Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Raipur

There is a phenomenal growth in demand for GST practitioners in India because of the vast economic shifts that have taken place in this country in recent years. However, GST professionals are scarce in the industry, as the concept is still new in the marketplace. Many institutes offer GST certification courses to graduates who wish to improve their skills in accounting, finance, tax, etc. If you have a degree in commerce/ finance and are looking to improve your skills before entering the professional world, this article is just for you. This article provides information about the top 10 GST certification courses in Raipur. But before heading to this, let’s get some brief information about GST.


List of best GST certification courses in Raipur


What iS GST and How Does It Work?


​​GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is a tax that replaces a host of other indirect taxes such as value-added tax, service tax, purchasing tax, excise tax, and so on. GST is collected on the provision of some goods and services in India. It’s a tax that is applied all over India.


  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer will be responsible for paying GST on the raw material purchased and the value added to the product.
  • Service Provider: Here, the service provider will be required to pay GST on the amount paid for the product and the value added to it. However, the tax paid by the manufacturer can be reduced by the overall GST payable.
  • Retailer: The retailer will be required to pay GST on the product they purchased from the distributor and on the added margin. However, the tax paid by the retailer may be reduced by the total GST payable.
  • Consumer: GST needs to be paid on the product purchased.


Types of GST


The four various types of GST are as follows:


  • Central Goods and Services Tax: The CGST is responsible for delivering goods and services within the state.
  • State Tax on Goods and Services: SGST, as CGST, is invoiced on the sale of goods or services within a State.
  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax: IGST is invoiced on interstate goods and services transactions.
  • Goods and Services Tax of the Union Territory: The UTGST is levied on the supply of goods and services in one of the Union territories of the country.


Who is Eligible for GST?


The following entities and individuals need to register for the Goods and Services Tax:


  • E-commerce aggregators
  • Individuals who provide through eCommerce aggregators.
  • Individuals who pay tax through the reverse process.
  • Agents of retailers and input service providers.
  • Non-residents who pay tax.
  • The person who signed up before the passage of the GST Act.


Tax Laws Before the Implementation of GST


  • The tax was collected separately by the Centre and the State. According to the government, the tax systems were different.
  • Although the import tax was imposed on an individual, another individual imposed the burden. In the case of direct tax, the taxpayer must pay the tax.
  • Before the introduction of the GST, India had direct and indirect taxes.


 Registration of GST


All businesses that qualify for GST must register on the GST portal created by the Government of India. Registered entities will be issued a unique registration number known as GSTIN. Registration is mandatory for all vendors, buyers, and sellers. A business that earns a total income of Rs.20 lakhs and more in a fiscal year must be required for GST registration. It takes 2-6 business days for processing.


Know the GSTIN – GST Identification Number


A distinctive 15-digit code that is provided to each taxpayer is GSTIN. The GSTIN will be provided according to the condition in which you live and the PAN. Some of the primary uses for GSTIN are:


  • Loans may be used with assistance from the number.
  • Refunds may be requested through the GSTIN.
  • The verification process is simple with help from GSTIN.
  • Corrections are possible.


GST Certificate


A GST certificate is an official document issued by the applicable authorities for a business that has been registered under the GST system. Any company with annual sales of Rs.20 lakh or more and some particular companies are required to be registered under this system. The GST registration certificate is issued under form GST REG-06.


If you are a taxpayer enrolled under this system, you can download the GST certificate from the official GST portal. The certification is not physically issued. The document is available in digital format only. GST Certificate contains


  • Legal Name
  • Types of Registration
  • Address
  • Trade Name
  • Date of liability
  • Period of Validity
  • Constitution of Business
  • Particulars of Approving Authority
  • Details of the Approving GST officer
  • Date of issue of a certificate
  • Signature


GST Returns


A GST return is a file that contains information about the income that a taxpayer must file with the authorities. That information was used to calculate a taxpayer’s tax liability. Registered dealers must file their GST returns with details about their purchases, sales, input tax credit, and GST on outputs under the Goods and Services Tax. Companies are needed to file two monthly returns and an annual return.


GST Rates


The GST Council has established GST rates for various goods and services. Although some goods can be purchased free of GST, there are others that cost 5% GST, 12% GST, 18% GST and 28% GST.


GST E-Way Bill


An electronic document file that is generated to show evidence of the movement of the goods is the E-Way invoice. The invoice can be generated through the GST Portal.


Advantages of GST


Here are the benefits of the GST in India.

  • Regulation of the unorganized sector
  • E-commerce operators are no longer subject to differential treatment.
  • Elimination of the cascading tax effect
  • Fewer complications
  • Composition scheme
  • Registering and filing returns is a simple process.
  • Higher threshold


Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Raipur


1.   IIM Skills


​​If you are looking for GST courses where you can learn sitting at home, then IIM Skills would be most suitable for you that comes under the top 10 GST certification courses in Raipur. This course provides you with Live Online GST Certification Training, including practical assignments, free eBooks, invoicing tools and software, etc. They also offer lifetime access to online sessions and 24*7 Online support with a team of GST professionals.


GST Certification Course Key Features

It deals with the basic concepts of the GST from the very beginning of its implementation. The program is updated with changes in the industry, and training methods include theoretical and practical applications of the GST. The training is carried out by industry experts based on well-researched teaching methodologies.


 The course consists of the following topics, which are divided into 9 modules:

  • Genesis and concept of GST
  • Framework and Structure
  • Invoicing
  • Returns filing
  • Input Tax Credit & Payment
  • Reverse charge mechanism
  • E-way Bill under
  • Composition scheme under GST
  • Registration


 Duration – 4 Weeks (Online)

 Course Fee – INR 9900



  • Broad Understanding of GST – Inception, Compliance, Implementation, and Enforcement.
  • Read more about the impact of the GST on businesses and agencies.
  • Practical knowledge of the processes of GST registration, TDS, Returns, and refunds
  • Prepare for employment and thoroughly understand all GST provisions.


Other Courses


2. ISEL Global


ISEL Global conducts a GST Certification course for students and professionals, which comes under the top 10 GST courses in Raipur in collaboration with the Ministry of Micro, Small and medium enterprises( MSME)  Govt. of India.


  • The training is provided by well-informed industry experts having more than 25 years of experience.
  • Live Online Interactive sessions.
  • Students will have technical support from the institute via email.


Key Features:

The students will have access to Offline tools, including  Excel offline tool, GST Study notes, and a user manual guide.


 the Following Topics Are Consist in This Course:

  • GST Concepts and basics
  • Taxation and GST basics
  • GST Returns
  • GST Registration
  • GST Invoicing
  • GST Valuation
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST legal provisions
  • Miscellaneous
  • GST Practitioner Certification Examination


Duration – 35 + hours

Course Fee – INR 7600 (Inclusive of taxes)



  • Detailed understanding of the GST provisions.
  • Understanding of various GST compliance requirements.
  • Learn more about how the GST impacts different sectors.
  • Hands-on exposure to GST registration, certification, and other similar issues.


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3. CAClubIndia


CAClubIndia is another institute that provides a GST certification course that comes under the top 10 GST certification courses in Raipur. It offered this GST course with practical case studies. It also offers video classes and ebooks.


There Are Other Parts of This Course Like,

1) Analysis of open and burning issues in GST

2) Understanding of all recent amendments and implications

3) Judgments and case studies from Advance Ruling Authorities

4) Exclusive Q&A sessions


Key Features:

This course includes topics are as follows

  • Registration
  • Levy and Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Annual report & return
  • Invoicing
  • Rules in GSTGoods and Services- Place of Supply
  • Returns & E-way Bills
  • Topics related to Supply


Duration: 61 hours

Course Fee: INR 6599



  • Updated syllabus
  • Comprehensive coverage of course topics.
  • Knowledge of the implications of the GST in a variety of sectors.




The NIIT provides an introductory course that allows students with a business background to understand the concept of the GST, its application, and its impact on the tax system. It also has the potential to be launched in partnership with Tally.


A majority of industry experts conduct the course. Students will benefit from hands-on experience with datasets for improved learning and retention. This course offers classroom learning and extensive training facilities.


Key Features:

The course provides topics that define the fundamental principle of the GST to its practical application in businesses and organizations.


The Following Topics Are Covered Under This Course:

  • GST Concepts
  • Supply-related
  • Tax-related
  • Invoicing and input credit Mechanism
  • Input related


Certification: Students will receive after the completion of the GST course:

  • Certificate of completion by NIIT
  • Tally certification for students completing the Tally Online exam.


Duration: 20 Hours



  • A clear grasp of the concepts of the GST.
  • Invoicing and input credit
  • Tax structure and refund
  • GSTN and GSP awareness


5. VSkills


This course provides an understanding of the practical aspects of the concept and helps to improve skills in accounting, finance, and taxation. The students will get a lifelong e-learning access to the course content. This is an excellent opportunity for job seekers who want to take the GST certification courses in Raipur and upgrade their skills.


Key Features:

Topics covered in this course are the following:

  • Basics of Taxation and GST
  • GST Administration
  • GST Payment
  • GST Registration
  • GST and Law
  • GST Accounting and Recordkeeping
  • IGST
  • GST in other countries



The examination will be held in an online mode. After clearing the exam successfully, you will get the certificate.


Duration: 28 hours

Course Fee: INR 4,999



  • In-depth knowledge of topics related to GST.
  • Upgrading skills and thus employability.


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6. GST India Expert


Their GST certification courses in Raipur are designed for freshers as well as industry experts, included in the top 10 GST certification courses in Raipur, keeping in mind the increasing demands of the growing industry. This is a classroom course held on weekdays and weekends at various ICA EduSkills Pvt.Ltd centers in India. The GST Executive course offered by India Expert provides a deep insight into the GST framework, helping to lay the foundation for a career as a GST expert.


Key Features:

The content of this course includes complete coverage of GST and in-depth training in Excel, Tally, and Business Accounting.


The Following Topics Are Covered:

  • Introduction to GST
  • Levy and Collection of Tax
  • Supply related
  • Valuations
  • Interest & Penalty
  • Input-Output matching
  • Input tax credit
  • Registration
  • Returns
  • Payments
  • Invoices & Records
  • Transitional Provisions
  • IGST



The Certificate will be provided by GSTindiaexpert, upon completion of the course.


Duration: 60 hours

Course Fee: Not mentioned



  • Extensive knowledge of the GST.
  • Simulation software on GSTN
  • Important topics receive special consideration.


7. Educba


Lifelong access to course content is another highlight of the curriculum. Educba delivers the course through online and video tutorials and can be followed on their website or via a mobile application. They provide technical support to students during their courses. It is one of the top 10 GST Certification courses in Raipur for graduates having basic knowledge about taxation and accounting.


Key features:

Industry experts teach the concept of the GST through numerical examples. The course encourages learning at its own pace, and the following topics are included in the course, which is broken down into 10 modules:


  • Taxable event ad scope of supply
  • Goods and services charges
  • Reverse charge mechanism
  • Composition Levy
  • Place of supply
  • Time of supply
  • Job work
  • Taxable person and registration
  • Determination of value of supply
  • Input tax credit



A certificate of completion will be given to students after the end of the course.


Duration: 21 hours

Course Fee: INR 19,999



  • Gain a good understanding of the meaning of Goods and Services and how GST works
  • Be able to determine who should pay GST and how to enroll.


8. ConsultEase


ConsultEase comes under the top 10 GST Certification courses in Raipur for graduates, including the case study approach, and provides clarity on basic concepts and dealing with practical issues.


Key Features:

The course consists of 14 modules ranging from fundamentals to professional concepts:

  • Basic Concept and Constitutional background
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Levy, Exemptions, and supply
  • Refund
  • Registration
  • Returns
  • Offense & Penalty
  • E-Way Bill
  • Search, Seizure, and detention
  • Appeal
  • Export of goods
  • Export of Services
  • Arrest
  • Custom provisions


Duration: 35 hours

Course fee: INR 6000

Certification: The certificate provided by ConsultEase will be provided to students after the course completion.



  • Perfect for beginners
  • Matters related to GST compliance and filing are covered
  • Delivers practical knowledge


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9. Renaissance Institute of Skill Enhancement (RISE)


RISE provides the course developed by a group of CA and GST Experts. Being one of the top 10 GST certification courses in Raipur for graduates, and professionals, it optimizes GST knowledge, making the sessions interactive and self-paced.


Key Features:

The course will be made available for students in the online format. The content will be accessible to students as per the calendar before the expiry of validity.


Topics Covered in Their GST Certification Courses in Raipur:

  • GST Registration
  • GST Overview
  • Levy & Tax Collection
  • Administration
  • Concepts of Input Tax Credit
  • Supply of Goods & Services
  • Accounts & Records
  • Invoice Debit & Credit Note
  • Refunds & Input Tax Credit
  • Returns
  • Assessments


Duration: 20+ hours (Valid for 365 days)

Certification: The certificate will be issued after the assessment

Course Fee: INR 2000 (Taxes excluded)



  • Suitable for beginners as the explanation is done with actual examples, video lectures, etc.
  • Self-paced learning process
  • Industry experts design the course.


10. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin educational institution is another GST course that is in the top 10 GST certification courses in Raipur. It is a reputed educational institution that provides live online and classroom sessions.


Key Features:

  • Excel to prepare GST returns and Includes V-lookup.
  • How to export data from Tally.
  • Accounting software for GST courses in India Accounting and taxation courses.


Duration – 32 hours (Online)

Course Fee – INR 12500



●    The program is updated with the changes in Industry

●     100% practical training

●     Free one-year membership of finance academy worth INR 4000

●     160 corporate clients


Factual Added Questions (FAQ)


1. How long is it going to take to register for the GST?

An unregistered person has 30 days to complete his or her registration formalities from his or her date of responsibility to obtain registration.


2. How can one use SGST credit for the payment of IGST in another state?

SGST Credit can be used to pay IGST liability under the same GSTIN only.


3. Are registered dealers required to register Aadhaar/PAN when selling goods to unregistered dealers?

Under the GST Act, it is not necessary to take the client’s Aadhaar/PAN details.




These top GST certification courses for students and working professionals will enhance the opportunities multiple times for degree holders in the areas of finance, law, and commerce. There is a 14% increase in employment expected in related segments of the GST and also as a result of the promotion of the manufacturing industry through the Make in India initiative. But the level of professional expertise required within the industry is very high. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep up to date on the latest concepts and changes in laws related to GST.


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