Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Faridabad With Placements

Have a flair for words? Want to turn your love for writing into your profession? Technology has made it convenient. You can join any of the following content writing courses in Faridabad and make your dream come true.


Faridabad, the largest city in the state of Haryana, is a part of Delhi NCR (national capital region). The city is famous for henna production, and various industrial products like motorcycles, refrigerators, tractors, etc. Faridabad has seen a major rise in content writing jobs in the past few years owing to its increasing industrialization and population. To fulfill this ever-increasing demand, a number of training institutes are coming up with content writing courses in Faridabad.


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Content Writing- Meaning and Essence


Content writing is creating online content to attract leads and foster positive connections with the audience, ultimately converting them to customers. Content writing can take various forms-print, audio, visual, or a combination of two or all of them. It includes magazines, e-books. blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts, etc.


While writing is simply picking up the pen and putting the gears into motion and putting down what you think and believe, but content writing goes a bit beyond that. In the words of Jolie Miller, “Content has the power to change people’s lives for a second or for a day or forever.


Great content creates space for people to pause and reflect, and that space is where transformation happens.” The training institutes providing content writing courses in Faridabad not only teach you to create content but to change the world of the people who consume it.


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Scope of Content Writing


Content writing is a serious business. There are many things to be dealt with while creating a perfect piece of content. The scope of content writing is wide and extensive.


Media industry

There is a high demand for content writers in the media industry. Scriptwriters are the base of every program or movie. One can also be a content writer on a news website or a news portal, where content is produced for news to be updated on the website


PR Industry

The public relations industry requires content writers for their knowledge and skills to write blogs, author articles for magazines, press releases, etc.


IT industry

IT industries require content writers to write technical content based on cybersecurity, different software, and other technical domains. A technical writer is responsible for writing instruction manuals, how-to guides, etc.


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Digital Marketing Agencies

This industry requires content writers for jobs such as writing email marketing campaigns, blogs for SEO marketing, etc.


E-commerce Company

There is a huge demand for content writers in e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra for reviewing their products and writing product descriptions for them.


Creative Writers

Creative writers are those content writers that are mainly engaged in social media writing. They are responsible for making the public aware of the business of a company. They promote the brand on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Linked In, and other social media platforms. Their main role is to write captions for posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, make infographic copies, etc.


Academic Writing

In this profession, content writers are required to produce educational material such as articles or columns in magazines or books that can help individuals in elevating their professional careers.  Statement of purpose (SOP) writing is also a part of academic writing.



In this field, content writers and copywriters are required to create advertisements and taglines for promoting a brand.



Apart from this, you can become a freelance content writer, film critic, editor, or ghostwriter.


Before diving into the list of the courses, check out How to Choose a Course


Following is a list of the best training institutions providing content writing courses in Faridabad.


IIM Skills


One of the premier institutes offering content writing courses in Faridabad is IIM Skills. The institute offers an extensive content writing course that covers every global aspect of the subject. No specific degree or academic background is required for the students who intend to join it. Retired persons, homemakers, and students can also join the course.


The only criterion is love for writing. The major plus point of IIM Skills is their expert faculty with vast teaching experience and lucid explanation of all the topics. The best feature of IIM Skills is that they provide the students with a 3-month internship program that gives them hands-on training on the nitty-gritty of the subject and gives them an edge in the highly competitive job market.


Details are as follows:


Course Name: Online Content Writing Course

Duration: 4 weeks

Course Fee: 14900+18% GST


Syllabus covered:


Web development

UI/UX interface and blog creation

Introduction to content writing

How to research keyword

Creating your own content

Tools for great content writing

Detecting plagiarism and how it affects your content

Getting maximum subscribers/traffic on your site and automating the process

Setting up google pages

Content marketing using social media

How to earn profits through your content by attracting more clients


Course details:


16 hours of online lectures

Practical assignments covering 60 hours

Internship lectures covering approximately 10 hours

3-month internship

Free tools worth 35000

Lifetime access to learning management system with online support

Content marketing certificate.


IIM Skills teaches you various types of content dominating the market like:


Academic writing

Press release

Product description



Social media posts

Web pages




Business Writing

Digital infographics

Ads copy, etc



You will get access to the following tools worth 35000 which are extremely important for any content writer:


WordPress themes

WordPress Plugins

Web Hosting

Facebook Ads

Domain Registration

Tweet Deck


Uber Suggest

Social Media listening tools

Google Keyword Planner

Google My Business

Rank Watch

SERP Rank Checker

Social Book Marketing Sites


Plagiarism Detector

Small SEO Tools, etc


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IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Other Courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching




The only content writing institute providing content writing courses in Faridabad to be acknowledged by the Government of India. Started a decade ago, this institute has three fully functional courses, namely digital marketing, communication skills, and personality development.


With 950 students and 62 batches, this training institute stands as one of the best training institutes providing content writing courses in Faridabad. As it is a government-recognized institute, an accreditation from it can definitely elevate your career. They provide online training in addition to classroom training. Their offline headquarters are situated in Delhi and Noida.


Details are as follows:


Course Name: Content Writing Course


Duration: 3 months

Course Fee: 12,712+18% GST


Syllabus covered:


Introduction to content writing

How to use words and build vocabulary

Avoiding grammatical errors in writing

Learning to use tools

Creating web content and blogging skills

Fiction writing skills, mastering the art of storytelling

Mastering business writing skills

Mastering technical writing skills

Mastering academic writing skills

Mastering specific pieces of content

Mastering content marketing

How to earn money by writing

How to publish your own book


Course details:


Live training of 32 hours with 50 hours of online training with videos

7 assignments and 5 live projects

Work from the home facility with lifetime support

Guaranteed placement assistance after course completion


There are various types of content taught at ECT such as:


Social media/viral content

E-mail writing


Web content writing


Social media ads (Google Ads/Facebook Ads)

Short stories

Sales proposals/Marketing content writing


Press releases

Academic writing

Technical writing, etc


Tools provided by ECT are as follows:



Google Analytics


Google keyword research tool



Hemingway App



Content Writing Courses in Indore 

Content Writing Courses In Kota 

Content Writing Courses In Jaipur 


Digital Academy 360


Established in 2015, Digital Academy 360 is the leading digital marketing institute providing content writing courses in Faridabad. It provides many courses including IT courses, graphic designing, and also content writing courses.


It was awarded “Best Digital Learning Institute” of the year in 2019 by the Indian Education Awards. They provide 100% placement assistance or your full fee is refunded. They have provided training to more than 20,000 students and have 250+ hiring partners including prominent corporates like KPMG, Google, Accenture, TCS, Yahoo, etc.


Details are as follows:


Course Name: Creative Content Writing Certification Program


Duration: 2 months

Course Fee: Visit the website for fee details


Syllabus covered:


Introduction to content writing(15 hours-5 assignments-1 projects)

Comprehending the writing cycle (12 hours-8 assignments-2 projects)

Concepts of Search Engine Optimization (3 hours-5 assignments-2 projects)

WordPress and website development (15 hours)

Creative writing (12 hours-5 assignments-2 projects)

Article writing (6 hours-3 assignments-2 projects)

Research writing (3 hours-2 assignments)

Scientific writing (3 hours-2 assignments)

Blogging (9 hours-3 assignments-2 projects)

Copywriting (12 hours-8 assignments-3 projects)

Writing skills for social media (12 hours-10 assignments-2 projects)

Web content writing (9 hours-5 assignments-2 projects)

White paper writing (3 hours-2 assignments)

Press release (3 hours-2 assignments-1 projects)

Student testimonials and case studies (3 hours-3 assignments-1 projects)

Technical writing (15 hours-6 assignments-2 projects)

E-book and self-publishing (3 hours-2 assignments)

Content marketing and strategies (6 hours)

Getting hired (6 hours-2 assignments)


Course details:


Weekly assignments to polish your skills

Lifetime job notification

Portfolio development

Mastery of tools required

Dedicated mentor

24/7 LMS

Freelance projects from multiple domains


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Online Idea Lab


A well-known training institute offering a number of courses in various domains including digital marketing, Blockchain, and content writing courses in Faridabad, Online Idea Lab has expertise in creative, technical, ad copy, and web content writing.


They provide three levels of content writing courses depending upon your requirement. Training is held online as well as in the classroom. They have the most experienced and competent faculty imparting great knowledge in the domain of content development. One has to complete course A to be eligible for courses B and C.


Course Name  A) Content Writing 101

B) Content Writing Foundation

C) Content Writing Advanced


Syllabus covered:


Aspects of blogging

Importance of research

Engaging visuals with text

Assignment guidelines

Writing website content


Creating viral content

Online reputation management

Social media writing

Becoming a freelance content writer

Tools and how to use them


Course details:


Live classes of duration 20 hours

Total 35 classes

One year access to course

12 activities and assignments

10+ quizzes

Module wise notes

Publishing your own blog on their site


Skills Upgrader


A leader in the field of content writing courses in Faridabad, Skills Upgrader helps you hone your skills in content writing as well as content marketing and boosts up your prospects as a content writer. The course is designed by industry experts and has earned praises from many industry leaders like Mukesh Sachdeva (USV Pvt Ltd), Sameer Bhutani (American Express), Saurabh (Birlasoft).


Details are as follows:


Course Name: Content Writing Course


Duration: 4 weeks

Course Fee: 6,999+18% GST


Syllabus covered:


Introduction to content writing

Web hosting

The connection between content marketing and UI/UX

Website creation

Understanding the writing process

Search engine optimization

Keyword research

Writing SEO optimized content

Content creation

Content marketing using social media

Call to action

Content marketing strategy

Lead generation using content marketing

Content marketing using E-mail marketing

Freelance content marketing


Course details:


16 hours of a live class

70 hours of assignments: Build your website-20 hours

Search engine optimization-20 hours

Social media marketing-15 hours

Freelance content writing portfolio-15 hours

Blogging internship

Placement assistance

Tools worth 40K free

Lifetime support and access


Skills Upgrader offers the following important tools for content writing courses in Faridabad:




Google Keyword Planner


Hemingway Editor


PaperRater, etc


Digital Edge Institute


One of the most reputed training institutes providing content writing courses in Faridabad is Digital Edge. It started in 2013. They have trained more than 5000 people across the country in content marketing. They have highly qualified trainers from the industry.


Their content writing course is for two months and designed in such a way that anyone can join it-be it students who want to enhance their career opportunities, professionals seeking jobs in the content writing industry, or business owners looking for a way to promote and grow their business.


Details are as follows:


Course Name: Content Marketing Certification Training Program


Duration: 2 months

Course Fee: Visit the website for fee details


Syllabus covered:


Introduction of Google AdWords

Understanding Advertising Goals

Keyword research

Creating campaigns and ad groups

Bidding Strategy

Campaign Optimization

Campaign reporting

Billing & Accounts

Search Advertising Module

Display Advertising Module

Video Advertising Module

Mobile Advertising Modul

Re-Targeting Module

Keyword Planning for Paid Marketing

On-page Optimization for Paid Marketing

Landing Page Creation

Ad Making Strategies

Geo-targeting of Ads


Campaign Designing

Campaign Optimization

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Optimization

Learn Re-Marketing Concept

Ad Extension: Sitelinks,Call,Location,Callout etc.

How to add negative keywords


Course Details:


20+ hours of training by Google and Bing certified trainers

33 modules

PPC training on live projects

Personality development training and mock interview

Recognized certificate after course completion

Industrial training with leading companies

100% placement in leading MNCs after course completion

Updated and latest tools provided


Newcent Training Academy


Newcent Training Academy providing content writing courses in Faridabad is a private academy offering various short-term professional courses like content writing, office administration, retail sales, translation course, etc to help candidates get a job or gain advanced skills for promotion in existing jobs.


The courses are specially designed to meet the present-day demands of the industry which help the candidates function more efficiently at their jobs. They mainly provide online training. Off-line training is provided at certain locations. The fees here are extremely reasonable so that every stratum of society can afford it, but there are no compromises in quality or efficiency.


Details are as follows:


Course Name: Diploma in Content Writing


Duration: 8 weeks (online)

8 weeks or more (classroom)


Course Fee: 15000 (online)

28000 (classroom)


Syllabus covered:


Creative writing

Content writing


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite




When it comes to choosing the best content writing courses in Faridabad, the name that immediately pops up in your head is Nestsoft. They have been providing training in content writing, web development, SEO writing since 2001 and have 500+ clients in various countries of the world namely- India, Dubai, Oman, Canada, USA, etc.


With a faculty having more than 15 years of experience and having conducted more than 250 seminars for 15,000+ students, they also have a 100% placement record. They provide offline and online training.


Off-line training is canceled due to Covid. A major plus point of Nestsoft is that they provide customizable course duration as well as syllabus as per your requirement, this makes them a sought-after institute for content writing courses in Faridabad, especially by working professionals.


Details are as follows:


Course Name: Content Writing Course


Duration: Customized as per your requirements

Course Fee: Visit the website for fee details


Syllabus covered:


Essentials of writing

Before you write

Write right

After you write

Publishing-Project work

Career development for writers

Course details:

Live project training

Flexible timings

Customizable course duration

Syllabus as per your requirement

Certification provided on completion of course




Founded in May 2010, Udemy is an exclusively online platform delivering a range of courses including content writing courses. There is a wide range of content writing courses in Faridabad to select from. One can join the course as per his/her requirements. The course content is prepared with inputs from industry experts.


It is a trusted platform in training by MNCs like Apple, Netflix, Volkswagen to train and improve the skills of their employees. There are 50+ content writing courses on Udemy, taught by various instructors. Each content writing course has a different duration, different features, and a different syllabus. The fee structure also differs for different content writing courses.


Following are some of the content writing courses on the Udemy platform:


Course Names:


1. Learn about Content Writing

2. Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass+Power words eBook

3. Content is King: Writing Killer Content for Web & Marketing

4. The Complete Content Writing Course for 2021-3 courses in 1

5.RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation 2021-Part 1

6. How to Write Better Headlines-For Content, Email & Social


Course duration and fees:

Each course has a different duration as per the syllabus covered. One can visit the Udemy website to see the details of each course and fees for each course.


Henry Harvin


This training institute provides content writing courses in Faridabad; recognized for its excellence and distinctiveness by leading publishers like The Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, and prime news channels like Aaj Tak and News World India; Henry Harvin was established in 2013 with a view to mold the individuals into professionals’ organizations globally by delivering remarkable training & services through benchmarked content, resources & state-of-the-art technology.


They provide online, also offline training.  Their content writing course is accompanied by a gold membership. Their clientele consists of big corporates like Vodafone, Hitachi, Maruti, Jet Airways, HDFC Bank, etc.  The course is approved by the American Association of EFL, UK cert, UKAF, MSME, and Project Management Institute (PMI).


Details are as follows:


Course Name: Certified Digital Content Writing Course


Duration: 4 weeks

Course Fee: 15000


Syllabus covered:


Language skills

Internet skills

Business and Marketing writing

Content strategy

Research and technical writing

Academic writing

Creative writing

How to earn online and gain international projects

Soft skill development (complimentary)


Course details:


32-hours instructor-led training with 50 hours of E-Learning access

Internship and placement assistance post-course completion

CDCW internationally recognized certification

Bootcamp sessions over next 12 months

1-year gold membership

Lifetime access and support

Access to 100+ tools worth 35000


Henry Harvin course covers various types of content relevant to the field like:


Academic writing

Creative writing

Product reviews




SEO writing

E-book writing

Press releases

Resume writing

Book reviews

Editing and proofreading

Technical and research writing


Important tools provided by Henry Harvin are as follows:




Google Analytics

Hemingway App

Google keyword researcher



Ginger, etc



  1. Is there any need to study to become a successful content writer?


The preferences of the readers and the SEO guidelines are constantly changing and that is why the content writers must remain updated about the changes taking place in terms of the patterns of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation techniques.


  1. How to practice content creation at home?


The content writers need to create content for different social media platforms and need to follow different formats in order to create different kinds of content depending on the platforms. The content writers can boost their imagination by penning down their thoughts in a creative way and by designing infographics.


  1. What are the tips for a beginner content writer?


The content writers should develop a detailed understanding of how the search engines work and should learn the techniques to optimize their content for different kinds of platforms. They should write various articles and blogs following the proper format. The beginners should pay proper attention to the word count and structure of the creative content.


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