Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses In Vietnam With Placements

The digital marketing courses in Vietnam provide more opportunities for students and professionals with different backgrounds to have a successful career in the digital marketing field. One can choose the course based on his career plans and flexibility.


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The issue in the digital marketing business in Vietnam is the lack of educational opportunities though there is a tremendous rise in the need for digital marketers in this industry. The number of experts is also not enough to impart knowledge in this field. Fortunately, those who aspire to take digital marketing courses have online as well as offline learning opportunities.


The top industries that use digital marketing in Vietnam are health, food, fitness and nutrition, education, tourism, and entertainment. Business opportunities are growing in digital marketing more than in traditional marketing.


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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam


The list of the top 6 digital marketing courses in Vietnam is given below. This list of institutes is offering different types of modules in digital marketing.




IIM SKILLS is one of the best institutes offering online education services globally at an affordable price. They are working hard to find different skill development courses to train the professionals and the students in a short period of time. The courses offered by the institute are well designed as per the needs of the industry and there is no compromise in the quality of delivering the education. The participants from Vietnam can have online access to the digital marketing course from IIM SKILLS.


The digital marketing course from IIM SKILLS is one of the best digital marketing courses in India and offers comprehensive live training and hands-on learning to students across the world. The instructors are experts and highly experienced in the digital marketing industry. The sessions are conducted through online mode to facilitate the participants around the world.


The course features include:


  1. Master certification from IIM SKILLS and 13 other certifications preparation.
  2. 180 hours of comprehensive training with 15+ live projects and 10+ case studies.
  3. Lifetime access to training materials, course recordings, and presentations.
  4. 2 months guaranteed paid internship to the students.
  5. The students can write the first blog for Times of India.
  6. Work on some internet marketing tools to gain hands-on training.
  7. Assignments from the latest digital marketing concepts include:


  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Micro Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google AdWords (SEM)
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Writing and Content Marketing


  1. Placement support will be provided.
  2. The course fee is INR 34900+ GST and the participants can get EMIs on leading bank credit cards.
  3. Research-based internship options are also available.


The significant features of the certifications in the digital marketing course from IIM SKILLS include acceptance from the industry professionals. This program prepares the participants for 8 certificates from Google and 3 Hubspot digital Marketing certification exams. These certifications indicate the skill set of the students and help them to look for well-paid jobs in the digital marketing world.


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Who can do this course?


  1. Students
  2. Working Professionals
  3. Traditional Marketing Professionals
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Digital Marketers
  6. Housewives
  7. College Dropouts.


IIM SKILLS provides post-training support and guidance for participants along with career guidance. The career options after the course completion from IIM SKILLS have a significant impact by having growth in this industry now and also in the future. This program meets the demand in the digital marketing industry by producing well-trained students from this institute.


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Other Courses:

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


Contact Information:

Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503




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  1. Simplilearn


Simplilearn offers the best online training in digital marketing programs. The top-rated courses from Simplilearn provide conceptual techniques and comprehensive learning opportunities for the students in digital marketing.


The list of courses offered by Simplilearn is as follows.


Digital Marketing Master’s Programs


  1. Digital Marketing Associate – 5 courses.
  2. Digital Marketing Specialist – 13 courses.


Digital Marketing Post Graduate Program


Simplilearn offers the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing partnering with Purdue University for the marketing professionals to help them to learn the latest digital marketing skills. The added advantage of this course is that it will add the real experience from the Harvard business case studies and projects from Facebook and Google.


This postgraduate program duration is 6 months and the students can learn the advanced skills from global experts and get certified from the leading Universities.


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Digital Marketing Certification Courses


  1. Advanced pay per click (PPC) program.
  2. Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) program.
  3. Advanced social media program.


The above courses are highly rated among the world’s leading digital marketing courses. The main advantages of the courses offered are


  1. Increase your job market value.
  2. Enable you to handle end-to-end marketing campaigns.
  3. Provides in-depth knowledge of the latest digital marketing concepts.
  4. Prepare you for the top digital marketing certification exams such as OMCA, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Blueprint, Hootsuite, and Hubspot.
  5. Master digital marketing execution tools: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising, and YouTube Marketing.




  1. Excelr


ExcelR digital marketing courses provide the participants with quality training and support to ensure that they receive the in-depth knowledge required in this career. The courses are delivered by experts and highly experienced in the industry. The courses offered by ExcelR are given below.


Digital Marketing Course Training in Delhi.


This course is offered in collaboration with IBM and has a course duration of 120 hours. After course completion, placement assistance is also provided with hands-on experience. It has 41 modules and gives 11 International Digital Marketing Certifications.


Who can do a digital marketing course?


  • Marketing professionals
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups


The Benefits of this course to participants are


  1. It helps non-technical persons to enter Information technology careers without programming skills.
  2. The participants can start a digital marketing agency.
  3. Lifetime access to self-paced learning.
  4. Google ads certified trainers.
  5. A fruitful career in the digital marketing world.


Advanced Digital Marketing


The advanced digital marketing course has 42 modules and the duration of the course is 90 hours. This course enables the participants to learn the marketing concepts by studying the data through advanced analytics and machine learning, and also to gain knowledge in the latest marketing strategies.


Who can learn this course?


  • Content Writers
  • Web designers or developers / UI-UX professionals
  • Students / Housewives / Internet addicts
  • Marketing and Branding professionals
  • Start-up / Business owners


The participants must graduate to attain full-time employment in the advanced digital marketing field. In this course, excelR provides 9 International certifications from Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc. The placement assistance will be provided after the successful completion of the course.




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  1. AIM Academy


AIM Academy is one of the best training centers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which offers courses in Marketing and Communications. The Performance digital marketing course from AIM academy provides a comprehensive study including Facebook, Google, and e-Commerce.


Course details of the digital marketing course from AIM Academy :


Course: Performance Digital Marketing.

Duration: 8 Sessions

Fee: 8,100,000 VND.

Mode: Classroom session

Curriculum: The 8 modules include:


  • Basics of Performance marketing.
  • Set KPIs for each industry.
  • Google Analytics – Basic to Advanced.
  • Efficient optimization from basic data.
  • Automation in reports with Google data studio.
  • Tracking and channel.
  • Data analysis and applications.
  • Final discussion.


The AIM academy introduces the students to job opportunities and assists them in recruitment. This course is essential for management level of digital concerns, senior media specialists from digital agencies, owners of MSME or startups, and students good at reading data and fluent in excel.


Address and Contact Information:

146 Bis Nguyen Van Thu St., Dist. 1, HCMC

Phone: +84 93 1333 150




  1. RMIT University


RMIT University in Vietnam offers quality education to the students and the professionals along with skills development and job opportunities. The digital marketing course from RMIT university is one of the best programs in Vietnam that meets the high demand of digital marketers in the industry by producing digital marketing professionals who are ready to start their career in the digitalized world.


The course details are:


Course: Bachelor of Digital Marketing (24 courses – 288 credits)

Duration: 3 years

Intakes: June, February, October.

Location: RMIT Saigon South, RMIT Hanoi city

Fee: Standard tuition fee – 901,786,000 VND

Fixed tuition fee – 963,850,000 VND


Program Features:


  1. Covers web analytics and the digital tools that support digital strategies.
  2. Includes Flagship Internship (2 semesters)
  3. Assessment includes market research, group presentation, and reports.
  4. Meets the organization’s demand that requires a new set of skills in digital marketing.
  5. Eligible for entry into RMIT honors or postgraduate program in Vietnam on successful completion of this program.


Entry requirements :


The minimum requirement to pursue this digital marketing program is a high school graduation diploma with a minimum GPA of 7.0/10.0 for grade 12. The students from the other institute who have completed or partially completed a course similar to digital marketing can also apply to this program.


The English language requirement to take this course requires the students to complete the RMIT English Advanced or one of the English proficiency tests from IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Test of English or Cambridge English.


Contact Information:

  1. Saigon South



  1. Hanoi City





  1. NobleProg


NobleProg is a well-known local educational training provider in Vietnam. NobleProg offers five digital Marketing courses available in both online and on-site live training. Some courses are designed to suit the needs and objectives of the participants and can be taken in private sessions or public sessions.


Digital Marketing Training courses in Vietnam :


  1. Digital Marketing


Course code: digimarketing

Duration: 14 hours

Requirements: No specific requirements.

Course fee: online  – From 46441978 VND

on-site – From 47109478 VND

Classroom session: Not available


  1. Digital Marketing in China Training Course


Course code : digimarketingchina

Duration: 14 hours

Requirements: An understanding of digital marketing concepts and the internet.

Course fee: online  –   From 46441978 VND

on-site  – From 47109478 VND

Classroom session: Not available


  1. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


Course code: aidm

Duration: 7 hours

Requirements: An understanding of digital marketing.

Course fee: online  –   From 7134289 VND (public),

–  From 23220989 VND ( private).

on-site – From 23885339 VND ( private)

Classroom session: Not available


  1. Basic Google Ads

Course code: googleads

Duration: 7 hours

Requirements: Basic knowledge of internet marketing.

Course fee: online  –  7134289 VND (public),

– From 23220989 VND ( private).

on-site – From 23885339 VND ( private)

Classroom session: Not available


  1. Internet marketing in practice


Course code : marketingprakt

Duration: 7 hours

Requirements: Basic knowledge of internet marketing.

Course fee: online  – 7134289 VND (public),

– From 23220989 VND ( private).

on-site – From 23885339 VND ( private)

Classroom session: Not available


Address and Contact Information:

Tel: +639394958528




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  1. Do the digital marketing programs in Vietnam are online or classroom-based?

Depending on the institute facilities, the program mode will be available to the participants.


  1. What are the pre-requirements to take the digital Marketing program in Vietnam?

An understatement of Marketing concepts, internet, and computers are sufficient to learn the digital marketing courses in Vietnam and some educational institutes demand the participants to clear language proficiency in Masters level programs to join the course.


  1. Who can learn the digital marketing course?

Depending upon the needs and objectives of the individuals, anyone can learn digital marketing with the basic knowledge and understanding of the marketing concepts. Entrepreneurs, Housewives, college dropouts, traditional marketing professionals who want to equip themselves to move to digital marketing business, small business, students are eligible to participate in digital Marketing courses in Vietnam.


  1. How do the career options in digital marketing help the professionals after the course completion?

Some institutes offer placement support after the successful completion of the digital marketing courses in Vietnam along with internship opportunities. The digital marketing Business has seen a tremendous rise in the industry as the traditional marketing businesses have already started shifting to a digital way of business. Demand for digital marketers will continue to rise in the industry.


  1. Are freelancing opportunities available for the participants in Vietnam?

Depending upon the institutes, the participants can avail freelancing opportunities.


  1. Will the institutes offer certification programs from leading digital marketing companies along with the programs they offer in Vietnam?

The institutes we discussed above are top-rated educational institutions offering digital Marketing courses in Vietnam and they will give certification to the courses they provide for the participants. They will prepare the participants by guiding them to prepare for the certifications exams from the world’s leading digital marketing companies such as Google, Hubspot, Facebook, etc.




The digital marketing courses in Vietnam are provided mostly online and classroom sessions are also available for the students who want to pursue higher education in digital marketing.


Demand for digital marketers in Vietnam shows the skills required by the professionals to have a bright future in this field and the courses from the institutes we have discussed above deliver the best results for the participants. A deep understanding of the importance of digital marketing helps professionals and students to gain the knowledge and skills required in the digital marketing world.


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