Top 5 Technical Writing Courses In Pune With Placements

Are you in search of a good professional course that can upgrade your skill to the next level? Do you want to pursue your career in the industry of technical writing? Then you are at the right place because, in this article, I am going to share the names of the top 5 technical writing courses in Pune that can provide you with a new array of fields that you can explore.


List of the best technical writing courses in Pune


But before knowing the names of the top 5 institutions providing technical writing courses in Pune, you must know the purpose of pursuing a technical writing course and what are opportunities that you can explore after completing this course.


The Purpose of Taking up a Technical Writing Course


After the Covid-19 pandemic hit this world, a massive transformation took place in the world in terms of marketing strategies and reaching a larger base audience. The world became digitalized and as a result, people got the opportunity to access thousands of information just at their fingertips through internet services.


Now, since the approach to collecting information went through a massive change, there was an urgent demand for coming up with new marketing strategies and marketing techniques to capture the attention of the audience on various digital marketing platforms. 


To cope up with the sudden change in the approach to buying and selling the products, companies started to hire people with good knowledge of the market preferences, choice of audience, and digital content.


The purpose to learn the skills of technical writing is to become efficient in conveying and communicating the ideas directly with the potential customers and audience through the medium of digital content. 


The technical writers must be efficient at presenting their views and highlighting the most important criteria of their products that can relate to the audience and convince them to show interest in their content. Once the marketers can reach a larger base audience, half of their work is done because there is a chance that the customers will invest in their products if they are good in quality and in terms of user convenience.


But, to do so, the companies need to hire technical writers who can create impressive content that can draw the attention of the audience and help the marketers to sell their products.


Check out the other popular courses:


The Roles of Technical Writers


It is true that companies need to hire technical writers in order to promote their content on various digital marketing platforms and social media platforms, but there are some qualities that technical writers must possess in order to get hired. Let’s quickly know what should be the qualities that can determine if an individual is a potential technical writer.


First of all, it is better to remember that people do not prefer to go through long articles and posts that are not interesting to read and do not convey the important factors in lucid language. 


So, the first important thing that a technical writer should remember is that they should convey their thoughts in easy-to-read language, and they should try to mention them as bulleted points so that the audience quickly gets an idea of what the content is about.


Secondly, they must know how to express their thoughts in a manner that will touch the hearts of the audience. The third thing to remember is that they are hired to inform the readers and the audience about certain facts and they must be efficient at conveying them that will make the potential customers familiar with the services provided by the companies.


The last and the most important point to remember is that the content must be precise and should be impressive. The content should be on point and must be action-oriented that will persuade the customers to learn more about the services. 


The technical writers should jot down the most important facts before drafting the final content and it should be organized and comprehensive. Anything that is not logical and written in a haphazard manner will not be encouraged by the audience and hence the technical writer should pay special attention to this.


Now that you have got a clear idea what are the prerequisites to be a technical writer and what are the things that technical writers should take into consideration before pursuing a career in this industry, it is time to know the top five institutions that provide technical writing courses in Pune.


The Top Five Institutions Providing Technical Writing Courses in Pune


  1. IIM Skills


This institution deserves to be mentioned at the top of the list containing the names of the renowned institutions providing technical writing courses in Pune. There are a number of reasons to justify the statement that it is the most popular institution among all the institutions offering technical writing courses in Pune.


It is considered to be the one-stop solution for those students who want to pursue professional courses as it not only offers technical writing courses but also offers various other courses like an exemplary content writing coursedigital marketing course, and GST course.


Since this article is going to be about technical writing courses, let us quickly know what are those special features responsible for making this institution stand out among all the other institutions offering the same course.


What you will get with the Technical Writing Course


  • Joining this institution and passing a technical writing course from this institution will provide the students with a real-time learning experience as the institution will provide all of them with 5 weeks of live online classes. 


  • There are several benefits of attending live online classes as the students will get the opportunity to clarify their doubts and ask questions to the mentors directly. The learners can also communicate with one another to better understand the concepts and create an ambiance where they can solve the doubts of one another by learning together.


  • The best part of pursuing any course at this particular institution is that the students will get the opportunity to experience a real learning process that includes working on different assignments and learning from their own mistakes as the mentors will make them work on practical assignments.


  • But this is not all as the mentors will also take special care in evaluating their performance. The content executives make sure that all their assignments are evaluated properly, and they have an eye for the details. It ensures that no minor error is overlooked by them.


  • Enrolling in any of the courses provided by the institution comes with a lot of benefits. The students get access to a number of software tools that make their tasks easier and also assist them in completing the assignments in the proper way.


  • The institution is considered the most popular among all the institutions offering technical writing courses in Pune because it provides the learners with an internship opportunity so that they can learn better and put their newly learned skills to practical use in the most effective manner.


  • The students not only get the opportunity to work as interns but also get hired by renowned companies and professional sectors- if they can perform well. IIM Skills makes sure that the talented students get proper exposure and platforms to showcase their talents and also ensures that none of their talents get wasted due to a lack of opportunities.


  • The mentors provide the students with various documents in PDF formats and printable documents to accelerate their learning process and also to ensure that the students get something accessible to clarify their doubts whenever they face difficulty in memorizing a concept or learning something new.


  • Learning is a never-ending process and so is the necessity to get hold of the important study materials and software tools that can help the technical writers to perform better. The mentors at this institution provide the students with lifetime access to the course materials and software tools. Also, they can consult them to clarify their doubts by directly talking to the mentors at any time.


  • It is a world of marketing, and that’s why marketing strategies play a very important role to get proper exposure. Students are no exception, and that’s why they need to develop their portfolios to apply for various job positions and freelance opportunities. 


The mentors teach them the skills to develop a portfolio in a proper format so that the skills are highlighted, and they get calls from the employers who shortlist the eligible candidates based on their talents and experiences.


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  • The students will learn the techniques and strategies to draft a white paper in the most accurate format. White papers are documents that are generally issued by companies or other non-profit organizations. 


  • In order to be good at technical writing, the students must learn the skills to compose a scholarly article that involves step-by-step processes. At this institution, the students will also learn the techniques of writing an article in a proper format and the techniques to optimize the content as per the SEO guidelines.


  • The mentors at this institution understand the value of marketing skills, and that’s why they always emphasize the importance of creating a proper presence on various social media platforms and in the world of the internet. 


To do so, they suggest composing a book that is informative and interesting to read and publish through various publishing websites. It will help them to create a knowledge panel, and thus, it will assist them in creating a proper presence on the internet.


  • The students will get the opportunity to publish their first blog on the renowned website of The Times of India. We all are aware of the popularity of this particular newspaper agency, and nothing can be better than getting a chance to publish your first technical blog on a renowned website like this.


  • At the end of completing the course, all the students will be provided with a master certification that will further validate their efforts and the learning experiences that they have gathered by working on different practical assignments.


The institution offers technical writing courses in Pune at a very affordable cost considering the convenience of the students and their zeal to learn something new. They charge Rs. 14900/- along with 18% GST. Considering the exposures and platforms they will provide the students with, the price they have to pay seems quite reasonable. 


The Learning management system provides enough evidence of the sincere initiatives taken up by the mentors at designing the courses in the most systematic and organized manner. 


The students will get a clear idea of the things they have already learned and how much is left to study. It is the most organized way in which the students can learn, and they will also get to know about other information related to the examination they have to appear at the end of the course.


Course Curriculum


The technical writing course offered by the institution is designed in 13 modules. The students will get to learn the below mentioned topics.


  • Introduction and an overview of technical writing
  • The steps to writing a technical blog
  • How to create content
  • Drafting technical reports
  • How to write white papers
  • A detailed overview of DDLC and versioning
  • How to be efficient at conversational writing
  • How to review and publish articles
  • The concepts regarding API documentation and how to use XML
  • How to prepare datasheets, application notes, and user manuals
  • How to be efficient writing
  • The steps to draft medical writing
  • Complete case studies and access to application notes from Texas.


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  1. Udemy:

It offers one of the most popular technical writing courses in Pune, which provides students with a detailed overview of various concepts in detail.


  • The course curriculum helps them to learn the concepts related to XML, API, JSON, LaTeX, etc. 


  • The students will also get technical support along with the opportunity to learn the techniques of academic writing, business writing, and the skills to edit articles. They also learn how to process mapping.


  • The institution provides students with a plethora of courses to explore. For example, they provide a detailed guide to learn API technical writing and impart JSON and XML knowledge.


  • The students get to learn in detail how to compose a proper business document and get a detailed insight into the process of technical writing that enables them to compose various business documents at a quick pace.


  • If you are a person who wants to pursue your career in this industry and do not have any prior programming experience, then opting for the Udemy courses can be beneficial for you.


  • Most importantly, the students will get an opportunity to explore the world of technical writing that will also assist them to get familiarised with various concepts related to IT and software. Udemy offers the courses at quite an affordable cost.


  • The API technical writing course is priced at Rs 1600.


  • The students can learn the techniques of business writing at only Rs. 3200.


  • Udemy also offers an advanced course that helps the students get a detailed insight into the process to improve their writing skills and this advanced course is priced at rupees 12800.


  • They offer a course that will help you to master writing skills and this course is priced at Rs. 3200.


Considering the variety of courses they offer, Udemy deserves a special mention as one of the best technical writing courses in Pune. Here, the students also learn the techniques involved in writing different types of business documents.


  1. Coursera:


It offers technical writing courses in Pune, and the students will get several other benefits along with course completion certificates. 


  • The students will learn how to complete their projects before deadlines and will get to study in the comfort of their homes. It provides relevant knowledge about technical writing in a concise manner.


  • The students must appear and qualify for the examinations conducted by the mentors in order to get the completion certificate as it will prove that they are skilled and experienced enough to work as technical writers.


  • All the mentors are highly skilled and efficient in their own fields and that is why they are quite efficient at providing online lectures. They organize online classes and the primary objective to initiate the process of providing the students with online lectures is to offer them a detailed overview in the most precise manner so that the students can learn the concepts easily and get a detailed explanation.


  • The students get the opportunities to work as an intern that provides them with further experience and help them to get an idea of what they can expect after getting hired by the company as technical writers.


  • The students pursuing a course at this institution will get a complete and real-time learning experience, and they will be provided with study materials.


  1. Learning Tree:

Getting enough experience is considered to be of prime significance in today’s world as the companies prefer to hire people who have acquired some work experience as they believe that it will make their tasks easier, and they can help the team members to work together by forming a group.


  • The learners learn how to work and flourish with the assistance of the team members and how to successfully carry out tasks with the team members.


  • It offers one of the most popular technical writing courses in Pune. The mentors at this institution offer several certifications to the students at the end of the course. 


  • The students will get to learn relevant information about writing technical documents, manuals, and white papers. 


  • The learners will also learn how to use various graphical tools in the most effective manner.


  • The students learn how to create interesting content using diagrams, tables, and charts. 


  • Most importantly, they will learn how to convey messages in an easy-to-read format.


  • They have to qualify for examinations at the end of pursuing the technical writing course.


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  1. Henry Harvin:

The reason to mention the name of this institution in the list discussing the names of those institutions that offer famous technical writing courses in Pune is the most eye-catching benefit they offer to the students. 


  • It offers 1-year gold membership that helps the students to access various tools that help them to perform better as technical writers. 


  • The technical writers must learn the techniques and strategies to draft the manuscript of digital content in a better way as these are highly informational and supposed to promote the content and highlight the interesting features of the products marketed by the companies. The course helps them to be efficient at this.


  • It provides the students with relevant subject knowledge and the mentors have designed the courses in an integrated manner. The students will get the opportunity to work as an intern along with getting a course completion certificate at the end. 


  • The learners will get systematic training and will have the opportunity to work on different projects. 


  • They will also get the scope to experience a real online learning process and will get to learn about Hackathons and Bootcamps.


  • The learners will be working on practical assignments in order to improve their writing.


  • Henry Harvin’s website lets you download the brochure so that you can get an idea of what kind of assistance you can expect from the mentors.


  • The course at Henry Harvin is also known as a 9 in 1 course that includes all the benefits that you can avail of by pursuing the technical writing course at this institution.


  • This particular technical writing course ranks as one of the top 5 technical writing courses in Pune as well as in India.


  • The most interesting part of joining a technical writing course at this institution is that you will get to work on practical assignments, and you will get to experience a hands-on training process.


  • The mentors at this institution focus on experiential learning that will help you to have experiences of the intricacies involved in technical writing.


  • Students will also learn about the GCAO pedagogy.


  • The students also get placement support at the end of the course. The most eligible candidates also get job calls from renowned companies.


  • Another interesting part of joining this course is to earn Alumni status and to be able to create a strong presence in the world of the internet.


  • The mentors will guide the students to get prepared for interviews.


  • The course completion certificate will validate your learning process.


  • Along with getting access to several tools and methods, the students will also learn how to create exciting video content, and their assignments will be assessed by the mentors properly. The course curriculum includes the subject matters that the students will get to learn.


  • At this institution, the students will be familiarised with the ethics involved in advancing scientific communication.


  • You can learn how to draft a proper research proposal.


  • Learn how to write a proper review of the literature.


  • Since the task of the technical writers is to convey complicated ideas to the common people in the most lucid language, they need to learn the techniques to express their thoughts properly and convey the messages to the audience who are not aware of the technical terms. The learners at this institution learn the methods properly.


All the above-mentioned segments of creative writing come in handy for the technical writers in completing their assignments.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the most popular institutions offering technical writing courses in Pune?

Among various institutions, IIM Skills is considered the best institution that offers technical writing courses in Pune along with providing the students with other benefits like internship opportunities and certification.


  1. What are the basic requirements to work as a technical writer?

In order to establish a career in the industry of technical writing, the learners need to pay special attention to conveying their messages and relate to the potential audience by analyzing their preferences, background, and mindset. 


Analyzing these factors will help the technical writers to understand the market demands. On the basis of that, they can create interesting and precise content that will help them to promote their services.


  1. What is considered to be of prime significance in a technical blog?

The title plays a very important role in a technical blog, and it is the first thing that gets the attention of the readers. On the basis of that, they decide whether they should proceed with reading the articles or not.

Apart from that, the introduction is also very important as it helps the readers to get a quick understanding of the subject matter that the article deals with. The content needs to be highly informative and authentic because it will define the next course of actions performed by the audience.




The above-mentioned institutions are considered the top five institutions that offer technical writing courses in Pune. Since you have already got a detailed overview of the knowledge and prerequisites that you will require in order to be a technical writer, it is high time that you decide from which institution you want to pursue the course. Always remember one thing that you need to choose the best among all the institutions as it will provide you with a lot of benefits in the long run.

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