Top 10 Online Content Writing Courses in UK

The advertising and marketing world has undergone drastic changes with the huge leap in technology. Irrespective of the industry’s type and size, every business organization adopts smart marketing tools to generate more revenue. Now all business organizations depend on SEO-optimized content to enhance their digital presence. Hence there is a massive demand for content writers in the job market across the world. This article will discuss the top 10 online content writing courses in UK.


List of best content writing courses in UK


What is Content writing?


Content is the word that denotes the ideas or opinions communicated through different mediums. In the marketing field, content writing is the method of communicating with targeted audiences or customers by giving information about the product and thus persuading them to buy the product.


Content writing can be blogs, articles, videos, website content, creating advertising jingles, taglines, etc. A content writer’s primary purpose in the digital marketing field should be to create search engine optimized content to appear at the top of the search engine result page, allowing customers to see it more easily.


To achieve this, they should have a strategy and knowledge of search engine optimization techniques and a thorough understanding of the preferences and priorities of the targeted audience. The content writer’s role starts from researching the subject of the content, drafting, editing, and proofreading the content.


Similarly, in the traditional marketing sector, also they use eye-catching and creative content on billboards, banners, and pamphlets to attract customers.


Types of Content Writing


Blogging – Blogging means writing articles, posting photos or videos, or other forms of content for websites. Blogging is usually done for personal purposes or business purposes. The writing style in blogs is informal and conversational. It allows readers to comment.


Another additional feature of blogging is that it will enable the blogger to interlink the website with other websites. Blogging helps business organizations to get connected with customers, and it also promotes brand awareness of the product. SEO-optimized blogs will rank higher on the search engine result pages.


Copywriting – Writing content for advertising or selling a product is copywriting. Copywriters create billboards, catalogs, slogans, and jingle lyrics to advertise the product. Copywriting mainly persuades the customers to buy the product. Moreover, it convinces the customers that it is worth buying the product.


Technical writing – As the name suggests, technical writing is a method of content writing that describes a product’s technical aspects. It can be an instructional manual, handbooks, project reports, etc. These documents should be well written, and the readers should understand them by avoiding unnecessary technical jargon.


Social Media Posts – Since more than 40% of the world’s population uses social media platforms, Social media marketing is one of the economic digital marketing strategies organizations use to promote their product. Social media postings are content published on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Social media posts help business organizations to have direct contact with customers. While writing social media content or post, it should be relevant to the social media platform where it is posted, and it should address the specific audience who is using it. Social media posts can be blogs, articles, photos, videos, or infographics.


Email Content – Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing methods to stay connected with customers. Most companies use email marketing campaigns to reach customers and build brand engagement.


Email should be personalized, well-written, visually appealing, and contain clear and actionable language. While writing content for email, the content writer should understand the trends in the market and the preferences of the targeted audience.


Duties and Responsibilities of Content Writer


  • Create engaging content for websites, blogs, social media platforms, product descriptions, and articles.
  • Conduct research about the latest marketing trends and the marketing strategies adopted by the competitive industries.
  • Create attractive headlines to attract specific audiences on different media platforms
  • Coordinate with the marketing team in advertisement campaigns
  • Proofreading, editing, and updating the content regularly.
  • Implementing the best search engine optimization techniques while creating the content.
  • Analyze the performance of the content using digital marketing analytical tools
  • Publishing press releases


Having discussed the various types of content writing and duties of the content writer, let us check different career opportunities and career prospectus for content writers.


Career Options for Content Writers


  • SEO Content writer
  • Content creator
  • Content strategist
  • Proof-reader
  • Editor
  • Blogger
  • Web content writer
  • Business writer
  • Academic writer
  • Technical writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Research writer
  • Video Content makers


Career Prospects of Content Writers


Content writing has become a popular career with the growth of the digital marketing sector. As per the data provided by various job portals, there is rising demand for content writers. The average salary for a content writer with two years of experience is 3 to 4 lakh rupees per annum, while a person with experience with more than five years is 9 to 15 lakh rupees per annum in India.


In the US, the average salary of a content writer is $60,000 per year, while in UK, the average salary is £19,664. Job location and the type of industry will affect this salary scale. Working from home or freelancing is also another good option for content writers. Websites like Upwork, and Fiverr are the best freelance writing sites for content writing.


List of Top 10 Online Content Writing Courses in the UK.


1. IIM Skills –


IIM Skills, one of the top online education institutions, offers online content writing courses in UK. It is ranked number one by various educational blogs in India. Founded in 2015, IIM Skills offers courses in Content writing, Technical writing, Digital marketing, Advanced SEO course, and GST Practitioner course at a reasonable price. Experienced trainers and a comprehensive and updated curriculum designed by industry experts make their courses unique.


Features of the Content Writing Course

  • Online live classrooms of 4-week duration
  • Guaranteed internship for three months
  • Placement and portfolio development assistance
  • Assistance in publishing ebook in Kindle or Google
  • Lifetime access to the LMS and video tutorials
  • Assistance in writing blogs and Press releases
  • Preparation for Hubspot content marketing certification.


Topics covered in the course

  • Web development
  • UI & UX Interface
  • Introduction to Content writing
  • Content Keyword research
  • Start writing content
  • Content writing tools
  • Duplicate content detector
  • Content distribution using email
  • Google local Page setup
  • Content marketing using social media
  • Exploring social media tools
  • Freelance content writing


After the course completion, learners will be able to write creative and engaging content and be trained in using various content writing tools.


Other Courses


2. College of Media and Publishing Company


College of Media and Publishing Company is one of the most popular online colleges offering online content writing courses in UK. It started in 2003 as a small start-up; now, they offer various courses for skill enhancement. Tutors are working professionals who are experts in their respective sectors, and they provide up-to-date knowledge and career advice to the learners, which helps them secure jobs.


College of Media and Publishing Company is accredited by the CPD Standards Office European Associations of distance learning, and it is listed in the UK Register of Learning Providers.


College of Media and Publishing Company’s SEO Content Writing course teaches students to write SEO-optimized material by adopting proven online writing strategies, identifying appropriate keywords and phrases for the content, and incorporating video and images. It is a self-paced online course that can learn at a student’s own pace.


Topics covered in the course

  • The basics of SEO Content
  • Key SEO principles
  • Web writing techniques
  • Using video and images
  • Writing Web content
  • The role of Social Media
  • Writing for Social Media
  • Writing content for blogs
  • Making money as a freelancer


Reviews from the learners who had completed this course reveal that the above course helped their career development in the digital marketing industry.


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3. Hubspot Academy –


Hubspot is a marketing and sales platform that helps companies in digital marketing. They are offering free online content writing courses in UK.


Two free online courses in Content writing by Hubspot –


1. “How to Create a Successful Content strategy.” This course is mainly targeted at Content writers and marketing professionals in the digital marketing industry. It is a free online course of 3 hours of self-paced video tutorials.


The Main Topics Covered in This Course

  • Planning a long term content strategy
  • Creating topic clusters and pillar pages
  • How to effectively promote content
  • Measuring and analyzing your content
  • Developing a growth marketing mentality


2. Content marketing Course by Hubspot is a free online course of 6 hours duration containing video tutorials and quizzes. This course will help the learners create compelling content that will be visible to search engines.


The Main Topics Covered in This Course

  • Building a content creation framework
  • Planning a long-term content strategy
  • Generating content ideas
  • Creating quality blog content
  • Using blogging to Rank#1 on Google
  • Extending the value of content through repurposing
  • Create a successful video marketing strategy
  • blogging strategy
  • How to promote content effectively
  • Measuring and analyzing content.


Interested to bolster your content writing skills with online marketing knowledge? Check out this list of the top Digital Marketing Courses in The UK for superior curriculum and in-depth learning assignments.


4. Google Digital Garage –


Google Digital Garage offers free online courses in Digital Marketing, Career development, and Data. They are offering these courses in association with other learning platforms like Course era, Udacity, Simplilearn, and universities like the University of Auckland and the University of Helsinki.


These courses are suitable for career enhancement and for entrepreneurs to achieve business growth. Digital garage by Google is offering free online content writing courses in UK.


“Get started with Content marketing” is a popular online course in Content writing by Google digital garage. This course will assist the learner in choosing the proper techniques for content optimization.


Topics covered in this course are :

  • Introduction to content marketing
  • Get to know your online customers
  • Writing for online audiences
  • Help your content to be seen
  • Measuring your success in content marketing


“Promote a business with content” created by Google is another online course of 3-hour duration in Content writing. This self-paced video tutorial class will teach beginners the skills and strategies to promote business by using content.


5. Udemy –


Udemy, the leading online learning platform, offers online content writing courses in UK. Udemy is one of the popular e-learning platforms that offer courses in data science, programming, marketing, and other subjects related to skill enhancement which are in demand.


The “Content writing course” by Paul Jenkins is one of the popular courses in Content writing offered by Udemy. It is a self-paced video tutorial of 15-hour duration, which helps beginners write Google-optimized articles.


Topics Covered in the Course Are :

  • Challenges and solutions for SEO Content Writing
  • Being a Professional writer
  • Long-tail keyword research using free tools
  • Finding long-tail keywords using paid tools
  • Plagiarism and referencing
  • Augmenting the outline with research
  • On-page Search engine optimization
  • Publishing, structuring, and formatting
  • Content ideas and post types
  • Website hosting
  • How to make money with


Some of the Other Popular Courses in Content Writing Offered by Udemy Are :

  • Complete web content writing master class
  • Content is King
  • The complete SEO Content writing for Web promotion
  • Mastering Content writing – Basic to advanced
  • Ultimate content writing course for beginners


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6. Coursera –


Coursera, one of the topmost global online learning platforms, offers online content writing courses in UK. Founded in 2012, Coursera offers various online courses and degrees in association with leading universities across the world. Coursera’s Content marketing course “The strategy of Content Marketing certification” is a self-paced video tutorial of 19 hours duration.


In this course, the learner will study to develop a content marketing strategy to acquire profit for an organization. It will also teach how to create a personal brand through content marketing. The University of California offers this course associated with Copy blogger, the leading content marketing authority.


Topics Covered in the Course

  • The Content marketing ecosystem
  • The strategic context
  • Crafting a content marketing strategy
  • The strategic types of content
  • Managing our Content


According to student feedback, this course is best suited for beginners interested in pursuing a career in content writing.


7. Skill Share


SkillShare, the leading online learning provider, offers online content writing courses in UK. SkillShare offers short-term courses that focus on specific aspects of content marketing. The duration and the tutors for these courses are different.


Some of the Top Courses in Content Writing Offered by Skillshare Are:

  • Complete web content writing master class
  • keyword database
  • Seven easy steps to master content writing, article writing, and SEO content creation
  • Content writing and link building
  • Content marketing strategies to grow business and career
  • Fundamentals of content strategy
  • Content marketing for beginners


8. Domestika


Domestika online learning platform offers online content writing courses in UK. Domestika offers self-paced online courses in marketing, writing, designing, web and app design, fashion, etc.


Domestika’s Best-selling Content Writing Courses Are Listed Below.

  • Copywriting for Social media
  • Writing techniques for selling ideas
  • Principles of writing for advertising
  • Copywriting to convey your brand
  • Copywriting essentials for email newsletters


The course fees for these courses are different depending on the duration.


9. Open Classrooms –


Open Classroom is an online educational platform located in France that offers online content writing courses in UK. They are providing training and courses in areas related to career development. These courses are conducted online through video tutorials, learning materials, and projects.


“Think like an editor – Content strategy and UX writing “is a 10-hour video tutorial course offered in content writing by Open classrooms. This course will help the learners write content that improves the users’ experience and thus increases the websites’ visibility.


Topics Covered in the Curriculum

  • Create user-centered content
  • Examine the content ecosystem.


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10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin, one of the famous global Ed-tech companies, offers online content writing courses in UK. It is a career and skill development institution offering online courses in different subjects. The content writing course by Henry Harvin teaches the learners to write more than 30 types of content and gives training in designing newsletters and logos.


36  hours of live online training followed by an internship to gain practical knowledge and placement assistance for one year are the main features of this course.


Topics Covered in the Course

  • Language skills
  • Internet skills
  • Blog Business and Marketing writing
  • Content strategy
  • Technical and research writing
  • Academic writing
  • Creative writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Earn online and get international projects
  • Simulated content writing projects


Frequently asked questions


1. What are the qualifications needed to become a content writer?

Any graduate with a flair for writing can become a content writer. A degree or diploma in Journalism or communication will be helpful. Technical understanding of SEO, as well as knowledge of WordPress and HTML, is needed.


2. What are the soft skills needed for a content writer?

  • Adaptability
  • Research
  • Time management
  • Organizational
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Creativity
  • Social media knowledge
  • Attention to detail
  • Editing and proofreading


3. Which are the tools that help to create quality SEO content?

  • Uber suggest
  • Hubspot
  • Grammarly
  • Canva
  • Google analytics
  • Google keyword planner


4. What are the effective tips to become a professional content writer?

  • Reading – It will help to strengthen the vocabulary and learn new words. A good reader can produce appealing content for the readers. Reading books from different categories is essential.
  • Versatile – Be versatile in the topics while writing content. Don’t restrict yourself to one particular genre.
  • Social media presence – Strong online presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram helps the content writer reach the readers and interact with them. It also helps in networking.
  • Gaining knowledge about the latest trends by attending webinars, seminars, and workshops and conducting extensive research on the subject before writing the content.




Learning is a never-ending process, and it also applies to the content writing field. Since the digital marketing sector is a booming industry, there will be a massive demand for content writers in the future. Learners can pursue a career in content writing by taking one of the top online content writing courses in UK featured in this article. Digital marketing metrics are changing with time; hence it is necessary to adapt to these changes to become a successful content writer.


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