Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Gurgaon With Placements

 Are you interested in digital marketing? Are you from Haryana looking for a digital marketing course? You have come to the right place at the right time to know where you can get quality insights about digital marketing courses in Gurgaon. Here, in this very article, the top standard digital marketing courses are picked and their details are listed. 


List of the best digital marketing courses in Gurgaon


As the important financial, industrial, and millennium city of India, Gurgaon, lies near New Delhi and in the state of Haryana, aspirants can easily get here for pursuing. That is why this article aims to list the digital marketing courses in Gurgaon.


Before getting into the list, get an overview of digital marketing and its importance. No companies, MNCs, or businesses can win customers online in absence of digital marketing. Shortly, this digital world needs digital marketing for growth.


The internet has a huge source of customers and is easy to target. Over billions of users over the internet is the real deal for businesses, right?  That’s why the demand for digital marketing increases day by day to win over competitions in the market.


What is the Role of Digital Marketers Online?


Digital marketers create a marketing plan for the company’s website, create the content of the product in it, optimize it to reach the customers and buy the product.

These are done by professional digital marketers hired by the company. These digital marketing courses in Gurgaon listed in this article will help you to achieve professionalism and get a career as a full-fledged digital marketer.


Digital Marketing Courses in Gurgaon


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a top-tier digital marketing course provider worldwide. The organization is successfully running and experienced tremendous growth in just 7 years of time. IIM Skills is always known for its world-class curriculum for the courses they offer.


IIM Skills analyses the market and updates its curriculum to the latest updates in the digital world, especially in Gurugram. So, experts who train the candidates were highly skilled, experienced, and intellectual with marketing strategies.


The organization also provides courses like content writing and GST certification that greatly assist your content and finance in the digital marketing area. IIM Skills understands the whole digital marketing concept and aims to turn their students into digital marketing jargon.


The learning process for candidates will focus on digital marketing for a business as it would cover both industrial and freelancing as well. The certifications of IIM are the most valued and supportive content for your portfolio.


Why IIM Skills Digital Marketing Courses Ranked No. 1 in the World?


IIM Skills have one of the updated and peculiar modules that are designed particularly to provide world-class standards through their courses. In addition to that, the salient features offered by them are much worthy and will assist you for life long. Since IIM Skills wants to break the location barrier, every course offered by them is conducted online in an organized way.


Salient Features of Digital Marketing Course at IIM Skills


As IIM Skills ranked top in the list of digital marketing courses in Gurgaon, you must know about certain salient features provided by them.

  1. The program consists of 180 hours of comprehensive training with 15+ projects and case studies
  2. The module that covers every corner of the digital marketing arena that makes you a professional digital marketer
  3. Master Certification from IIM Skills along with other 13 certifications
  4. 3 months of guaranteed internships
  5. Get your hands on podcasts from Spotify, Apple Music, and Google
  6. Launch your first niche YouTube channel
  7. 70k worth of premium tools and so on


What is the Module of the Digital Marketing Course at IIM Skills?

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Keyword analysis
  4. Indexing and Crawling
  5. Google Search Console
  6. Google Algorithms
  7. Use of Plugins
  8. WordPress Management
  9. Shopping Advertising
  10. Display Advertising
  11. Search Advertising
  12. Facebook Pixel, Advertising
  13. LinkedIn Marketing and Ads
  14. SEO influence through GMB
  15. Landing Page Optimization
  16. Web Visitors Engagements
  17. Marketing Funnel
  18. Initiate your Email marketing channel
  19. Social Media Automation
  20. YouTube Analytics
  21. Re-Marketing


Course Details:


IIM Skills provides the most affordable course within the digital marketing courses in Gurgaon in an accurate time period. The course fee is INR 34900+ GST for 5 months duration. The additionally guaranteed internships will be done at either IIM Skills or other partnered companies. You will also receive a letter of recommendation along with the certifications.




Weekly assignments on topics regarding web development, SEO, SMM, email marketing, etc. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to take Google and HubSpot examinations and receive additional 11 certifications.


With the history of alumni who got employed at companies like BMW, KPMG, IBM, Dell, etc., IIM skills can provide a quality placement assurance and assistance to their students. These are the factors that place IIM Skills at the top of this list of digital marketing courses in Gurgaon.


Cons:  Even though the classes are conducted in an organized way with many interactive sessions, candidates might miss the offline classroom sessions.


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Contact Details of IIM Skills

Call at: +91 9911839503


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IIM Skills digital marketing course free demo invite


2. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya claims to be the first institute to introduce SMM (Social Media Marketing) seminars in 2009. It is an educational firm that is well known for providing courses for data science skill development & enablement and digital marketing.


Since digital vidya had started providing educational services, it had trained almost 60,000 professionals across the world and advised over 15000 brands. Yes, Digital Vidya also provides digital marketing services to growing organizations.


Some popular clients that worked with digital vidya are TATA, HCL, Make My Trip, Radio City, Viacom, etc. They also have worked with top-tier business organizations and that is why they understand the influence of digital marketing. And so, they created the module in the course such a way to train the candidates as successful digital marketers.


The Module of Digital Vidya Digital Marketing Course:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Inbound Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Specialized Digital Marketing Topics
  7. Facebook Marketing
  8. Web Analytics


Course Details:


The digital marketing course by Digital Vidya has two variations. The first variation is 3-4 months duration that is purely classroom training and the other one is 4-7 months duration online. The course fee for this course is INR 49,999 + GST. Based on the number of trained candidates from Digital Vidya, it stands at 2nd in these digital marketing courses in Gurgaon.


Pros: You will receive in-depth learning about every module in time with 8 different certifications provided at various phases of the program. Additionally, there are two internship programs that will build your skills.


Cons: Despite the lengthy course duration, the provided duration time does not seem to be accurate. If you are on the verge of finding a quick career out of it, this might not be for you.



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3. DIDM- Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing


As per the name, DIDM was issued in 2009 at Delhi to conduct degree programs, placement, and training. Then it developed further by implementing a digital marketing course.


DIDM has a total of three branches in major cities of India including Preet Vihar, Gurugram, and Hyderabad. DIDM accomplished the Assocham and Justdial award for promoting the best digital marketing course. Presently, DIDM launched two additional branches in Pitampura and Noida.


Companies such as Leixir, Elofic, NextByte, Droom, etc., hired professionals who pursued at DIDM. With a good testimonial for this institution, it took the third position at the digital marketing courses in the Gurgaon catalog.


Job preparation and training at DIDM were given by experts with over 8 years of experience. The module of the digital marketing master course covers around 54 topics which is a plus over other digital marketing courses in Gurgaon.


The Module of the DIDM Digital Marketing Course

1.    Digital Marketing Overview

  1. Basics of Digital Marketing Process
  2. Understanding the Marketing Process
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Mobile Marketing
  6. E-Commerce Marketing
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Planning a Marketing Strategy
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Online Reputation Management
  12. PPC lead generation for Business
  13. Local Business Listing
  14. Search Engine Algorithm
  15. Google Webmaster Tool
  16. Search Engine Algorithm
  17. Inbound Marketing
  18. AdSense
  19. Freelance Projects
  20. Search Engine Optimization
  21. Blogging
  22. Fundamentals of Video Marketing
  23.  Competitor analysis
  24. Black Hat SEO Techniques
  25. Interview Preparations


Course Details:


In the three variations of digital marketing courses offered by DIDM, the master course is a recommended one. This provides both online and offline options for the candidates. The classroom training extends up to 5 months and the online class extends up to 6 months duration.


The course fee for the Digital Marketing Master Course by DIDM is Rs. 48490 + 8728 tax only. You can also register by paying the fee in 2 installments which results in paying 51490 + 9268 (18% GST) = Rs 60758.


Pros: You will receive almost 20 certificates as a whole by the end of the course. With 24 hours Q&A forum, 500+ hours of training, you will also get a Hykoons Themes membership with this course.


Cons: It is good to know that you will get the recorded sessions of the classes. But the recordings aren’t added to the customized and advanced course variations. This clearly explains that interested candidates are indirectly compelled to enroll in the master’s course and pay more.


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4. AIMA – Digital Marketing Course


All India Management Association (AIMA) is a developing digital marketing course provider all over India. This is the only management that was aggregated by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AIMA). Currently, over 500 students were successfully trained by AIMA.


This course mainly focuses on enriching the ability to design, create, monitor, evaluate, and other marketing techniques within their students. Students who have over 70% attendance pursuing here will be eligible for availing of the placement assistance. Also, AIMA concentrates on giving practical knowledge more than theoretical.


The Module of AIMA’s Digital Marketing Course

  1. Mobile Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content and Blog Marketing
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Web Development
  7. e-Commerce
  8. Digital Media Planning
  9. Search Engine Marketing
  10. Google AdWords, Display Network
  11. Display Advertising


Course Details:


The digital marketing course by AIMA is a one-year course that consists of two semesters. This course has the longest duration among all the digital marketing courses in Gurgaon.


Since it is AICTE approved, an evaluation test will be carried out each semester. If you are genuinely interested in the long-term certification course, then inspect the fee details by directly contacting AIMA.  



The main advantage of AIMA is that they train the students on web development with two major platforms, i.e., WordPress and Wix. So, it would be easier to develop a business or commercial website easily.


Cons: The time duration for the digital marketing course is much longer compared to the courses out there. Aspiring students can surely complete the course within a year.


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5. DM Guru


DM Guru was established in the year 2017 and was enhanced further from 2020, and has been successfully running since. The main headquarters of DM Guru is located at Gurgaon, and the classes are conducted offline only.


DM Guru understands the requirements of SEO, PPC, SMO, ORM, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, etc., and tries to focus on developing these qualities for the students.


DM Guru presents an advanced curriculum with industrial exposure and projects. The training is guided only by industrial experts and IT professionals. The organization also provides similar courses such as SEO training, SMO training, PPC training, WordPress training, etc.


The Module of DM Guru Digital Marketing Course

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  2. Web services and Website
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Google AdWords and analytics
  5. E-Commerce Marketing
  6. Social Media Optimization


Course Details:


It is one of the short-span digital marketing courses in Gurgaon. However, the course fees for this course are 44,000 INR+ GST. The course duration will be divided into three parts named fast track, corporate training, and live projects. Training will be provided accordingly.




You can have live class sessions every week directly at the DM Guru headquarters which is located at 130, JMD Megapolis. This is the most convenient digital marketing course in Gurgaon for the local members to pursue.




Since the course is only available offline, aspirants from the other cities of Haryana possibly would not enroll for it. Also, the other separate courses offered by the DM Guru should be basically attached with the digital marketing module, which is not. So, the module for DM Guru digital marketing is comparatively lesser than other digital marketing courses in Gurgaon.

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6. Pace Career – Digital Marketing Course


Pace career academy was running for the past 12 years teaching digital marketing and Human Resources training courses. Ever since Pace Career has been implemented, they have partnered with over 153 companies including Google. The training was led by the expert trainers by providing practical exposure to the students and placement assistance.

The digital marketing course by Pace Career concentrates on teaching only online. As they promise, they are indeed providing benefits such as ROI, balanced portfolio, and study materials under the experienced management team.


The Module of Pace Career Digital Marketing Course

  1. Lead Generation Tactics
  2. E-Commerce Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Online Display Advertising
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Search Engine Optimization
  8. Social Media Planning
  9. Website Planning and Creation
  10. Digital Marketing full fundamentals
  11. Infographics
  12. Remarketing and Retargeting
  13. Freelance Projects
  14. Online Reputation Management
  15. AdSense
  16. Affiliate Marketing
  17. Internet Marketing Strategies
  18. Content strategy and marketing


Course Details:


Pace Careers give more than 50 modules which will be enclosed under the above-given module. Candidates will be certified with 11 certificates that ensure their knowledge. You will also get some salient features like free domain & hosting, creating ad campaigns, LMS, an internship letter, and free business tools.




These salient features are the prior reason for ranking Pace Career in this list of digital marketing courses in Gurgaon.


Cons: Pace Career only reveals their course fee details while enrolling for the course. Prior to that, for the past 12 years, the Pace career institute has managed to train over 5900 candidates only.


7. W3Training School – Digital Marketing Course


W3 Training School is the wing of Netscape India Pvt Ltd that aims to provide quality training to its candidates. In such a way, they could generate qualified IT professionals into the market. W3 Training School wants its students to prepare their marketing strategy by the end of the course.


Candidates will have complete knowledge of lead generation tactics, analyzing the overall performance and ROI of a strategy. The module of this course is designed especially for freelancing opportunities for job seekers, working professionals, and Business entrepreneurs.


The Module of W3 Training School Digital Marketing Course

  1. Basics of Digital Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Inbound Marketing
  4. E-Commerce Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Online Bidding and freelancing
  7. Google Analytics
  8. PPC Advertising
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Mobile Marketing
  11. Display Advertising
  12. Social Media Optimization
  13. Advanced SEO
  14. Research and Analysis
  15. Online Money Making
  16. Online Reputation Management
  17. Website Planning and Creation
  18. Reputation Management
  19. Google Search Console
  20. Graphic Design for Digital


Course Details:


Currently, only weekend batches are available for the digital marketing course at W3 Training School. You can register for the course by paying 1000 INR on their website. Previously, the course fee for this course was INR 30,000. If that is a current fee, it will be one of the affordable digital marketing courses in Gurgaon.




Those who aspire to do freelance as a digital marketer can opt for this course. You can also pay the course fees in installments without zero percent EMI charges.




The number of modules is comparatively low with just 29 modules overall.


8. Digital Academy – Corporate Digital Marketing Training


Digital Academy has been started as an initiative 7 years before and has been providing digital marketing training as well as consultancy. The organization began to develop for the past two years and also trained over 5000 professionals. Currently, the Digital Academy adjoins the Digital Vidya to widen its curriculum.


Digital Academy converges its focus to the quantitative and data-driven features of digital marketing. You can drive the knowledge the course offers into startups, medium, or large enterprises. The course will follow the steps from the syllabus design in a diagnostic way and appropriate training will be provided.


The Module of Digital Academy Corporate Digital Marketing Training

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Pay Per Click Advertising
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Online Reputation Management
  7. Web Analytics (GA Framework)
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Lead Generation for Business
  10. Mobile Marketing
  11. Integrated Digital Marketing Communications


Course Details:


It is an online mode of instructor-led classes only with both weekly and weekend batches. The course duration varies from 4 – 7 months. The course fee for the digital marketing course by Digital Academy is INR 41182 + taxes.




The time and schedule for the candidates are flexible as per their preference. Additionally, you will be provided with online study materials for lifetime access.




The number of certifications details have to be clearly enquired by the candidates who wish to apply for.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the best digital marketing courses in Haryana?


The best digital marketing courses in Gurgaon as well as in other parts of Haryana are,

  1. IIM Skills
  2. Digital Vidhya
  3. DIDM (Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing)
  4. AIMA (All India Management Association)
  5. DM Guru
  6. Pace Career
  7. W3 Training School
  8. Digital Academy


Q2. Does article writing help a digital marketer?


Of course yes, the article and content writing are the most important features that help in creating creative content in media, websites, etc., to drive leads. You could take a content writing course to enhance your digital marketing quality.

Q3. What is the time duration for the digital marketing course at IIM Skills?


The digital marketing course at IIM Skills will be conducted for 180 hours in 3 months in addition to two guaranteed internships.




The details provided above are the updated details of the position of digital marketing courses in Gurgaon at present. This article ranked them up with the course modules, fee details, time duration, history, alumni, partner companies, their digital presence, etc. So, the courses listed here are the most recommended courses for you.


It is also recommended to check reviews on Quora, customer ratings, and digital presence by yourself before deciding on one. Apart from the course, if you ever doubt whether this track for a career is the right choice for you, don’t.


Because the digital marketing trend is getting bigger day by day with the increase in opportunity simultaneously, hence, dissolve your confusion and take any one of the digital marketing courses in Gurgaon from this list and begin your career path successfully.

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