Top 4 Content Writing Courses in Kota

Known to be the education hub of India repeatedly, the city of Kota has been churning out specialized engineers and doctors on a massive level each year. Kota, located in the southeast part of the North Indian state of Rajasthan, is the lone source of such students with coaching institutes that improve the entire functioning of a student’s intellect, qualifying them for top institutes across the country. With such a track record in place, even the content writing field is buzzing with options for the interested lot! We have got you covered in this and this comprehensive list of the top 4 content writing courses in Kota will be your guiding light.


List of best content writing courses in Kota


Let’s get to know the basics of content writing before we hop on the train to learn about various platforms offering you the top 4 content writing courses in Kota.


What is Content Writing?


In layman’s terms, the skill of expressing thoughts into a form that is easy to read, comprehend, and strikes a chord with you on various levels is referred to as content writing. This art can be put to work when writing articles, engaging blog posts, social media posts, internet marketing campaigns, etc.


The skill of content writing is used in daily life by e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon or Flipkart, where you see descriptions of the goods being sold by them. Content featured on numerous websites across the Internet is also written by content writers. A content writer is like an artist, one who has to be open to writing for every conceivable field on the plant.


Producing content for all fields involves doing in-depth research both online and offline. A content writing person needs to keep reading and educating the inner self on multiple topics, enabling the mind to churn out ideas! Ideally, when working in a corporate setup, a content writer is required to generate and deliver quality content, which helps in promoting the company’s image and increasing sales.


The content is required to be engaging, and entertaining, which keeps the readers hooked on to coming back for more. The company’s management banks upon the knowledge and skills of its content writers, all the while ensuring that the goals and objectives are adhered to in every piece of content that is being produced.


Do Content Writers Require to Hold a Degree?


In a normal setup, no formal degree is required while carrying out the role of a content writer. However, certain basic knowledge of what all a content writer does, how to prepare content, which tools should be used, etc. can be learned through various online courses, classroom training, and even on-the-job training.


Not every organization that is willing to hire you as a content writer would ask for a formal degree or some qualification, however, the basics of content writing and a portfolio of the prospective candidate speaks in volumes.


Opting to learn from a well-defined curriculum and an instructor-led platform will help you gauge an in-depth understanding of this field. We hope that this article offers you the chance at identifying the best platform for undertaking content writing courses in Kota.


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Content Writing Styles That Are Timeless in Their Own Way:


1. Web-based content

This style is more like building a house right from the scratch. Web-based content would be the content that appears on your home page, about us or contact us page, landing pages, etc. It can be referred to as the foundational content of your organization or brand which enables the users to search for and locate your business.


2. Blogging

Now that your foundation is ready, time to build the structure and rooms in the house. This is where your blog comes in! Blogging is a type of material that gives an audience context, aids with SEO, and allows businesses to nurture their leads with a steady stream of new information.


Blogs not only show off your brand’s personality, but they also assist readers to get a feel of who you are, what you care about, what themes to cover, and how much value you can give if any.


3. Social media posts

Consider social media as a supporting content player: while having a social media presence isn’t enough, businesses that don’t have any social media presence at all are unlikely to succeed in today’s social-dominated culture. Many consumers who are discovering firms for the first time online may head to their Twitter symbol or Facebook page to check what the company is ‘really’ like on social media. And this might have a significant impact on their purchase decisions.


4. Ad and sales copy

Your items and services will have more curb appeal if you use ad and sales content to promote them. This type of copy is written to draw attention to the distinctive qualities that make your brand “home” to those who aren’t familiar with it.


5. Expert / Ghostwriting

Consider expert copy to be a beautiful art collection in your house. All businesses require experienced writing at some time. This is the type of writing you’ll see on the internet. Ghostwriting requires a writer to have expert or in-depth knowledge of a specific industry, which enables them to write about the company in their voice, on their blog.


6. Journalism / PR writing

Journalism and public relations writing is crucial for every organization that wishes to spread the word about noteworthy events, new goods, or corporate changes.


7. Creative writing

Creative writing is a category that comprises the super-creative undertakings that businesses undertake, and it complements and supports practically all of the other types of material on this list. Creative writing combines a writer’s greatest skills, such as story writing, funny and suitable jokes, puns, and other forms of expression, and applies them to one of the other styles.


So far, we have learned that content writing is not just about putting content out there, hoping someone will read it but that doesn’t work in your favor at all.


Let us go through some tips, which will help you to connect with your target audience through your content.


1. Make a headline that will get people’s attention. The headline will determine whether or not the rest of your work is read. If the title doesn’t spark the reader’s interest, elicit an emotion, or make them want to learn more about the issue, you won’t obtain the desired results with your content.


2. Make a hook to pique their interest. You have three seconds after the headline to keep people’s attention. People’s decision to read the remainder of their content is influenced by the first sentence. As a result, it should capture the reader’s attention and organically lead them to your initial point.


3. Do your homework. You must have extensive experience in the area you’re writing about, especially in the B2B industry. To create credibility and back up your statements, use statistics, facts, and measurements.


4. Concentrate on a single goal. You should have at least one core idea in mind before you begin creating your article. While writing, ensure that you stick to the primary topic at all times. Maneuvering from the main topic will only lead to confusion in the reader’s mind.


5. Write in a distinct tone. Your company’s voice is reflected in the material you publish, and it should be consistent with your brand’s personality. Matching your writing tone to your target audience, business objectives, and brand persona is crucial.


6. Enhance your digital content. When generating the content, the use of small paragraphs, short and crisp sentences, bullet points, etc. is a normal scenario. To optimize digital content for search, apply SEO best practices and the most recent SEO content strategies.


7. Make changes to your work. Consider how you can fix the rough edges of your work once you’ve finished your first draught. Even when it has been prepared by skilled content providers, writing usually improves after a round or two of revisions.


Top 4 Content Writing Courses in Kota


1. IIM Skills


A top-notch Delhi-based institute with the best trainers having vast industry knowledge, IIM Skills is the global partner offering content writing courses in Kota. To equip students and working professionals with the necessary skills to excel at content writing, their content writing master course is your go-to option.


Considered to be a globally recognized training institute, the content writing course offered by IIM Skills enables its students to secure jobs at some of the best organizations across the globe.


Content Writing Course key Features:


  1. 1 month of live training
  2. 3 months of internship (optional)
  3. An exhaustive learning plan spread over 26 hours of online training led by industry experts
  4. Access to session recordings
  5. Regular assignments for implementing learning into action


Merits of completing the content writing course from IIM Skills:


  1. Lifetime support from the IIM Skills team in consulting and technical aspects
  2. Support for the development of your portfolio for securing a job/freelancing
  3. Opportunity to publish your first blog post for renowned platforms like Times Of India
  4. Publish your first e-book through Google books or Amazon
  5. Get equipped enough to launch your content writing agency
  6. Publish your very first press release on an online news portal
  7. Placement assistance to people seeking jobs in the field of content writing
  8. Lifetime access to premium tools worth Rs.35k and above


The content writing course requires you to understand the basics of content writing, types of content writing, SEO, etc. For you to understand every concept right from its root, the course has been divided into 12 modules. The certifications include a globally accepted certificate issued by IIM Skills and Hubspot USA.


The course fee is pegged at Rs.14,900 + 18% GST extra and can be paid using online payment channels. You can also register yourself for a free demo class and get your questions answered for a better understanding.


Other Courses


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2. ECT (Education & Career Times)


ECT is considered to be the first start-up institute, fully recognized by the Government of India, and is engaged in offering content writing courses in Kota. With its headquarters based in Delhi, ECT claims to transform your existing writing style with the level of education provided by them.


The content writing course offered by ECT offers the following key features:

  1. 3 months course
  2. Exhaustive learning plan spread over 32 hours of classroom/online training led by their expert team of instructors
  3. 50 hours of self-learning and videos


Merits of completing the content writing course from ECT:


  1. 7 assignments with regular and individual feedback from mentors
  2. Opportunity to work on 5 live projects
  3. Access to 10 quizzes
  4. Support for 100% job placement
  5. Lifetime support from the ECT team
  6. Work from home job opportunities


The course covers topics related to building up your vocabulary, distinguishing and learning the craft of both fiction and non-fiction writing, gauging common errors while generating the content, business, technical writing skills, etc. spread over a whopping 13 modules to learn from.


The course certificate issued by ECT is recognized by the government of India and is accepted across all cities in India. The course fee is pegged at Rs.12,712 + 18% GST extra and can be paid using online payment channels.


3. Infonic


Based in Jaipur, Infonic is the first institute offering content writing courses in Kota both via classroom and online training. The institute offers various other courses such as pay-per-click, digital marketing, SEO, Facebook marketing, etc. The institute offers training to all students for developing essential language skills enabling them to write for international clients.


The trainers at Infonic help you gear up your knowledge of grammar and various language techniques. Their motto stands clear, everyone can generate content, but not everyone follows or knows the basic rules of writing. Infonic team teaches you to generate content on various forms of content such as travel itinerary, medical writing, web copywriting, etc.


Please contact their digital marketing trainer through the website to find out more details about the course such as certification, course fee, etc. Apart from the above options, there are plenty of other free platforms offering content writing courses in Kota, which you can explore and enroll for, such as Hubspot Academy, Linkedin Learning, Skillshare, etc.


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4. Henry Harvin Education


With recognition from the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, and Content Writing Association of India, Henry Harvin Institute is offering content writing courses in Kota as well. With 7+ years of training track record and over 3 lakh students certified as content writers already, Henry Harvin continues to grow.


Their certified digital content writing course offers the following key features:

  1. Exhaustive learning plan spread over 12 modules and 2 additional modules
  2. Training in these modules is covered over 36 hours
  3. Hands-on access to projects in fields like learning skills, research-based writing, technical writing, academic writing, and more


Merits of completing the content writing course from Henry Harvin:

  1. 100% job and internship guaranteed for each participant
  2. Access to multiple e-learning tools and techniques, video content, and more
  3. Freeboot camp sessions worth Rs.6000 organized regularly over 1 year
  4. Unlimited free access to hackathons and competitions
  5. 1-year gold membership to the writing academy at Henry Harvin post-course completion


The course certificate issued by Henry Harvin is recognized worldwide and by uploading the same on various social media channels, students can secure jobs, freelancing offers, and even paid internships. The course fee is pegged at Rs.15,000 inclusive of GST @ 18%.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is content writing a good career to opt for?

Content can be found in everything right from print media to the Internet, from your social media posts to books, which is a clear indication that there will never be a dearth of jobs in the content writing field. The scope is endless for students and professionals alike who possess a flair for writing, strong vocabulary, and a clear vision.


2. Which are the best content writing courses in Kota?

The options are unlimited for you to choose from. Be it a free, self-learning paced course or a more instructor-led and paid course. You can choose from the above-listed top 4 content writing courses in Kota if you wish to opt for a paid version. Remember the basic catch, the paid courses will always offer more advantages over the free ones.


3. How much can a person earn as a content writer?

 A beginner in the content writing field can earn an average salary of Rs.2 lakh/year, whereas, in due course of time with more experience, the same person can earn as high as Rs.15 lakhs/year. The annual CTC grows with the number of years in your experience wagon.


4. Is content writing considered to be a difficult workstream?

Any website’s success depends on high-quality content that is both informative and interesting. Choosing what information is most important to convey to your audience can be tough.




The significant transition of the human race from paper-based knowledge imparting tools like books and newspapers to the more digitized formats such as online learning websites, social media presence, musical platforms, etc. has led to a revolution in the field of content writing as well. Nowadays when we talk amongst friends and peers about writing a social media post, blogging, podcasting, or even articles are all the various forms of content writing. These are the places where our creativity works at its best, isn’t it? And this is why content writing plays a pivotal role in our lives, but then, not everyone can churn out error-free content at all times, unless the basics are known!


For people with that creative streak at work but who are missing out on the basic nuances of content writing, this well-curated list of the top 4 content writing courses in Kota will be of great help. Dropping words on a piece of paper or your blog/website is the most basic thing anyone can do, but hitting that right chord with your audience is what matters the most. So, go right ahead and pick the best of the lot from these top 4 content writing courses in Kota and get that content touching your audience’s heart!


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