Top 5 Online Financial Modeling Courses

Before diving into the institutions that offer online financial modeling courses, it is important to comprehend what financial modeling is and its applications. Financial modeling is the effort of creating an abstract representation of an industry’s financial state, known as a financial model. It is essentially a mathematical model designed to show a simplified version of the performance of a business’s financial asset or portfolio.


List of best online financial modeling courses


They are intended to use as instruments for making decisions. Financial models are used by various individuals or entities for various purposes. For instance, firm leaders could use a financial model to forecast project costs and profits. Financial analysts use financial models to assess how changes in economic policy will affect sales and profits at a firm. 


Financial Modeling Objectives

Financial models are used in many sectors to estimate a firm’s financial success based on previous data of the organization. The following goals for developing financial models:

  • It assists with both business capital raising and business valuation.
  • It is used to predict a business’s growth over a specific period.
  • Financial modeling aids in acquisition and diversification planning.
  • It also offers a sound strategy for the sale of assets and business divisions.
  • Financial analysts use financial modeling to aid in budgeting and capital allocation.


Different Types of Financial Models

Different financial model types exist. Let’s briefly review a few of the models.


Three-statement Model

An integrated financial model with three statements—the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement—is known as a three-statement financial model. Advanced financial models like DCF models, merger models, LBO models, etc. are built on top of this.


Discounted Cash Flow Model

Specifically, a DCF model is a form of financial model used to determine a company’s worth. The Net Present Worth (NPV) measures a company’s future cash flows discounted to its current value.


Merger Model

This model also comes in the valuation category of financial models. This kind of advanced financial modeling is used to evaluate the dilution of a merger or acquisition. Investment banking and corporate growth frequently utilize it.


Initial Public Offering (IPO) Model

These financial models equate corporate study with a presumption about the price investors would be prepared to pay for the firm under consideration. IPO models are essentially established to value the firm before going public.


Leveraged Buyout (LBO)Model

It is a business acquisition when debt is used as the primary source of consideration. Of all financial models, it is frequently the most complex and difficult to understand. High levels of debt, complicated bank covenants, and the issuance of preferred shares are some distinctive features of LBO.

Sum of the Parts Models

Several DCF models are used to form this particular financial model. As an illustration, the net asset value of the firm is equal to the total of the components (the value of business unit A plus business unit B plus investments plus C) minus liabilities D.

Consolidation Model

It comes under the reporting model category of financial models. It includes several business units added into one single model of financial modeling for further analysis.

Budget Model

The budget model is utilized for financial planning & analysis to obtain a budget for the next years, which might be anywhere between one and five years. In this case, the income statement and the monthly or quarterly data are both considered.

Forecasting Model

The forecasting model, like the budget model, is employed in financial planning and analysis to arrive at a prediction that contrasts with the budget model. Sometimes the budget and the financial model are supplied in the same workbook, and other times they are presented separately.


Option Pricing Model

This model is a component of the pricing model, which has the Binomial tree and the Black-sholes as its two primary possibilities.


Online Financial Modeling Courses: An Introduction


According to reports, the Financial Modeling certificate is a global certification that establishes a student’s level of proficiency in financial modeling. The main objective of the online financial modeling courses is to increase students’ competency in using Excel tools to create a plan for making financial and investment decisions. 


If you want to work in finance, you must possess the skill of financial modeling (FM). The course teaches students how to analyze industry and business performance using financial criteria as well as historical company data. With the aid of this study, financial models are created.


These models are used to predict the company’s future financial status, which allows financial decisions to be made about the valuation of companies, the viability of projects, stock price targets, and much more. The article describes some of the best institutes for financial modeling.


Eligibility Requirements for Financial Modeling Course:


There are several alternatives available for those who want to enroll in online Financial Modelling courses as soon as they finish their 10+2 or for graduates in related fields. You may choose from some of the best institutes for financial modeling. Below given the eligibility criteria for online financial modeling courses

• Students who finished their 10+2 degrees with a focus in accounting, finance, or mathematics.
• Financial experts engaged in stock research and investment banking.
• Experts in M&A, private equity, and corporate finance.
• Students enrolled in CFA, CA, and FRM courses.
• Independent financial experts.
• Graduates.


A Career in Financial Modeling :

There exist some of the best institutes for financial modeling which provide financial modeling courses in different modes. Numerous occupations in the public and commercial sectors are open to graduates & freshers. They perform their duties in a range of settings, including banks, financial institutions, and other commercial buildings. Some of them are discussed below.


 Financial Analyst

The primary responsibilities of financial analysts are to evaluate financial accounts and forecast a company’s future performance. This might entail budgeting, capital structure modeling, and income and expense forecasts for the future.

Risk Management Analyst

Analysts in risk management help firms identify the magnitude of financial risks related to investments and costs involved in the company. Risk management experts identify, examine, and resolve issues that might boost a business’s success or prevent needless financial loss.

Equity Research Analysts

Reports, predictions, and recommendations on businesses and stocks are written by equity research analysts. Equity research analysts are employed by investment companies as well as by private individuals or brokerage firms that provide the buy-side.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers are financial industry experts who primarily focus on generating capital for private businesses, governments, and other organizations. Investment bankers are taught to identify risk in a project before moving forward to save time and money.


Top Five Institutions Providing Online Financial Modeling Courses:

There are numerous online financial modeling courses provided by reputable institutions, this article discusses some of the best institutes for financial modeling.




IIM Skills offers a range of professional certification programs. The courses and training offered by IIM Skills are created with industry best practices, giving the most up-to-date information to land a well-paying job or become financially stable enough to launch your own company with their end-to-end supervision.

The courses created at IIM skills are entirely job-relevant and industry-relevant, assisting you in achieving your goal, sharpening your skills, increasing your confidence, and soaring to new heights in your professional career.


They offer access to the top industry professionals with over 12 years of relevant expertise who are always available to guide you well. Along with online financial modeling courses, IIM skills also provide one of the best business accounting and taxation courses in India, which is considered to be one of the best training programs.

Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration: 3 months

Course Fee: 39900 + 18% GST


Module Covered:

• Basic & advanced Excel
• Accounting concepts & financial statements
• Ratio/KPI analysis
• Basics of financial modeling
• Different types of financial models
• Business valuation


  • You will receive Master Financial Modeling Certification from IIM SKILLS, which is acknowledged by the Indian MSME Government.
  • IIM Skills is considered one of the best institutions for financial modeling. Their specialist placement cell will provide you with 100 percent placement support.
  • You will hone your knowledge through working on several projects, case studies, and assignments.
  • You will acquire abilities including critical and analytical thinking, aptitude for addressing issues, Skills in presenting and communicating in detail along with significant accounting and finance skills after completing the online financial modeling courses.
  • You will get a FREE demo session which will allow you to sample the session insights before you buy it.
  • You get unlimited access to session recordings on the LMS. You can contact mentors for prompt doubt clarification if one arises in your mind. You will also get recommendations for employment.


You can also contact IIM Skills at :

Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503


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 IMARTICUS is a leading tech-based professional education brand, dedicated to shaping the workforce of the future through cutting-edge new age programs in Data Science & Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, FinTech, Investment Banking, Finance, Marketing, and much more. It has collaborated with KPMG.


In India, Imarticus and KPMG are working together to close skill gaps and improve job readiness for individuals so they may be hired by major financial institutions. It is one of the top five institutions offering online financial modeling courses.


Its 180+ hours of skill-building program deals with core finance and has an endorsed curriculum, powerful faculty, and 25+ hours of delivery from KPMG experts. It is also considered to be one of the best institutes for financial modeling. 


Course Name: Financial Analysis Degree 

Course Duration: 3 months 

Course Fee:58500/-


Modules Covered:

  • Financial analysis 
  • Financial statement preparation 
  • MS excels 
  • Accounting basics 
  • Ratio analysis 
  • Financial modeling 



  • You have a chance to arm yourself with vital abilities including financial statement analysis, modeling, and valuation, stock research, and transaction execution, along with Excel and PowerPoint.
  • A certification supported by the industry allows you to attest to your financial acumen.
  • The finest learning outcomes are consistently achieved with its live-facilitated training.
  • The Imarticus Placement Portal provides you with access to a wide range of career leads and references from top financial businesses, making it one of the best institutes for financial modeling.  
  • Industry-relevant learning is ensured via a syllabus created in collaboration with KPMG in India.
  • By pursuing the online financial modeling courses You can pursue careers as an asset valuation consultant, equities market analyst, business valuation consultant, project finance manager, or corporate finance manager, with salaries ranging from 4 to 10 LPA.


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3. NSE 


NSE is happened to be among the best institutes for financial modeling. The Certification in Online Financial Modeling courses is designed for professionals, who believe in the idea of long-term investment and wealth development. The science of creating models to represent financial accounts and investments is involved. The purpose of this program is to aid participants in grasping the fundamentals of the topic.


The online Financial Modeling courses are made to provide students with the in-depth teaching to prevail in the world’s financial markets, which are now undergoing fast development. The courses cover the core theories and methods of valuation analysis as well as those of strategy analysis, prospective analysis, DCF modeling, trading, and transaction. Excel modeling will provide students with the self-assurance they need to build their financial models from the ground up.


 Course Name: certification in online financial modeling

 Course Duration: 10+ Hours of content

 Course Fee: 9,000/-


 Modules Covered :

  • Understanding Financial Modeling and Financial statement
  • Building a Financial model
  • Basic Case Study-Building Financial Model
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Methods of Valuation
  • Financial Modeling Case Study



  • You will get in-depth information about the particular topic from their specialized lectures and videos.
  • Building consistent and practical financial models are possible with an understanding of “real-world” issues.


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4 Learning & Development Academy:


Grant Thornton offers training services in India through the Learning & Development Academy, which offers professionals and students goal-driven professional courses. It is one of the best institutes for financial modeling. Their instructors are experienced professionals who share their knowledge and the best techniques used in the field.


The institute’s online financial modeling courses are intended for working professionals and students to provide them with real exposure to financial modeling and valuation and to aid in the understanding and construction of business and valuation models. The online financial modeling courses have been created in a way that both assures and provides the optimal fusion of industry best practices while imparting conceptual knowledge.


Course Name: Certificate in Financial Modelling 

Course Duration: 70 hours 

Course Fee: 30000/- + taxes


Modules Covered :

  • Excel
  • Basic Business Model
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Model – Data, Modelling & Valuation
  • Project Valuation – Introduction & Creating a Model for NPV & IRR
  • Modeling Delays
  • Project Valuation – Circular Logic and looping, Creating EPC Schedule, CAPEX Schedule, P&L, Asset Schedule, Valuation, GANTT Chart
  • Visualization – Interactive Excel Dashboard
  • M&A – Introduction, Evaluation & Valuation


Benefits :

  • Professionals working in corporate finance or the M&A domain, Chartered Accountants, MBA, finance and commerce graduates, and Professionals working in the finance domain can opt for this course.
  • This financial modeling program will help you to create financial models that can be understood and easily implemented to forecast the opportunities and risks involved in a business.
  • The Schedule for classes is flexible. 
  • A refund of 50% of the fee would be provided for cancellation requests received up to five working days.
  • You will have access to Grant Thornton LMS for 1 year.
  • You will get a Certificate of completion on successfully passing the final assessment.


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5. IB Institute


Investment banking institute Delhi is one of the best institutes for financial modeling. It is providing Courses through Live classrooms as well as Online modes for students and working professionals. IB’s online financial modeling courses seek to help students create financial projections for their companies using various schedules and assumptions.


Financial models contain projections for the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. In equity research, investment banking, project financing, credit research, hedge funds, and other mainstream finance profiles, financial modeling and valuation are the most important skills.


 Course Name: Financial Modelling & Valuation Course

 Course Duration: 100+ hours

 Course Fee: 18499/-


 Modules Covered:

  • Basic & Advance Excel 2013/16
  • Dashboards / Pivot Table
  • Visual Basic Application (VBA Macro)
  • Introduction to Financial Statements & Analysis
  • Project Finance (Real Estate)
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation ( DCF ) Analysis
  • Trading Combs Valuation Technique
  • Transaction Valuation Technique
  • Merger and Acquisition Analysis
  • Pitchbook Benchmarking Price Rebasing Company Profiling.
  • Placement and Interview Preparation for Core Finance Roles
  • Business Valuation
  • IPO Valuation
  • Equity Research Model



Unlike other institutions, IB provides four certifications at the end of its course, hence it is considered one of the best institutes for financial modeling. The certification provided is

  • NSE certification
  • Microsoft USA International Certification Certificate
  • IB Institute certification in Financial Modelling Expert using Excel & Macro
  • IB Institute certification for proficiency in company valuation and M&A analysis



  •  A holdover until the placement is complete.
  • Downloadable exercises, case studies, assignments, PPTs, and PDFs are all available.
  • Writing the best resumes for roles in investment banking and other key financial sectors.
  • Weekly faculty-led Q&A sessions are held in this class.
  • Interview preparation starts in the first session, and you will obtain question sets for interviews that are related to each topic.




Q1. Is the financial modeling course worth it?

Yes doing a financial modeling course is worth it because you gain the skills & training you are looking for. The certification can help you stand out with employers in the hiring process & increase your learning potential.


Q2. Who should ideally pursue this course?

Financial experts Students enrolled in CFA, CA courses. Independent financial experts. Graduates, even students who have completed their 10+2 examination with accounting finance & mathematics can do this course.


Q3. Is certification available after course completion?

In the majority of the courses, certification is offered. Some courses, such as the financial modeling & valuation course from IB Delhi, provide several certificates.


Q4. Can I pay the fees in installments?

Yes, there are zero-cost EMI alternatives up to two to three installments in various institutions. Most institutes have provided their students with payment options. For more assistance, anybody who wants to use installment payments must speak with the relevant institute directly.


Summing Up


You will undoubtedly succeed in business and finance if you have a strong understanding of financial modeling. By utilizing your skills and knowledge in financial modeling, you could be able to develop in your profession. Even if you want to start a new firm on your own, understanding financial modeling will help you organize and plan your investment more efficiently. It will aid in the development of your abilities and prepare you for the workplace.


While pursuing courses by some of the best institutes for financial modeling, may achieve this for you, to be successful in life you still need to put in a lot of effort, take rigorous exams, engage in practical lessons & clear your doubts with the extremely talented faculties of these institutions. I hope this post will assist you in selecting your ideal course. Happy learning and best wishes.

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