Is Content Writing a Good Career Option?

 “Is content writing a good career option?” are you searching for the answer to this widely asked question. Then this article will help you know how good the content writing career is today and the Top 5 content writing careers in the market. Read the article fully to get a complete view of this profession.


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The era of digital marketing has begun in this 21st century. This online marketing sector has created several employment opportunities in society today. Some of them are designers, co-coordinator, business management officials, etc. One of the prominent professions that digital marketing has evoked is content writers.


The writer establishes valuable content that illustrates the firm or organization’s work or product that answers all their customers’ queries. The profession is gaining high growth today owing to the increase in entrepreneurship in the nation. Start up’s are looking up for established writers who could attract their audience through their fluent writing skills, which in turn will improve their business sales.


You may find a large number of freelance opportunities in this field daily on various web platforms. Therefore, this is the perfect example for you to examine the scope of this field in the current decade.


But there are few essential qualities you need to possess to be an efficient content writer. Owning these qualities will lend you a unique profile, thus obtaining your various career options. Rather than just defining the question, “is content writing a good career option?”


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The phase is prominent in every field; however, the planning schedule greatly impacts the content writing profession because vague writing would divert the audience due to boredom. Thus, you have to plan what and how you are going to present this writing.


For example, you may either provide the business insights or technical elements in a product or answer the queries about the business, etc. Then, choose the appropriate concept and exhibit that, so the audience can find the soul nature of the article easily without any challenges.




The fundamental of writing relies on the research carried on. Effective research provides all the insights and updates that are available on your topic. Those are the basic factors that will invariably improve the content. Similarly, the research will give an idea of what to write because you will find the most viewed content related to your topic, which gives you a hint of what to include in your article and whatnot. Thus research is always inevitable of the writing.


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Writing Method: 


As an aspiring writer, you would have probably heard the phrase follow a narrative style of writing. The narrative style is not only about establishing a story format. Here the meaning of narration is creating a readable flow that interests your readers. Concentrate on establishing an emotional connection with your readers.


For example, if you are writing about the origin of a business, try to include the real-life situation that evoked the business idea because most people would have faced the scenario and would easily connect to it. Hence when you write an article, ping the real-life situation, social questions, troubles face, etc. That is the attention-seeking element always.


When your article possesses the aforementioned key elements, it becomes an enriched one automatically. However, reading and learning should always be an inbuilt attributes of a writer. Only the person can stay updated about a current scenario, or else you will be losing credibility.


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Now signing off from the qualities description, let us look into the employment opportunities available in this field. Thus you could gain a holistic view of this field which will assist you in picking a decision.


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Top 10 Career Options in The Content Writing Field


  • Blogger
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Copy Writer
  • News Blogger
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Article Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Product Descriptive Writer
  • Video Script Writer
  • E-mail and message writings




It is the most popular career option in the content writing field. A Blogger is a person who creates interesting articles on varied topics. Writing these kinds of interesting articles will attract more audiences to your website, which improves your income through advertisements.


WordPress is one of the user-friendly platforms which guides in several measures to create a fascinating website. Blogging is also a great initiative to find clients for content writing. When traffic increases, people will reach for paid writings. Although you need to gain a few basic knowledge regarding this WordPress handling and blogging, you can learn them from various online teaching platforms.


Social Media Marketer: 


Every news, advertisement, promotion is being published on social media platforms. Business officials are targeting their clients on these social platforms. They always depend on skilled writers to attract their customers with professional write-ups. Thus this is a wide field where the need for writers is growing day by day.


Even news pages recruit writers to recreate their news topic in an attractive viewer format. However, there are certain challenges like you need to produce the content in short and distinguished form, make a crispy content that compiles all the important factors, etc. You need to be talented and efficient to obtain a job in this field.


Copy Writer:


There are also instances where you don’t have to do the research always. The organization will lend you the research but, you have to reproduce it in a readable format. Mostly you will find this career option in news media. As mentioned in the above heading, news media will get you the information.


The writer has to read and understand the soul of the article by which he will recreate the content. Marketing peoples will also recruit these writers to provide their research information regarding their product value, services offered, offers available, and others. Then the writers need to do the essential write-ups to pull the customers.


In the marketing field, you need to study the customers to do this writing because the view of writers may vary for each social sector. Thus in the business field, you need to own certain marketing insights to become a professional.


News Blogger: 


Writing and journalism are two correlated professions of society. From the beginning of print, media writing has been the inevitable part of it. In this current digital era, the news media has also transformed their publications. In addition to the paper prints, they are publishing their contents on the online platform also. The digital news platform is attracting more audiences nowadays, and online is the best place to flash news and information as soon as they take place.


Moreover, they don’t recruit only bloggers. Today the news firms hold their own social media pages with million followers. Thus the need for social media page post creators and caption writers is also increasing in this journal sector.

While answering the question “is content writing a good career option?” This field ensures you that writing is always a dynamic profession, and it will never fade away.


Affiliate Marketing:


This sector is more or less similar to review writing, but rather than reviewing a film. You will be reviewing products. Although here it is termed suggesting, affiliate marketing is that your writings will guide the audience to buy their favorite products in the market.


The writer will mention the pros and cons of the product, giving the audience a view of it. For example, when you list out a set of mobile phones under 50k and provide the insights of each product, the customer will pick a choice after going through your analysis. Hence guidance is the sole concept of this profession.


But does the above illustration answer the question “is content writing a good career option?” no career is good until you earn through that. At the same time, suggesting the products, you need to provide a link that takes the viewer to an authorized online market like Amazon or Flipkart from the person buying it. It is the passage by which you will be paid.


When you articles start gaining more audience, the appropriate online market will authorize your website for marketing purpose. Thus each time you create a customer for the marketing firm, you will be earning your commission charges paid by the organization.


Counseling Writer:


Counseling is the general term heard in the medical field, where medical experts like doctors and psychiatrists will guide us in overcoming our hurdles. The counseling writer profession is also similar to this kind of work. Here you write an article that helps your audience obtain knowledge about a specific topic to sort out his confusion and obtain a decision.


This kind of counseling article will mostly be on academic courses because people would mostly be confused about choosing a course that will help their career. So when holding a great knowledge of an academic field, you share all the insights about it, which aids your audience. Apart from the educational counseling, your articles can also be on business or entrepreneurship, health facts, food culture, exercise, etc.


However, the research process should be done great to rank your article well within the online competition. In addition, you must hold unique content in this competency to obtain good reviews and responses. Thus the article would require great research and analysis, which establishes a larger audience for your write-ups.


Through online analytics software, you can find the traffic obtained by a highly ranked article. That would be proof for the question, “is content writing a good career option?”


Technical Writer:


This profession would be a great sector for engineers to flourish. Because writers for entertainment and reviews will be found in large numbers, writers with technical knowledge are scarce. Thus it will be a great chance for a technical knowledge person to write an article that could pull the audience easily. The profession is similar to all other writings, but if you hold a degree in a technical field, your insights will be unique compared to others.


For example, you can find a high audience in the digital marketing and SEO optimization field than other stuff. That is how much people are eager to learn things today rather than just surfing around vaguely.


 Product Descriptive Writing:


This content writing field is the most populous one. In the current e-commerce era, we find these descriptive writers every day in our life. For example, when we look for a product to buy in the online market, these descriptive writers only illustrate the definition, usage, pros, and cons found on the website.


The highlight of this profession is you don’t have to create long and heavy content compared to the rest. However, your write-ups should be in the way that would convince the buyer to get it.


We know the reach of E-marketing and the rise of product sales today. Thus the need for descriptive writers is growing every day. This profession is the finest example to define the question “is content Writing a good career option?”


Video Script Writer:


Every advertisement video we watch in the online platforms like website and social media are delivered from a perfectly established video script writing. The nature of the profession is to create video scripts for advertisements that will guide the marketing team to produce an advertisement that attracts more customers. These writings include research, editing, time limit, scene duration, etc. The overall concept is to convey a clear-cut message to the audience through the video medium. Creativity is an essential attribute here because the writer has to create concepts with limits.


Advertisement is a prominent factor of the business. People highly rely on this source to obtain customers. In addition, the digital medium has increased the scope of advertisements and the writers required for it. Thus if you possess the needed creativity and talent to establish a professional video idea, then gaining employment will never be a problem in this large field.


E-mail and Message writings:


We all receive emails and messages from various business firms that express the organization’s new arrivals, festival offers, wishes, etc. The concepts you read in these communications are generated for the idea of a writer. These messages and emails are the key factors that convince new customers to buy their products or service.


Similarly, these responses are the important feature that retains the existing customers. To obtain a job in this profession, you need to own good marketing knowledge and skill. Because the client’s age and mindset are highly important in this field, only through which you can create the concepts to convince them.

These customer interactions are the major pillars that highly support business firms today. Hence the need for writers related to the profession is increasing every day.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Is content writing in demand?


Yes, the content writing profession is in high demand today. Just get to an online recruiting website like Indeed and Naukri and search the category. The result is proof of its high demand.


  • Should I opt for content writing courses?


As a developing country exposed to the digital world, the career is growing largely in India.


  • What is the scope of content writing?


All the listed opportunities in this article are a real-time example that defines the scope of the content writing profession.




In the previous era, the scope of writers was widely found in journalism and films. However, today there is a great need for writers in the market, which is generated each day by the digital marketing sector. The revolution done by the digital medium in the marketing field has invariably improved the scope of writers and their payrolls.


Unlike other professions, you don’t have to follow a routine job structure in the writing field. Most of the writers in this era are performing from their comfortable spaces and timings. The only factor that officials observe is the outcome, the customers who buy from their firm through the write-ups.


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