IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course – A Comparative Analysis

Wondering which is the best course between IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course? If you are a student who wants to pursue finance as a career option, then we have to tell you that you are making a good choice. Lately, the financial industry has seen a lot of developments within itself. The industry has grown manifolds in the last 20-30 years. During the same period only, the financial services industry produced a lot of employment opportunities. Due to the same reason, students are now thinking to choose fields that are different from mainstream job titles like tax accountant, chartered accountant, company secretary, auditing, cost accountant, and, others.


IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course


The financial services industry has allowed the students to go after new job opportunities like equity research analyst, investment banking, credit analyst, and, others. These job profiles can be availed by opting for a course that is known as the financial modeling course. These job profiles are different from the usual accounting, auditing, and, accounting jobs, as financial modeling is concerned with creating financial models and forecasting whether or not a company or a business’ stock performance will be impacted by any future events or business decisions. 


To know how financial modeling came into being, it is essential to mention a brief history of financial modeling. Earlier, companies and businesses initially used to create financial models using pen and paper, which was pretty hard enough to display physically. But in the year 1978, a person by the name of Dan Bricklin came up with an innovative idea, which later on proved to be a game changer for companies and businesses. Dan Bricklin was the one who first created financial models on a spreadsheet, something which companies and businesses did not need to rewrite and rework all over again. Since then, many formulas and ideas were introduced to make the process of creating financial models simpler and easier.


Along with that, companies and businesses were able to cut huge losses they suffered. Now, companies and businesses are not only able to track their financial transactions, but also make forecasting and predictions if any future happenings or events will leave a negative impact on their stock performance. Businesses and companies examine data and build financial models so that they can predict if and how the market will move in the following years, and, also forecast the future.


This article will be helpful for you as here we will be stating the purpose of a financial model, what it means, the special traits of IIM Skills and GTA’s financial modeling course, and, a comparison between both the institute’s courses. Moreover, this article will assist in deciding which institute is the best for pursuing the financial modeling course.


We will be starting our journey with the introduction of the meaning of financial modeling. 

What Do We Mean by Financial Modeling?

In simple words, financial modeling is a process or a method that outlines businesses and companies’ costs and income in a spreadsheet (Excel) which is then used to find out the impacts of business decisions on their finances and the effects of future events. Financial models are created to highlight businesses and companies’ performance. This allows the analysts to identify existing challenges and provide appropriate solutions.


Moreover, companies and businesses use financial modeling for forecasting their business-related financial performance based on their historical performance. It helps them to forecast, allocate budgets, raise or allocate capital, make strategic decisions, and perform financial examinations so that they can make acquisitions, and, in other areas. To make business-related decisions, companies and businesses need financial models. Whether they are thinking to purchase or sell a business, evaluating strategic options, raising finances, or making plans for the future, it is essential to make forecasting, which is done through financial models.


With that, we now know what financial modeling is, and, the functions of financial models. We will make a comparative analysis of IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course and tell you all about the special characteristics of IIM Skills vs  GTA financial modeling course.

IIM Skills

Having established itself in the year 2015, IIM Skills was set up with the only aim of providing top-notch coaching and training for students who want to learn content writing. After making itself famous for providing content writing courses, the institute then decided to introduce several new courses like GST, SEO, business accounting and taxation, and, many more. With that, students were able to make a drastic transformation in their careers and lives. Having witnessed the flourishing financial modeling and services industry, IIM thus introduced the financial modeling course. The institute knows that all the industries, including the financial modeling industry, always keep on updating the job profiles, and, hence, due to the same reason IIM Skills makes sure that it teaches its students according to the latest industry trends. This helps the students to acquire the most recent skillset and knowledge, which ultimately allows them to grab jobs.


When it comes to introducing the financial modeling course, IIM Skills started the course after finding out the scope and demand for financial modeling services and the need for employees. Within a short period, it garnered over a thousand positive reviews.


IIM Skills’ Financial Modeling Course

As we mentioned earlier that the financial modeling industry is going to flourish not just for tomorrow, but also for the years to come, and, because of the same reason, IIM Skills introduced the financial modeling course. Companies and businesses are in desperate need of financial modeling professionals like equity research analysts, investment bankers, credit analysts, and others.


The thorough financial modeling course from IIM Skills is perfect for you to become a professional in the financial industry as it inspires you to upgrade your financial modeling skills. The course focuses on building your Excel skills from the ground up, financial statements, accounting, equity modeling, KPI analysis, and project finance. It also teaches you how to build financial models from scratch. Furthermore, it prepares you for a career in investment banking, equity research, credit research, etc.


With the proper blend of technical financial skills and soft skills, you will become financially literate and, as a result, prepare yourself for employment at the end of the course.


IIM Skills produces skilled financial modeling specialists to satisfy the rising need for trained individuals. Thus, the goal of the financial modeling course is fulfilled. Enroll in this course if you want to work in professions like an investment banker, financial analyst, credit analyst, and others.


The institute gave the financial modeling course a lot of time, thought, and effort before launching it. In this course, students will master the basics of financial models, after which they will be able to create their financial models.


Course Modules

In the financial modeling course, there are six modules which are KPI/Ratio Analysis, business valuation, accounting and financial statement foundation, many varieties of financial models, financial model basics, and Excel (Basics and advanced).


Course Features:-

  • Faculties Have Several Years of Knowledge, Expertise, and Experience in the Financial Modeling Domain  

Because IIM Skills is aware that the financial modeling profession is booming, it provides its students with current knowledge and information about what is occurring right now in the field. In addition to this, it also hires mentors who are currently working as investment bankers or financial analysts, have years of experience and are educated about the financial industry. IIM Skills provides students with quality education as well as valuable suggestions, advice, and direction on how to succeed in the workplace.


  • Live Online Session With Video Recording 

The institute has made all of its video recordings of the sessions available to the students because it is not always possible to participate in a live online class. Simply put, a recorded video of an online session will be made available if you are unable to attend the live event. These videos are available to you for a lifetime and can be accessed at any time. If you want to get a deeper understanding of the subject matter or if you have any questions or concerns, you may always watch the recorded video of the live online session again.


  • Personal Learning and Training Experience 

Just ask the trainers to get all of your questions addressed. Each student receives specialized attention from the mentors at IIM Skills because they are friendly and conscious of the fact that no two students are alike. Watching the video recordings of the live online class will typically help you to get any questions answered. To contact the instructors, however, use the institute’s email address, especially if you think you are still having problems understanding a subject or topic.


  • LMS Can Be Accessed for a Lifetime

A permanent library for all the course contents and session recordings, the learning management system is incredibly simple to use. This LMS gathers all the lecture recordings, case studies, and practical tasks in one place to assist you in developing the skills necessary for numerous professional courses. This LMS is always available to you for free usage. The LMS is additionally frequently updated, and adjustments are made to its contents to mirror adjustments implemented in the online world. The course content is regularly updated to reflect the latest trends to provide you with the most updated information and knowledge.


  • Classes Are Fully Interactive

Each student is unique and has a variety of educational and professional experiences, so the methodology for the course was designed with that in mind. Despite being a lengthy course, the interactive live online class makes sure that the training process is successful. These interactive online classes encourage group learning and critical thinking. It is normal for trainers and students to interact. These online classes also have an interactive learning environment and prompt answers to any questions or uncertainties.


  • Assignments Are as Per the Latest Industry Trends and Are Entirely Practically Oriented

To sharpen your skills and give you the confidence you need to take on challenging business tasks, you need a lot of real-world project experience. Because of this, the Financial Modeling course provided by IIM Skills includes a large number of practical projects to aid students in understanding all the difficult concepts and chapters. The time required to finish these practical assignments will be enormous. You are fully capable of applying the knowledge you have learned in this course to solve issues that arise in real-life scenarios.


  • Receive a Certificate Accepted Globally

You will earn a certificate upon completion of the course that is recognized by the financial modeling industry and the rest of the world. With this certification, working remotely and collaborating with clients would be simpler for you.

  • 100 % Job Placement Support and Assistance  

You will be given job opportunities at either IIM Skills or in hiring companies as soon as you finish the training. To get hired, you must, however, first do well during your internship. Through the institute, internship opportunities are offered both for pay and without pay. Both programs are of three-month duration. Your internship will give you the best opportunity to showcase your work to potential employers.

The distinguishing characteristics mentioned above describe the financial modeling course offered by IIM Skills, which explains why it is so well-liked by the students. Numbers and statistics are used to illustrate the course success rate. In light of this, it is clear why the institute earned 4.9 out of 5 stars and has an 87 per cent success rate.


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Now that we have listed the specialties of IIM SKILLS’ financial modeling course, let us look at the details of the GTA Financial Modeling Course. 


Grant Thornton International Limited

It is a network of advisory, tax, and, independent assurance firms. The institute holds specially dedicated and focused courses in six major areas like consumer products, real estate, life sciences, healthcare, media, and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance). Since the institute has a detailed and deep knowledge of the challenges, latest trends, disruptions, and problems that the companies are currently facing, it works in these industries. However, to provide more specialized education in those sectors, the firm decided to set up an institute that is specially dedicated to offering education, training, and knowledge on courses like accounting, blockchain, IFRS, data analytics, and, others. The name of that institute is Learning and Development Academy (LDA).


Grant Thornton decided to establish LDA with the sole objective of providing outcome-based coaching and training courses to students and professionals. The institute’s impactful courses have been personalized so that students can get the best out of them.


LDA firmly believes in the benefits of a classroom setting in the modern digital age of machine learning, maximizing group learning while concentrating on resolving individual concerns. Its instructors are experienced professionals who will share their knowledge of the industry’s best practices as well as their own experiences.


LDA will take advantage of Grant Thornton’s rich experience in several sectors and areas, including its knowledge to offer practical understanding and help the students to grasp and execute complicated concepts.


The institute uses three modes of courses to train its students. The three modes are classroom, e-learning, and, online live training.


GTA’s Financial Modeling Course

Grant Thornton introduced a 40-hour course called “Certificate in Financial Modelling & Valuation Online Live” to help students upskill themselves on valuation and financial modeling processes. Through this course, the students will be able to build financial models which are easy to understand and execute to grab a deeper understanding of the opportunities and dangers that are faced by companies. The course will help the students to measure the performance of the portfolio of a business project or a financial asset.


This course is best suited for students and working employees who want to acquire practical knowledge and experience in valuation, and financial modeling, helping them to comprehend and create valuation and business models. The course has been designed and developed in such a way that it offers and makes sure that the conceptual learning and knowledge are obtained with the perfect mix of industry practices. GTA focuses on concepts and knowledge using case studies to help its students connect the scenarios to their job roles. The institute offers two modes of training and coaching to the students of the financial modeling course, which are e-learning and trainer-led live online. Both the courses have the same modules.

Course Features of LMS and E-learning

  • Two-way interaction using “Ask the trainer” – In this course, the students are provided with a platform where they can communicate with the trainers and get all their doubts cleared.
  • Query solved within 24 hours – If there is any doubt, the students can always get them cleared by the trainers, for which the solutions to those queries are provided within a day.
  • Flexible – Since the course is pretty flexible, the students can learn the concepts at any time and any place.
  • Accessible on all tablets and mobiles – You can learn the course on your mobile or your tablet.
  • Affordable – The price of the course is affordable.

Course Feature of Live Online Training

In this course, the training and coaching are provided using software called “Cisco WebExTM”. This technology helps the institute to connect with its students across the world and at any time.

  • Sessions Are Live-streamed

The online classes are live streamed which helps the students to communicate with their trainers and ask them doubts.

  • Two-way Interaction

Like the LMS and e-learning course, in this course too, the students are provided with a platform where they can communicate with the trainers and get all their doubts cleared. However, the only difference between this feature of e-learning and the live online training course is that here questions and doubts can be asked while attending the live online class. Whereas, in the case of e-learning courses, questions and doubts can be asked only after going through the course concepts class.

  • Obtain Learning Aids’ Access

This course allows the students to obtain access to learning aids like how to use Excel

  • Grant Thornton LMS Access is Available for One Year 

The students will also receive access to the institute’s LMS which can be accessed for one year. The LMS will provide access to educational content.


A Comparative Study of IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course

We learned through thorough study that the financial modeling course offered by IIM Skills had a remarkable success rate of 87 percent. If you wish to pursue a career in the financial modeling sector as an equities research analyst, investment banker, or credit analyst, or if you are in one of several esteemed positions but are relatively new to the financial world, choose IIM Skills. The mentors at IIM Skills are always willing to assist the students, whether or not they are working, which is the course’s greatest plus. The student’s ability to utilize the LMS whenever they want to is the second plus.


Now it is time to tell what makes GTA’s financial modeling course a go-to course for those who want to study financial modeling. The institute believes that its students must be taught the concepts, and, topics using a practical methodology, and, which is why they are supported by simulations and case studies. GTA never deserts its students once the course gets completed. Hence, even though the course has been completed, GTA offers post-course help, support, and, doubt clearing opportunities. The course trainers have a vast knowledge of the financial modeling concepts that they teach, and, apart from that, they are also experienced, working professionals. Since every student has different abilities, the institute puts a huge emphasis on providing personalized training. GTA keeps a tab on how much its students have learned and how effectively can apply the concepts and knowledge in real life, what we are trying to mean is the students are provided with daily feedback sessions to see the effectiveness of their training.


Frequently Asked Questions on IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course

Q1. What sets these two Financial Modeling Courses apart from other options on the market?

Reviews of Financial Modeling courses that students have completed include numerous examples of persons who were successful in progressing in their professions. Students have access to resources that have a history of helping them land the job they want. The training course is completely practical and reflects what it would be like to serve as a professional financial analyst. On free career websites, a wealth of information is provided. Both of these courses stand out from the competition in terms of providing you with the resources you need to have a successful career due to the exceptional integration of all these components.


Q2. What professions will be available to me once I have finished the financial modeling course?

A wide variety of employment opportunities, among them those for financial analysts, investment bankers, equity research analysts, and many more, are easily accessible on the market after passing the Financial Modeling course.


Q3. What is the average Course Fee For Financial Modeling Course?

The average course fee for A financial Modeling course is around INR 35000. However, it depends on each finance institute. Some may charge much higher and some considerably lower.


Conclusion on IIM Skills vs GTA Financial Modeling Course

The distinctions between  IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course have already been discussed. The time has come to wrap things up. Let’s first talk about which institute will be beneficial for you before we do that. Even though every person has different interests and preferences, the decision of which financial modeling course provider to use ultimately rests with the individual. Only after carefully comparing each institute, price of the course, amenities, and mode of delivery, can a decision be reached. We can thus say that our evaluation of the two institutions achieved its goals. We hope that you will select the course that will advance your career the greatest.

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