Top 7 Online GST Courses With Placements

Would you like to grow your business? Are you fed up with your tax return files? Would you like to start your career as a tax consultant or a GST practitioner? Would you like to kick off your own consultancy? Are you afraid of the word GST? If any of the answers is yes! Then wait! Don’t move. You are in the perfect place!

You need a proper GST certification course. It will guide you from scratch to end. At the end of the course, you will be the master of the field. In this pandemic situation, you will prefer to choose the online GST courses for sure.


List of the top online GST courses


Before going through the details of the online GST courses, you need to know some basics of GST.


What is GST?


GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. GST is a solitary tax on the supply of goods and services. That implies the end shopper will bear the GST charged by the last vendor in the supply chain. A few financial experts consider this to be the most ambitious tax. However, it has changed since independence.  GST will put back all indirect taxes required on goods and services. This structure will free India of its complex indirect tax assessment structure.


It is an Indirect tax acquainted with replacing a large group of other Indirect taxes. For example, purchase tax, service tax, value-added tax, excise duty, and so on. GST demanded the inventory of specific labor and products in India. Therefore, it is material all through India.


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Who will pay GST?


The underneath referenced entities and people should enroll for Goods and Services Tax:


  • E-commerce aggregators.
  • People who supply through internet business aggregators.
  • People who pay charge according to the converse charge system.
  • Specialists of information administration merchants and providers.
  • Non-resident people who pay tax.
  • Organizations that have a turnover that is more than the threshold limit.
  • Individuals who had enrolled before the GST law was introduced.


What is The Purpose of GST?


The main target of GST is to simplify the taxation process. Central and state governments collected various numbers of indirect taxes in previous days. GST would reduce these into a single tax. In this way, it would decrease the cascading of taxes and

provide a typical public national market to Goods and Services.


Advantages of GST:


  • Coming up the benefits of goods and services tax in India.
  • Guideline of the unorganized sector.
  • Internet business administrators don’t experience the ill effects of differential treatment at present.
  • Composition scheme.
  • Lesser complications.
  • The better registration process and simple filing of returns than earlier.
  • Higher limit.
  • Eradication of the cascading tax effect.


Types of GST:


As per the current tax system, there are four different types of GST:


  1. Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST)


  • Benefitted authority: Central Government.
  • GST gathered by:  Central Government.
  • Relevant transactions: Intrastate, i.e., within a single state.


  1. State Goods and Services Tax (SGST)

  • Benefitted authority: State Government.
  • GST gathered by: State Government.
  • Relevant transactions: Intrastate, i.e., within a single state.


  1. Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST)

  • Benefitted authority: Central Govt and State Govt.
  • GST gathered by:  Central Government.
  • Relevant transactions: Interstate, i.e., between two states or a state and a UT(UT stands for Union Territory).


  1. Union Territory GST (UTGST)

  • Benefitted authority: UT (Union Territory) Government.
  • GST gathered by: UT (Union Territory) Government.
  • Relevant transactions: Within a single  UT (Union Territory).


Career Opportunities after Completion of Professional Online GST Courses:


  1. GST Practitioner
  2. GST Assistant
  3. GST Executive
  4. Tax Professional
  5. Accountant
  6. Asst. Accountant
  7. Junior Accountant


 Top Online GST Courses in India


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading online educational institutions in India.  They are growing so fast. Not only in India, but they have also started to spread their good work globally. They provide one of the best online GST courses and the best online business accounting and taxation courses in India. Read on for details.


Key Features:

Course Name: GST Course

Course Fees:  Rs 2900 (GST included)


Course Syllabus:

  • Fundamentals of The GST Act
  • Concept and Structure of GST
  • Benefits of GST
  • GST Registration, And Invoicing
  • Indirect Tax, And Direct Tax
  • TDS Compliance
  • Amendments of GST
  • GST Returns
  • The Different Forms in GST


Special Curriculum:


This organization has handily experienced resources. They separated their course modules so pleasantly. These can help the students at their best. They have around 8 modules to comprehend the course step by step. At the point when you go through the course, you will understand the strength of the modules. Moreover, they separated their course itself in a particularly pleasant way. Here are a brief looks at the course plan:


  • Module 1: The Genesis And Concept of GST And GST Impact On Businesses
  • Module 2: The Structure And Architecture of GST
  • Module 3:Registration Under GST: Criteria and Process Explained
  • Module 4:Invoicing Rules And Regulations
  • Module 5: GST Returns Filing
  • Module 6:Composition Scheme under GST
  • Module 7:Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)
  • Module 8:E-Way Bill Under GST
  • Module 9:Input Tax Payment and Credit in GST


Certification:  The candidate will get a GST Practitioner Master Certificate.  The candidate will get it after completion of the course.


Benefits: The GST certification course gives thorough practical training. It is on the high-level constituents of GST. You understand the basics of GST, the course of execution, and its role in organizations.


Contact: +91 9911839503


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NIFM stands for National Institute of Financial Markets. It is one of the top institutes which provide online GST courses.


NIFM is a pioneer in presenting short-term job-oriented diploma programs. It offers the best in class offices in the field of monetary business sectors Industry. In particular, it obliges the requirement to prepare and arrange for the financial markets industry personnel, like marketing personnel, research analysts,  dealers, and managers.


NIFM gives momentary job-oriented courses in the share market, capital market, stock market. Not only that, commodity market courses, forex market, derivatives, options strategy, and financial market. NIFM Institute likewise offers testament courses for technical and fundamental analysis. We additionally give Preparation classes to SEBI NISM Modules assessments.


Salient Features:


Course Name: Professional GST Certificate course

Course Duration: Two Months

Course Fees: Rs 25,000  +  GST


Course Highlights:


  • Professional GST certified course.
  • top to bottom information on GST Laws, applications, and ideas.
  • Understand what GST would mean for the working of associations.
  • Curriculum-dependent on 80% useful, practical training and 20% theoretical.
  • The business cycle needed changes for consistency with the new law.
  • Training by industry specialists.
  • Practical information on the various techniques needed under the GST Act. Such as registration, filing of returns, benefiting input tax credit, TDS, etc.
  • Faculties over 10+ long periods of involvement.
  • 100% placement assistance.
  • Unlimited practical hours.
  • With the help of online GST software, complete GST accounting training.
  • Smart, exceptional study halls.
  • Consolidated learning with normal home tasks.
  • Good framework and strong administration.
  • Particular regard for every understudy.
  • Lifetime support from resources.
  • Availability of end of the week bunches.


Who Should Enroll for the Course?


  • Students/Beginners yearning for a  career opportunity in the accounting and tax assessment space.
  • Senior-mid level accountants
  • Finance experts like CA/CS/CMA/lawyers.
  • CEO, CFO, finance directors, tax directors.
  • SMEs, analysts, traders.
  • Working professionals.
  • Business heads, business owners.
  • Freelance accountants.


Experts can likewise enlist for ensured GST courses to redesign themselves with patterns/techniques.




  • Professional GST certification from NIFM.
  • Professional conduct and consistency with laws and guidelines.
  • Practical industrial training.
  • Complete active experience on GST.
  • Computerized entry and finalized reports.
  • Personality advancement for interviews.
  • Get help with the future when something new shows up on the lookout.
  • Get help to get fill in as a specialist whenever required.
  • Get help to begin a business as bookkeeping and annual duty proficient whenever required.
  • 100% Industry perspective useful preparation which will help you in a Corporate World.


Contact: 011-45646322, 9910300590 or


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SWAYAM is an online educational platform initiated by the Government of India. It intended to do the three cardinal standards of education policy. These are access, value, and quality. This work aims to take the best learning assets to all, including the most hindered. SWAYAM connects the computerized partition.  Including those students who are unable to take part in the digital revolution.

SWAYAM is an online platform that provides online GST courses.


Course Highlights:

Course Name: Introduction to GST(Netaji Subhas Open University)

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Objectives:  Professor Anirban Ghosh is the course coordinator of SWAYAM. He is a skillful and proficient person for corporate tax planning (PG-Commerce). From this course, one can get an idea about Goods and Service Tax (GST).  They divided the course into ten units. After fulfillment of the course, the students would have the option to help the business.  They would be able to help the little merchants to exercise their GST.


Course Layout:


Week 1


Topic: Introduction and Overview of GST


Unit Title:

U-1: Introduction to GST

U-2: Benefits of GST

U-3: Overview of GST

Quiz: Week 1- MCQ


Week 2


Topic: Concept of supply


Unit Title:

U-4: Scope of Supply

U-5:Levy of GST

Quiz: Week 2- MCQ


Week 3


Topic: Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)


Unit Title:

U-6: Concept of RCM

Quiz: Week 3- MCQ


Week 4


Topic: Composition Scheme


Unit Title:

U-7: Composition Scheme

Quiz: Week 4- MCQ


Week 5


Topic: Valuation of GST


Unit Title:

U-8: Valuation Rules

Quiz: Week 5- MCQ


Week 6


Topic: Payment of GST


Unit Title:

U-9: Payment of GST


Week 7


Topic: Input Tax Credit


Unit Title:

U-10: Payment of GST and Concept of ITC


Week 8


Topic: Returns under GST


Unit Title:

U-11: Furnishing of Returns


Week 9


Topic: Books of Accounts


Unit Title:

 U-12: Different books of accounts


Week 10


Topic: Interest, Penalty, and Prosecution-I


Unit Title:

U-13: Provision of Interest


Week 11


Topic: Interest, Penalty, and Prosecution-II


Unit Title:

U-14: Provision of penalty & Prosecution


Week 12




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4. Taxguru


Taxguru is one of the best institutes that offer online GST courses. Due to the pandemic, the new normal has opened up new bounds for us all. But, on the other hand, the difficulties of present occasions have made more opportunities. We need to do digital learning to grasp the chances, new points of view, and a new standpoint, we need to do digital learning. TaxGuru Edu is an instructive wing of TaxGuru. It provides self-learning certification courses on GST, income tax, and customs incl.


In self-learning courses, they follow a mixed learning approach. They will give access to their Learning Management System. Meetings will be pre-recorded from their most recent online professional development course. They try to give you a genuine class experience followed by their question goal gathering.


CA Raman Singla conducts the class. He has prepared in excess of 30,000 experts across India. In addition, he has written the top-rated book specifically “Complete Analysis on GST.” He is a notable GST Expert and national level eminent speaker in classes and studios on GST.


Course Features:


Course Name:  Self-Learning Certification Course on GST

Course Fees:  Rs. 8,000 + GST @ 18%.


Special Features:


  • A self-learning course is the recorded form. It is the most recent online professional development course. It gives genuine class insight.
  • Nitty-gritty examination to allow you to turn into a tax assessment expert.
  • Study in the solace and security of your home.
  • Authentication by TaxguruEdu after effective finishing.
  • Live query goal through free admittance to the intuitive query goal discussion.
  • Course material in e-form.
  • Admittance to the course is valid for 90 days.
  • Point by point courses.
  • How about we take a gander at the educational program exhaustively.


Course Curriculum:


  • Established Aspects of GST
  • GST Laws And Fundamental Concepts
  • What Are The Taxes Subsumed in GST
  • Enrollment of GST
  • Various Forms in GST
  • Bring Filing Back
  • Information Tax Credit
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Anti-profiteering
  • Credit Note, Debit Note
  • Transitional  Scheme
  • Inclusion of All GST Laws for Audit
  • Yearly Returns
  • GST on Advances And Many More.


To know more detail, contact 88-99-11-77-01 or


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5. V Skills


V Skills provides one of the most popular online GST courses in India. The online GST courses offered by V Skills is an extremely well-structured program. The certified online GST courses at Vskills is a very much organized program also. It assists people with choosing an affirmation and registering.


Course Features:

Course Name: Certified GST professional

Course Duration: 28 Hours

Course Fees: 3,499/-


Steps to Complete The Course:


  • Select certification & register.
  • Get lifelong e-learning access.
  • Give online exam at your convenience.
  • Get a certificate of completion.


Test Details:

  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • of questions: 50
  • Total marks: 50
  • Required pass marks: 25




  • Government certification
  • Certification valid for life
  • Lifelong e-learning access


Contact: 0114 734 4723,


6. Cleartax


Cleartax is the largest tax and financial services platform in India. It offers one of the finest online GST courses in India. Cleartax is a Bangalore-based tech firm. It is one of the biggest cloud platforms​ for GST.  It’s a mutual fund investment platform also. So, this is the most famous contributing platform for youngsters. Regardless of whether you are an individual or business firm, you will profit from the online GST courses presented by ClearTax.


Course Features:


Course Duration: 8+ Hours

Course Fees: 3600/-


Course Overview:

  • Introduction to new GST returns.
  • The complete filing process for RET-1/2/3.
  • In-depth analysis of ANX- 1/ 2.
  • Transition plan from current to new returns.
  • Case studies by expert CAs.


Course Curriculum:


  • Basics of GST returns.
  • New GST return system.
  • The transition from an old to a new system.
  • Expert sections.


Contact: 8067458707,


7. The Institute of Chartered Accountants


It is the second-largest authorized body of CA worldwide. They offer one of the finest online GST courses in India.


Qualification: ICAI members only.


The Objective of the GST Course:


The objective of this course is to update the data on GST courses in India. In addition, the aim is to give way to the people in the overall assistance feature.


Course Duration:


Option I – 10 days, on Saturday and Sunday only;

Option 2 – 14 days, Monday to Friday

Timing:   9:30 AM to 5:30 PM


Course Fees:


14,000/- plus GST (for Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore,  Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, and Jaipur ).

12,600/- plus GST for other cities.

[This Includes charges for the examination to be held after fulfillment of the course].


Course Curriculum:


Definition and Concept of GST


Time of Supply

Place of Supply

Input Tax Credit

Transitional Issues

Valuation, Registration

Returns, Payment, Refund, Assessment

Offenses, Penalties

Advance Ruling, FTP

Customs Duty, Ethical Practice

Compensation cess to States Act, 2017

Exemption List of items and Ventures

Miscellaneous Provision


Contact: 7877 966 966 / E Mail:


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is GST registration free of cost?


GST enlistment should be possible online at Nil charges. There is a 10% punishment on tax due if you don’t register for GST.  Small businessmen can appreciate benefits by voluntary GST  registration. GSTIN is a unique GST identification number. It is assigned to the organizations enlisted under GST.


2. What amount does it cost to enlist for GST?


There is no payable charge upon registering for GST. Each business with a total yearly turnover of over Rs. 20 Lakhs should enlist for GST.


3. Would I be able to sell without GST?


You can sell online without GST just on the off chance that you sell products that are excluded. If you sell products on which GST is relevant, you need to persuade the GST number to have the option to sell on the web. You need to take GSTIN regardless of whether turnover is not as much as Rs. 20 lakh.


4. What occurs if you don’t have GST?


A wrongdoer not covering assessment or making short installments should suffer a consequence of 10% of the duty sum due subject to at least Rs. 10,000. The greatest punishment is 10% of the expense neglected.




These are the best online GST courses that you can opt for. They offer you the most relevant knowledge about the subject matter.

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