Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai With Placements

In this data-driven world, being a Data Analyst is going to be incredibly fruitful. To become successful in this job profile, it is recommended to do Data Analytics Courses in Dubai due to its internally recognized certification and because of its professional depth of knowledge being made to study with practicality. The demand for Data Analyst is continuously increasing in today’s time therefore, this article will enlighten you about the need and importance of this course and why Dubai is the best place to study it from.


List of best data analytics courses in Dubai


What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the procedure of extracting and examining a large sum of unprocessed data to find patterns, figures, and insights that facilitate the business to make profitable decisions, edit mistakes and optimize performance. The challenge for a Data Analyst lies in decoding and collecting useful data, be it in text, image, or video format. There are four types of Data Analytics. First, Descriptive Analytics. Second, Diagnostic Analytics. Third, Predictive Analytics. Fourth, Predictive Analytics.


Why Choose Dubai to Do Data Analytics Courses?

Dubai is known for its international accreditation. After doing Data Analytics courses from Dubai, the learner has an opportunity to apply for a Data Analyst job internationally, wherever the student finds it more rewarding. A student gets world-class education in this city. As the universities provide quality education with facilities like modern classrooms, laboratories with updated software, access to libraries, on-campus and off-campus living provisions, and opportunities for research and innovation during the stay.

What is more, Dubai provides a chance to work while a student is studying. Therefore, a student will be able to start from a working experience rather than zero experience. It is beneficial because a pupil learns how to work in a professional environment, teamwork, and earn and save for the present or for his or her future.

Employment opportunities are not restricted to initial years at the campus. The Data Analyst course in Dubai offers paid internships, a window for networking, post-study work prospects in Dubai in well-known companies, and tax-free income.

One of the most significant points is the safety of the pupil. Dubai is famous for its secure environment, especially for youngsters. So it will be easier for the students to explore the city and mingle with the locals and explore the diverse culture.


Other best courses in Dubai:


Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai


#1 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai are Offered by IIM SKILLS


IIM SKILLS has become one of the trusted brands in the academic field since its presence in 2015. From their headquarters in New Delhi, India, they have spread high-quality education to 23 cities throughout Asia.

IIM SKILLS offers well-rounded, enriching, and transformative education to all its students. They equip each learner with valuable practical training on top of theoretical knowledge.

The academicians at the institute maintain a student-centric approach, focusing on the required skills and tools in accordance with each learner. The range of educational programs provided have a fundamental aim in mind i.e. to make students independent in a career-driven world. IIM SKILLS proffers the Data Analytics Master Course which is recognized by the Government of India.


The Highlights of the Data Analytics Course Include:

  • 6 months of live classes
  • 2 months of non-paid internship
  • More than 7 live projects
  • No less than 10 case study
  • Tool based learning
  • Practical training
  • 24/7 support, clear queries anytime
  • Lifetime access to study material and session recordings


The master analytical tools that are covered in the course are :

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • R


The Data Analytics Course is quite elaborate. Therefore, no corner of the topic will be left unexplored. The core modules are Data Analytics using Advance Excel, VBA, SQL, Power BI, Python – 1, Python -2, Tableau, Alteryx, and R for Data Science. The fee for the Data Analytics Master Course is 49.900 Rupees plus taxes.

After completing the course, a Certified Data Analyst will have a wide range of career prospects because of an established placement cell at IIM SKILLS. The students get guidance for job openings in the industry, how to apply for jobs, and prepare for the interview. Due to their government-recognized certification, the graduate skillfully becomes a contender for high-paying jobs.


#2 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai are Offered by Excel R.

2. ExcelR

ExcelR was founded in 2014 and has established its headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. Furthermore, it has extended its parameter to avail one of the best training and consulting programs to a wider range of students by expanding to other countries like the UK, the Middle East, Australia, the Netherlands, and India.

The aim of ExcelR is to raise excellence among its pupils to generate a workforce of talented and skillful people. ExcelR and Tech Conglomerate IBM have joined hands to equip its students with high technical skills and to unlock big opportunities for the candidates so that they can exercise these skills on the professional front.

ExcelR provides a Data Analyst Course which comprises user-friendly tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau, MySQL, and other linked skills that make this course an ideal choice for a beginner.


The skill set that will be covered is:

  1. Database Concepts
  2. Data Analysis Concepts
  3. Functions Charts and Slicers
  4. Data Visualization


The course includes theory learning with 30 + assignments and projects conducted by highly experienced academic members. ExcelR prepares its students from day 1 for their job profile with an established network of more than 2000 hiring partners. For the interview, the candidates are coached with not less than 1500 interview questions.

ExcelR offers the Data Analytics Course virtually with the fees now being $950 down from $1100. The duration of the course is 150 hours / 6 months. Simultaneously, ExcelR gives the applicant unlimited access to live online batches for 12 months. Along with IBM Data Analytics Certification Course, there is also a brilliant opportunity to get Steinbeis Certification with the extra expense.


#3 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai are offered by IntelliPaat.

3. IntelliPaat

Intellipaat was set up as a place for creating well-educated youngsters. The focus was on quality education for the students who can explore their skills and develop their talents. Intellipaat has propagated a creative approach to teaching pupils the content of a course. It provides a variety of basic and trending online courses.

After the course is complete, the training is provided in association with SMEs. The program fee is $ 1828 plus GST.  A noteworthy point is that Intellipaat has one of the most exclusive data analytics courses in Dubai. Besides, it offers three guaranteed interviews for all students.


The main features include :

  • More than 50 live classes over the period of seven months
  • 24/7 query solution
  • Taught by the experienced faculty of Rotman School of Management and Industry
  • The course is curated keeping in mind young minds
  • Intellipaat provides job assistance
  • Industry projects no less than 40
  • Self-paced 218 hours of education
  • No Cost EMI available


The students will be made an expert in SQL, Power BI, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization, and Python.


The curriculum of the Data Analytics Certification Course consists of:

  • SQL
  • Machine training
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Capstone Project
  • Programming with Python
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science


Even before the certification is fully completed, the learners get the opportunity to give interviews for 400 plus lined up hiring company partners with 3 guaranteed interviews. The mentors hired at Intellipaat support interviewees with their queries and preparation throughout.


#4 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai are offered by ACTE


Acte is known for its IT Software Training but since then it has expanded its courses according to the significance of data-driven technical areas. From the beginning, this institution has given importance to trainees and their future. The sense of responsibility that a student studying from ACTE must be placed in is kept in mind at all times by the faculty.

The expertise comes in handy to guide the students to a path of success. A point to ponder upon is that Acte has maintained the placement record for their students by 85 %. The training is conducted by academicians with almost a decade of expertise.

The projects are given according to the current requirement of the industry. The modules are designed in a manner to simplify the complex tools and techniques of data analysis. The full lifetime excess material provided to the students is the cherry on the top.


The training modes for students are 

  • Classroom Training
  • Virtual Training
  • Personalized Training
  • Customized Training


The data analytics courses in Dubai at Acte have trained more than 12k students. Acte collaborates with greater than 350 recruiters for the placement of its mentees.


The highlights of the ACTE Data Analytics Course :

  • Free of charge demo class is available.
  • The total duration of the course is 40 hours.
  • The candidates are taught in a step-wise manner starting from zero and building upwards.
  • The aim is pre-fixed for each student i.e. to work for their dream company.
  • Mock interviews prepare students in advance for the overwhelming interview process.
  • The course opens up a wide range of job opportunities as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst and many more significant positions.
  • The trending topics are added to the curriculum so that the students at ACTE remain up-to-date.
  • With this course, the students attain not one but two global certifications.
  • Acte has pledged to 100 % job assistance.


ACTE claims a job for enrolled pupils of remuneration starting from 5 lacs up to 12 lacs in just 2 months.


#5 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai Are Offered by Edoxi Training Institute

5. EDOXI Training Institute

Edoxi was founded in 2018 with the objective in mind to deliver career-driven training to people, be t,hey beginners or post-graduates. While meeting the global standards of certification, Edoxi offers to support the world economy with the help of well-educated students.

Edoxi Training Institute has been able to develop trust since being established due to its dedication to executing its vision for excellence amongst the learners. The motive is individual attention and quality training for all students. The professionals at Edoxi believe that it is necessary to focus on one and all to build a nurturing community.

One of the institutes that is famous for data analytics courses in Dubai is Edoxi because of its special analytical skills training at the same time while teaching data analytics tools, for example, SQL, R programming, and spreadsheets.


The data analytics courses Edoxi provides online as well as offline are:

  • Data Analytics using MS Power BI
  • Data Analytics using Tableau
  • Data Analytics with Microsoft Excel
  • Data Analytics using AlterYX
  • Data Analytics using Python
  • Data Analytics using R programming


The certification for all Data Analytics Courses in Dubai through Edoxi will be issued by Edoxi and KHDA.


The core features of the course comprise at least 35 hours of online training. The training starts from basic steps leading up to learning of tools and techniques for data analysis. Second, the modules are designed by academic professionals and experts in their field of study. Third, the students would have to carry out projects related to their theory and practical training.

Fourth, it is easy for Edoxi students to connect with their peers and teachers. Therefore, the scope of learning widens and the scope of error decreases. Fifth, educators can accommodate a student according to his/her preferred time for online class sessions. Sixth, the most important point, after the completion of the full course, the certification provided will be globally recognized.


There are three training options for students of Data Analytics :

  • Classroom Training
  • Personalized Corporate Training
  • Online Classes


#6 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai Are Offered by Learnbay

6. Learnbay

Learnbay’s ideology is to enlighten each student in their field of study so that they have a bright and successful future ahead. The goal is that their students fulfill the industrial demands of today’s time and excel in practical knowledge. The technical area is getting vast and thus, it is necessary to have a secure career that is the reason why the Learnbay educational program is designed in a way that provides its candidates to explore the tools and techniques with the help of trained professionals.

Learnbay offers one of the top data analyst courses in Dubai in partnership with IBM and Microsoft. Consequently, the course will be IBM Certified. The course fee is $963 + 18 % GST.

There will be personalized doubt-clearing sessions for problems learners face during the course and the assistance continues after the course has been completed too. Furthermore, the candidates will learn marketable skills which will not only enhance their portfolio but also lead to promotions in a company.

The hiring associates include 300 plus companies that provide the opportunity for guaranteed interviews for students. The industry mentors at Learnbay encourage the students to get enrolled in big companies with three demo interview sessions. The placement support includes 12 months of employment. The resume is also updated keeping in mind the latest format and the current demand for particular skills.


  • The preparation of the Data Analysis Course starts with the basic tools required to analyze data. Also, learning to manage and use the data in a way that the students observe the practical impact that the data has on the industry. This concludes the first topic in the orientation.
  • The second topic covers the programming of Python and its commencement with Git and Git Hub. The fundamentals in addition include the beginning of Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook.
  • The third topic in the module consists of a variety of fundamentals of data. Linear Algebra with the introduction to cleansing or clearing of data and processing the useful data for its beneficial usage.


The curriculum includes four terms described below :

  • The students will learn Python in detail, its programming, data types, and data analysis with the usage of Numpy and Pandas. In term 1, the total number of programs that will be covered is 18. Last but not least, Data Visualization will be taught.
  • Term 2 will reveal machine learning for beginners and statistics starting with Mathematics. The data analysis will be explored further alongside the knowledge of processing data in an effective manner. In addition, the class will learn to decode data and evaluate and measure the Classification Model. Several other models will be illustrated as well.
  • The tools required to analyze data from term 3 start with Module 1 which includes the description and practicality of SQL. Module 2 includes Power BI and its programming. Module 3 will open the experience to Big Data. Module 4 comprises the forecast of time series.
  • Term 4 incorporates Microsoft Excel. The Data Analysis Course will uncover the hidden features of Excel sheets and data entry. It will also cover the integration of cells or the reduction of it. The infographics in Microsoft Excel will also be studied in depth.


#7 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai Are Offered by Learners Point Academy.

7. Learners Point Academy

The academy was established in 2001. Learners Point is licensed by KHDA. The customization of the lessons and the focus of the organization being led by working professionals with ample valid experience has been officiated over the period of more than two decades. The teachers incorporate class education with professional training to ensure that students will attain the proper skill set to go along with the growth of the technical area of the industry.

The course that Learners Point Academy provides is Data Science and Big Data Analytics. It is an online/ offline or blended course. The duration of the course is 34 weeks or 4 hour Boot camp. The fee is AED 4500.

This course is job-oriented. The learners will analyze the different stages of big data collection. The emphasis is on coaching students to advance their analytical skills, the practice of which will extend to their employment.

Academics at Learners Point believe that the demands of the industry in Data Science and Data Analytics have increased and are in trend today more than ever before. Therefore, educators must equip students with a detailed understanding of recognizing patterns in data and transfiguring it for the purpose of getting a favorable outcome that profits the business in one way or another.

Learners Point Academy has an elaborate course structure that covers all the extensive research in Data Science as well as Data Analysis. The integration of plenty of significant tools taught in the classes and while training makes it one of the outstanding data analytics courses. The mentors guide the students throughout the course and even help to crack interviews.


#8 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai is Offered by Informa Connect

8. Informa Connect

The ambition of Informa Connect has been to establish quality education for youngsters so that they can flourish in their careers. Not only the overall business is kept in mind while recruiting but the advantages for the trainee are considered as well.

Informa has been able to build a loyal community online and offline since its presence started 25 years back. It has always given importance to new and creative concepts that motivate aspirants to achieve higher goals. The awareness regarding technology and how it is now dominating the world came in handy while designing the top courses which incorporate practical training.

The Certificate in Advance Data Analysis comprises essential and effective tools to investigate a huge amount of data. And afterward analyzing the data closely, the mentee is expected to collect precise information from it which will benefit the company in decision-making, changing strategies, following trends, and making it more profitable.

The modules can be interactive through classroom-style format, online training, or live sessions. The course director will be Mostafa Sayed. The Hyflex Course Fees for attending class in person is USD 5,445 and for attending remotely is USD 2,740.


The benefits of doing an Advance Data Analysis Course from Informa Connect are :

  • It will give a full overview of data analysis and its types.
  • Learn how to separate, clear, and sort the raw data.
  • Get to know different tools which will help the students to effectively transform data.
  • Learn about machine algorithms and how to use them.
  • Make informed decisions based on data analysis.
  • Apply the gained valuable knowledge in real-time by solving actual problems related to data.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How do I know that Data Analytics Course is right for me?

Ans. You would require to read the entire information given above as it will clear most of your doubts. While going through the article you will figure out the terms and tools mentioned then you will be able to make an informed decision to go through with the degree and keep in mind that you will be guided throughout your certification by your mentors.


Q2. How are the online learning programs?

Ans. The live sessions and the virtual sessions are quite elaborate with the opportunity to clear your doubts immediately. What’s more, you get to interact with the trainer and you get to look at different perspectives in an interactive session with other students.


Q3. Is it a lucrative degree to invest in?

Ans. Absolutely! As time passes, the industry needs for Data Analyst is increasing. Desiring to hire a certified professional with ample knowledge is the demand of the companies. The average pay for this position is AED 30,250 per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Q4. Does Data Analyst play a vital role in a company?

Ans. The data-centric career gives the opportunity to play a significant role in the organization as the results provided by the Data Analyst will decide the future prospects of the company. The refined data received will assist the professionals in deciding the changes which might affect the position of the company among its competitors, in making the business more profitable, or alter the future projection of the organization according to current patterns of data provided by the Data Analyst.

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