Freelance Content Writing Blogs – A Comprehensive Guide

With the relevance of freelance content writing blogs, writers fill a significant role in contemporary businesses, and organizations embracing digital promotion. Freelance writers’ daily content helps a variety of digital promotions to draw consumers’ attention to their clients’ businesses.  They post content on platforms like company websites, WordPress, and social media. A freelance author sometimes writes concerning varied topics by researching data to swing that data along in their own words and giving their own sources. Although they need no inherent data on a specific topic, freelance writers can write as per the client’s wants.


A guide to Freelance content writing blogs


Advantages and Drawbacks of Freelance Writing Over Blogging:


1. Freelance writing and blogging are abundantly common, both can be part-time jobs or full-time jobs. You can work from home or just about any place, you are the boss. That is the ground between these 2 kinds of online work, however, there are also gigantic variations between them in terms of revenue and branding. This is wherever a significant distinction between freelance blogging and writing enters the image.


2. With freelance writing, you are taking an order for a specific piece of labor, you end it, and you get paid. With blogging, on the opposite hand, you would perpetually be writing and changing your content, and therefore the cash will come back from varied sources, however, it will take time to visualize that money.


3. A freelance author sometimes writes concerning varied topics by researching data to swing that data along in their own words and giving their sources, etc, although they need no inherent data of a specific topic, freelance writers will write approximately, per the client’s requests.


4. Freelance writers are needed to supply well-researched and properly written relevant text, as asked for by the consumer. The conceptualized text can be needed for brochures, manuals, blogs, websites, newspapers, and eBooks alike. They may be the character of their project by the need to figure out with editors.


In a lighter sense, this is a job done and written as per our time and mood favors. Freelance content writing blogs have so much elasticity that you can do a regular nine to five job with stable income along with extra income with freelancing.


Relevancy of Freelance Content Writing Blogs:


  1. Media business.
  2. PR business.
  3. IT business.
  4. Digital promoting agency.
  5. Creative writers.
  6. E-commerce Company.


The way to become a creative person is through freelance content writing blogs. A college degree provides heaps of courses to require admission and create a career as per your chosen field like , BBA, BSc.,, etc. These specific courses square measure the bulk in decisions of scholars, however, their decisions appear to be light whereas obtaining placement in firms and students tend to become awake to their call.


The fresh trending “Content- writing” scope has given the trail to students to create their career in this field while not giving a lot of effort like alternative courses.  Content writing does not need any specific course to create a future career, artificial language, and your twelfth category grammar square measure enough to initiate any step.


Students graduating in mass communication or journalism courses, they would be taught to grasp in-depth ‘Content-writing.’ If you want inventive things, if you are able to fancy read and like to write down, and if you have got a basic understanding of language, communication, and writing, then Content Writing is the primary or the second income for you.


You will not solely fancy manufacturing content, however, would earn handsome cash through this passion.  As justly same, one thing that is constant is the modification itself. However, technology is revolutionizing things in a surprising manner.


Businesses, media, human relationships, Industries, and virtually every facet of life are positioning themselves within the online zone. This variation is proof of the brighter career prospects of Content Writers worldwide. As a result of this large digitization, the importance of Digital Content Creation is inevitable. If Content is significant, then the role of the Content author is momentous.


Coming home, India is the world’s six-largest economy and has a massive potential to possess its fair proportion within the online arena. Businesses in India can grow tremendously, with a lot of digitization to possess a web presence. Therefore, it is only fair to mention that the long-term of Content Writers is brighter in India than anywhere else in the world.


At the start, the opportunities return all the way down to the narrowest area. When you freelance content writing blogs, the first and basic issue is creating your own brand as an author, social media platforms, freelancing platforms, and LinkedIn will facilitate.


Then comes the more durable half, finding purchasers. and that is not quite common, and cannot essentially happen every day. You have to be clear regarding what you are doing, and what you charge for, from the start. For freelancers, the possibility ultimately grows, with time.


However, they need to step up with their writing, posts, and promoting aspects, giving up is not a choice here, simply write every day, even if you are not obtaining any leads. It will assist you to be ready, once the project suddenly arrives, out of the blue. You get loads of writing pieces of advice. They assist you to make a comeback at the craft.


If you are a beginner in freelance content writing blogs, your goal ought to be earning your initial consumer, not the primary million. Once you have got somebody to vouch for your work, you’ll be able to consider the financial half. Befriend bloggers, they’re in large would like for content.


Start with charging less, no one provides you a rupee per word if you have got zero social proof. Start a diary and publish your best works there. Everybody tells you to not be a jack of all trades, within the initial days, it’s impossible. Work on the main niche but still attempt on several others.


You have to self-advertise. You can message prime bloggers to enquire whether or not they have an author but never pester and never ever ask about their financial gains. You will be able to use your diary posts as your samples here. Your target ought to be bloggers as you post within the initial purpose, and examine the bloggers.


You can scan now as an extension of the previous one.  There are various Content buy/sell teams, simply use the term ‘content writer’ to look on FB.  You will come across several useful links.  This seems to be the foremost range of purchasers in this fashion. A piece of advice, do not expect a hefty payment. As you get noticed for the good content, you’ll be able to elevate the valuation.


Here is a guide on How to Become a Freelance Writer


What Is the Pay for Freelance Content Writing Blogs?


Factors to Determine Your Content Writing Rates:


  1. Research Level: If they want a rigorously researched article that can attract more backlinks, position them as a credible source of information, and boost their authority in the industry, then you should increase your prices by almost fifty percent.
  2. Additional Services: If you’re doing extra work like keyword research, competitor analysis, creating blog images, etc, then ask for increased payment.
  3. Last-minute Changes: If they suddenly ask you to make changes in your creation, it will be an additional task for you to go back and edit. To avoid this, be clear from the start and if it still happens, then charge for extra work.
  4. Revisions: Set your prices for the number of revisions you will provide. If they ask for more revisions, don’t hesitate to charge accordingly. Content writing includes writing blog posts, articles, website pages, e-books, whitepapers, case studies, product descriptions, testimonials, press releases, emails, user guidelines, online courses, etc.
  5. Tutorial Creation: Creating online tutorials or courses that carry different levels of interactivity and complexity.  The higher the level of interactivity and complexity in content designing, the higher you should charge.


Five Factors to Consider Before Setting Up Course Content Prices:


  1. Course Complexity – Which and how many media are you using? (images, videos, infographics)
  2. Interactive Elements – Which and how many interactive elements are you including? (quizzes, true-false, MCQs)
  3. Length of the Course – Is it a masterclass or a mini-course?
  4. Course Expert – Are you the subject expert?
  5. Word Count Remember, if you’re adding curated content, it can’t be charged and proper credit should be given to its sources.


There are multiple freelancing platforms in India where you can take up gigs from diverse clients with various content needs. The top platforms are:

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr.
  3. Freelancer
  4. Problogger
  5. People Per Hour.
  6. Freelance Writing.
  7. Guru Narrato


If you are interested in learning more about content writing and marketing, enroll in certification courses. There are plenty of reputed institutes in the country to provide quality content writing courses as well as internship opportunities, online as well as offline.


Content writers are in incredible demand in each segment, and they get remunerated as per the skills they carry.  If you’ve got the talents and power to sell it, then it gets easier for you to crack the interview. additionally, you can expect a decent regular payment out of it. Thus, one will think about the below-mentioned pointers to understand that things will directly have an effect on your regular payment:


  1. Amount of expertise you carry.
  2. Do you have freelancing expertise or other income?
  3. What content writing skills does one carry.
  4. Your job location conjointly matters a great deal.
  5. Type of company.
  6. Job responsibilities.


Let’s discuss the common regular payment of a content author. The average regular payment a content writer will dilate can expect is close to a pair of large integers once a year.  Also, it varies as per town and location; typically, metropolitan cities like city, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad tend to supply higher salaries to content author candidates, whereas smaller cities like urban centers offer low packages to the candidates.


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Who Hires a Person for Freelance Content Writing Blogs?


There are many alternative ways to enter the freelance writing business. Some people leave a full-time job knowing they’ve created enough contacts to induce work. Some writers begin out by finding tiny writing jobs online. Others add a connected business, like promotion, and have enough of a portfolio to approach past purchasers, and others.


Freelance writing is the job of writing for cash whereas engaged on one’s own and not be held responsible by an organization. Freelance writers manufacture transcription required by their purchasers, either performing from home or in an exceedingly rented workplace area.


Writers will have many alternative purchasers, or, one terribly massive consumer with loads of steady, in-progress work.  Writers will work as generalists and canopy topics in numerous numbers or will focus on one space, like their niche. Specialists do tend to search out additional assignments and earn quite well.


Freelance writers are not plain writers; they’re collectively promoting themselves and their skills to potential shoppers. The palmy freelance author is usually a mix of the inventive author and shrewd capitalist. Writing well is simply the beginning, you want to sell yourself effectively and manage your finances.


A contract author is tasked with freelance writing composition no matter what text their shoppers want.  That’s the inventive aspect. Yet again, freelance writers typically approach their work like several different businesses, disbursal a part of their time seeking new business and also the different part of their time staying in the prime of record-keeping.


However, the writer’s time has to be dedicated to writing copy—whether it’s magazine articles, websites, press releases, blog posts, newsletters, internal company communications, or brochures. There are variations in payments for freelance content writing blogs. Every consumer has its own method and payment kind.


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Typically, a consumer can ask the author to send an invoice once the work is completed, or they pay upfront, and also the balance of the work is bimanual. Sometimes, shoppers merely desire a Paypal message reminding them their payment is due, then a cheque is distributed. Different shoppers have convoluted pc systems that tell them once it’s time to pay an author, and no action is required on the part of the freelancer.


Many people and smaller businesses rely on online payments just like the convenience of Paypal. However, massive organizations continue the additional ancient system of causing checks by the maturity date noted on submitted invoices. Whatever reasonable payment schedule is employed, the author should be specific at budgeting and cash management as a result of the concern is on them to induce payment in an exceedingly timely fashion.


It is extremely important to have a contract before you take up the job.  There are several reasons you should get a signed contract before beginning a brand-new content writing career. It will defend you if the consumer fails to pay u. Most purchasers do ante up, however in those rare instances wherever they don’t, it’s sensible to guard yourself against non-payment.


It clearly states your terms. Imagine this. You’ve been chatting with a possible shopper on Facebook or on the phone. You agree on the main points of the work. You begin operating and every one of the unexpected, the shopper is requesting additional words, faster turnaround, or additional services.


With a contract, there is no way the buyer pulls along tantrums. It collectively protects the shopper. Contracts offer purchasers peace of mind, too.   terms of service, privacy statements, payment terms, and due dates down in writing, contracts together with defending your purchasers.




  1. What qualities are required to be successful in a freelance content writing blog career?

Freelance content writing blogs is extremely flexible and alluring but also challenging as you are in your own get-up-and-go mode, you need to promote yourself.  You have to really work hard for people to notice your work.  You will have to publish an article very frequently with an edge.


  1. How do I get jobs on Freelance content writing blogs?

This job is in so much demand, you just have to take some time and browse the internet employment websites for freelance content writing blogs, there are ample opportunities.  Every company is going in for a content writer to promote their business.


  1. Are the jobs of content writing onsite or WFH?

Each client has a different mode of approach, some want you to be present in the office some are extremely flexible, and all they need is good content writing description on their product.




All in all, freelance content writing blogs is an excellent opportunity for takers. It is booming and blooming in full currently. Content writing has been a part of digital promoting, or a core feature of digital promoting would be listed. Content writing could be a well-established approach to approaching people and is the start in getting into the market. It is probably that the most contact with each website is by content writing.  The fabric is usually consumed by web users across the globe; however, search engines are the source of supply of such data so far.

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