Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Delhi

There are many technical writing courses in Delhi. But before that, What makes technical writing different from writing in general? Why does one need to take up courses to learn and ace technical writing? Why is the industry of technical writing growing and how can one gain from it?

Answers to all these questions are right here in this article, along with the list of top 10 technical writing courses in Delhi. If you are sold by the reasons, you can also go for online courses that are mentioned in the list. 


List of the best technical writing courses in Delhi


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is an easy-to-understand form of rather technical things. If you can convert technical or difficult discussions or procedures into a simple, easy, and crisp guide, then you are a perfect candidate for great technical writing; for example, a simple explanation of how to start a computer. The keyword in the explanation of technical writing is “simple, easy to understand”. The aim of technical writers should be to describe a technical term or process in layman language.


The industry of technical writing is growing without any barriers for staff. Technical writing is basically creating a bumpless road for readers. A good technical writer needs to have empathy and knowledge about the needs of the users/ readers.


There are a wide number of forms included in technical writing. The main aim for technical writers is to convert jargon into simple, easy-to-understand language. For example,  in the previous sentence instead of “jargons”, “technical words” should have been used, as many people might not be aware of jargon.


Technical writing is a huge chunk of a piece in the content writing industry. The IT industry, which is growing at a tremendous rate in India, also requires technical writers.


To learn content writing, take the Master Content Writing Course.


Technical Writing Includes:

  • Research results
  • White papers
  • How-to guides
  • User manuals/ introduction manuals
  • Technical reports
  • Case studies
  • Databases
  • Press release
  • Proposals
  • Reviews
  • Handbooks
  • Style guides and catalogs


Check out the other popular courses:


Career Scope for Technical Writers


Technical writing has recently been growing in India. There is a surge in demands for technical writers here. As per a report, employment for technical writing is going to rise around 12% in the coming decade, which is higher than the average of all occupations.


As said, technical writing is all about writing in understandable language, for manuals and handbooks, for example, so the question that peaks above any other are “Do we need more manuals?”


The answer has many components. We know the utter messy sincerity with which the internet is growing. With this escalating technology needs, the necessity to understand the technology requisites technical writing. True, the internet has made things easier on many bases, but how? Because we find things written by technical writers easily on the internet. Also, the strike in the IT industry in India provides good requirements for technical writing as well. Technical writers are needed to form research papers.


Technical writing has now moved on from very technical subjects like aeronautics, biomatrix, engineering, finance, etc., to each and every field, the most widespread being communication and advertisements.


Juice of all the components is sweet in taste for technical writing as a carrier option in India. India is developing industrially, technically, and economically, which is creating a huge scope for the technical writing occupation.


List of Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Delhi


Delhi being the center of all the major hubs has many amazing institutions for technical writing as well, which is expected. Technical writing is a growing profession. Anyone who is interested in writing, and is checking in with the up-going graph on the area will not miss a chance to learn the journey of technical writing.


If you are one of the writers interested in pursuing the newborn fast-growing occupation, this list of top 10 technical writing courses in Delhi is for you!


The top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Delhi


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the world’s leading institutes for top-notch education at an affordable price. The headquarters of IIM Skills is in New Delhi, thus, you can take up online as well as offline classes for your course.


The institute has delivered 5 years of excellence under the guidance and initiation of well-experienced experts. They have trained more than 15000 students from over 35 countries. The institute has a very flexible and beneficial set of courses.


The technical writing course designed by IIM Skills is sincerely compacted with practical knowledge and assignments. Recognized globally, the institution meets standards on a global level. The zest of the course comes down to training to set your work out and apart from the crowd.


Course name: Technical Writing Master Course

Duration: 5 weeks (+1 months guaranteed internship)

Cost: ₹ 14900 + 18% GST


  • 26+ hours Live classes
  • 60+ hour practical assignment
  • 100% tools driven training
  • 1 month guaranteed internship
  • Lifetime counseling and support
  • Portfolio development for job/freelancer
  • Publishing white paper
  • Publishing a scholarly article or a chapter
  • Publishing technical blog with Times of India
  • Master certification from IIM Skills


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction (60 mins)
  • How to Write (180 mins)
  • Research and Audience Analysis
  • Creating the Content (180 mins)
  • Technical Report Writing (60 mins)
  • White Paper and Journals (90 mins)
  • Content Reviewing And Publishing (90 mins)
  • API Documentation through XML
  • DDLC and Versioning (90 mins)
  • Conversational writing (60 mins)
  • Effective Writing (60 mins)
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Studies (120 mins)


You will learn all the major aspects and types of technical writing in the course including user manuals, step by step guides, white papers, research papers, technical reports, medical writing, effective writing, case studies, brochures, infographics, graphs, API documentation, conversational writing, and much more.


The course will be fixated with live and interactive online classes. The teachers will mentor you on each step through practical approaches. The curriculum is well-designed taking all the ongoing updates into account. Their batches are divided into concise numbers to build good one-on-one interactions.



Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite 


2. ECT (Education and Career Times)


ECT is the only training organization instituted by the Government of India as a startup. The certificate provided by ECT is globally recognized and acknowledged. They have been successfully cloning their ideas of practical studies and jobs through their courses for the past 11 years.


ECT gives you not just one course to follow, but TWO! You can choose one of them according to your knowledge, understanding, or needs. One is for beginners while the other is a bit advanced. This way, it is your choice to lift the online/offline benefits according to the stated curriculum.


  1. Option One

Technical Writing Course

Course Duration – 3 Months



  • 32 hours of classroom/live training
  • 50 hours of e-Learning videos
  • 6 Assignments
  • 6 Live Projects
  • 12 Quizzes
  • 1 Certification


Course Curriculum (Modules)

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing
  3. Information Architecture
  4. Master a Markdown Language
  5. Learn XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  6. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  7. DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
  8. Document Authoring Tool – Oxygen XML Editor
  9. Technical Authoring Tool – Adobe FrameMaker
  10. API Documentation
  11. Agile Documentation Strategy
  12. Careers in Technical Writing
  13. Contributing to Open Source Projects
  14. Some Other Useful & Beginner Friendly Tools

Basically, if you already know HTML or any other programming language, or if you are just learning technical writing in the short run, then give this course a go.


  1. Option Two

Technical Writing Course + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript]

Course Duration – 3-6 Months



  • 96 hours of classroom/live training
  • 100 hours of e-Learning videos
  • 18 Assignments
  • 18 Live Projects
  • 36 Quizzes
  • 4 Certifications


Course Curriculum (Modules)

Modules that include an introduction to Web Development Fundamentals, setting up Dev environment, learning HTML(elements, forms, tables semantic HTML), Learning CSS, learning JavaScript(conditions, functions, scope, arrays, loops, objects, iterators, class, debugging), and some other functions related to JavaScript along with the modules mentioned in option 1.


Overall, ECT is a government-recognized institute, and it is providing good wide options. They focus on their students by nourishing them with regular assistance. Their courses are totally result-oriented. ECT is one of the institutes providing top technical writing courses in Delhi.


Mobile: +91-7827916060



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3. Coursera


Coursera is another provider of top technical writing courses in Delhi. Not just Delhi, they are omnipresent through their online classes. Coursera partners with more than 200 diverse leading companies and universities across the map. It is affordable, flexible, and full of many options. The opportunities range from basic learnings to hands-on assignments.


Coursera provides online education accessible to anyone, anywhere. And guess what? You can enroll in the courses from anywhere for free! After completing the course, you can get the certificate after losing some pennies. The collaborative structure of Coursera enables a wide range of world-class training.


The technical writing course of Coursera has the modules named: introduction, from start to finish, organizing the information, researching your subject, and Capstone project. The teaching is toppled with quizzes, assignments, feedback, self-paced learning options, course recordings/videos, and shareable certificates.


4. Udemy


Udemy is very different from other institutes we have yet seen on this list. It does not have a set course for technical writing(or anything in that matter), rather, it has many courses on every single topic. It is up to you to choose among the thousands of options of different courses.


Udemy is a place where trainers and learners around the world launch their projects and videos on thousands of different educational topics. There are around 183,000 online video courses with ever-increasing new editions every month.


When you search “technical writing” on Udemy, you get around 7500 results! On the technical writing section itself, there are about 18 suggestions on related topics, which in turn has many and many separated videos/courses on them.


You must choose from this wide list by checking the reviews and ratings provided. You get a huge amount of options and features that help in choosing the exact type of courses you are looking for. It is one of the best ways to learn as per your need and level as you get many short courses as well. Udemy is one of the options if you want to pursue technical writing courses in Delhi.


5. (NSTC) Nano Science & Technology Consortium


NSTC has been named among the top education providers, especially in the field of nano-science, since 2005. They are training and promoting nanotechnology in every field possible. It provides one of the most popular technical writing courses in Delhi.


The question is if NSTC’s main aim is to promote themselves as a bearer of nanotechnology, why do they provide a course on technical writing? Is it merely to have some other options on their base or does it genuinely have a good reason to have a place in their aim and scenario?


The answer combines the importance of technical writers in the IT industry. Technical writing is all about putting out a piece of information that is understandable to a targeted audience, and many times, the audience is not as much of an expert. The need for this course is truly a base for any scientific or technical firm because what is a theory without a right explanation?


Scientific and Technical Writing Course

3-6 months of training. The course is accompanied by quizzes, chat sessions, content writing training, assignments, self-tests, links to various websites, collaborations, and of course a well-revised curriculum.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


6. Alison


The next name on our list is Alison. Alison provides a huge number of different courses by different trainers with their website. They are very well known and many people take advantage of their diversity in choices, yet good quality courses. It can be one of your choices to pursue technical writing courses in Delhi.


Alison has over 3,500 courses available, and all are free to complete. New courses are added weekly. All you need to do is follow some very simple steps to take the courses. Create your free Alison account, understand the type of learning you want to pursue, browse those course categories to see where your interests lie. They will provide recommended courses or related courses for your ease. Alison is much like Udemy. Both are good to choose from. So, it is your choice.


Ofcourse, you also get related categories. Go through all the courses and skim through the details which suit you the most. You can easily find information about the syllabus, modules, certificates, and a medium to reach the hosts.


  1. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin is a well-ranked EdTech company globally known for top-quality education services. The company is based in the US and India and has a customer base in over 97 countries.


It is well marked for its quality and updated curriculum all over the globe. They provide 200+ programs for different kinds of skills. The company has won some prestigious awards as well, one being the “Best Corporate Training Platform”. It offers one of the most popular technical writing courses in Delhi.


Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership

Henry Harvin technical writing course ranks #1 in India by The Tribune. The course has an integrated curriculum that is updated regularly. The curriculum is well designed to master the standards of the best institutes globally. The course has many amazing features that have won it a top rank not only in India but globally.


9 in 1 Course:

  1. 32 hours of Live Online Interactive Sessions
  2. Projects in Documentation Process, Software Tools, and more
  3. Internship
  4. Certification of technical writing course by Henry Harvin
  5. 100% Placement Support for a year after course completion
  6. eLearning Access with Tools and Techniques, video content, assessments
  7. Bootcamps spread over the next 12 Months
  8. Free Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions
  9. 1 year Gold Membership


The curriculum has well-developed modules on the basics of technical writing, documentation processes, technical writing process, grammar and editing, software tools, components of a technical document, techniques, tech. Writing document templates, formates, advanced tools, and soft skills, and resume writing.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of technical writing?

The foremost aim of technical writing is to write a rather technical thing into easy-to-understand/layman language. For example, the user manuals we get with an electrical device are written in a way any person could understand. That is the work of a technical writer.


2. What is taught in technical writing?

The technical writing courses teach you to write different kinds of styles of writing, access and target the audience, research and execute your writing voice, and some other technical things related to tools as well.


3. Do technical writers need a degree?

Not necessarily. Yes, it would be better if you have a BA degree in English or communication or technical fields like science and engineering, but it is not necessary.




Above is the list of the top 7 technical writing courses in Delhi. All of them can be pursued online as well. So, get your socks up and begin with your writing journey!

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