Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Vietnam With Placements

The future of content writing in Vietnam is bright and employment opportunities are ever-expanding for anyone who wants to become a content writer. If you hail from Vietnam and are on the lookout for the best Content Writing Courses in Vietnam, then delve deeper into this article.


Top listings of content writing courses in Vietnam


As we have seen, most of the businesses throughout the world are switching their traditional business model to online-based, creating quality content will be the most significant part of the business for its existence and success in the competitive environment.


With easy access to digital technology, we come across different types of content in our day-to-day life for our needs and wants. This indicates that every business around our lives relies on quality content that converts the prospects to clients or customers for successful marketing in an organization.


For digital marketing in Vietnam, the process of content writing that includes planning, writing, proofreading, blog posts, articles, podcasts, video scripts, infographics, and the content for different social media platforms will play a vital role in the industry. Employment opportunities for content writers are increasing at an exponential rate and Vietnamese have the best choices to learn content writing through online as well as classroom-based programs.


The scope of content writing courses in Vietnam includes:


  • Job opportunities for freshers and experienced content writers are increasing in Vietnam as they are associated with the sales team.
  • Employment opportunities in leading sectors such as digital marketing agencies, E-commerce, Information Technology, Tourism, Public relations, and the Media industry.
  • Increasing freelance opportunities worldwide.
  • The demand for quality content writers is on the rise even though artificial intelligence is widely used in the content writing field.
  • Learning content writing develops a set of skills such as adaptability, time management, communication, quality writing, originality, and so on.


Before diving into the course list of best content writing courses in Vietnam, check out How to Choose a Course


Here is the list of the top 10 best Content Writing courses in Vietnam.




IIM SKILLS from India offers skills-based courses through online learning to facilitate learners worldwide. Content Writing Course from IIM SKILLS is one of the best certification courses available to the aspirants given the course curriculum, which is delineated to meet the student’s needs and objectives.


Since content writing plays a significant role in the field of digital marketing all over the world, the number of content writer requirements is increasing rapidly in Vietnam, where the businesses transform their business model from traditional marketing to digital marketing.


The case studies and assignments in this course are designed by the experts from IIM SKILLS based on the observations made out of several content marketing campaigns, which helps the participants to learn from real-time exercises.


The features of the Content Writing Master Course include the following:


  • Master certification from IIM SKILLS and preparation for Hubspot content marketing certification exam.
  • This course has 4 weeks of online sessions with 16 hours of lectures and 60 hours of practical assignments.
  • The students get guaranteed internships for 3 months and they will write their first blog for the Times of India.
  • The students will publish their first E-book on kindle, Google books, and their first press release on an online news portal.
  • They help the participants to develop their portfolios for job and freelance opportunities.
  • Lifetime access to course materials and session recordings along with the free tools worth INR 35000.
  • The course fee is 44,83,808.73 Vietnamese dong.
  • The internship will have 10+ hours of lectures and 50+ hours of assignments and industry case studies.


The content writing course from IIM SKILLS is one of the best courses in India and anyone who aspires to be a content writer from Vietnam can learn this online master’s course along with the internship opportunity. The course curriculum is well designed to provide the students with the in-depth knowledge as well as proficiency to meet the industry requirements. With the world-class trainers and updated curriculum, the IIM Skills course makes room for itself in the best content writing courses in Vietnam.


The program includes hands-on assignments and case studies on the following topics:



Who can do this certification course from IIM SKILLS?


  • College students and dropouts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Traditional writing professionals
  • Housewives
  • Digital Marketers/Marketers
  • An aspiring author or writing enthusiast


IIM SKILLS offers multiple benefits to the students inclusive of placement support from the dedicated placement cell, consulting and technical support for a lifetime, practical learning and assignments, thorough knowledge on all forms of content, research and designing skills, virtue classes, and affordable course fee. The exams will be conducted online and the results will be shared within 3 days. The certificate for the Content Writing Master Course and 3 months internship will be given upon successful completion.



Contact Information:

Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503




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  1. Nobleprog 


Nobleprog is an international training provider and consultancy group which offers skills-based and job-oriented content writing courses in Vietnam. It includes both classrooms as well as online sessions for Vietnamese and worldwide students. Nobleprog delivers quality education by providing practical knowledge and comprehensive training to the students.


Nobleprog offers Content Management System training courses in Vietnam through online live training as well as on-site live training to the students. The on-site live training will be conducted at the participant’s premises or in Nobleprog training centers. The course provides the knowledge of implementing a content management system to create, modify and manage the content on the websites.


The content management system course has subcategories in Vietnam that make the participants choose the courses depending on their career objectives and needs.


Contact Information:

Phone: +639394958528



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IIM SKILLS Vietnam Content Writing Course invite


  1. Aim Academy 


Aim academy in Vietnam is a local training provider in Marketing and Communication which offers job-oriented courses to aspirants. The courses are well designed by the highly experienced professionals in Vietnam to give practical knowledge to the students through training from basic to advanced concepts and help them to develop a portfolio for employment opportunities. Also, Aim Academy provides placement support by introducing job opportunities. Thus, it is one of the best content writing courses in Vietnam.


The courses include content writing in Aim Academy are given below:


  1. Writing for Ideas
  • This course has 3 Modules.
  • The course fee is 8075,000 VND.
  • Course duration is 9 sessions.
  1. Facebook Marketing 
  • This course has 8 Modules.
  • The course fee is 7,600,000 VND.
  • Course duration is 9 sessions.


Who can do these courses?


  • Digital Marketing specialists
  • Media Specialists
  • Content writers
  • Small, Medium, and micro-business owners or startup’s
  • Students


Address and Contact Information: 

146 Bis Nguyen Van Thu St., Dist. 1, HCMC.

Tel: +84 93 1333 150



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  1. Udemy


Udemy is an online course provider which offers more than 150000 courses to students and professionals globally. It has curated a collection of courses to fit into the needs of the organizations and facilitates the learners to choose the courses from a range of diverse topics.


Udemy provides content writing courses in Vietnam to students and professionals at affordable prices. Some content writing courses include content marketing and copywriting along with content writing in detail to give a clear understanding of these three concepts and how they are associated. Udemy offers some free courses in content writing to get basic ideas.


The following courses are highly rated and the best selling content writing courses in Udemy:


  • Quickly and Easily Create Content For the Web (4.6/5).
  • The Complete Content Writing Course for 2021 – 3 courses in 1 (4.1/5).
  • The Complete SEO Content Writing Course for Web Promotion (4.0/5).
  • Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass+Power words eBook (4.5/5).
  • How to Write Great Web Content – Better Search Rankings (4.4/5).
  • Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion (4.4/5).
  • Accelerated Course in Modern Copywriting and Content Writing (4.5/5).
  • Mastering Content Writing – Basic to Advanced (3.9/5).
  • Content Writing: How to Become a Freelance Writer (4.0/5).
  • Content Writing Secrets: Complete Guide to Content Marketing (4.2/5).


The above courses cover the subject from basic to advanced level. The requirements to enroll in these courses are an internet connection, a laptop or computer or smartphone, little or no knowledge of content writing, and a basic understanding of English reading and writing.


Advantages of content Writing courses in Udemy:


  • Helps to develop skills and provide updated knowledge at affordable prices.
  • Provides flexibility to employees to learn from anywhere and anytime.
  • Few courses are accredited and can be added as job or college credit.
  • Lifetime access to the course purchased.
  • Continuous updates will be made by the instructors in the course materials.
  • The courses have short videos of lessons to ease the learning through sections.


Who can do content writing courses in Udemy?


  • Writers
  • Content Marketers
  • Digital Marketers / Professionals
  • Bloggers
  • Students / Beginners
  • Housewives and College Dropouts




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  1. Vietnam Marcom


Vietnam Academy of Marketing and Communication is an institution in Vietnam offering courses to the students and professionals with the mission to train the professionals and to integrate the experts, highly skilled professionals, and internal resources.


Vietnam Marcom offers a copywriting course that includes content writing subjects and the features of the writing course are given below.


  • Course Name: Copywriter.
  • The course duration is 3 months and it is classroom-based learning.
  • Course fee: 7,000,000 VND
  • Discounts on tuition fees will be available based on the fee payment before 7 days to the start of the school year.
  • Class time: 9.00 – 11.30.


The course syllabus is designed based on the practical ideas and methods of the advertising industry in Vietnam and worldwide. To educate the participants, the course curriculum has been built based on the social media languages with recent trends in the digital marketing field that is closely associated with content writing. The instructors are highly skilled professionals from the industry in Vietnam.


A certificate will be provided upon the successful participation in a group graduation project.


The course syllabus includes topics such as content strategy, communication strategy, copywriters roles, and essential skills, creative content, writing advertisements, press releases, analysis of ideas and techniques for writing, and so on.


Who can do this course?


  • Students
  • Copywriters
  • Marketing and Communication Practitioners
  • Academicians
  • Young people who want to have a career in the writing field.


Address and Contact Information:

No. 10 My Phu 1A Street,

Phu My Hung Urban Area,

Tan Phu Ward, District 7,

Ho Chi Minh City.


Phone: 028 5412 3275




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IIM SKILLS Vietnam Content Writing Course invite


FAQs for content writing course:


1. What are the types of learning available for content writing courses in Vietnam?

The learning model will be available in both online and classroom sessions depending on the institutes.


2. Can I learn Content Writing Courses from other countries? 

Yes, any individual from Vietnam can learn Content Writing courses from anywhere in the world through an online learning platform.


3. Who can do this course?

Any individual who wants to start a career in digital marketing and content writing such as students, Housewives, working professionals, Academicians, Entrepreneurs, and Startups can learn content writing.


 4. What are the basic requirements needed for the content writing courses in Vietnam?

Whether the course is online or onsite learning, the students must have basic knowledge of English reading and writing, an understanding of the internet, and a computer/laptop for virtual learning.


5. Is the certification in content writing enough to get a job as a content writer in Vietnam?

No.  The role of a content writer can be performed with the consistent learning and everyday practice of writing different forms of content online and in other modes. The certification from certain institutes is an added advantage to the students upon the successful completion of the course.


6. Is content writing a good choice to get employment opportunities in Vietnam?

Yes. In Vietnam, with the expansion of the businesses and the transition of the business model from traditional to digital marketing, content writing which is a significant part of the revenue and sales of the business has created a huge demand for quality content writers to support the sales through digital marketing and content marketing.


Final Verdict


Aspiring content writers in Vietnam have to consider the scope and good chances of progress in the content writing field. The learning chances are more flexible now than in earlier days Vietnamese with the help of technology.


To become a content writer, one should have consistent efforts for learning and practice and be passionate about writing. The best tips for budding content writers to keep in mind are to keep on writing and reading more every day, expand the professional network, get updates on current trends in the industry and develop research skills.


An experienced content writer will have good opportunities of writing in different sectors globally and the salary package will get multiplied for them. The best mode of communication will be writing to express our ideas, thoughts, emotions, and knowledge. If you choose content writing as your career, there is no doubt about the growth in your career.


Wishing you good luck in the world!

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  1. Hi, I work as a swimming coach in Vietnam. Because of covid-19, there has been a decline in my business. Therefore, I was looking for other sources of income. I am very fluent in English, but my writing is not. Can you please suggest courses to improve my English writing and research?

    • Hello Le,

      Basic English understanding is enough to learn writing courses. I would suggest content writing courses will help you to improve your skills. Practice makes perfect.

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  2. Nice blog post. The last thoughts are so true. To be better at content writing, you have to write every day and read. Ever since I have been doing it, I have been able to get more clients. Do these courses require some level of expertise? I have some experience in this domain. Thanks!

    • Hello Pham,

      These courses require good understanding of English and basic knowledge of computer and Internet. Previous experience will help you to understand the concepts better.

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    I am Huee.

    I am a student. I am covering student life through my content-right now only on Instagram. I am thinking to learn content writing in four formats: text, audio, video, graphic. These courses cover mostly on text part. Can you please suggest any courses that cover the four domains mentioned above? That would be very thankful. 🙂

    • Hello Huee,

      Content Writing Master Course along with Master Digital Marketing Course from IIM SKILLS gives you complete hands-on learning.

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