Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum

Looking for GST certification courses in Trivandrum? Here is all the information you need to know about GST and its certification course available in Trivandrum. But before we look at the courses, let’s first understand GST and the need to learn it. It is a comprehensive tax system applied to the sales of goods and services. A single indirect tax is introduced to replace other indirect taxes such as service tax, value-added tax, purchase tax, etc.


List of best GST certification courses in Trivandrum


The government of India introduced the GST act in 2017, intending to streamline all indirect taxes levied on goods and services throughout the country, based on the notion of ‘One nation-one tax market’. The main purpose of introducing GST is to simplify the tax framework, provide ease in tax compliance onus, increase the tax base, and ultimately lower the final rate of goods and services.


It is the uniform tax that is applied throughout India. Before the implementation of GST, central and state governments collected taxes separately and it varies from state to state.




Though it is implemented on July 1st, 2017, the seed for a new tax regime is planted in 2000 by the prime minister via setting up a committee to draft the GST law. In 2006, the finance minister proposed the introduction of GST from April 1st, 2010 and in 2011 a constitutional amendment bill was also passed for the introduction of the GST law but could not be passed in Rajya sabha.


A couple of years later, i.e in2012, the standing committee started a discussion about GST and tabled a report in 2013. In 2014, Arun Jaitley, the then prime minister, reintroduced the GST bill in Lok sabha and the bill was passed in 2015 but it was again delayed due to not being passed in Rajya sabha.


It finally went live in 2016 as the GST law was passed in both houses. It also gets assent from the president of India around the same time. The new tax regime and its passed supplementary bills w implemented on the 1st of July 2017.


Benefit of GST


GST has the following benefits for businesses, consumers, and the government:

  • GST is the unified tax for any goods and services, hence making the entire process of paying tax less complicated for taxpayers.
  • The E-commerce sector now doesn’t have to pay each state differently because of GST.
  • GST registration process and filing returns are very simplified because of their perfect composition.
  • It has a higher threshold, that is, businesses with less than 20 lakh get exemption from GST.
  • It also helps in the regulation of the unorganized sector of India.


Why Enroll in GST Courses?


GST is an ever-growing and ever-expanding law as the GST council keeps on revising the tax rates, GST policies, and law. GST training aims to keep you updated about the recent development and changes in GST, making you job-ready.


A certified GST practitioner is high in demand as companies are hiring GST experts. It is predicted that the GST tax regime is expected to create thousands of jobs. After completing the GST certification courses in Trivandrum you’ll become suitable to get one of those high-pay jobs in GST.


After getting certified and ample experience one can consider opening a tax consultancy. As companies need guidance while filling the GST, you can offer your consultancy to them.


Here are some of the other lucrative courses in Trivandrum:


Eligibility to Enroll for GST Courses


Any graduate and postgraduate looking forward to taking the GSTP (GST Practitioner) exam to become a certified practitioner can enroll in the GST certification courses in Trivandrum or elsewhere in India. If you are a lawyer, CA, or a finance professional who wants to achieve the professional goal in taxation, then enrolling in GST courses can be very helpful for you.


GST Practitioner (GSTP) exam is conducted by NACIN twice a year, to become a practitioner a candidate has to appear in this exam. Usually, they notify about the exam schedule and a candidate gets two years to complete the assessment. There are also certain pre-requisite a candidate needs to have to take this GSTP exam.


They are:

  • should be an Indian citizen.
  • He/she should be of sound mind.
  • A candidate should not be insolvent.
  • A candidate must not be convicted for more than two years.


To write the GST practitioner exam, the practitioner should also need to have any of the mentioned educational qualifications or work experience mentioned above, here is the detailed information:


  • A retired or ex-officer of the commercial tax department of any state or central government for more than two years.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as sales tax practitioner or tax return payee.
  • Graduate or postgraduate in law, banking, auditing, business management, administration, and commerce
  • must have cleared the finals of the Institute of chartered accountants of India, Institute of cost accountants of India, Institute of company secretaries of India.

Exam Pattern and Fee

The examination is 2 hours and 30 minutes, having 100 multiple choice questions for 200 marks. A candidate needs to score a minimum of 50%, i.e, 100 marks to clear the examination. A nominal fee of INR 500 is charged to the candidates.


Career Opportunities


GST is the buzzword in the taxation world, it changed the whole tax scenario for everyone in India. Filling and compliances of GST were mandatory even during the lockdown. Compliance with GST is mandatory for every cooperation and business, and this created large job opportunities for people in this niche.


Some of the Most Popular Job Profiles in GST Are:


  1. Tax Manager: Companies require a professional who takes care of their taxation matters both direct and indirect (GST). A company may have a separate manager for direct and indirect taxes. To become a GST tax manager one requires to have an understanding of GST and its portal, drafting skills, and good knowledge of Ms excel and word.


  1. Tax Research Analyst: Large corporations need tax research analysts because of their complex structure and transaction. Large cooperation signs contracts now and then and they need a taxation analyst to look at the contract from a tax point of view to make it profitable.


  1. GST Compliance Practice: Most small businesses and some large businesses outsource their compliances to GST compliance professionals. Professionals with the knowledge of compliance do this practice independently.


  1. GST Practitioner: GST law allows the individual taxpayer to hire a GST practitioner to carry out the certain function for taxpayers. To become a GST practitioner one needs to qualify for the GSTP exam conducted by NACIN.


  1. GST Trainer: Many universities are introducing GST in their syllabus and need a trainer to teach about the GST. Many GST professional can leverage their knowledge to grab this opportunity.


Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum


Now that we have a fair share of knowledge about GST and its career prospect, here is the list of top-rated GST certification courses in Trivandrum, interested candidates can check. In this list, we have compiled the best institute offering the GST certification course along with their curriculum and course highlights.


Though it is suggested to go through the respective institute website and contact them to get as much information as possible before enrolling in any of the GST certification courses in Trivandrum. It will help you to think clearly and make the final decision rationally.


1.       IIM Skills


IIM skills is one of the leading platforms offering world-class courses in various niches like digital marketing, content writing, technical writing, and also GST practitioners certification course. You can also talk to their customer representative to inquire about your queries and to gather information about various aspects of their GST certification courses in Trivandrum.


Their GST course has gained a lot of popularity and credibility in recent times due to its quality. The GST certification course includes 16 hours of lectures, practical assignments, and weekly assessments.


You also get free e-books, invoicing tools, and software. After completion of the course, one also gets the master GST certification from IIM skills, which is recognized by the MSME government of India.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course Highlights:

  • IIM skills have a comprehensive course that includes case studies and practical implications.
  • Candidates once enrolled get lifetime access to all GST news updates via live or recorded lectures.
  • IIM Skills also provides 24*7 online support to candidates.
  • Candidates will get an understanding of various GST invoicing tools and software which help you in managing hundreds of clients in a hassle-free manner.


Other Courses


2.       CA Club


CA club is another trusted name for the GST certification courses in Trivandrum. CA club is a platform for professionals in finance and taxation. They also provide a variety of options for coaching, the GST certification course is one of them.


Their courseware is updated as per the latest union budget and GST council update. This GST certification course is designed to teach the candidate practical aspects of the GST with the help of theoretical knowledge, it aims to teach the student all concepts of GST from basic to advance.


CA Club GST Certification Course Highlight:

  • CA club provides 61 hours of video lectures along with an e-book on GST.
  • certificate of completion.
  • In the CA club’s GST certification course candidate gets a detailed understanding of GST law and regulation with practical case studies.
  • Once purchased course cannot be canceled and the candidate gets access to this course for 2 months.


3.       ICMAI


The Institute of Cost Accountants of India also provides GST certification courses in Trivandrum. ICMAI is a statutory body under the act of parliament and hence trusted.


ICMAI GST Certification Course Highlights:

  • ICMAI provides a GST certification course online which is 72 hours long.
  • They also provide candidates with study materials and mock test papers for their online assessment.
  • The course is delivered the experienced faculties from the industry.


4.       GIFT


GIFT, also known as Gulati institute of finance and taxation, provides a post-graduation and GST, is also one of the top institutes providing GST certification courses in Trivandrum. Kerela government recognized this autonomous institute. GIFT is constantly producing certified and skilled GST professionals to fill the market demand.


GIFT GST Certification Course Highlight:

  • GIFT provides GST certification courses in both classroom and online mode, it includes 120 hours of training.
  • They provide candidate options to choose from, in terms of the timing of class, that is, a candidate can either choose weekdays or weekends for their training.
  • Once done with 120 hours of the training program, the candidate will get a training certificate.
  • And to get the PG degree candidate needs to clear five exams, via which a candidate will acquire the adequate skill to expand the career opportunities in both public and private sectors.


5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin has made its name in the industry via its well-defined training structure and good teaching style. They offer a variety of courses and GST certification courses in one of them. They also offer customer representatives to contact to answer interested candidates’ various queries about their GST certification courses in Trivandrum.


Their GST certification courses in Trivandrum give a candidate 360-degree insight into GST law and regulation. This course is delivered by an expert trainer, who guides the candidate throughout the course.


Henry Harvin’s GST Course Highlights:

  • They provide live training which also includes case studies via which candidates learns practical implication of GST.
  • Apart from providing training, live project, and certification they also provide internship and placement support.
  • Once enrolled candidate also gets 1 year of gold membership of the accounts academy in which the candidate gets monthly brush-up sessions and skill enhancement sessions for interviews and support for one year.




1.       Is taking up an online GST certification course beneficial?

Yes, taking up an online GST course is beneficial as its certification is quite valid in the market due to the top-notch quality of training provided by the top institutes.


2.       What topics did the syllabus of the GST certification course include?

GST course usually covers A to Z to this regulation, some of the topics are reverse charge, tax filling, input tax credit, and many more. You’ll get a better understanding of all the subjects and the related facets of it, once you enroll in one of the GST certification courses.


3.       What to consider in the institute before enrolling for the GST certification course?

One of the most important things to look at is their rating and the testimonial of the past students, one should also look into course structure and the faculty. You should also check for additional features in the course like lifetime access, placement support, etc.


4.       What a candidate should know/study before enrolling in a GST certification course?

Candidates with prior knowledge of the indirect tax system in India get the upper hand during this certification.


5.       Is there different types of GST certification?

Yes, there are different types of GST certification courses as ICAI provides two types of GST certification courses, namely; a certificate course on GST and an advanced certificate course on GST.


6.       Is a GST practitioner considered a good career option?

The answer to the above question is yes as every business and high-income individual have to pay GST as it is mandatory hence the demand for GST practitioners is rising. Moreover, a GST certificate can add value to the resume of accounting and finance professional.




With the introduction of a new indirect tax regime (GST) companies, and individuals are often looking for professionals to deal with it in an orderly manner, and it created a huge demand for GST professionals. This is where GST certification comes into the picture as it not only gives the individual training about the regulation but it also makes the individual credible in the eyes of the client or employer. GST certification takes you one step ahead of your peers in the indirect tax niche.


GST certification training can be beneficial for candidates as Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, is one of the major educational hubs of the state. It also has a lot of employment opportunities for fresher and experts alike. Trivandrum is considered culturally and educationally rich as it has various prestigious professional educational institutes.


Kerala also has the highest literacy and it is also actively investing in its higher education sector to improve and strengthen the existing system. And hence providing some of the best quality courses to a candidate, the GST certification course is one of them. The ever-growing city of Trivandrum also provides employment and entrepreneurship opportunity to skilled GST professionals.


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