Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Egypt

Science and technology are the driving forces in today’s world. Technology is responsible for a substantial portion of today’s communication. Technical documents shared between scientific departments are used to convey information to others. A person who is a specialist in science may not be an expert in another field. However, to bring a specific product to our attention, professionals from numerous disciplines of competence will be required to collaborate. Continue reading to learn more about the top 7 technical writing courses in Egypt.


List of best technical writing courses in Egypt


It is critical in such a setting that others easily understand the documents generated by a particular scientific group. Technical writers are qualified for writing such journal articles assuredly and briefly to avoid communication gaps. As a result, it is not a stretch to suggest that these are the individuals who serve to connect consumers, designers, and producers.


What is Technical Writing?


Writing that deals with technological material are technical writing. It is not restricted to creating technology-related guides and booklets. Instruction manuals, product descriptions, and white papers are also examples of technical writing. Technical writing can also encompass news publications, reports, briefs, and business proposals. 


Technical writing contains all the intelligence of complex technological processes. Reports, administrative account commentaries, and briefs are all included. Technical writing is defined as any written communication of technological knowledge at work.


Hi-tech manufacturing, aircraft biotechnology, engineering, economics, information technology, and the global supply chain all rely on technical writers to convey information. Lengthy instruction manuals are no longer needed. Instead, technical data must be condensed and presented clearly and concisely. Technical reports, correspondence, policy, briefs, and press releases are examples of this.


Why Become a Technical Writer?


With the surging demand for technological solutions and enhancements, such as AI and computerized learning, the market for technical writing will rise. Aside from that, one can pursue careers in advertising, consulting, education, telecommunications, security, and publishing, to mention a few, with the possibilities seemingly unlimited.


Because technology is everywhere and our reliance on it is growing, technical writing has become a requirement rather than an option for all businesses. Industries are willing to invest capital, time, and effort in premium-quality content to provide effective and essential information to their consumers.


As a consequence, technical writing will persist to be one of the most essential career tracks in the time to come. To know more, continue reading this blog on top technical writing courses in Egypt for graduates and professionals alike.


Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Egypt


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills Technical Writing Master Course will teach you how to write technical documents in various formats. Their Technical Writing Master Course is one of the most promising technical writing courses in Egyp. IIM Skills premium-quality original courseware is articulately crafted by experts with considerable experience in the technical writing domain.


Moreover, care is taken to curate the course following industry standards, ensuring that those who complete it are job-ready upon graduation—making this course one of the best technical writing courses in Egypt.


Highlights of IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course:

  • A one-month internship is assured.
  • Building a portfolio for freelancing or a full-time employment
  • Times of India publishes a technical blog.
  • Business specialists will help you stay up-to-date with industry trends and needs by providing training.
  • An international certification at the end of the course will add weight to your CV.
  • A dedicated placement cell to assist with international placement.


Technical Writing Master Course outline:

  • Introduction 
  • The fundamental knowledge of the role a technical writer plays in a corporation.
  • How to write 
  • Audience Analysis
  • Topic Research
  • Writing the document
  • You will understand how to research a paper, do a competitor analysis, and write your composition.
  • Creating your content
  • Flowcharts/Mindmaps
  • Block diagrams/schematics
  • Infographics
  • You will learn to use MS Visio, MS Project, and other open-source tools to develop subject matter.
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers/Journals
  • DDLC & versioning
  • Conversation writing 
  • Reviewing and publishing 
  • API documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, User Manuals, and application notes
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Learning to write medical blogs and medical writing
  • Writing medical journal
  • Types of charts in medical writing
  • How to write material and procedures 
  • Case study – Application notes from Texas


Other Courses


2. Technical Writing HQ


This course comprises educational material for aspiring technical writers who yearn to advance their vocations in technical writing. HQ’s Technical Writing Certification Course introduces you to the fundamentals of a technical writer’s profession and the skills you’ll need to evolve into a full-time technical writer.


The Technical Writing Certification program is a well-rounded course relevant for both novice and seasoned writers who have dabbled in professional business writing. Although the course covers the essentials, it doesn’t spend much time on theory and instead dives right into hands-on learning.


Highlights of Technical Writing Certification Course by Technical Writing HQ:


  • Expert-led Video Courses Are Available on Demand

Even if you’ve never written anything before, you’ll get all the information you need to get a technical writing career in IT. Not a newbie? This accreditation will still help you improve your product’s performance.


  • Interactive Learning

Because the most excellent way to learn is to practice, this course includes quizzes and challenges to keep you engaged.


  • Topics in High Demand

Keep your knowledge up to date. Learn the tactics, communication skills, and technical writing abilities needed for one of the most sought-after tech jobs.


Technical Writing Certification Course by Technical Writing HQ outline:

  • How to Implement Technical Writing Key Responsibilities
  • How to Analyze Your Audience
  • How to Conduct Unrefuted Research
  • How to Structure and Design Your Sentences
  • How to Create Great Documentation Layout
  • How to Execute Interviews
  • How to Strategize Educational Goals
  • How to Encourage Learning and Advancement
  • How to Manage a Knowledge Base 
  • How to Use Tools for Your Documentation
  • How to Write and Edit Documentation for Most Use Cases
  • How to Write an FAQ
  • API Writing
  • How to Write White Papers
  •  How to Write User Manuals
  •  How to Write Case Studies
  • 20+ Technical Writer Interview Questions Answered
  • Crafting your resume and job search to land an interview


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3. Coursera


Writing strategies, editing techniques, document components, how to develop a project strategy, graphics, flowcharts, and future trends in technological intercommunication are all covered in this course. The Professional Technical Writing course is comprehensive.


The course covers a wide range of topics to introduce Technical Writing and portray it as a viable career option. The material’s scope is suitable for the intended clients and purpose.


References to extra materials or resources are included in the content. The framework is prominent. The structure is clear and constant. These features make this course one of Egypt’s most promising technical writing courses for beginners and experts.


Highlights of Technical Writing Course by Coursera:

  • 107 Lectures
  • Over 17 Hours of film
  • 22 Activity Sheets 
  • 22 Solution Sheets 36 Exercises
  • 6 PDF Ebooks 40 PDF Additional Reports
  • No Time LImit to finish the program
  • 1 Concluding Coursework analyzed first-hand by the instructor!
  • Free WEEKLY UPDATE of writing tips and tutorials
  • 30-day Money-Back guarantee


Professional Technical Writing Course Outline

  • Introduction to technical writing
  • Components of technical documents
  • Technical Writing techniques 1
  • Technical Writing techniques 2
  • Technical Editing techniques 1
  • Technical Editing techniques 2
  • How to create a technical document template
  • Creating an index
  • Variables in technical writing
  • Graphs and charts
  • Tables in technical writing
  • Images in technical writing
  • Flowcharts in technical writing


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4. Udemy


Udemy is a well-known online hub for education. It allows students worldwide to access an extensive range of knowledge on various topics. Udemy is one of the top options for technical writing courses in Egypt because of its global reach. Users can usually access the content from anywhere and anytime because it is in recorded video format.


As a result, users are not restricted and can work at their speed because there are no completion deadlines. In addition, the course information is split into multiple tiny logical movies. As a result, the students are not overworked.


Highlights of Technical Writing Course by Udemy

  • 107 Webinars
  • Over 6 Hours of Film
  • Supplementary documents in PDF format
  • 6 PDF eBooks
  • 36 Quizzes
  • 22 Exercise Sheets
  • 22 Solution Sheets
  • Weekly updates on writing tips, ideas, etc. for free


Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion Outline 

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Step 1 – Analyze Purpose
  • Step 2 – Analyze Audience
  • Step 3 – Writing the Statement of Purpose 
  • Step 4 – Gathering information
  • Step 5 – Writing the sentence outline
  • Step 6 – Writing the draft
  • Step 7 – Reviewing content and organization
  • Step 8 – Editing for coherence
  • Step 9 – Revising for lucidity
  • Step 10 – Editing for economy
  • Step 11 – Editing for clarity
  • Step 12 – Conclusion


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5. Learning Tree


Learning Tree is a vast online learning platform that assists thousands of professionals and businesses in adopting new technology. This course is a good choice if you’re a complete beginner who wants to learn about planning, drafting, document design, and assessing end-user needs.


Unlike the other platforms, Learning Tree does not feature a large number of technical writing courses. The only one worth looking at is its beginning training course, which covers all of the essentials of technical writing. These features make it one of the most promising technical writing courses in Egypt with specialized elements for learning.


Highlights of Learning Tree Technical Writing Course:

  • Prepare high-level technical materials like instruction manuals, white papers, and business reports.
  • Learn to use images to enhance technical content.
  • Gain a better understanding of your target audience’s needs.
  • Organize your phrases to be simple to understand.


Introduction to Technical Training Outline:

  • Module 1: Introduction to technical writing
  • Module 2: The writing process
  • Module 3: Ensuring clarity and readability
  • Module 4: The technicalities of writing
  • Module 5: Organizing information for a finer understanding
  • Module 6: Designing your document
  • Module 7: Developing the look of your document


6. Technical Writer Ontario College


The Technical Writer program prepares you for a profession in technical communication by providing you with the necessary skills and training. Throughout this one-year program, you will write a variety of workplace documents to assist users in getting the most out of a product, service, or piece of information. You learn to do things like:


  • Investigate and evaluate technological information
  • connect with your target market
  • To write documents, utilize specialist software.
  • coordinate several projects to achieve a group’s objectives
  • develop well-structured documents to meet the requirements of users


You may confidently apply these abilities in all sections of the industry, including manufacturing, health, medical, government, high-tech, and private training institutions, thanks to a combination of real-world learning, group projects, and collaborative learning activities. In addition, you are making it one of the few technical writing courses in Egypt that offers financial aid to its students.


Highlights of the Technical Writer Course:

  • Have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Designing, producing, writing, and improving online and print materials is something you will enjoy doing.
  • Develop Interpersonal skills required for collaborating with coworkers.
  • Take pleasure in gathering, evaluating, and organizing technical data.
  • In a team setting, work in a self-directed manner.
  • Direct your awareness to detail and manage their work.
  • Enjoy creating papers and web pages with software tools.


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7. University of Wisconsin Eau Claire


With the increasing professionalism of technical writing, you can broaden your employment options. Improve your linguistic and professional communication abilities, training preparation and delivery methods, and technical communication knowledge. The Technical Writing Certification comprises three courses designed for persons who are new to technical writing or who work in the shrinking IT industry.


The Certification in Technical Writing is an Instructor-Led program, which means you will be taught by highly skilled industry and academic professors. In its 15th year, the program is modeled for people who do not have enough experience in the field and those who want to advance their careers in technical writing or change occupations inside the corporate environment.


Highlights of the Basic Technical Writing Certificate Course:

  • Analyze various technical papers’ audiences and purposes, and develop effective technical documents by incorporating editorial adjustments and user comments.
  • To produce precise sentences, correct instances of improper usage, and eliminate trite and repetitive phrases.
  • Apply solid formatting standards to document design and style, and use eye-catching visuals, charts, and tables to highlight crucial points.
  • Create information strategy and content standards, then put them into action.
  • Manage manufacturing processes and assess project success and failure.




1. Without experience, how do I acquire a position in technical writing?

Offer your technical writing talents using applications like WordPress if you don’t have any. You may, for instance, rewrite or add to the WordPress Codex. You may also write instructions for a frequently used product, such as your phone or camera. Your writing style, ability to express complicated topics, knowledge of advanced tools to write the material, sense of structure and detail, and more will all be examined by interviewers. But the most reliable way to gain proficiency is to join technical writing courses in Egypt that guarantee certification and internship.


2. What do technical writers do?

  • Explore products and analyze data to the point where you are an expert on the product.
  • In regular meetings and one-on-one situations, interview and meet with masters to ask questions and learn more about products.
  • Make instructions for using software programs and hardware goods.
  • Create diagrams, drawings, and other images to convey technical topics.
  • Create video lessons that demonstrate how to use technical equipment.
  • Relay user feedback on how to enhance goods to product teams, whether through usability testing, training, or other user immersion.


3. How much do technical writing courses in Egypt cost?

The average fee to pursue a Technical writing course ranges from 1200 EGP to 9600 EGP. They are offered mainly by training and certification institutions. Significant streams opted for writing about engineering, chemistry, and robotics. Many online certificate programs are self-paced.


4. Is there a demand for technical writing courses in Egypt?

From 2020 to 2030, the need for technical writers is predicted to expand at a surplus rate of 12%. As a result, there would be roughly 5,500 new job openings in technical writing each year, more than any other occupation.


5. In Egypt, how can I work as a technical writer?

You can enroll in technical writing courses in Egypt that guarantee a certification or diploma program to become a technical writer. Furthermore, you must improve your written and oral communication abilities and get practical experience with specialized writing tools.




Technical writing jobs abound in a variety of industries. Moreover, following the pandemic, there is a growing need for online existence and digital communication to increase awareness of products, services, and brands in the virtual domain. Therefore, I hope this post has provided you with the required knowledge on the top 7 technical writing courses in Egypt for graduate students and professionals alike.

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