Top 12 Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat in 2022

In this article, we would learn about what is digital marketing, what does a digital marketing course offers us, and what are the best digital marketing courses in Gujarat. The objective is to learn the important aspects of this rapidly growing career skill is known as digital marketing.


List of best digital marketing courses in Gujarat


In 2022 we have seen a sudden boom in career options which are an output of the Internet. Across various such professions and money earning opportunity that has been created by this very process. One is the digital marketing market and the professions related to it. The rising demand has also increased the relevance of the courses that provide good digital marketing training.


What is digital marketing?


Digital marketing is the online marketing of the services and products on an online platform via desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. In the broad perspective of the world, all the relevant social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also the potential platforms where customers are reached by the business brands- local or global.


The importance and influence of social media platforms and just the internet in general on people is immense. This fact has led to a significant rise in the demand for digital marketing of the business. A good digital marketing strategy helps a business set itself apart from its competitors and also establish a good brand image among the people.


That is the very reason why people are constantly looking forward to hiring good digital market specialists that can help the business increase its reach and also help in building a positive brand image among potential customers.


What does a digital marketing course offer?


A digital marketing course helps the student to study the structural process of digital marketing. The student is taught about the various practices on the internet that helps in building the brand image of the business while also trying to increase the reach of the business among potential customers which as mentioned above is one of the main objective of the client before hiring a digital marketing specialist.


A digital marketing course holds relevance because of the variation that is present in social networking sites. The social networking sites differ from each other in their basic nature and also the people present on them. Therefore the approach of practicing digital marketing also differs from platform to platform.


These minor but significant details are taught to students by the digital marketing training courses. The courses are specially designed in a way that the student is able to grasp the concept which is relevant in the market today and not outdated. All the courses have the vision to provide practical learning and practical training to the students.


Who can join a digital marketing course and which course should be selected?


A digital marketing course can be crucial to job-seeking students, fresher, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, marketing specialists, and small business owners. There are no mandatory academic eligibility criteria for a person who is aspiring to take up a digital marketing course. However, the courses are more beneficial to individuals who are growth-centric.


Anyone who is willing to put in the effort and a good deal of time would be able to draw benefits from these courses. Thus, limiting the scope of a digital marketing course to people with only a sales background would not be right. The implementation and execution of the best digital marketing practices are results of critical thinking supplemented with creative thinking.


Therefore it is an open course for all. But, the market is full of options. Many opportunity seekers want to take up a course but the choice of the right course seems difficult that’s why we have come up with the top 12 digital marketing courses which can guide you to choose the best course for you.


These courses are hand-picked by us after thorough review and study about all the available courses in Gujarat. The list enlists both online as well as offline courses that are available in Gujarat.


Top 12 Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat


Rank# 1. Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat


1.  IIM Skills


IIM Skills provide a master digital marketing course. IIM Skills is an institute that has been recognized by the government of India. Thus, the credibility of the certification they provide is increased. The course focuses on practical learning supplemented with assignments and case studies.


IIM Skills also offers you lifetime access to their training material and class recordings so that students’ knowledge is never outdated and the student is able to keep up with the evolving and ever reforming market. They promise you five months of comprehensive live training. They offer you around forty digital marketing modules.


Duration: 3 Months


In the course, they offer you a two-month paid internship with a fixed stipend of six thousand INR. They also promise you more than fifteen live projects, more than ten case studies, and a variety of tools that would help you boost your work. The major highlight of the course is personalized mentorship and the paid internship which they offer you for around two months.


Other Courses


Rank# 2. Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat


2. Google


One the first spot is Google which offers you online digital marketing courses under the name Google Digital Marketing Courses. It offers you free courses regarding the domains of career and business development. It talks about digital marketing training in detail.


Other courses offered by Google regarding the same domain are fundamentals of digital marketing, how to start an online business, how to make sure customers find you online, how to promote a business with online advertising, how to expand a business to different countries, cell marketing, sell an enterprise with content marketing, social media advertising, and youtube course.


As a beginner, the course is an ultimate guide that would help you set your best foot forward in the digital marketing industry. The duration of the course depends on the candidate as it is an evergreen online course that is suitable for the students.


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Rank# 3. Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat


3. Semrush Academy


On the third spot is Semrush which is the founder company of one best digital marketing tools. The main purpose behind this was to serve their users and audience even better. The Semrush Academy has a variety of free digital marketing courses.

IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

The courses cover topics like search engine optimization, content marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing. The courses’ main language is English. This course is free to register for. The course includes all the beginner as well as advanced level concepts of the above-mentioned aspects of digital marketing.


Rank# 4. Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat


4. HubSpot


On the third spot is the HubSpot offers you digital marketing courses under the name Hubspot online marketing courses. Hubspot is one of the major companies in the digital marketing domain. They provide you with a first-rate variety of gear that incorporates CRM, search engine optimization gear, content material marketing, and sales.


It includes a lot of topics like inbound marketing, content marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and contextual marketing. The duration of the course is purely dependent on the learner. This course is also an evergreen online course where a student can enroll himself and learn as he like. The major highlights of the course are easy to use environment offered by the course.


Rank# 5. Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat


5. Udemy


On the fifth spot is Udemy which is the leading online learning platform these days. They offer a number of courses which cover a large range of topics of marketing starting from marketing to Google ads and sales. The flagship course that would offer you all the important key aspects of digital marketing is known as the Complete Digital Marketing course bundle.


The major highlight of the course is the relevance it holds for a complete beginner since it covers everything, from website marketing to social media promotion tactics and techniques.


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Rank# 6. Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat


6. Optinmonster


On the sixth spot is Optinmonster which is one of the most effective tools present in the market to increase website conversions. Their objective to educate their users led them to create a good number of free courses that cover topics related to e-mail marketing and conversion optimization.


In the digital market, online traffic and its conversion is an important aspect that has been exclusively covered, taught, and dealt with by optinmonster. Therefore it grabs the sixth spot on our list of top digital marketing courses in Gujarat.


Rank# 7. Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat




On the seventh spot is IIDE which is among the leading institute for digital marketing. They believe in customized, precise, and real-world relevant-based curricula. They promise to bring their students high-quality video courses which are created and led by top industry experts.


They also promise to provide weekly live online sessions with various trainers to solve the doubts and queries of the students. The major highlights of the course include resume and interview training along with one on one mentoring for every student.


Duration: 3-4 Months


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Rank# 8. Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat


8. BrandVeda


On the eighth spot is BrandVeda which is one of the renowned digital marketing institutes in Gujarat. It was founded in 2014. They already have been on a successful path of training over seventeen thousand students and among them, thousands of students have been already placed in digital marketing companies.

IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

They offer you a curriculum that compromises practical training along with the theory that would uplift their student’s placement opportunities as they come to an end of this course. The major highlights of this course include case study exercises related to the industry and a research-based internship.


Duration: 2 Months


Rank# 9. Digital Marketing training in Gujarat


9. Learning Catalyst


On the ninth spot is Learning catalyst which is among the leading institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Gujarat. It was founded in 2008 and finally, it has gained itself a mention-worthy name amongst the other courses in Gujarat. They have designed a vivid curriculum that is affordable for students and fresher.


The faculty consists of experienced trainers in the digital sphere. The faculty has also been the founder of successful names like Fast Web Group, Digi Chefs, Web step-up, and


Duration: 2 Months


The major highlights of the course are the affordable fee the structure they offer along with the free digital marketing tools they provide their students.


Rank# 10. Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat


10. Digitalkal


On the tenth spot is Digitalkal which promises its students that it would not just provide digital marketing training but also e-commerce training. They offer this course to students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate freelancers.


Their main objective is to give their students a detailed experience of the digital market. Digitalkal has been established by professionals who have been training students in the digital market for more than twenty years.


Duration: 3 Months


The major highlights of the course are the lifetime study material access that they provide to their students and the free demo sessions that they hold for potential learners.


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Rank# 11. Digital Marketing Training in Gujarat


11. ASDM


On the eleventh spot stands Ahmedabad school of digital marketing which is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Gujarat. It was founded in 2012. They promise to offer you complete job-oriented training and provide you cent percent job placements as you reach the end of the course.


The faculty team consists of trainers and experts from renowned institutes like the Indian Institute of Management and the Indian Institute of technology. Their objective and firm belief endorses practical training along with practical learning.


Duration: 2 Months


The major highlights of the course include the freelancer training they provide along with the cent percent placement assistance they promise their Students.


Rank# 12. Digital Marketing Training in Gujarat


12. MICA


On the twelfth spot is the course offered by MICA promises to train its students in the field of digital marketing and the key aspect of all business- communication. They also promise to provide you with different projects related to the industry along with tools that act as boosters.


They have a special case study to help their students get an in-depth insight into the digital market. The main focus is on the clarity of concepts among students. The duration of the course is for more than six months. They promise to offer you a flexible offline course training period. The major highlights of the course include live projects and mock interviews by hiring managers.




1. Who can join the digital marketing course?

Anyone who has a keen interest in learning digital promoting ideas will select this course. To be specific, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Graduates, and undergraduates. Marketing heads and advertising professionals can also go ahead with this course. For beginners in content writing, blogging and small to medium scale businessmen can also opt for the same. It is also best suited for anybody who has little to no background in business.


2. What is the scope of the course that I will choose?

As this digital era is stuffed with countless enthusiasm-associated competitions, there is increasing demand for professionals who are well-versed on the net selling campaigns. Candidates have many scopes to even establish their own consultancy, turning into freelancers, or functioning on increasing online visibility for different enterprises and clients.


3. Will I get a certificate?

Each and every course provides you with a certificate. Mostly these are e-certificates that can easily be added to LinkedIn profiles and can be used for further reference.


4. Along with the digital experience, will I get practical experience by joining the course?

Our coaching is going to be a mix of theory and follow for every module. we have a tendency to conjointly give live exposure on comes and provides assignments to check your talent sets. However, you can not become skilled in the number of months. The course can provide you with robust fundamentals on that you’ll be able to build your expertise. However, our courses will scale back the time for you to become an expert.


5. In the long run, are there job prospects abroad for Digital Marketing?

Since Digital promoting may be a global state of affairs and with the type of ability and knowledge you hold, you’ll be able to take care of several global job listing portals to seek out the listed jobs for Digital Marketing and conjointly bear in mind being the product of Asian country you’re prepared for the worldwide excellence after this course.




The growth of social networking sites and Internet users has expanded both the limits as well as the reach of the digital market. The demand for good digital market specialists is increasing all over India as India is in an entrepreneurial-oriented economic growth phase.

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