IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course – A Comparative Analysis

This article will delve into a comparative analysis of IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course with complete details of their syllabus and features. The creation of a financial model is essential for companies planning their business growth. A financial model forms the basis for long-term planning, expansion, development, cost planning, etc. for major organizations. To fulfill the growing need and produce skilled workers, many institutions are now offering Financial Modeling courses.


IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course- A comparative Analysis



This post will compare IIM SKILLS and Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), the two top financial modeling courses currently available on the market. IIM SKILLS and CFI provide top-notch training in addition to being highly known, and well-rated. You could therefore be perplexed when deciding which college offers the best Financial Modeling education.


Let us first begin by talking about the basics of Financial Modeling.


Financial Modeling: An Overview

Financial models are mathematical tools that, when used to analyze financial statements and make sound business decisions, are typically produced on Excel sheets. A company’s historical financial data must be analyzed as part of financial modeling, and the results are then utilized to calculate the company’s valuation, creditworthiness, and/or stock prices.

Building financial modeling scenarios will help business owners, financial experts, and even marketing specialists make new offers, suggest sales, or predict financial returns over a given period.

There is a growing need for qualified personnel with experience in financial modeling due to the variety of applications spanning Equity Research, Investment Banking, Credit Rating, Project Finance, Corporate Finance, and Mutual Funds. Top Fortune 2000 companies, financial institutions, and IT firms hire professionals with experience and training in financial modeling.


Let us now begin with our comparative analysis of IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling course



To help you redefine your career and make the best decisions depending on your preferences, IIM SKILLS, the leading online educational technology institute in India, offers the greatest professional courses. These professional courses cover the most elementary to the most complicated areas through a balanced blend of practical and theoretical elements.

IIM SKILLS enables you to reach your goals with top-notch professional courses that boost your competence, improve your presentation skills, and excel in your working life.

These courses are – 


Online Financial Modeling Course: An Overview

The best way to inspire you to improve your financial modeling skills is to enroll in the full financial modeling course. It focuses on developing your skills while giving you a good foundation for understanding how to construct financial models. You can become financially educated and be ready for work after the course by seamlessly fusing technical financial abilities with soft skills. You will be able to give it your all thanks to the insider knowledge of the market provided by this career-focused course.

Course Modules:

IIM SKILLS offers a financial modeling course curriculum to help students get market-level jobs while adhering to financial industry standards; this program may be safely regarded as the top financial modeling course –

  1. Basic and Advanced Excel
  2. Financial Statements and Accounting Concepts
  3. Ratio Analysis
  4. Basics of Financial Modeling
  5. Types of Financial Modeling
  6. Business Valuation


Course Objectives:

  • To train applicants for financial analysis that yields accurate conclusions by teaching them how to create ordered, stable, and dynamic financial models.
  • To give you the skills and information needed to succeed in the international standard financial markets and efficiently execute business valuations.
  • You must create valuation reports that will make you feel confident to create the structure of a financial model from the beginning.
  • The tool-driven training gives you rigorous experience with Excel at all levels, from beginner to intermediate, as Excel is a vital component of developing financial models.
  • To develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the international standard financial markets.


Course Features:

1. Dedicated Faculty

You will receive the most extensive training possible in the many professional courses from the best educators in the area, who have years of experience. They don’t simply mean to impart knowledge but are also equally dedicated to upskilling your career

2. Session recordings

The nicest thing about developing your abilities at IIM SKILLS is that they provide class recordings of each session, regardless of the Financial Modeling course.

This implies, that even though you are compelled to miss classes due to unavoidable reasons, you always have the recordings for reference. Additionally, if you encounter any issues while working, you can always review the solutions from these class recordings.

IIM Skills rejects using out-of-date teaching techniques in favor of approaches that are focused on the needs of the students.

3. A personalized educational experience

At IM SKILLS, where you will receive individualized attention, you can address your problems through mentorship sessions. Every effort is made by the team members and mentors to make sure you understand each chapter.

These mentoring sessions will help you fully comprehend the elements that make up the professional course program.

4. Learning Management System for life (LMS)

The free-to-use, user-friendly archive for all session recordings and course materials is provided by the learning management system. This LMS is one-stop storage of all the case studies, lecture recordings, and practical assignments in one place to assist you with your understanding of the many professional courses. The course content is updated to reflect the most recent developments, to ensure that you always have access to the most up-to-date knowledge,

5. Live Interactive Classes

The methodology of the course was created with the understanding that every student is different, with a range of educational and professional experiences. Interactive live training ensures a difficult but effective training process. These engaging online classes encourage collaboration and critical thinking. There are several exchanges between mentors and pupils. These online classrooms also provide a lively learning atmosphere and quick responses to any queries or ambiguities.

6. Class Assignments 

If you want to build confidence and handle difficult commercial activities with ease, you must sharpen your skills with adequate real-world project experience. So, the Financial Modeling course offered by IIM SKILLS includes a large number of practical exercises to help students fully grasp all the difficult modules.

A lot of time is allotted for these practical assignments. You acquire an in-depth understanding of how to implement everything you have learned in the course in real-world situations.

7. International Certifications 

You can work with clients, anywhere in the world,  after completing the course because IIM Skills’ certifications are widely respected. After completing the course and earning a test score of at least 50%, you are awarded a transferable Master Certification.

8. Placement Assistance

IIM SKILLS provides the necessary placement guidance. They assist you in preparing for the interview and resume so you can land your dream job.

As a result of all the factors mentioned above, the Financial Modeling course from IIM SKILLS is incredibly successful. Even the statistics and figures directly demonstrate the efficiency of this course, with an 87% success rate and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. Additionally, their 100% Money Back Policy will ensure that you get a refund if you believe that this course did not meet your needs.

Course Fees – $499


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Corporate Finance Institute: An Overview 

Today’s financial professionals and aspiring professionals need a diverse skill set and competence. CFI picks up where business school leaves off in terms of teaching you about corporate finance, investment banking, corporate development, FP&A, treasury, business intelligence, and accounting in the real world.

The largest and most well-known platform for financial training, certification, and skill development are CFI, which was founded in 2016.


Financial Modeling Course 

As one of the top suppliers of online finance certification programs, CFI helps current and aspiring finance professionals achieve their career goals. Each of our courses was developed by qualified professors with years of experience teaching financial modeling at significant financial organizations.

To acquire practical skills, the Financial Modeling course combines theory and practice. All programs are online and self-paced, so you can learn in your own time and broaden your skill set whenever and wherever you please.

They provide a wide variety of financial modeling courses, ranging from simple to quite complicated models. LBO, M&A, and standard three-statement financial forecasting models can all be learned. You can also learn how to develop models for specific industries, such as mining, real estate, startups, renewable energy initiatives, and ESG. Both seasoned finance professionals and aspiring analysts can enhance their financial modeling skills while accruing CPE credits. By applying courses to the various CFI certifications it offers, you can advance your career.


Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)


You will learn the core abilities required to conduct a successful financial analysis through the FMVA® Certification Program from CFI. You’ll research the model architectures that influence decision-making stakeholders’ confidence the most. You can improve your financial modeling skills, streamline the budgeting and forecasting process, or increase your expertise in all areas of accounting and finance with the help of the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst FMVA® certification. It provides all the information, skills, and strategies required to become a top-tier financial expert.


The completion of this 31-course Certification typically takes 4-6 months. Let’s examine this program’s operation.


Program Overview


Step 1: Prep Course


This step consists of 7 optional courses to run through your basics:


  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Capital IQ Fundamentals
  • Corporate Finance Fundamentals
  • Excel Fundamentals
  • Macabacus Fundamentals
  • Reading Financial Statements


Step 2: Core Course


This step consists of 11 courses that aim to build a solid foundation in Financial Modeling and Valuation:


  • Accounting Standards and Principles
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Building 3 Statement Financial Modeling
  • Business Valuation Modeling I
  • Business Valuation Modeling II
  • Data Visualization and Dashboards
  • Financial Analysis Fundamentals
  • Monthly Cashflow Forecast Model
  • Pitchbooks & Powerpoint
  • Professional Ethics
  • Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis in Excel


Step 3: You have a choice of 3 electives out of 12 advanced topics:


  • Advanced Excel Functions & Formulas
  • Business & Corporate Strategy
  • Excel VBA for Finance
  • Leveraged Buyout LBO Modeling
  • M&A Modeling
  • Mining Financial Valuation & Modeling
  • Operational Modeling
  • Presentation of Financial Information
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • Solar Financial Modeling – Renewable Energy
  • E-Commerce/Startup FinancialModel and Valuation
  • Amazon Case Study


Step 4: Final Assessment


After completing the entire course, you need to pass the FMVA Final Examination with a minimum score of 70% to receive the program certification.


Step 5: Final Certification


You will receive a digital certificate once the course is completed. You can also order a hard copy of the same.


Course Objectives:


• Use a rigorous approach while modeling finances.

• Describe the traits of successful financial models.

• Make a two-stage DCF business valuation model.

• Make a model for FP&A cash flow forecasting every month.

• Make a financial model analyze a company’s operations.

• Make a mergers and acquisitions model.

• Make a leveraged buyout model (LBOs)

• Create a real estate finance model.

• Make a model for a startup company.

• Make a mining finance model.

• construct a financial model for renewable energy sources.


In conclusion, the CFI FMVA course is very comprehensive. Additionally, all of the courses are accredited by The Better Business Bureau (BBB), CPA Institutions in Canada, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in the US. The majority of courses qualify for verified CPE credits for CPA charter holders. The courses are lively, fascinating, and very effective because they include quizzes, final exams, and video lessons.


Course Fees: $497


A comparative analysis of IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling course


Both organizations offer thorough courses that cover every significant component of financial modeling. The trainers are professionals in their fields and are energetic and engaging.


CFI has a broad reach and impact. Since its beginning in 2016, CFI has expanded steadily, now enrolling more than 1 million students in more than 100 courses. On the other side, IIM SKILLS boasts an astounding 87 percent growth rate and has trained over 35,000 applicants to date. Due to the great services they offer to the students, both universities see such astounding growth.


IIM SKILLS’ meticulously crafted courseware, which completely incorporates all the components of financial modeling, is its defining feature.


The one-on-one mentoring sessions provided by IIM SKILLS can help students gain the self-assurance they need to complete projects. The learners are motivated to identify their areas of strength and improvement. The institute also offers placement assurance, provided that you are sincere in your efforts to advance your abilities and work toward your goal of securing that sought-after lucrative job in financial modeling. Not to mention, the IIM SKILLS financial modeling course is comprehensive and inexpensive.


For more than 20 years, CFI has worked with knowledgeable Wall Street trainers to create case studies, models, and training materials for new hires at the biggest international investment banks and financial sector behemoths.

FAQs on a comparative analysis of IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling Course 


1. What distinguishes these two Financial Modeling courses from other programs on the market?

There are numerous examples of people advancing in their jobs in reviews from students who have completed Financial Modeling courses. Students’ access to resources has a proven track record of helping graduates transition into the careers of their dreams. The training course is entirely practical and simulates what it would be like to receive professional training as a financial analyst. Additionally, there is a tonne of knowledge accessible through free career websites. Because of the special combination of all these components, both of these courses stand out from the competition in terms of providing you with the resources you need to build a successful career.


2. Give me information regarding the internship opportunity offered by IIM SKILLS.

Each student doing the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course must undergo a two-month unpaid internship with one of their partner businesses to gain practical business experience. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to you by the firm where you will be working as an intern.


3. What job opportunities are there for graduates of the Financial Modeling course?

Once you finish the Financial Modeling course, several financial industry positions become available. These are –

  • Investment Banker
  • Merger & Acquisition Associate
  • Business Analyst
  • Corporate Developer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Project Finance Officer
  • Equity Research Analyst


Conclusion on a comparative analysis of IIM SKILLS vs CFI Financial Modeling course

Till now, we have discussed in great detail what makes each institute unique. Priorities and tastes differ. You are free to choose the institution that best meets your needs. Reviewing the curriculum and speaking with subject-matter authorities from the appropriate universities would be a good idea. You can decide once you have more knowledge.

To learn more about the course and its components, sign up for IIM SKILLS’ Financial Modeling Course Demo Class.

I hope that my comparison of the CFI and IIM Skills has aided you in deciding on which academic program will best improve your career. I’m sending you good luck!

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