Detailed Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs EduPristine Financial Modeling Course

Financial modeling is the process of compiling an organization’s costs and revenues into a spreadsheet to compute and forecast the effects of certain financial decisions and use it to analyze finances. It is a crucial component of accounting and management in business. It lets businesses examine their current revenue, project future expenses, and make financial decisions based on the financial data it collects. They can appreciate their business model, safeguard it from risks, and manage it to meet their corporate objectives through this investigation. Given its importance, Financial Modeling training is offered by several institutions. In this essay, we will examine and contrast programs offered by two reputable institutions – IIM SKILLS and EduPristine Financial Modeling Course.


Detailed Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs EduPristine Financial Modeling Course



It is difficult to determine which institute is superior because both are very good at what they do and have long provided training for professionals and students. As a result, a thorough comparison or detailed assessment of both of these colleges is provided. This detailed analysis of IIM SKILLS vs EduPristine Financial Modeling course will help many students decide which institute is a step above the other.

IIM SKILLS – An Overview

A leading educational technology organization in India that provides professional training is IIM SKILLS. They offer comprehensive training programs and courses that can help you redefine your job and make the best decisions based on your preferences in some of the most significant areas.

A combination of theory and practicals, these courses cover everything from the most basic to the most intricate subjects. The applicants receive the knowledge and insight they need from the learning structure.

Their career-focused programs are targeted at recent graduates, professionals, stay-at-home mothers, and independent contractors. The duration might range from four to twelve weeks.

They provide placement aid and have trained more than 25000 students across a range of professional degrees in more than 1000 batches.

Numerous elements contribute to the support that students and professionals have for IIM SKILLS, which has seen rapid growth and a diversity of responses. Let’s consider each of them-

Financial Modeling Course


Expert instructors

The professors at this institution are quite brilliant, skilled, and informed, and the students can considerably benefit from their understanding of the financial modeling industry’s development over the past 30 years.

The mentors are very approachable, in addition to being subject-matter experts, and they encourage your questions and opinions. Under the guidance of instructors with prior experience working for prestigious organizations, they raise relevant business challenges for discussion. Mentors also provide you with extra advice and techniques to give you a competitive edge.


Get the MSME Government of India-approved Master Financial Modeling Certification from IIM SKILLS. After completing the course, you will be able to work with businesses anywhere in the globe thanks to the certifications offered by IIM Skills, which have gained international recognition.

The main benefit of studying online is the ease with which you can obtain credentials from reputable educational institutions. Large enterprises, well-known brands, and the job market as a whole accept the Certifications from the best online colleges, which are acknowledged by esteemed educational organizations.

Extensive Courseware

Business specialists with an in-depth understanding of the finance sector chose the extensive, in-depth financial modeling course curriculum. The curriculum is specifically designed to support students in locating market-level opportunities while complying with banking industry standards. Every facet of the field of finance and valuation is covered.

The development of a financial model is essential for startups to plan their business expansion, and it also serves as the basis for long-term planning, expansion, development, cost planning, and other activities for major businesses. The module’s various topics are evenly split among various module architectures.

Lifetime Access

This is a standout feature of the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling course. Students who pass the course have free access to all of the course’s modules, lectures, recordings, and study guides.

Online financial modeling training puts classes at your fingertips. You can access the classes at any time, from anywhere. Traveling does not need to be a waste of time or energy. At IIM Skills, we eschew using conventional techniques in favor of modern, student-centered ones to promote genuine learning. Our discussion boards are the best places for dialogue and doubt-clearing.

Because of this, students at IIM SKILLS are free to access any of their course materials whenever they see suitable.

Preparation for interviews and a guaranteed internship

This course’s two-month guaranteed internship, interview preparation, and comprehensive job help are some of its standout features. Each program member is required to finish a two-month unpaid internship with one of the partner businesses. Investment banking, financial modeling, and value consultancy will be the main areas of concentration in the internship.

Your employment chances are carefully considered by the specific placement unit.

Even after the course is finished, IIM SKILLS will assist you with resume writing, interview preparation, and focused soft skill training to boost your confidence and help you nail the interview for the job of your dreams.


Course Modules –

1 – Excel – Basic and Advanced (8-10 hours)

 2 – Accounting Concepts (5-7 hours)

 3 – Ratio Analysis 

 4 – Financial Modeling – Basics 

 5 – Financial Modeling – Types 

 6 – Business Valuation

Tools –

Excel is frequently required for financial modeling. Excel is used for all tasks and operations, so success in the finance sector necessitates a solid working understanding of advanced Excel. You will gain thorough practice using Excel at all levels, from novice to expert, with our tool-driven education.

  • Start assembling financial statements that project the organization’s future financial performance using data from the past and assumptions.
  • Learn how to apply the most important Excel formulae for financial analysis.
  • Create dynamic financial models that support extension and modification in the future.
  • When using Excel, it’s crucial to develop your skills and pay strict attention to detail because even the smallest mistakes could have detrimental consequences.
  • Learn how to develop and automate financial ratio calculations using Microsoft Excel.
  • Learn how to use the data features in Excel, such as data import, data validation, filtering, and sorting.
  • Learn to use predictive models to anticipate solutions to issues with the actual company.


Course Objectives –

  • After finishing the course, you will –
  • Learn everything there is to know about financial modeling and financial statements.
  • Learn to create efficient, streamlined, robust financial models that organize and analyze historical data, make future estimates, and provide assimilate financial statements, key ratios, and outputs.
  • Gain the capacity to comprehend a subject’s foundations and create precise financial models that can address company issues in the actual world.
  • Become an authority in gathering information, making judgments, and offering advice.
  • Learn to evaluate historical company data to assess the potential of future business prospects.
  • Recognize different techniques for computing financial indicators and data



The Financial Modeling course that IIM SKILLS offers is incredibly valuable for nearly all types of people, whether they are working professionals or students. This is due to the way it is set up; even if students are total beginners, they may learn financial modeling from scratch and become experts in the area within 5 months. It covers everything, starting with the very basics and moving on to the most sophisticated professional skills.

The following people would probably be suitable candidates for the course or could find the course to be very relevant and necessary for a career in digital marketing, while there isn’t a specified restriction:

  • New or aspiring graduates
  • CA (Practicing/Professional)
  • MBA/FRM/CFA (pursuing or professional)
  • Engineers or B.Tech.
  • Financial department experts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professional in traditional marketing

Course Fees – INR39,900 + 18% GST

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Continuing with our detailed analysis of IIM SKILLS vs EduPristine Financial Modeling course, let us now concentrate EduPristine.


EduPristine – An Overview


The 2008-founded EduPristine has a significant offline and online presence throughout India. In addition to conventional classroom instruction, it also provides online and self-paced learning. They claim that they have more than 50,000 learners globally and the trust of Fortune 500 businesses.

With more than ten years of expertise, they have refined their teaching methodology to leave a lasting imprint on prospective students’ minds and open the door to a rewarding and well-planned future. The organization’s goal is to make it possible for students to reach their full potential, prosper, and motivate people all over the world. Students can anticipate a mixture of case studies and real-world business scenarios because their teaching technique promotes learning through a range of hands-on and real-life settings.


The Financial Modeling Course

Together with the BSE Institute Ltd., EduPristine developed the Financial Modeling course. Candidates learn how to build several models in this course, including the Discounted Cash Flow model, the Comparative Company Analysis model, the Sum-of-the-Parts model, the Leveraged Buy-Out (LBO) model, the Industry-Specific Financial Model, the Options Pricing Model, the M&A Model, and the Corporate Finance model.

Students are encouraged to put what they learn in class into practice and prepare for the realities of the job with real-world challenges from EduPristine and the BSE Institute. You’ll be able to build a model that symbolizes financial data and evaluate a company from several perspectives. To prepare students for the realities of the industry, the technique delivers practical challenges that push them to apply relevant knowledge obtained in class. EduPristine is committed to helping you at every stage and offers you opportunities for hands-on learning, soft skill development, and placement support.

With practical industrial training and Excel-based instruction, the content is industry-focused. The knowledgeable and committed instructors offer comprehensive study materials, demand-driven training modules, and individualized training approaches. Pre-recorded videos, shareable financial models, week-by-week templates for various models, constant access to the LMS, and a discussion forum are all included in their comprehensive study package. The Financial Modeling course’s modules are as follows:

  1. Using Excel
  2. Merger & Acquisition I & II
  3. Case Study FMCG
  4. Charting, Macros, and Project Finance
  5. Accenture Case Study

A unique Soft Skills training program is also offered in addition to the basic subjects, and it contains crucial modules like –

  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Virtual and Email Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication and Assertiveness

Course Objectives –

  • Excel training for creating financial models
  • Recognize financial models and create a template for them.
  • Utilize formulas to cleanly import data formats and format data for analysis.
  • creating and recording macros
  • While troubleshooting and entering VBA code, create macros.
  • Create flexible scenarios with macros (form controls)

EduPristine provides Placement Assistance by keeping applicants updated on the available Financial Modeling Job Opportunities once the Financial Modeling course has concluded. EduPristine’s Career Services assists students in gaining confidence and locating the finest career opportunities in their selected industry through soft skills training, resume building training, and other skill-improving training.


A detailed analysis of IIM SKILLS vs EduPristine Financial Modeling course

Both institutions offer thorough courses that touch upon all the crucial aspects of financial modeling. The instructors are not only subject-matter experts but also enthusiastic and engaging. There are, however, certain variances between the courses’ various components. Edu Pristine offers online lessons all over India in addition to having physical locations in major cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and New Delhi. It is quite accommodating that IIM SKILLS’ Financial Modeling course offers both weekday and weekend groups. Even after that, if you miss a lesson due to unforeseen reasons, replacement classes are offered.

The Learning Management System (LMS) of EduPristine is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, but only for a year, starting on the application date for the course. Thanks to their simple LMS, you get access to all the resource material in IIM SKILLS as well. Access resources, eBooks, session recordings, and anything else that can help you advance your learning curve by logging in with ease.

The best part is that you can keep the LMS forever. There are no limitations on when you can utilize the LMS to sharpen your skills and practice them in real-world situations.


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FAQs on the detailed analysis of IIM SKILLS vs EduPristine Financial Modeling course


1. Why compare the programs offered by the two Institutes?

You must thoroughly investigate the specifics of the Financial Marketing programs offered by the two institutes if you want to choose the finest option for you. Even though the curriculum at each institute is generally the same, they all have a few distinctive features. Some offer access to learning e-portals for life, while others only do so for a set period. Projects at some organizations are more advantageous than at others. As a result, a thorough study is required before applying to any institute.


2. How much money can one expect to make once they’ve finished the Financial Modeling course?

The remuneration for financial modeling has increased over the last few years. Numerous professions require someone with extraordinary skills in financial analysis and derivations. Financial modeling is turning out to be a more lucrative career choice for many prospective finance students and financial professionals working in various areas of the financial sector. In India, a financial modeler may expect to make between INR 3.3 lakh and INR 12 lakh annually.


3. What is the cost of the Financial Modeling course in both its online and offline formats?

Depending on the style of instruction, the length of the program, and the course content, the cost of the Financial Modeling course in India ranges from INR 9,000 to INR 10,00,000.


4. How can I assess whether the financial modeling course is the best fit for me?

If you have a deep understanding of the financial processes utilized by firms and want to study how these businesses might operate more successfully with precise data and analysis, financial modeling might be of interest to you. You can choose the precise using your skills in accounting and analysis as well as your understanding of financial modeling.


5. What job opportunities are there for graduates of the Financial Modeling course?

Once you finish the Financial Modeling course, several financial industry positions become available. These are

  • Investment banker
  • Financial Analyst, 
  • Business Analyst
  • Corporate Developer 
  • Equity Research Analyst 
  • Project Finance Officer 
  • Merger & Acquisition Associate


Conclusion on the detailed analysis of IIM SKILLS vs EduPristine Financial Modeling course

Both of these institutions have achieved significant milestones because of their high-quality training, which was made possible by skilled and experienced instructors.

EduPristine and IIM SKILLS are both competitive when it comes to offering courses relating to financial modeling and training quality.

Both institutions have USPs, which were mentioned in the above description of each institution Requirements and preferences differ. Some students might favor taking classes online or in person. It would be prudent to review both curricula and consult with the relevant institute staff members. After learning more, you can make a decision.

You can choose the IIM SKILLS Demo Session of the Financial Modeling course to get a better idea, which will assist you in coming to a firm decision.

I hope that my comparison between EduPristine Institute and IIM Skills has helped you make the best decision for your long-term development. And possibly one of them can serve as your institution for financial modeling.

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