10 Best Digital Marketing Courses In Chandigarh With Placements

We are presenting you with the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh to excel. Digital marketing is essential for almost every person who intends to sell their products online or reach out to larger audiences on the internet or to market their services across the globe or work for a company that deals with any of the above. Learning digital marketing in a structured and organized manner is important to gather the required skills in the shortest possible time. 


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Why Digital Marketing?


Let us understand why digital marketing is so important in today’s world. We look at the world virtually more than we do directly these days. Whether you are traveling in public transport or waiting to be served at a restaurant or at a salon, look around, you see the majority of people spending their time looking at their mobiles.


Many of us prefer to order a favorite dish online from a restaurant, even if it is just in the next street. Young and elderly alike are resorting to online channels more than ever for getting their work done. That makes it important for businesses to ensure their online presence and serve the ever-growing demand. Your business may have the best product or service but for it to be successful it needs customers. To get customers, businesses need marketing.


Online businesses need digital marketing, and experts like you are going to form a bridge between the businesses and the customers. For you to be called an expert in this field of digital marketing, you will need an institute that can not only make you understand how the above life cycle works but also train you to do it the right way. Whether you are a job seeker or a business owner, we are here to help you get into the right set of digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.


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Learn digital marketing courses from the experts


There are a ton of free videos and tutorials online on the topic of digital marketing that is scattered randomly all over the place. Some of these free resources are interesting but the majority are of no use as they are neither interactive nor informative. It is a herculean task to pick the good ones, and even after all the effort, they only teach you a very small portion of the whole thing.


It is very important to understand the concepts right the first time. Wrong ways of learning are dangerous as they will require unlearning before you can learn the right way. If you are looking for the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh, then the below details are for you. We have done a lot of research and brought the below list of institutes for you to choose from.


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Key factors you should consider while choosing the institute for the best digital marketing courses:


Before we go into the list of institutes and what they offer to you, let us understand the prime factors required to be considered.


  1. Is the course interactive? Ensure that there is someone on the other end to answer your queries and clear your doubts.
  2. Do they have live sessions? Ensure that you are taught video live sessions and not just through some recordings.
  3. Do they offer flexibility in learning? You may be a college goer or a business owner or you may be doing your regular job. Ensure that they offer the flexibility in learning the course at your convenience and free time.
  4. Is there a structured Learning Management System available? Ensure that they provide you exclusive login credentials whereby you can access your reference material whenever you want.
  5. Are your instructors approachable? Ensure that you have access to your instructors, may not be necessarily on the phone all the time but at least on emails where they are prompt in their response to your doubts and clarifications.
  6. Do they offer certification? Ensure that the institute offers certifications to the course you do. This will help you get recognition when applying for jobs. These certifications can be offered by the institutes directly, and they will also help obtain other relevant certifications from reputed organizations in the field of digital marketing.
  7. Do they offer you to attend their demo sessions? Ask if they offer you demo sessions and ensure you join one of them before taking up the course. This will help you know if you are being able to understand what the tutor is teaching you.
  8. Do they have student testimonials? Ensure to check on their student testimonials that will help you understand what you can expect from these digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.
  9. Do they teach you to build your online portfolio? It is very important for you to have an online portfolio, especially if you wish to work as a freelancer or seek a job. It is important to have your product or service portfolio developed if you are a business owner. Ensure that the institute you choose will help you build your portfolio.
  10. Do they teach you real-life examples? It is very important to have hands-on live experience and ensure the institute of your choice will teach you real-time examples.
  11. Do they offer internships? Internships are a means of getting into serious business and getting your hands dirty, where you can implement the concepts that you have learned during the course. It is important to make mistakes and thereby learn from those mistakes after getting corrected by the experts. This is the most important attribute of the entire learning.
  12. Do they offer placement support? If you are a job seeker, ensure that the institute will help you with the placements. If you are a freelancer, ensure that they will help you in seeking your first couple of assignments.
  13. Do they offer you the tools you require: You will need certain tools that will make your work easier as a digital marketing expert. Ensure that they provide such tools and also that they teach you how to use them.


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Key concepts to be covered in the digital marketing courses:


Below are the important topics that are essential to be covered as part of the course curriculum. Ensure that most of the below-given topics are covered in the course curriculum of the institute you wish to join.


  1. Website development with WordPress: Developing a website is a very important concept in the digital marketing arena. WordPress makes the process of website creation easier. Once the website is created, it acts as a canvas for representing your skills and building a brand thereby.
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Websites that are created as explained above have to be made in such a manner that they get picked up by the search engines. The content created by you on your websites has to be searchable and should appear on the top of the search engine results, for your site to be visited. What it takes for your website to top the list of search engine results is taught in this topic.
  3. SEM (Search engine Marketing): Search engine marketing is the paid strategy to increase the search visibility of a website. This is an advanced level of marketing and can be compared to the commercials that you see on television. Relevant ads should be displayed for relevant search terms so that the chance of visiting the webpage increases. The related concepts are taught in this topic.
  4. Email marketing: Emails are the best way to seek the attention of the readers. Targeting the right audience with the right email content is very important for converting sales. The strategies to be implemented to achieve this task are taught in email marketing.
  5. Social media marketing: Social media is a powerful tool and very frequently used by a large population. Tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are a medium whereby you can be in touch with a large population of similar interests. Advertising on social media can be a very beneficial medium to make sales. This topic covers how to do marketing on social media.
  6. Content marketingYou communicate with the customers online either through text or audio or video. The product or service you want to sell online has to have a story or description to it that should interest the customer for them to buy. That story you tell for the sale to happen is content, and how to do that is learned in the content marketing module. 
  7. Affiliate marketing: Assume that I have a very good product to sell that will benefit a lot of customers. This product or service is, however, known to only a few, and you are one among them. I would like my product to go deep into the market, and more sales to happen. I would create an affiliate marketing program on my site and offer a certain percentage on every sale you make. You, having known the benefits of my product, can make use of that program and try to sell it to the customers that land on your sales page. This is called affiliate marketing, and the methods involved are taught in this module.
  8. Web analytics: As you may have observed above, sales happen on landing pages where customers come to and make a sale. Web analytics helps in giving you the metrics on several details of such customers that land on your pages. How many have visited, what are their details, how many of such visits have got converted to sales, etc? 
  9. Lead generating strategy: Most important of online marketing is to make your potential customers visit your sales page. You should be among the top lists when someone searches for the product or service that you are involved in. You should target such potential customers and make them visit your sales pages with interesting strategies. The efforts involved with this topic are taught here.
  10. Inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is the process of drawing potential customers than outward pushing a brand or a product or service and then leaving it for potential customers to find it. Inbound marketing is a focused approach to identifying potential customers by knowing their pain points and making efforts to address them.
  11. Facebook Marketing: Facebook is one of the social media tools and this is covered in the social media marketing above.
  12. Video marketing: Content can be brought to potential customers in the form of text or audio or video. Video ads online are an advanced way of reaching out to potential customers and good video marketing is a combined effort of a lot of factors starting from the script to the making. All tactics involved with video marketing are taught in this module.
  13. Digital infographics: Communicating content can be effective with a combination of visuals and the text rather than just the text. Infographics have to be catchy and easy to understand. This session teaches how to create stunning infographics.


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We have covered everything that is related to digital marketing and what is to be learned as part of the courses on this subject. Now let us look at some best institutes to help you master these topics explained above.


Here comes the list of the 10 best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh that will help you gain the skillset that you require to master in this field.


#1 IIM Skills: 


IIM Skills tops the list of the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh as they tick almost all the boxes that are explained above. IIM skills have structured their course curriculum by giving an extensive weightage to the practical approach. The instructors have structured the course in a way that will make you understand why a particular topic should be learned, its relevance in real-time, and its applicability in the market. 


Assignments are an important part of their course structure that is designed in such a way that will reinforce your learnings taught during the class. 


Course Duration & Fee: 


  • 5 months & INR 34,900 + 18% GST


Course Highlights:


  • 180 hours of comprehensive live training and interactive sessions
  • 40 digital marketing modules covering all the latest topics and trends
  • 15+ live projects during the course
  • 10+ case studies that will explain the concepts clearly
  • Tools worth INR 79,000 included
  • Master certification from IIM Skills and preparation for 13 reputed certifications
  • 300+ placement partners with interview support
  • Help formulate a perfect portfolio
  • Launch podcast with Apple, Google & Spotify
  • Launch your Youtube channel
  • Go live with affiliate marketing
  • Write a blog for Times of India
  • Lifetime access to course recordings and course material
  • IIM Skills certification & preparation for Google, Facebook & Hubspot examination


Remember, more than the learning in itself, it is important to gain the practical knowledge and to get your foot into the field that you are aiming for whether it is getting that first job if you are a job seeker, or that first assignment if you are a freelancer, or that first sale online if you are a business owner. IIM Skills can help you reach that goal with their expert guidance and knowledge of the market.


You can obtain the complete course details by downloading their course brochure from the digital marketing course page.


You can also refer to their student testimonials and reviews and the video reviews.


Contact Details:

Website: www.iimskills.com | Email: info@iimskills.com | tel:+91 9911839503


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IIM SKILLS Chandigarh DM Course Invite




CIIM stands for Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing, an institute that offers digital marketing courses in Chandigarh since 2010. They offer courses with a complete hands-on approach and internship opportunities. They have trained over 12000 + students so far and teach the current topics in the digital marketing industry.


Course Duration & Fee: 


  • 3 months & Fees available upon request.


Course Highlights:


  • 73+ course modules
  • 20+ certifications
  • Trainers with 12 years+ experience
  • Complete hands-on & practical approach
  • Work on live projects
  • Internship opportunities
  • 100% job placement with their partner companies


Contact Details:

Website: www.ciim.in | Email: Info@ciim.in | tel:+91 9915337448


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#3 IIDE –


Indian Institute of Digital Education is a famous institute that teaches digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. Their training includes pre-recorded sessions that can be followed as per the time convenience of the student followed by weekly question-answer sessions, doubt solving, and revision with tutors. One-on-one mentoring sessions can be scheduled via the ‘Book a mentor’ session in the student management session.


Course Duration & Fee: 3 months & 79,999 incl taxes


Course Highlights:


  • 70+ hours of live learning
  • 40+ hours of video content
  • 1 on 1 mentoring session
  • 20+ industry tools mastery
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Resume & interview training
  • 8 brand projects
  • 0% EMI option available


Contact Details: 

Website: www.iide.co | Email: admissions@iide.co | tel:+91 7304442840


#4 ThinkNext


ThinkNext is a national award-winning institute that offers the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. Their course curriculum has 40+ modules and imparts excellent knowledge to the learners.


Course Duration & Fee: 3 months & 25000 + taxes


Course Highlights:


  • 40+ modules
  • 15+ certifications
  • Make money with Adsense and blogging
  • How to get freelance projects
  • Growth hacking & viral marketing
  • Stipend based internship


Contact Details:

Website: www.thinknexttraining.com | Email: info@thinknext.co.in | tel:+91 7837401000


IIM SKILLS Chandigarh DM Course Invite


#5 BigBoxx Professional Academy


This Academy provides training in several computer courses along with digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.


Course Duration & Fee: 3 months & Fees available upon request


Course Highlights: 


  • Covers key theories and practical skills to pursue an exciting marketing career
  • Strong focus on developing business skills
  • Grow real-world experience of the digital media sector to enhance employability
  • Experienced teaching staff from diverse backgrounds


Contact Details:

Website: www.bigboxx.in | Email: info@bigboxx.in | tel:+91 9815818101


#6 Webhopers academy 


Webhopers Academy is a famous academy offering digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.


Course Duration & Fee: 3 months & available upon request


Course Highlights:


  • 100% practical training
  • 100% job oriented course
  • Advance online advertising tips and tricks
  • Online certifications
  • Interview preparations


Contact Details:

Website: www.webhopers.in | Email: Info@webhopers.com | tel:+91 9856890001


#7 Morph Academy 


Morph Academy has been providing training in various IT-related fields since 2009. Their expertise lies in multimedia and animation courses. Morph academy also offers digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.


Course Duration & Fee: 1 month & fees available on request


Course Highlights:


  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Search Engine Optimization of website
  • Upskilling of marketing professionals
  • Latent semantic indexing
  • Analyzing ad performance and optimization


Contact Details:

Website: www.morphacademy.com | Email: Info@morphacademy.com | tel:+91 9815489999             


#8 Webliquids 

It is a reputed agency that provides digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. Founded in 2014, it offers a full range of IT educational services and marketing services.


Course Duration & Fee: 3 months & fees available on request


Course Highlights:


  • 70+ modules
  • 20+ certifications
  • More practical than theoretical training\
  • 2 hours daily training
  • Daily assignments
  • Doubt sessions
  • Internship opportunities
  • Placement assistance with partner companies


Contact Details:

Website: www.webliquids.com | Email: Info@webliquids.com | tel:+91 9501293387


IIM SKILLS Chandigarh DM Course Invite


#9 PAL Digital Media: 

PAL Balan is the founder of PAL digital media and also a founder of other educational institutes like LIIM.in (Learning Institute of Internet Marketing), Electionwin.in, PDMC.in.


Course Duration & Fee: 3 months & 35,000


Course Highlights:


  • 20+ modules
  • Assignments at the end of each module for practical knowledge
  • Job placement assistance
  • Certifications from the institute and other agencies like Google
  • Covers additional topics like cyber laws, geo-targeting, international-targeting


Contact Details:

Website: www.palbabban.com | Email: info@ppctiger.com | tel:+91 981577076


#10 DigiEngland: 

Digiengland is one of the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.


Course Duration & Fee: 2 to 3 months & 30,000 + taxes


Course Highlights: 


  • 36+ modules
  • 80% practical training sessions
  • Double your business with internet
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Learn to optimize and have a good presence on social media
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Get experience in digital strategies
  • Pump your career & empower yourself for a better job & future
  • Create campaigns on your own


Contact Details:

Website: www.digiengland.in | Email: digienglanddm@gmail.com | tel:+91 7888854547



  1. Which are the top digital marketing courses in Chandigarh?

There are many distinguished online and offline digital marketing institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. This list includes some of the top-grade courses offered.

  1. Why is a digital marketing course significant in today’s time?

The internet is a very potent medium for jobs and can be a great way to start or restart your career.  Therefore, taking up an internet marketing curriculum ensures you have incisive knowledge of digital modules. You get to learn new and advanced information to get the most coveted jobs.

  1. What is the course fee for digital marketing courses in Chandigarh?

The course fee at any digital marketing institute varies from 25000 to 65000 for a comprehensive course in Chandigarh.



Above are some of the best institutes that provide the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. We hope this topic will help you make the right choice in selecting the right institute that addresses your needs. Wish you all the best.


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