Top 7 Tally Courses in Kolkata With Placement Assistance

As the globe moves inexorably towards digital transformation, a professional certification in IT will make you a part of this revolution and change. For students as well as professionals who want to respond to the significant shift and take the crucial step towards a career in the corporate sector, Tally courses have long been the best choice. Since, the advent of modern accountancy software, Tally has remained a primary choice for most businesses. In this article, we will elaborate on the intricacies of the Tally courses in Kolkata, their importance in the corporate sector, and the prominent institutes which offer them.


List of best tally courses in Kolkata


What is Tally?

Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards or Tally is a highly helpful accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses for doing computations. This software was developed by the Goenkas in 1986. The software enables you to perform all banking, auditing, and accounting tasks.

The accounting tools in Tally make it simple and quick to document business activities. It helps to create and manage vouchers, masters and reports to record the transactions that are required for your firm. It assists you in regulating all the key accounting processes in your company.


What is Tally Course?

On GST, inventory management, TDS, and accounting, Tally Courses in Kolkata is the most in-demand course. It is a brief course, but it will up-skill individuals for the financial industry. It usually takes 1-6 months to complete the training, during which you will have a thorough understanding of the software and study concepts such as inventory management, GST and TDS calculation, changing company details, etc.

Also, a number of global corporations utilize this software since it is simple to use and aids in maintaining an error-free and glitch-free record of a company’s accounting. For individuals who wish to work in accounting, it’s a fantastic option. It is vital to keep in mind that if you want to receive a diploma degree, the course may take more than two years.


Benefits Of Tally Certification

Tally is an efficient accounting tool used to manage accounts. It facilitates the recording of all accounting data, including invoices, reception notes, inventory control, sales records, credit notes, and so forth. The program helps with maintaining extensive bookkeeping in an easy-to-understand way so that everyone can execute it. So it’s therefore beneficial for beginners and students:


  • Multiple Career Opportunity Across Industries
  • Online Assessment
  • Access To Tally Job Portal.
  • Designed On the Latest Tally Product.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the domain and technical aspects
  • Real-world business problems are used as analogies.
  • The idea is explained using a variety of Visual features.
  • Verifiable Digital Certificate from Tally
  • Industry Preferred Certificate – NSDC Complaint


Features of Tally

  • Tally is widely identified as the ideal for its simplicity of use, lack of scripts, robustness, real-time features, impressive performance, and provision of extensive online help.
  • Due to its support for numerous languages, Tally is often known as multi-lingual accounting software. Using Tally, you may continue to view reports in one language while maintaining your accounts in another.
  • Up to 99,999 companies’ accounts can be created and managed by Tally.
  • The payroll tool may be applied to automate the management of personnel files.
  • Transactions archived across many offices can be automatically updated owing to Tally’s synchronization mechanism.
  • According to the objectives of the company, consolidated financial accounts are generated using Tally.
  • Tally is capable of managing one or more groups.
  • Invoicing, sales, purchase management, reporting, and management information systems are all tasks that can be completed with the Tally application.
  • Because of its customization, Tally is appropriate for an array of business requirements.


What is Tally ERP9?

One of the finest accounting software that can interface with other business applications, including sales, finance, purchasing, payroll, inventory management, etc. is Tally ERP 9. You can practically get accurate, current company information from anywhere with Tally ERP 9. With Tally ERP 9’s robust new features, lightning-fast performance, upgraded GST Return filing tools, and remote capabilities, you can effortlessly and affordably streamline all of your business activities.


What is Tally Prime?

Tally Prime is a business management application that automates your accounting (sales, transactions, receivables, and payables), asset tracking, bank transactions, and regulatory compliance, among several other things. This is a list of some of the attributes:

  • Simplified Interface
  • Insightful Business Reports
  • Invoicing and Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • GST/Taxation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Multitasking Capabilities
  • Go to feature
  • Access Business Data Online
  • Secured Data


Difference Between Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime

Regarding navigation, display, and shortcut keys, Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime have quite a lot of subtle differences. However, the major difference is in terms of deployment. ERP9 is server-based accounting software that is restricted to use on computers linked to the same network inside of facilities.

Tally Prime is more versatile and scalable than Tally ERP9, allowing cloud-based deployment. The most notable distinction between Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime is the latter’s ability to be accessed remotely.


Tally GST Course

The major tax change to take place in India is indeed the Goods and Services Tax. For students and accounting professionals, a Tally GST program is a comprehensive package. It achieves an understanding of the entire GST structure in terms of economics. Integrating the GST for accurate business records is one of the course’s several objectives.  A few course concepts are below:


  • knowledge and understanding of the GST concept and regulations.
  • GST business implications.
  • Acquiring knowledge about the GST framework.
  • Implementing GST using Tally ERP 9.
  • Migrate from other Tally releases.


Eligibility For Tally Courses in Kolkata

You must meet specific requirements in order to proceed with the program, whether it be short-term accounting courses or GST certification training. Candidates must complete higher secondary education, i.e., 10+2 or equivalent.

Even though any student may apply, it is advised to focus on the commerce stream and have a foundational understanding of accounting and business management. Immediately after graduating, students may continue their Tally training. Professionals can also enroll in Tally training to upgrade their skills.


Training Cost for Tally courses in Kolkata

Online and classroom Tally training are both offered in Kolkata. Online tally classes are offered by institutions in Kolkata for roughly Rs. 14,000 + GST, which may be paid in two monthly installments. The cost of the classroom tally course is roughly Rs. 20,000 including Tax.

Also, the cost is determined by how long the course is. The cost for a crash course in tally is Rs. 5,000; the cost of an advanced tally-level program can reach Rs. 8,000. Applicants who choose to enroll in these programs must pay a total of Rs. 13,000 plus GST.


Duration for Tally Courses in Kolkata

Tally often offers professionals and students a crash course in finance and accounting. Based on the batches and institutes that candidates choose, it can take anywhere between one and four months. Candidates can learn about inventory management, GST, and TDS calculations in the course. Another choice that can last two years is a Tally diploma certification.


Other best courses in Kolkata:


Core Concepts of Tally Courses in Kolkata

As we now have a fundamental understanding of Tally courses, including eligibility and their average duration, it is crucial to understand that the main ideas covered in the syllabus of the Tally courses in Kolkata are as follows:

  • Accounting: Accounting is Tally ERP’s most crucial aspect or subject. After hearing about Tally, everyone’s first and predominant thought is likely to be accounting.
  • Billing: An important aspect of any organization is billing. A bill that can be used to raise or send an invoice is created when an accounting entry is passed synchronously. The Tally billing option eliminates the need to enter separate accounting.
  • Banking: In this age of digitization, banking is crucial to a company’s ability to survive.
  • Taxation Process: In the interest of a company, it is necessary for it to cooperate with both the state and the state government by paying the necessary taxes. Due to its ability to provide information on VAT, Income Tax, Excise, Customs, Service Tax, etc., Tally makes it simpler to prepare any bill or invoice.
  • Payroll procedure: This feature is useful in workplaces with a sizable workforce. Several employee functions, including groups, categories, pay heads, attendance, etc., are utilized to maintain payroll in Tally.
  • Inventory Management: The upkeep of stock is one of the most crucial aspects of inventory management for any firm. Because it will improve control over business sales and incomes, it is essential. Thus, stock flow is crucial to regulating the firm.


Tally Training Institutes in Kolkata 

Kolkata is overloaded with Tally training centers, which gives candidates no choice but to join a random lot with suboptimal coaching standards and reputation. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top tally training facilities which provide Tally Courses in Kolkata, that are authorized to offer lucrative professions.



IIM SKILLS is a renowned online educational platform, which aspires to provide high-quality, career-oriented programs in various streams like Content writing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc. These courses are designed to cater to the learning needs of Graduates, Undergraduates, Working Professionals, etc.

The most extensive program called the self-paced Tally Advanced Course, offered by IIM SKILLS covers all the essential concepts of Tally and Tally software. This advanced Tally program provides you with a thorough understanding of all of Tally’s critical accounting concepts. The vibrant course prepares you in every way to become a skilled professional based on industry standards of excellence.


Tally Courses Key Features

o        Superb integration of theoretical and practical concepts developed by the experienced faculty.

  • Lifetime Access to LMS.
  • Deeply Explanatory Pre-recorded Sessions
  • User-friendly resources
  • Globally recognized master certification from IIM SKILLS.
  • Placement Assistance


Key Information

  • Duration: 20 hours Lectures with 60+ hours of practical assignments.
  • Course fee: INR2900/- +18% GST
  • Batch: Both weekdays and Weekends


2. CIT, Kolkata

Tally ERP 9. & Prime training is offered by the Central Institute of Technology under the guidance of specialists with Practical Experience. They not only teach the concepts but also helps you learn how you can practically implement those concepts in your day-to-day Accounting and through real-world examples and Tally ERP 9 and Prime entries, the taxation process is explained.


Key Features

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Updated, Experienced & Professional Teachers
  • 7 Days Opened with Flexible Class Timing
  • Live Projects & Workshop Facilities
  • Lifetime Support & Hand holding
  • Best Education with affordable Course Fees
  • 100% Income Opportunity | 100% Job Guaranteed
  • Offline Payment Fees: (Installment Available)
  • Online payment Fees: Rs18000/-


3. ACTE, Kolkata

The online Tally courses in Kolkata offered by ACTE are created to give students the information and abilities needed to utilize Tally successfully. Acte’s Tally Certification Course with GST will provide students with an in-depth and expert understanding of all Tally’s functionalities.

This course will provide you with the required expertise to manage budgets, debts & payables, credit cash flow, accounting, and manual recommendation with ease.  The program includes classes on financial accounting, accounting principles, stock management, payroll administration, sales tax, and other subjects. Also, the training gets students ready for the Tally certification test.


Key Features

  • 40+hours hands-on training
  • 25+Practical Assignments
  • 24/7 access
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Free Demo Class Available


4. IIHT Howrah, Kolkata

A premiere institute, IIHT Howrah provides a Tally ERP-9 certificate course with GST. At IIHT Howrah, the teaching strategies and curriculum are developed in accordance with current business trends.

IIHT Howrah places a strong emphasis on learning in order to make sure that graduates from this institute are industry ready and can find employment in their chosen fields without much difficulty. The key benefits of availing of Tally Courses in Kolkata include:


  • Career Progression & Management.
  • Mock interviews to boost your confidence.
  • courses created in accordance with the industry-academic panel’s opinions and recommendations.
  • 100% Placement Assistance.
  • Access to Tally Education App.
  • Training by Tally-certified faculties.
  • Tally and subject-matter experts design the content and the course curriculum (SME).
  • Industry-recognized Verifiable Certificate from Tally Education.
  • Around 1.3 million job opportunities.
  • accessibility to the Tally Candidate & Job Portal.
  • Real-time learning on “Licensed Software”.
  • training at locations approved by Tally Education directly.
  • Direct evaluation via online/CBT (Computer Based Test).
  • E-content accessibility on the Tally Certification Content web platform and app.


5. George Institute of Accounting (GIA), Kolkata

This institute provides a Tally Prime course that thoroughly teaches students how to manage and maintain records of their accounts, inventory, and payroll in Tally. This extensive training program covers all of Tally’s themes and possibilities.

This program has been developed to function independently while using an account. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur looking to pay the bills or a novice in the field of accounting, you’re in the right spot since Tally Prime is amazing and practical software that you may use to make thorough, simple, and straightforward business decisions.


  • Duration: three months
  • Lectures: 60
  • Eligibility: Class XII
  • Classes: 5 days per week
  • Certificate; Guaranteed


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6. Tally Academy, Kolkata       

One of the most reputable and well-known brands for talent and skill development in India is Tally Academy. Tally Academy offers instruction in an array of fields, including computer software, hardware & networking, accounts, IT and ITES, skill development, and other fields.


Key features

  • Captivating activities in the classroom
  • Practical instruction using real-life tasks
  • Adaptable schedules
  • Support for placement


Tally Courses in Kolkata offered by Tally Academy

Certificate Course in Tally with GST

With the aid of Tally Academy’s GST training, you can better understand the fundamentals of GST, key terminologies and concepts, application, and impact. The learner will gain a thorough understanding of GST through this lesson, from the fundamentals of theory to the real impact the regulation has on any type of business.

This training includes a practical project with answers and real-world situations to help you learn how to utilize Tally ERP9 with Goods & Services Tax effectively.


Key Information

Duration :3 months

Free Books:3 Books as Study Material


Certificate Course in Tally Prime (CTP)

Tally Prime gives you the ability to manage many businesses and gradually add capabilities like multiple go-downs, multi-currency, order process, cost centers, etc. to support your growth path.


Key Information

Duration:2 Months

Free Books: 1 Tally Prime Books as Study Material


7. Flowria Academy, Tollygunge, Kolkata

Flowria Academy in Tollygunge, Kolkata is one of the reputed Institutes in Kolkata. The Academy offers the latest, informative, and updated Tally ERP9, GST (Goods & Service Tax) & other accounts-related training with 100% practical clarification.

The courses are planned and designed by the Academy’s guaranteed top industry specialists who are known to be excellent, helpful, and approachable.

Tally ERP9 with GST provided by Flowria Academy consists of 2 levels: Level I & Level II. For beginners, Level I is required, but to become a Tally Expert Accountant, both Levels are recommended.


Key Information

  • Course Name: Tally ERP9 with GST
  • Couse Duration:2 Months (2 Days a week)
  • Course Fee: INR 10,000/-


  • Contact Information:
  • 1/21 Azadgarh , Tollygunge
  • P.O.Regent Park, Kolkata
  • West Bengal, India
  • Tel:+ 91-8777714798


Jobs After Tally Courses in Kolkata

Beginners and those considering a career in accounting and bookkeeping can both certainly benefit from taking Tally programs. Due to a growing need for qualified individuals to operate the Tally software, businesses’ reliance on Tally has expanded dramatically in recent times. Those who have completed a tally course are suitable for a variety of career profiles. Below is a list of a few of the job profiles:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accounts supervisor
  • Tally operator
  • Tally accounts executive
  • service coordinator with a tally
  • Financial tally analyst
  • Bookkeeper
  • Tax accountant
  • Investment banker
  • Accounts officer


There are numerous enhanced job types that fit those who are proficient in tally, but these are the more well-known ones. Learning Tally courses in Kolkata enables you to take advantage of wage perks. It is widely acknowledged that accountants play the most significant position within a corporation.


Top Recruiters

After completing Tally courses in Kolkata, you are likely to get job offers from both National and International companies. IBM India, Accenture, Deloitte, Genpact, KPMG, Reliance Industries, Ernst & Young, RSM Tenon, Smith & William Sons, BDO International, Grant Thornton International, and PWC are the top companies that promote work opportunities for Tally-certified professionals.


Placement Assistance

In order to prepare students for interviews with confidence, several institutions provide placement cells that offer a variety of mock interviews and group discussions.




What do the Tally Courses in Kolkata Offer?

Tally software is used in all facets of business, from keeping track of expenses to planning investments to monitoring profits and losses for a given financial year. When it comes to business, accounting is the backbone. The certified tally courses offered by the best tally colleges cover a range of topics and ideas connected to banking, inventory, and taxation.


Which tally course is best?

For the most part, businesses believe Tally Prime to be safe and challenging to hack.


What is the benefit of the Tally course?

For stock analysts and accountants, a Tally course is beneficial. The purpose and application of job arrangement planning and job pricing are clarified by taking this course.


What is the expected Pay for Tally?

After completing a Tally course, students have a wide range of employment options available, depending on their educational background and, of course, experience. To obtain the desired job function in an organization, you must possess both a degree from an educational institution and experience. Pay in these sectors is also decent. Tally Job Accountant earns INR 1,80,000/-, Associate Consultant receives INR 1,80,000 –INR 2,50,000, and Accounts Executive is getting INR 1,50,000 – INR 3,00,000/-.



Hence, Tally is a sophisticated accounting software that is used to manage accounts and equips you with the skills required to use the software. The basics of computerized accounting and Tally principles are the main topics of this course. The use of Tally to handle business finances effectively will be practiced by students. The course is appropriate for students who want to learn more about Tally or are brand-new to accounting. Without a doubt, graduates with Tally frequently receive several, alluring job offers.

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