Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Zurich With Placements

Data is Everywhere!!! especially in the 21st Century, Data may be treated as a commodity that’s seen and used on a daily basis however, it is as precious and valuable as Gold and Oil. Hence not only Businesses but also Nations are behind in acquiring the World’s new currency called “Data”. According to Top experts in the IT Industry, working knowledge and exposure to Data processing will grow your chances towards a stable and secure future in Today’s volatile job market. Hence, in this article, we will be discussing the Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Zurich the largest city in Switzerland, a Heaven on Earth.


List of best data analytics courses in Zurich


What is Data and Why It is Considered a New Currency of the 21st Century?

Though Data seems to be everywhere, however, if one is asked to define data, there are chances most people will be unable to tell what data exactly is. Your unstructured pictures, files videos, etc. all are simply data, Simple Data becomes Information when it makes sense, and information with context turns into Knowledge, knowledge with understanding becomes Insight and when one knows how and where to use insight it becomes Intelligence and Intelligence when used to generate revenue it becomes Business Intelligence, which is a Game Changer in Today’s world.

So, this tells us why Data is most valuable in Today’s world because it generates Value. People, Businesses, and even the Nations are willing to buy ‘Data’.


What is Data Analysis and Why It is the Most Sorted Skill in Today’s World?

Simple data is not a value generator and it needs specific types of cleaning, handling, and processing to make it usable. Here, Data Analytics comes into the picture. Data Analytics is the foundation of one’s journey toward Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

In layman’s terms, Data Analytics is the cleaning, processing, and decluttering of data, so that it can make sense out of the simple Data with the help of tools and techniques, A person who performs this is known as a ‘Data Analyst’.


Are There Any Minimum Requirements for a Data Analyst?

Though there are no minimum requirements for a Data Analyst, which cannot be taught it is good to have a Willingness to learn, an analytical mindset, and a School level of Statistics knowledge.


What Will Be the Skillsets Developed During the Data Analytics Course?

  1. Statistics
  2. Python/R
  3. Database: SQL\Mongo DB\MySQL
  4. EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis): Web Scraping, Data Cleaning, Data Mining, Processing etc.
  5. Tableau


A Normal Day in Data Analysts Life

  1. For a Junior Data Analyst, a typical day begins with,
  2. Understanding the requirements,
  3. Performing Web Scraping to gather the data/data sets,
  4. Cleaning and Processing the Data using EDA skills,
  5. Generating text Reports,
  6. Developing Dashboards using generated reports to visualize Data as Executive Summary.


B for a Senior Data Analyst, a Normal Day May Include;

  1. Reviewing reports and Dashboards created by Junior Data Analysts,
  2. Providing feedback with corrections required,
  3. Working with the Business Team to decide on the source of Data Capture,
  4. Advising on which Database solution can be used based on requirements,
  5. Participate in meetings with Data Scientists and AI specialists along with Business leaders to understand new technologies coming into the industry and design a Company’s or Project’s policies.
  6. Designing a Training solution for associates based on needs and requirements.


Data Analysis is a preliminary skill that will assist you in embarking on your journey towards more advanced and complex career options such as Data Scientist, Machine Learning Expert, and Finally Artificial Intelligence Professional.

In the current job market, ‘Data Analysis’ is in high demand and has a long future ahead as it is an essential and integral part of all industries and sectors worldwide.


Since we have briefly discussed Data Analysis, let us further discuss the institutions that are offering Data Analytics Courses in Zurich.


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Zurich



The Indian Education system and eLearning portals are recognized and appreciated all over the world. Indian EdTech companies are renowned for offering great training courses at the most affordable prices. IIM SKILLS is one of the trusted and fastest-growing eLearning portals for Students as well as Working professionals in India and the rest of the World.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, IIM SKILLS has a presence in about 23 Cities in Asia including Dubai & Singapore offering some well-designed courses in Finance, Marketing, Data, and multiple educational domains.


  • Name of course: Data Analytics Master Course (DAMC).
  • Duration of course: 6 months.


It describes Data handling, visualization, and manipulation in Excel using Functions. Data analysis and reporting, creating dashboards using Excel using pivot controls.

  • Module 2 – Data Analytics Using VBA: 15 Hrs.

It involves an Introduction to key components of VBA, using VBA with Excel. Programming Constructs, functions, and procedures in VBA and Modularizing programs. Objects & memory management in VBA.

  • Module 3 – Data Analytics Using SQL: 39 Hrs.

It explains basic RDBMS concepts, Object explorer, DDL, DML commands, SQL Server Reporting Services, and SQL Server Integration Services.

  • Module 4 – Data Analytics Using Power BI: 24 Hrs.

It introduces Data preparation and modeling. Adding, keeping, and removing Rows, Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), and Reports development (Visuals in Power BI).

  • Module 5 – Data Analytics Using Python-1: 10 Hrs.

It involves an introduction to basic Statistics, Mathematical foundations, and Analytics in Data Science. Python Essentials (Core), Operations with NumPy, Pandas. Cleansing Data with Python.

  • Module 6 – Data Analytics Using Python-2: 10 Hrs.

It deals with Data Analysis Using Python with basic and advanced Visualization tools and geospatial data. Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing.

  • Module 7 – Data Analytics Using Tableau: 15 Hrs.

Getting started with Tableau, Data handling & summaries 1 & 2. Building advanced Reports/Maps, Table calculations, Calculated fields, etc.

  • Module 8 – R For Data Science: 20 Hrs.

Data Importing, Exporting, Manipulation, Analysis, Visualization with R. Using R With Databases, Introduction To Statistics, Linear Regression, Solving Regression Problems, Testing.

  • Module 9 – Data Analytics Using Alteryx: 18 Hrs.

Introduction to Alteryx.


Data Analytics Master Certification from IIM SKILLS is recognized by Govt of India.

With 160 Hrs. of lectures, which includes 100+ Hrs. of Practical Assignments with hands-on tool-based learning. Involving 7+ Live Projects, 10+ Case Studies, and mastering 7+ Tools along the way.

It also offers a 100% Assured Internship with a Job Interview Guarantee along with student support and mentorship post-completion of course is a big plus.


2. Quantum Business Intelligence Services GmbH

Quantum is a company based in Zurich and was founded in 2005 to answer management and analysis needs of companies Quantum Analytics AG was founded as a subsidiary in 2008, which offers training in Data science. Quantum is one of the oldest institutes that offers Data Analytics Courses in Zurich.

Their students are working across all industries including but not limited to Banking/Finance, Education, Energy, Government/NGO, Healthcare, Insurance, Industry, Media, Pharma/Biotech, Real Estate, Retail/Wholesale, Telecom, and Transportation throughout Europe.

They offer advanced KNIME and digital Transformation programs along with complete Data Science training.

One of the great advantages at Quantum is that a student or a working professional can customize the programs according to their need, may it be a mix matching the concepts, tools mode of learning, etc.


  • Name of the course: Introduction to Data Analysis.
  • Duration of course: 6 months.
  • Cost of the course: CHF 990 excl. VAT.


Course Curriculum:

    • Basics of Excel and Statistics
    • Introduction to Python and its libraries
    • Exploratory Data Analysis using Python
    • Usage of Databases in Data Analysis
    • Capstone Project


You can reach out to Quantum for enrolment or more information at,

Lang Strasse 14

8004 Zürich


Tel: +41 44 500 21 28



3. Swiss Knowledge

Another leading institute that has been offering multiple modes of learning considering the different needs of students and working professionals in the Zurich area is Swiss Knowledge. It has been offering Data Analytics Courses in Zurich since 2005 and it has trained about 100,000 since then.

Swiss Knowledge offers affordable Practical Data Analytics education in Zurich along with placement support with its long list of affiliations with Local and national startup companies that are in constant need of talent. Along with Data Analytics courses, Swiss Knowledge also offers AI, Machine Learning, DevOps, and Big Data courses with scholarships for its students.


  • Name of Course: Data Analytics with R Studio
  • Duration of course: 180 days
  • Cost of course: CHF 150


Course Curriculum:

    • Usage of Basic and Advanced Excel in Data Analysis
    • Introduction to R Studio and its use in Data Analysis
    • Data Visualisation using Tableau
    • Field Project based on real-life problem


You can contact Swiss Knowledge for more information at,

Swiss Expert Consulting GmbH

c/o DOM Zurich GmbH

Max-Högger-Strasse 6

8048 Zürich


Tel: +41 79 315 28 99

WhatsApp: +41 79 315 28 99



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4. University of Zurich – Department of Informatics

Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich, one of the highly rated and leading Universities in Europe offers the most advanced Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. It offers a unique course ‘Master’s Project in Informatics’, which teaches students Data analysis with Python as well as R Studio.


The University of Zurich also provides financial aid for these Master’s courses.

  • Name of course: Master’s Project in Informatics
  • Duration of course: 6 Months
  • Cost of course: CHF 1500


Course Modules:

  • Basic and Intermediate Statistics
  • Python and R Studio
  • Interactive-Visual Data Analytics
  • Intermediate Statistics
  • Database Systems


The University of Zurich can be contacted at,

University of Zurich

Department of Informatics

Binzmühlestrasse 14

CH-8050 Zürich


Tel: +41 44 635 43 21

Email: (General questions about the Department of Informatics)

Email: (General questions about studying and about the Informatics Internship)


5. HWZ Zurich School of Economics

HWZ Zurich School of Economics is the largest university in Europe which offers one of the specialised programs, Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. With over 2500 alumni and around 800 lectures from field experts, it is one of the most sought-after courses around the world. HWZ is accredited by Swiss authorities. It offers the ‘Bachelor of Business Informatics HWZ’ course which teaches students all the tools and techniques required for Data Analytics.


  • Name of course: Bachelor of Business Informatics HWZ
  • Duration of course: 8 months
  • Cost of course: CHF 2850


Course Curriculum:

  • Information Technology & Data Science
  • Business & Management
  • Leadership, social, and methodical skills


You can contact HWZ Zurich School of Economics at,

HWZ Zurich School of Economics

Lager Strasse 5, P.O. Box,

8021 Zurich

Tel: +41 43 322 26 00



6. Constructor Learning

Constructor Learning is a leading institute that offers practical training to working professionals and it provides one of the top-rated Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. Constructor learning takes a practical approach and has working industry experts as faculty who help to understand theoretical concepts with hands-on practical Data Analytics modules such as Data Wrangling, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Data Scraping, and Data Visualisation.

A unique feature is the one-to-one mentorship of former alumni who assist students in addition to faculties to clear doubts and assist them in revising and practicing the concepts.

  • Name of course: Data Analytics Bootcamp
  • Duration of course: 10 weeks
  • Cost of course: CHF 3700


Course curriculum:

  • The World of Data Analytics
  • Basic and Advanced Python
  • Statistics
  • Data Visualisation
  • Capstone Project 1 – Web Scraping
  • Standard Data Analysis Workflow – EDA
  • Dashboard Creation using Tableau
  • Tackling a Real-World Data Science Problem
  • Introduction to GitHub
  • Capstone Project 2 – Solving real-world problems using Data Analytics


  • Tools will be covered:
    • Python
    • SQL
    • NumPy
    • Pandas
    • Matplotlib
    • Tableau
    • GitHub


One can contact Constructor Learning at,

Constructor Learning

Heinrich Strasse 200

8005 Zürich

Tel: +41 (0)44 797 51 43


7. Training United

Training United is a group of European professional consultants, experts, and business professionals who have come together to teach and train modern applied technology including but not limited to,

  • Data Analytics,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Big Data,
  • Programming,
  • Containers,
  • Cloud Computing,
  • Project Management,
  • Networking,
  • Cyber Security,
  • Database,
  • RPA,
  • BPM,
  • Software Engineering,
  • Micro Services,
  • Mobile Development,
  • Soft skills etc.


It especially offers ‘Data Analytics Courses in Zurich’ both on-site as well as online tailored according to the needs of learners. Even if one misses a lecture, they can either view recordings or join another batch. They pay special attention and monitor the completion of the Capstone Project.


  • Name of course: Data Analytics Bootcamp
  • Duration of course: 8 weeks
  • Cost of course: CHF 1800
  • Course Curriculum:
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Visualisation
  • Grafana
  • IBM Cognos
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx


Training United can be contacted at,

Condominium Training & Consulting

Avenue Louise 54,

8021 Zurich

Tel: +49 30 2218 0753



Must Check:


8. ZHAW School of Engineering

ZHAW School of Engineering is a leading Swiss School that offers Data Analytics Courses in Zurich The CAS Datenanalyse (Data Analysis) provides an introduction to statistical thinking as well as to classical and new concepts of data analysis.

  • Name of course: CAS Datenanalyse
  • Duration of course: 7 months
  • Cost of course: CHF 5900


Course Curriculum:

  • Concepts and Tools for Describing and Visualizing Data.
    • General introduction, data types, distribution, and metrics (location, scatter, quantiles).
    • Introduction to Statistics program (R with R-Studio).
    • Data visualization with bar charts, pie charts, frequency tables, histograms, correlation matrices, pairs plots, box plot scatter plots, and mosaic plots.
    • Dos and Don´ts of graphic representation of data.
    • Simpson’s paradox.


  • Statistical basis of Data Analysis.
    • Statistical model versus Data.
    • Random variable.
    • Closing statistics (estimate, confidence interval, testing) for count data (Poisson and binomial model) and for metric data (normal distribution).
    • Central limit theorem.


  • Multiple regression is the base of the data analysis.
    • Multiple linear regression.
    • Modal variety.
    • Estimation of parameters, hypothesis test, and confidence intervals.
    • Forecast and forecast ranges.
    • Residual analysis, variable selection, cross-validation, and model-building strategies.
    • Interpretation, Transformations.


  • Time series and Forecasts.
    • What are time series?
    • STL Decomposition.
    • Type of Prognosis.
    • Uncertainty of forecasts (quantitative assessment of the forecast quality).
    • Time forecasts with exponential smoothing.
    • AR process.


  • Clustering and Classification.
    • Hierarchical Cluster methods.
    • Heat Map.
    • Classification Tree.
    • Random Forest.
    • Evaluation of a Classifier (Error rate, Sensitivity, Specificity, etc.)


Contact details for ZHAW School of Engineering


ZHAW School of Engineering

Lager Strasse 41

8021 Zürich

Tel: +41 (0) 58 934 82 44



9. Le Wagon

Le Wagon has been in the Edtech industry since 2013 and has become a Global leader in Career-changing courses, One of their bestseller courses is Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. Le Wagon also offers several financial options such as Public Funding, installments, Scholarships, Student Loans, Income Share Agreements (ISA), etc.


  • Name of course: Data Analytics Bootcamp.
  • Duration of course: 400 Hrs.
  • Cost of course: CHF 4850


Course Curriculum:

  • Understanding Data and manipulating it with Google Sheets.
  • SQL, Master the language of data analysts, and build actionable data warehouses.
  • Extraction, how to recover and Clean Data automatically.
  • Data Visualization and Business Intelligence.
  • Python for Data Analysis and Prediction.
  • Final project – Become a Data Analyst using Data from one of our partners.


Le Wagon has a specific application method that students need to follow;

  • Book an appointment with a Career advisor,
  • Pass Quiz,
  • Make payment to book a slot.


Le Wagon can be contacted at,


Le Wagon Zurich

Bellerive Strasse 201, 8008 Zürich


10. Coursera

Coursera, a global platform for online learning and career development for individuals, enterprises, and governments was founded in 2012 by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, with a vision that, Learning is the source of human progress and it has the power to transform our world. Coursera has been backed by B Corp certification since February 2021. It partners with more than 275 leading universities and has been teaching more than 113 million learners worldwide.

In the field of Data Analytics, Coursera offers 2 great options for Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. One from one of the MAANG companies Google and the other from a company considered as the pioneer in computers and one which is with most technological patents, IBM. Both offer unique and relevant Data Analytics Courses in Zurich.

  • Name of course: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate.
  • Duration of course: 6 months at 12 Hrs. a week.
  • Cost of course: CHF 8700


Course Curriculum: This Professional certificate is consisting of 8 courses

    • Course 1 – Foundations: Data, Data, everywhere: 22 Hrs.

Introduction to Data and its importance in the modern world.

  • Course 2 – Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions: 21 Hrs.

It involves understanding real-world data problems.

  • Course 3 – Prepare Data for Exploration: 25 Hrs.

It discusses biased and unbiased data, databases to be used for storing the data, and Data organizing best practices.

  • Course 4 – Process Data from Dirty to Clean: 23 Hrs.

It deals with cleaning data, basic SQL functions, and queries.

  • Course 5 – Analyse Data to Answer Questions: 26 Hrs.

It deals with using data sorting, filtering, using SQL queries to combine data from multiple databases, and use of functions in spreadsheets.

  • Course 6 – Share Data Through the Art of Visualization: 24 Hrs.

It deals in effective data presentation using Tableau to create Data-driven stories.

  • Course 7 – Data Analysis with R Programming: 36 Hrs.

It describes the basics and advanced use of R programming including functions, variables, data types, pipes, and vectors. Using R for data visualization.

  • Course 8 – Google Data Analytics Capstone: A Case Study: 9 Hrs.

In this course, one can apply the learnings to solve a real-world data problem.


  • Name of course: IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate.
  • Duration of course: 4 months at 10 Hrs. a week.
  • Cost of course: CHF 9500.


Course Curriculum: This Professional certificate consists of 9 course series.

    • Course 1 – Introduction to Data Analytics: 10 Hrs.

It describes different types of data structures, file formats, and sources of data along with the data analysis process which deals with collecting, wrangling, mining, and visualizing data.

  • Course 2 – Excel Basics for Data Analysis: 11 Hrs.

Introduction to basics of Excel for Data Analysis using functions such as sort, filter, lookups, etc.

  • Course 3 – Data Visualization & Dashboards with Excel: 9 Hrs.

It deals with creating line, pie, and bar graphs using Excel visualization based on requirements.

  • Course 4 – Python for Data Science, AI & Development: 23 Hrs.

It describes the basics of Python including Data Types, Expressions, Variables, and Data Structures using Branching, Loops, Functions, Objects, and classes using Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Beautiful Soup. performing web scraping using Jupyter Notebooks.

  • Course 5 – Python Project for Data Science: 8 Hrs.

It deals with applying Python fundamentals for building a dashboard using Python and libraries like Pandas, Beautiful Soup, and Plotly using Jupyter Notebook.

  • Course 6 – Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python: 31 Hrs.

It involves Data analysis using SQL databases, and working with tables using SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. Composing more powerful queries with advanced SQL techniques like views, transactions, stored procedures, and joins.

  • Course 7 – Data Analysis with Python: 14 Hrs.

It describes developing Python code for cleaning and preparing data for analysis, handling missing values, formatting, and normalizing the data. Performing Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) operations to apply analytical techniques for real-world datasets using libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and SciPy. Manipulate data using data frames, summarize data, understand data distribution, perform correlation, and create data pipelines. Building and evaluating regression models using machine learning sci-kit-learn library and using them for prediction and decision making.

  • Course 8 – Data Visualization with Python: 19 Hrs.

It deals in data visualization using Python libraries such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Folium to tell a Data-driven story. Creating lines, areas, histograms, bars, pies, boxes, scatter, bubble charts, and plots. Creating advanced visualizations such as waffle charts, word clouds, regression plots, maps with markers & choropleth maps. Generating interactive dashboards containing scatter, line, bar, bubble, pie, and sunburst charts using the Dash framework and Plotly library.

  • Course 9 – IBM Data Analyst Capstone Project: 20 Hrs.

It involves showcasing your Data Analysis and Visualization skills to apply different techniques to collect and wrangle data. Creating a data analysis report and a compelling presentation using various Python Libraries.


The advantage of Coursera is that you can share the certificate on your social media, and resume and link it with your LinkedIn profile, which can be validated and recognized worldwide. Financial aid is available subject to application verification and review from Coursera.


Frequently Asked Questions: Data Analytics Courses in Zurich


Does one should have a Science background in Data Analytics?

Even if you are not from a science background, you can pursue Data Analytics. If you are open to learning and are ready to put in honest efforts you can make your career in Data Analytics.


Do these courses guarantee me a placement?

These courses can help you to understand Data Analytics and give you exposure to solve real-world data problems. Also, some of these courses can make you interview-ready. However, only your efforts and performance in your interview will guarantee you the Job.


What is the Average Salary for Beginners in Data Analytics in Zurich?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Data Analyst in Zurich, Switzerland is CHF 106,000 per year. Also, at some companies, there is an additional cash compensation for a Data Analyst with a range from CHF 3,056 – to CHF 10,198.


Conclusion: Data Analytics Courses in Zurich

Data is a ‘Wealth Creator’ in today’s Modern and Global business-centric world, you never know if the post you write on any social media platform can influence several people and create a good image of any Brand at the same time, negative feedback can lead to untrust towards the same Brand. However, the simple data needs cleaning, handling, processing, and visualising, and Data Analytics, is a skill set that makes sense out of the simple data and provides insights so that Businesses can make decisions.

In this article, we discussed the Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. We acknowledge that this is not an exhaustive list however, we made our honest efforts to list courses that are value for money both locally and globally. Hope it helps you to decide which course to choose for your Data Analytics journey!!!!! Do let us know in the comments section, whether we are able to compile an effective list of Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. We welcome your suggestions and feedback. Keep Learning, earning, and growing Learners!!!!!

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