Web page content writing


SkillsShare provides lifetime access to many short to long content writing courses. You can purchase this leading platform premium membership of 99$ access to top-notch content writing courses.


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7. TAMS studies and coaching institute:


If you are looking for an offline curriculum, then TAMS is the best choice for content writing courses in Agra. The institute is located in the Aligarh- Agra route. They offer an exciting technical writing offline course.


Course name:

Short-term technical writing.


Key takeaways:


  • Parts of technical document
  • Formal and informal technical reports
  • Resume writing and cover letter writing
  • Usability testing
  • Technical correspondence
  • Technical instructions and manual writing
  • Business report and proposal
  • Sections of technical writing


For more information, you can very well contact 8094156781(24/7).


8. Dayalabhag Educational Institute (DEI)


Located in Dayalabhag Agra, DEI is a deemed university regarded by UGC.


Course name:

Modular program in creative writing


The curriculum of a total duration of 9 months, you have full-time classroom training. This curriculum is NAAC “A” accredited.


Who can apply?


Interested candidates need to clear an objective entrance exam to get admission. The minimum qualification to appear for the exam is a 10th pass from a recognized board. Only females can apply.


After all these, they have an extensive admission process of a personal interview before providing admission.





9. ECT:


ECT furnishes a government-recognized content writing course, which includes all aspects of the content writing course. They offer the online mode of education with flexible batch training thus, leveraging self-paced learning.


Key takeaways:


  • Technical writing
  • Academic writing
  • Business writing
  • Writing tools and tips
  • Specific report writing

Course duration:

The complete curriculum is for three months, in which you will get 32 hours of live sessions.

Course fee:

INR 15000.


10. Linkedin learning:


Linkedin is a great online community where more serious professionals, business owners are there. But they also offer various learning programs in which content writing is also there.


The course comprises both free and paid versions. You need to provide data. LinkedIn comes with suggestions according to the data provided. You can access the modules from both mobile and desktop at your convenience and phase.


Linkedin provides one month free trial of premium membership after which, you need to subscribe for premium membership. I recommend this as you can get the best training from high-quality professionals.


After the completion of the course, you need to do the test provided by Linkedin. On successfully clearing the same, they issue a certificate that you can add to your Linkedin profile.


11. Content Vidhya:


Content Vidhya offers a six-day online workshop. Thus, you can attend from your home at your own pace. The course fee is just Rs.999. You can get the link for the session in many Facebook ads to register. The founder of content Vidhya is Uma Malla, who gives lectures for all the sessions. At the end of the session, they designate five assignments to complete to get the certification.


Content Vidhya assists in tools handling and query solving. Thus, its heads and shoulders are above others in providing content writing courses in Agra.


Key takeaways:


  • Introduction to content writing
  • Mastering storytelling and copywriting
  • Building a perfect writeup
  • Niche blogging
  • Research, framework, and scope of content writing
  • Assignments- with 24 hrs deadline
  • SEO techniques


12. Henry Harvin:


Henry Harvin is also one of the key players in this industry of content writing courses in Agra. The highlight of their curriculum is students gets the knack of writing through live projects and internship. This program bears the name of Certified digital content writer.


Course duration:

Extensive training for 32 hours and provides 100% assurance for job assistance.


Key takeaways:


  • Language skills
  • Internet skills
  • Business and marketing writing
  • Content strategy
  • Technical and research writing
  • Academic writing
  • Creative writing
  • Earn online with international project
  • Complimentary soft skills development



They provide a guaranteed internship with practical training and mentorship.


An alumnus of Henry Harvin works in big names in the market. Some are here:

  1. Airtel
  2. BSNL
  3. Denzo
  4. Gillette
  5. HCL
  6. Hero
  7. Hitachi
  8. HP
  9. ITC infotech
  10. HCL
  11. Oracle
  12. Mindtree
  13. L&T


As a trainee, you will have a great experience with this institute. Henry Harvin is one of the best content writing courses in Agra.


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Get into action now:


A content writing career is a booming career. It is more flexible as it provides enormous opportunities to work from home. You can be a dab hand with your writing skills. Hence you can beef up your career. Writing is something so unique that no age has its limits. Start writing today for a better tomorrow.


The above content gives you a clear idea of institutes that offers content writing courses in Agra. Agra is a great place. As a content writer, there is no scarcity of opportunities. It is all on your shoulders to choose right and make it shine. I hope the article above gives you a kick start in your journey as a writer.




Still, some questions create confusion? Here I provide answers to common questions that everyone will have:

1. Who can become a content writer?


It is not required to have a specific qualification or study to become a content writer. Any student, homemaker, retired person, or someone who looks to make their feet in the digital world can be a content writer. Willingness without any block can only nurture you as an established writer. Apart from these, you may need to develop excellent editing skills and enhance your skills to work in a fast-paced environment. You have to handle multiple projects at times. Above all, a good writer’s portfolio is an added advantage. Thus, a high chance to work better. Above all, you need to have the patience to play the long game.


2. What are the types of content writing?


There are broad categories of content writing that you will embark on during the journey of the content writing journey.


  1. Blogging- To improve SEO ranking
  2. Copywriting- To create sales funnel
  3. Technical writing- formal documentation without any jargon in that
  4. Social media posts- gains large audience for the business
  5. Emails- to gain trust and keep your customers engaged


3. What are the job prospects of online content writing courses in Agra?


The future is so bright. After taking up these programs, your global exposure gets increased. Due to this pandemic, the impact of digitalization and technology has driven users to rely on the internet. You can either have a full-time job as a content writer or why not even as a freelancer.


4. What are the highlights of online content writing courses in Agra?


Earlier internet facility was not there people were looking for information in the library. But nowadays, thanks to the technology that you can get all your information through the internet. You can access the same from google or any search engine anytime. All the data that are appearing on the search pages are content written only.


5. Is it necessary to learn SEO to be successful in content writing?


Yes, it is mandatory to learn search engine optimization. But, without quality content, you cannot get good SEO sense. Quality content gives you more backlinks and makes you get ranked higher. Keyword phrasing and placing play a considerable role. Without this, you will not get ranked well on google. Above all, you should frame everything based on the search intent and your audience. To learn all you must know about SEO.

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