Top 8 Tally Courses in Chennai With Placement Assistance

A predominant software application, Tally, is widely used in India, basically for accounting and business management purposes. And as it is commonly used software in almost all business firms, the demand for pursuing Tally courses has suddenly experienced an upsurge in the education industry. With the emergence of enormous start-up companies and hundreds of MNCs in the country, individuals with a degree or diploma in Tally course are in top demand by all the companies. Those who are aspiring to become Tally experts, mainly from Chennai, continue reading as we are going to provide you here with a detailed listicle of all the best institutes offering Tally Courses in Chennai.


List of best Tally courses in Chennai


What is Tally?

Tally stands for Transaction Allowed in a Linear Line Yard. This software is commonly used for entering and recording business data on a regular basis for ventures of all sizes. It assists in diverse business operations such as recording financial transactions, generating financial statements, managing inventory, filing taxes, auditing, GST, payroll, invoicing, etc.

It is available in various versions. The recent replication produced by Tally, called Tally ERP 9, works on a double-entry accounting system. It helps decrease the chances of errors while making entries and also aids in correcting them. It is a user-friendly software and a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

It is vital for all companies to keep their financial recordings up-to-date, which was obviously very risky.  In the former days, people used to manage these recordings manually. But today, Tally helps in elucidating financial management. This software is secure and easy to use and manages various money transactions, currency management, and interest payments.


Career Opportunities in Tally-

Tally proffers excellent career opportunities after the completion of Tally courses in Chennai. A tally expert would be able to efficiently perform inventory management, stock maintenance billing, and taxes and banking bookkeeping. Not only Tally serves a promising career start but also a rewarding growth in the individual’s designation. Let’s have a look at the various popular Tally position offered in a company.


Admin Executive

The role of the Admin Executive is to look after administrative and office assistance tasks. The job responsibilities include attending phone calls, receiving visitors, preparing Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations, and filing. One should have excellent communication skills and strong internet research abilities for this designation.


Accounts Executive

The role and responsibilities of an accounting clerk are according to a company’s needs. Still, they commonly look after filing financial records, making daily sales reports into Excel sheets, acquiring daily cash receipts from all the heads, processing accounts payable cheques, maintaining and updating the accounting database, and handling backups.


Audit Executive

The crucial role of the Audit Executive is to examine the money going in and out of the company and keep a record of it. Their job is to check and analyze spreadsheet data, scrutinize company accounts, and perform other financial management work.


Financial Analyst

Their role includes planning, examining, and preparing financial reports for companies. Their prime agenda is to enhance the economic status of the company by scrutinizing results, tracking variances, identifying trends, and recommending actions to the authority.


Account manager

The role of the Account manager is to manage sales and handle the relationships with particular clients for a company. They are responsible for sustaining the company’s existing relationships with the clients to continue using the company for business.


Senior Accountant

The senior Accountant’s role is to resolve the issues and challenges related to accounts and handle general ledger and bank statements. A senior Accountant must have impressive analytical skills and be familiar with accounting principles to examine financial records.


Scope of Tally Accountant-

With the growing domestic and international market, Tally has a much broader scope in India and abroad. People having a thorough knowledge of Tally software can help and serve small and medium business companies by working On-Site or as a freelancer.

A lot of companies are offering work from home to their Tally professionals, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. With the increase in the demand for Tally professionals in the country, it has been observed that the option of remote jobs for them has also increased.

Tally courses in Chennai not only provide their learners with industry-recognized expertise but also prepare them to bloom and excel in their careers with the required growth. Tally professionals are always in high demand as proper management of accounts is the most binding domain in the effective functioning of a company.

Every company needs Tally accountants for its correct operation and healthy growth.  As the Tally ERP 9 software has included the new banking features, it has become more manageable for the Tally professionals to access bank-related operations. Not only in India but internationally, many companies have initiated using Tally accounting software as a part of their financial management system.

Unlike coding, learning Tally is comparatively easy for students. And once you are an expert in handling this software, you can quickly solve all the finance and invoice-related issues of the company.  New features are constantly added up and updated to Tally software so that it can efficiently work according to the requirements of the present day.


The Average Salary of a Tally Accountant-

The average salary of a Tally Accountant in India is around INR 1,80,000-INR 3,00,000 per year. Also, most people get promoted from this position, and as they gain more experience in this field, their salary also increases with their years of experience.

In this industry, it is the talent and experience of the employee that matters, and these factors primarily define the salary they deserve. The starting salary of a Tally professional may differ from company to company and person to person. But years of experience and polished skills add as driving factors in the hike in salaries of the Tally professionals.


Types of Companies Hiring for Tally Job Profiles in India- 

If you opt for Tally courses in Chennai and receive the certificate, you will be able to work in various sectors such as Corporate Finance, Business Development, Sales and marketing, Corporate Information Systems, and many more.

Some of the top-notch companies which offer Tally jobs are

  • Deloitte
  • Genpact
  • Accenture
  • Infosys BPM
  • PWC,
  • Vodafone Idea
  • IBM India
  • Reliance Industries
  • Flipkart
  • KPMG
  • Ekart logistics


A certified Tally professional can also make their career in Government Jobs. In fact, the Government sector would pay more salary compared to most of the private companies. To find jobs in the Government sector, an individual must regularly check Government recruitment agencies or portals.


Tally Course Eligibility

Tally courses in Chennai provide a concrete foundation for a promising career in accounting. The following points are the eligibility criteria for pursuing a Tally course.

  1. An individual must complete the Secondary School Examination (10+2 or equivalent), preferably in the Commerce stream, though students from other streams can also apply for the course.
  2. A basic understanding of Accounting and Business management is preferred.
  3. Learners who have completed their graduation can also apply and pursue Tally courses which will be an added advantage in their portfolio if they are planning to build their career in Finance, Accounting, and Banking.


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Tally Course Syllabus

A standard Tally course has the inclusion of core subjects or concepts which are

  • Accounting– It is the basic concept that is covered in Tally ERP.
  • Billing– For every accounting entry, a bill is generated and can be used for sending invoices. The billing option in Tally helps in removing the labor of entering accounting separately.
  • Banking– Tally ERP 9 software helps calculate both TDS and GST direct and indirect tax with its returns automatically.
  • Payroll– Payroll is required as most of companies have a fair number of employees. Maintaining Payroll in Tally is easy and less time-consuming.
  • Taxation-Every company has to oblige the Central and State government by paying the required taxes. Tally makes the calculation of taxes more accessible, and it is easy to create bills and invoices as it can provide VAT, Service Tax, Income Tax, etc.
  • Inventory– Maintenance of stock is crucial for any business. Knowledge and maintenance of inventory and portfolio are necessary for the effective movement of stocks.


The following table shows the detailed highlights of the Tally courses in Chennai.

FULL FORM Transaction Allowed in a Linear Line Yard
COURSE LEVEL Certificate and/or diploma
COURSE DURATION Certificate-2-4 Months                                                              Diploma 1-2 Years
COURSE ELIGIBILITY Passes 10+2 or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks.
COURSE TYPE (MODE OF COURSE) Offline and online classes
COURSE FEE Approximately INR 3000 -INR 20,000(The fee structure may vary in different Institutes.)
EMPLOYMENT AREAS MNCs, Banking, Corporates, etc.
JOB PROFILES Admin Executive, Accounts Executive, Audit Executive, Financial Analyst, Account manager, Senior Accountant
TOP RECRUITING COMPANIES Deloitte, Genpact, Accenture, Infosys BPM, PWC, Vodafone Idea, IBM India, Reliance Industries, Flipkart, KPMG, Ekart logistics
AVERAGE SALARY INR 1,80,000-INR 3,00,000 approx. for freshers


Here is a detailed list of Modules of the  Tally ERP 9 Course Syllabus.





·       Introduction

·       Types of Accounts

·       Accounting Principles or concepts

·       Mode of Accounting

·       Rules of Accounting

·       Double entry system of bookkeeping






·       Introduction to Tally.ERP 9

·       History of tally

·       Versions of tally

·       Company Features

·       Configuration

·       Getting functions with Tally.ERP9

·       Creation / setting up of Company in Tally.ERP9






·       Chart of Groups

·       Groups

·       Multiple Groups

·       Ledgers

·       Multiple Ledgers






·       Stock Groups

·       Multiple Stock Groups

·       Stock Categories

·       Multiple Stock Categories

·       Units of Measure

·       Godowns

·       Stock Items






·       Introduction

·       Types of Vouchers

·       Chart of Vouchers

·       Accounting Vouchers

·       Inventory Vouchers

·       Invoicing





·       Bill-wise details

·       Cost centers and Cost Categories

·       Multiple currencies

·       Interest calculations

·       Budget and controls

·       Scenario management

·       Bank Reconciliation







·       Order Processing

·       Recorder Levels

·       Batch-wise details

·       Bill of Materials

·       Batch-Wise Details

·       Different Actual and Billed Quantities

·       Price Lists

·       Zero-Valued Entries

·       Additional cost details

·       POS


              TAXES IN TALLY.ERP9




·       VAT

·       Vat Reports

·       CST

·       Vat Reports

·       TDS

·       TDS Reports

·       TCS

·       TCS Reports

·       EXCISE

·       Excise Reports






·       Service Tax Reports






·       Tally vault

·       Security controls

·       Tally Audit

·       Backup and restore

·       Split company data

·       Import and export of data

·       Printing Reports and Cheques

·       Create a Company Logo








·       Employee Creation

·       Salary Define

·       Employee Attendance Register

·       Pay Head Creation

·       Salary Report





·       Financial Statements

·       Trading Account

·       Profit & Loss Account

·       Balance Sheet

·       Accounts Books and Reports

·       Inventory Books and Reports

·       Exception Reports

·       Statutory Reports

·       Payroll Reports

·       Trial balance

·       Day Book

·       List of Accounts

·       Stock Summary




Tally Course Fees

Generally, Tally courses can be studied within a range of INR 3,000/- to INR 10,000/- but it may vary upon the mode of the study, choice of course, and the Institute you applied for.


Top Tally Courses in Chennai –


1. Tally Advanced Course in IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is one of the premium educational institutes that offer the Master Tally Course at just INR. 2900/- + GST. The institute provides 20 hours of lectures and 60 hours of practical assignments in this course. The course has 100 percent internship opportunities and a dedicated placement cell.

Students get access to captivating online training by industry veteran faculty members through the Learning Management System (LMS). It is an online Tally course, and students can learn at their own pace with explanatory pre-recorded sessions. This certification course is recognized by the Government of India. The curriculum of this course has three modules:


Module 1-Business Accounting

Module 2-Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime

Module 3-Advanced Accounting in Tally


Tally Advanced Course at IIM SKILLS is regarded as one of the best courses to learn Tally in India.


2. Tally Training course in FITA (Focused IT Academy) Training Institute Chennai

This Tally course has been specially designed by industry professionals to provide a fair comprehension of the Creation of Company Accounts for the Payroll and Taxation process (GST). The Institute provides a flexible time schedule of classes and offers both classrooms and instructor-led live online classes.

They proffer the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge of the Tally tools to their students. The institute has real-time experts as a trainer and provides opportunities to work on real-time projects to its students. The course fee is affordable, and they provide placement assistance too.


3. Tally GST Course in Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies provide Tally certification and online training course, which includes Basic to Advanced topics like Basics of Accounting and accounting cycle, Fundamentals of Tally ERP9, Financial Accounting overview, Inventory enabled voucher entry types, different types of the value-added tax system, standard tax study, TDS methods, FBT process, CST value study, Tally software ledger creating strategies, stock management payroll, GST entry, Tax entry, data backup, and recovery.

With their Tally courses in Chennai, students will learn at an expert level in a practical manner. At their Tally ERP 9 training center in Chennai, the placement cell schedules recruitment drives where the top-notch branded companies hand-pick their learners.

The institute has flexible weekday and weekend batches for its students and provides strong practical and theoretical knowledge. The duration of the course is a total of 30 hours. Besant Technologies provides one of the best Tally courses in Chennai, serving outstanding candidates in the industry.  Their certification is accredited worldwide by major global companies.


4. Tally Training in Greens Technology Chennai

Greens Technology offers the best Tally courses in Chennai at several locations according to the comfort of the students. The institute confers Tally training with industry-recognized Tally ERP 9 GST course content with online assessment and certification.

They also provide course material that has been designed by their certified faculty members. The institute has branches in Adyar, Annanagar, Velachery, OMR, and Tambaram.

They provide classroom training, online training, weekend classes, and fast-track course. Students can select their course timing according to their convenience. The institute provides practical training by industry experts and 100 percent placement assistance to its learners.


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5. Tally GST Training in Sai Infosys Chennai

Sai Infosys Institute is a Tally Training Institute that specializes in Company Accounts training, GST training, Tally training, Taxation Training, and SQL & Database training. They offer a Tally GST training course, and its syllabus is based on the idea of GST Experts and auditors.

The institute delivers practical-oriented training with Tally ERP 9 (BRS, GST, Online E-filing, TDS, etc.) with 100 percent placement support in multinational companies and manufacturing enterprises in Chennai. The institute offers one of the best Tally courses in Chennai.


6. Tally GST Course in Tally Training

Tally Training has provided highly specialized Tally courses in Chennai for many years. These courses are Tally ERP 9 training, Tally Taxation training, Tally GST training, and Company Accounts training. It is one of the top-ranking institutes for GST training in Chennai.

The academic institute serves the best Tally courses in Chennai to its learners. The institute makes sure that its students get placed in leading IT companies, Manufacturing, and Trading companies. In order to master students’ capability of acknowledging and operating with GST, the institute has introduced the Tally GST course encompassing the modules of GST.

The course has meticulously befitted the industry methods in order to increase the employability of their students as well as assist them in working professionally in upgrading Tally GST skills and knowledge. Their Tally GST course assures 100 percent job placement.


7. Tally GST Course in Inventateq Chennai

Inventateq offers a Tally GST course with live projects through instructor-led-Online classes. The institute gives 35-40 hours of Real-time accounts and Auditing training classes, and learners get practical hands-on experience on every topic.

Class timings are flexible enough as they have both weekday and weekend classes. Accounting courses are run in their Chennai coaching centers. The institute conducts Mock interviews along with resumes for its students to increase their chances of selection.

And these mock interviews are conducted by industry professionals. Students are also provided free technical support after the completion of the course in order to ensure their placement. Their excellent placement assistance makes them one of the finest institutes offering Tally courses in Chennai.


8. Tally Course by IPA (The Indian Institute of Professional Accountants)

IPA offers an online Tally ERP course with the help of qualified and trained faculties. It is a two months course of total 60 hours. Students can attend face-to-face or live online classes at their convenience and receive Industry recognized “diploma certificate” at the end of the successful completion of the course.

Students also receive Tally job recruitment assistance from the IPA tally training institute. This training center offers Tally prime training online to its learners, one month for basic Tally and the second month for advanced Tally ERP. The Institute of Professional Accountants is a government-recognized institute that offers Tally courses in Chennai at an affordable fee.




Q1 Is Tally a helpful course?

Answer. The Tally course is extremely helpful for individuals who want to build their careers in the field of accounting and finance. Tally is a universally recognized and industry-leading accounting software that proffers a broad scope of features and functionalities to streamline economic operations.

Almost all the business companies in India seek candidates with Tally expertise. Tally course is a program for accountants through which one can easily track and manage all accounts, sales, debts, and everything else related to the operation of the business. One can secure a job in a reputed company that recognizes the value of Tally skills.


Q2. How much salary can one earn after completing the Tally course?

Answer. A fresher can receive around INR 1,50,000 per annum, and after two to three years of experience, he or she can earn up to INR. 2,00,000- INR 3,00,000 per annum.


Q3. How can I learn the Tally course at home?

Answer. Yes, you can easily learn Tally courses at home because a lot of Tally training institutes are providing Online Tally courses. You have to check and examine the websites of these Tally training institutes carefully and can enroll in the online course according to your convenience. It would be better to try the free demo classes offered by these institutes so that you can have a fair idea of their faculty and methodology.


Q4. What type of Tally course is best?

Answer. Tally courses in Chennai include the basics of accounting and finance in addition to concepts like GST, TDS, inventory management, and accounting. Tally ERP 9 course is known to be the best course in the current market.


Q5. Is a Tally course essential for a CA?

Answer. Most small and medium business enterprises prefer using Tally Accounting Software. And suppose the CA has to maintain their clients’ books of accounts. In that case, a thorough knowledge of how to use Tally is crucial if you aspire to become an accountant in general and Chartered Accountant in specific.

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