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Do you share a love for penning down your thoughts? Or, are you an aspiring writer based in Pune looking for the best content writing courses in Pune? If you are, then here is the good news, there are a lot of content writing courses in Pune that you can take to build your dream.


Updated listings about content writing courses in Pune


What is content writing? Can I become a writer? How to write engaging content? What are the best content writing courses in Pune? No matter what you are searching for, this article is the one-stop solution for all your efforts regarding content writing.


If you aren’t sure about content writing as a career. Then you should know that content writing as a career is flooded with great opportunities. Check the internet live stats and within a few seconds, you will know how promising content writing as a career can be. The average number of blogs posted over the internet is rising every day. Google receives at least 3.5 billion searches every day.


Let’s solve your queries one by one.


What Does Content Writing Mean?


Content writing is mainly writing content for the internet. Content writing includes planning, writing, and proofreading the content to be posted up on the web. The primary use of content writing is for digital marketing. And blogs, movie scripts, articles, and essays are a part of it. In simpler words, anything that we write and then post online makes up content writing.


What Does Content Writing Include?


As soon as people hear the term content writing, they relate to the writing of articles. And many people think of both content writing and article writing as synonyms. But content writing is a far wider term than article writing. However, you can say article writing is a part of content writing but it is not the whole definition.


Content Writing Includes:

  • E-mails and newsletters
  • Movie or video scripts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Speeches
  • Podcasts content and titles
  • White Papers
  • Video descriptions
  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Copy of web pages, etc.


If you are unsure that if you can become a web content writer. Then you surely can, all you need is to write informative and engaging content. And that is very much possible, all you need is the right guidance. Select a perfect fit from the best content writing courses in Pune for expert guidance. Also, you can take help from our tips on writing unique and engaging content.


What Are The Best Practices That Every Content Writer Should Follow?


Using Headings And Sub-headings

Proper heading and sub-headings provide a focal point to your content. Also, it keeps the content organized and easy to read and understand.


Write To The Point

Instead of writing around the point, content should be written to the point because this makes the content more engaging. Avoiding information or points that aren’t clear or engaging will only reduce the readability of content.


Use Enough Graphics

Graphics include images, pictures, charts, and videos. Graphics make the content attractive and generate user interest. Also, they help the reader understanding things better.


Write in Active Voice

If you want to create an impact with your writing, then you must write in an active voice. Active voice creates a call of action in the reader’s mind and increases the quality of impact created by your content.


Use Short Paragraphs

Instead of writing lengthy paragraphs, try to keep them direct and short. Paragraphs that are longer are hard to understand and the reader gets bored while reading them. However, short and crisp paragraphs keep the user engaged and help him understand things better.


Connect With Your Audience

A talented writer always keeps his readers in mind while writing his content. Always keep your reader’s interests in mind while writing content. For this, start with identifying the needs of your audience. Now select a topic that concerns their needs. And write a solution-based article upon your concerns.


Also, you must keep your reader’s age group in mind before selecting your topics. For instance, if your target audience is women between the 18-25 age group and you write about cosmetic products, then they will relate to bold color lip shades. But if your target audience is women between the 25-35 age group, then they will relate to products that reduce the signs of aging.


IIM SKILLS Pune Content Writing Course invite


Be A Storyteller

Instead of just putting up information on the web, a talented writer must be a storyteller. Do you know that the most engaging content is always written in story forms? And like every story your writing must have a surprise element that makes the reader guessing about what will he read next.

Use famous childhood stories or famous movies to introduce new products. Or back your points with real-life examples. This will make your writing more impactful and engaging.


Create Lists

Lists make the content engaging. Also, lists like a table of contents and points that will be described further later generate curiosity in the reader’s mind. And like everything that helps a human being fulfill his curiosity seems meaningful to him. The reader will find the content meaningful and engaging.


Keep A Clear Tone

Instead of revolving in loops around the topic, keep a straight approach toward it. State the information in such a way that it is clear, informative, and easy to understand to the reader.


Stay Consistent

Follow a particular writing style and a particular niche to write your content. This helps in making readers aware of the quality and the kind of content you provide. So, when they need to read about something that comes under your niche, they are going to visit your website.


Also, stay regular in posting the content. Readers are more inclined towards the writers that are consistent and whose content is up-to-date. That is because they can count on you for information regarding anything new in the market. For it, create a web posting schedule and stick with it.


Write What You Relate To

Content shimmers when the writer personally connects to it. Always select a niche you feel connected to or you are passionate about. You love makeup, let others know how it’s done properly. If you love home remedies, let people know about them and their benefits. Passionate about cooking, share your recipes with the world so they can try making them.


When you pour love and passion into your writing, the reader falls in love with your words as well. Also, it will provide a unique touch to your content helping it to stand out. Thus, your readers can easily identify the content written by you.


Use Proper Keywords

Maintain a proper keyword density in your article. The ideal keyword density is 0.5% of the total words written in the article. Keywords help the user find your article when they search for something similar to what you have written.


Use Internal Links

Using the optimum keywords only isn’t going to help you increase the traffic on your website. The best way to do this is to use internal links. Through these links, you can make the reader spend more time on your website.


Use Credible Sources

Instead of taking information from unknown sources, use credible sources for information-taking purposes. Most of the time, incredible or unknown sources provide you with wrong or incomplete information.

And if you incorporate that information in your article, your article will become improbable. It will not only reduce your rank on search engines but also you will lose the trust of your readers.


Format Properly

Formatting a written content properly provides it a flow, making it easy to read and understand. Use the proper title, headings, sub-headings, and graphics. Bold the words that you want to highlight or underline.


Select a color that is easy to read even in low lights. Your font should be of perfect size so that the article doesn’t seem too big or the user finds it difficult to read.


There is a lot that you can do to make your content shine through. But if you are a newbie in this field then I am sure that most of the above-mentioned terms would have gone bouncers over your head. Don’t worry, if you don’t know something, you can always learn it.


And if you are a resident of Pune or a nearby area, then you must be glad to know that there are some best content writing courses in Pune. Institutes like IIM Skills, Udemy, and Coursera provide the best content writing courses in Pune. Thus, enabling students to fulfill their writing dreams and become a significant part of the content writing industry.


If you are looking for quality guidance with considerate support to learn content writing, then you must go through the list of top 10 content writing courses in Pune. This list has been created after evaluating the study material, teachers’ profiles, student support, placement support, and student reviews. So, this article can act as a credible source of information about the best content writing courses in Pune. And aspirants who wish to have a future in this field can get fully benefitted from it.


Let us know the answer to what are the top 10 content writing courses in Pune


1.     IIM Skills


An EdTech institution, the IIM Skills provides the best Content Writing Course among all the content writing courses in Pune and the country. There are various reasons that pave the way for making a course top the list of best content writing courses in Pune, and the IIM Skills content writing Course is full of such reasons.


Curated upon the basis of professionalism, the course ensures to provide a highly rewarding career for the eligible aspirants. By providing them with international certification thus its graduates can get international exposure.


The word skills in IIM Skills specifies the need for essential skills to shine in the content writing market. Thus, the institute is dedicatedly to sharing the secrets of being a successful content writer for years with its students. And have now formed an alumni network among many of which are placed at the top companies across the globe like Google, KPMG, and American Express.


The modules of the course are curated by experts to help students bridge the gap between classroom learning and on-the-job training. Thus, making them capable to earn premium salaries in the job market.


IIM Skills content writing course has an international demand. And students from different continents are often seen joining the course. The primary reason behind the popularity of this course is that it works as a gateway for aspiring writers to make a well-established name in the industry.


Besides content writing, the institute also provides a Digital Marketing CourseGST Course, and CAT Coaching to eligible minds.  Also, check out their Technical Writing Course.


Course Features


  • Course name: Content Writing Master Course by IIM Skills.
  • Course fee: The institute provides the course at super affordable fees of 14,900 INR+ GST.
  • Study Mode: The course provides exclusive online classes. All you need is a mobile, laptop, or computer with a good internet connection and you are good to attend the educational virtual sessions hosted by the institute.
  • Course Curriculum: The course provides complete A to Z knowledge on all aspects of content writing to its students through its influential and well-written modules.
  • Learn about the different formats of writing, like research papers, press releases, blogs, manuals, and how to do guides.
  • Know the use of tools like Grammarly and learn to build your website.
  • Get a lifetime access pass to the learning management system. So, you can review the classes whenever a need arises.
  • Learn from the experts in the industry. The faculty here will equip you with all the knowledge that you will need to excel in your career as a content writer.
  • With the international certification, you become well prepared for the job market. The internationally accredited certification ensures provides international exposure to the students.
  • The eligible students get a 3-month long internship with IIM Skills after an extensive learning season of 1 month.
  • A 100% money-back policy for students who don’t find the course useful.
  • Get extensive job support from the team along with learning to create an impactful resume and a mind bobbling writing portfolio.



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Reviews and Testimonials


IIM Skills content writing reviews


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2.     Living Bridge


One of the best content writing courses in Pune, Living Bridge provides the optimum knowledge for content writing aspirants. The institute provides training in three spheres including writing, photography, and filmmaking.


The principal aim of the institute is to equip its students with useful knowledge so that they can shine in the real market. Thus, the institute keeps its modules extensive and insightful.


The training at this student not only prepares the student to fight real-world challenges. But also works upon up-gradation of their skills consistently. The institute was established in Pune in 2012 and since then it has helped thousands of students in their content writing careers.


Course Features


  • Fleshes out the creative side of yours as a writer.
  • Discover the details about content writing and how effective content is written.
  • Study the use of dialogues and how to write a detailed proposal to publishers.
  • Learn from expert faculties specialized in their respective fields.
  • Experts curated learning material to provide the best learning experience to its students, making it one of the best content writing courses in Pune.


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3.     Digital TITA


Mainly a digital marketing institute, Digital TITA also teaches content writing to its students. As the two can’t be separated from each other, Digital Tita ensures its students become great professionals in both fields.


The courses offered by the institute help student learn the newest technologies. And the faculty ensures that its students’ knowledge remains up to date. Digital TITA is a government certifies institution providing its services to 500+ students through 100+ courses.


Course Features


  • A part of the top best content writing courses in Pune, Digital TITA provides specialized classes to its students for their effective learning.
  • Learn Search Engine Optimization to stay at the top of google searches.
  • Experienced faculty providing one-on-one guidance to every student.
  • Projects to get a grip upon the industry experiences.


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IIM SKILLS Pune Content Writing Course invite


4.   Digital Academy 360


The institute Digital Marketing 360 provides different courses, including a course in content writing. One of the top content writing courses in Pune, this course is curated with 16 modules carrying insightful knowledge about the different aspects involved in content writing.


The course includes 52 hours of classroom training. And together with it, students are given 2 live assignments that they have to do to receive a content writing certificate from this institute.


Course Features


  • Learn from industry experts having vast experience.
  • Enhance your skills with 52 hours of classroom projects.
  • Experts designed modules, updated regularly, and remains up to date.
  • Opportunity to learn from 2 live assignments.


5.     Udemy


A hub to courses in every field, Udemy has some great courses on content writing. The Ninja Writing Course is one of the most famous courses on content writing provided by the institute. The courses at Udemy are super affordable, making it easy to learn content writing for everyone.


At Udemy, you will be a part of a society that curates individuals from almost every part of the world. The teachers here are field experts and the syllabus is shared with each course. Also, you get lifetime access to every course that you purchase on this platform.


Course Features


  • Multiple courses one subject to choose from.
  • Provides the freedom to choose your mentor.
  • Once bought, the classes will stay with you forever.
  • Super affordable prices and one among the lowest in the market.
  • Makes learning content writing simpler and a lot easier for everyone.


6.     Coursera


A multilingual education platform, Coursera provides many courses on content writing. These courses are taught by trainers from all over the world and you are free to choose which course you want to learn. Also, if you are not familiar with the language in which the educator is speaking, you can always switch the language into one that you are comfortable with.


The only thing you should keep in mind while buying a course from this platform is to choose wisely. Go through all the options check the experience of the faculty in the field. Read and evaluate the reviews provided by other students. And after the evaluation and considerate thought process buy the best option.


Course Features


  • Provides a variety of courses based upon specific aspects of content writing to learn from.
  • The learning opportunity from experienced mentors residing in different parts spread over across the globe.
  • Facilitates learning in your native language.


7.     Online Idea Lab


A next generated EdTech organization, Online Idea Labs operates in India as well as the USA and Canada. The platform offers different programs to students including digital marketing, content writing, amazon web services, and computer languages like python.


For content writing, the institute provides both online and offline classes. And the students are free to choose from the weekdays and weekend batches. The institute prioritizes the comfort of its students to provide them with a better learning experience.


Course Features


  • Learn at the expert instructor-led program through interactive classes presented in both live and recorded forms.
  • Get trained with skills instead of cramming the bookish knowledge.
  • Teaches you to be creative because as a content writer it would be an essential part of your job.
  • Learn everything from Content Research, Content Writing, and Content Promotion through a single course.
  • The sub-modules of the course include digital marketing fundamentals, basic competitor analysis, reading and analyzing content, fundamentals of visual content, and many more things.


8.     The Indian Institute of E-Commerce


IIEDM is a digital marketing institute that provides teaching in content writing to its students. The principal thing is that content writing is a part of their digital marketing course and you can’t learn that separately.


The course has flexible timings, so the student is free to take the classes according to their comfort. The course teaches things like proofreading, editing, writing, and understanding the reader.


Course Features


  • Learn and understand better from practical video series.
  • Know the usage of various software tools, essential and helpful for becoming a content writer.
  • Get assignments to get an in-depth experience of working as a professional.
  • Get required assistance from the support services provided to facilitate students’ queries.


9.    Henry Harvin


One of the top competitors of IIM Skills, Henry Harvin, always stays closer in the race to become the best content writing institute in India. The perfectly modeled courses impart essential knowledge to their students and teach them the key features of succeeding in the content writing industry.


The courses work upon all aspects of the writing of an individual, including grammar. Thus, the students who graduated from this institute become great content writers. Under this course, you will be introduced to 30 different types of content. And will learn the way to write these. The course focuses upon the development of the skills of every individual student and thus provides them with tasks and assignments, upon which the feedback is provided by the experienced faculty.


Course Features


  • Have trained 9,000+ students till now.
  • 32 hours of extensive live class learnings.
  • Provides a 1-year gold membership of the Writing Academy.
  • Offers multiple batches with different trainers to learn from one of your choices.
  • Enriches your learning skills, creative writing skills, and research writing skills.

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10.  Inventateq


Inventateq provides courses in content writing. Under this course, the students are free to join any of the online or offline classes. The course is available with weekday and weekend learning options. The course attracts writers who want to publish their novels and book in the future and is one of the best content writing courses in Pune.


The course includes 30-35 hours of training on different aspects of content writing. The modules provided in this course are both insightful and up to date.


Course Features


  • Builds job-ready professionals for the content writing market.
  • Get 100% guaranteed job support.
  • Teaches with the hands-on project to embed its students with practical knowledge.
  • Learn the art of attractive resume building.
  • Experts designed a curriculum with advanced content together with assignments and installation guides.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What is the best content writing course in Pune?
  • Among all the renowned institutions that offer content writing courses in Pune, IIM Skills deserves special mention because it provides the students with detailed knowledge about the content writing industry at an affordable cost.


  1. Is there any demand for content writers in the market?
  • The digitalization of the world demands new techniques of digital marketing. Creating unique and informative content is the primary step to serve the market. That is why content writers are in huge demand these days.


  1. How much time will it take to complete a content writing course?
  • You will need 3 to 6 months at most. Joining internships plays a very important role in this kind of professional course.

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