Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Bangladesh

Do you know, that around 75 million posts are published in a month by the users of WordPress? And there is a reason why such a vast amount of content is present on the internet. And this is also one of the reasons why there are so many content writing courses in Bangladesh today. Writing or creating great content is an art and requires excellent skills like deep thinking, patience, observation, creativity, etc. When used correctly, it can help you to produce great results.


List of best content writing courses in Bangladesh


Today without any doubt, content rules. It would be hard for some of you to digest this sentence, so let us explain. Look around you for a moment, whether it’s a business, educational institution, government organization, web, social media channels, etc, it is the content with which all these institutes run successfully.


Can you imagine these sectors without any written, visual type of content? Can’t imagine, right! That’s why content writing is the most popular career option nowadays. Because the amount of content is vast and increasing day by day, they need content writers to produce the content. And you are not just limited to working for a company.


You can start your own small business, and you won’t even need to hire a content writer to do the job for you because you can do it on your own. And suppose if you are writing content for the web, then you are not just expected to write the usual content. Your content on the web will be the only if it ranks better on google.


And to do so, you need to learn to optimize your content for SEO. And many content writing courses in Bangladesh will teach you all these things. In the later part of this article, we have listed some of the best institutes that can help you achieve great success in the content writing industry.


What is Content Writing?


Well, content writing is a modern-day skill. The content writer is supposed to perform tasks like writing articles, proofreading and editing, creating infographics, writing for blogs, writing product descriptions, creating promotional content, etc. These are some categories on which a content writer has to work daily.


You might think of it as the most accessible career option, but believe me, my friends, it’s not that easy. You are not just supposed to produce simple content. But, you are supposed to produce content that is useful, engaging, genuine, and simple to understand. And this is where all the skills of content writers come into use.


This will decide how good a content writer is. Writing is easy, but writing something with the attributes mentioned above is very difficult. So that is why producing high-quality content takes a considerable amount of time, so patience and persistence are required. These are the two skills that a content producer must possess.


Content writing was first started somewhere around 1990, and it became more popular with the advent of the internet. The need for the content began to increase gradually with time. Today the internet dominates the world, and the internet is full of content, and it is expanding itself.


If you have to start a business, you need great content to promote the products or services. Here the content doesn’t just mean to produce written content like writing blogs or articles, but we are talking about a much broader field. And it includes creating high-quality images, highly engaging videos, and many more things.


Who Should Pursue This Career?


Anybody can become a content writer. Well, this might sound quite interesting to some of you. But the reason why we are saying it is because everybody has access to everything worldwide today. This is not just about content writing, it is true for every field. The only thing that is required and unfortunately lacking in most of us is the intention and the ability to work hard to achieve the goal. Rest all things happen on their own.


So, now we know that anybody can become a content writer. But there are some fundamental skills that one needs to have. Alright! So let’s discuss. First, as you will be a content writer where most of the work will be in written format, you need to have a good command of the language in which you will create the content.


This one skill will help you to gain success in the future fastly. Now, let’s imagine you have a perfect vocabulary. Still, if you are starting, it’s apparent that you won’t have any practical knowledge of working in the industry. So, it’s best to pursue a good content writing course in this case.


There are many excellent content writing courses in Bangladesh you can follow. In the later section of this article, we have listed some excellent institutes that will help you succeed in the content writing industry.


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Career Opportunities in Content Writing


There are innumerable career opportunities in the content writing industry since it’s mostly about writing(there is some other stuff also, like adding images and videos to make the write-up more engaging); almost every field requires a content writer. But now, here we will talk about the most popularly pursued career options in the content writing industry. Alright! Let’s start then.


The most popular career options in the content writing industry are:


1. SEO:-

Now, most of you might be already familiar with this career option because we use the internet every day. The internet is all about SEO. It is one of the rarest and most required skills. Companies and large organizations or even small businesses require SEO experts to grow their online presence or to increase their visibility so that potential customers can find the products or services quickly on the internet. So, now you might have understood the exact meaning and the role of an SEO content creator.


2. Freelancing:-

More people have been choosing freelancing as their career option in the recent few years. And the reason is quite visible and apparent; they are not comfortable and free with their full-time jobs. They don’t get much time to spend with their family, travel, and do some exciting stuff whenever they want to.


So, freelancing is the best option for you guys if you don’t want to work from the office and follow the 9-5 routine till you retire. In freelancing, you are supposed to work on a particular project or assignment at your convenience. Here you are provided with the freedom to choose the type and the timing of your work. But you will have to complete the assigned work within time.


3. Copywriting:-

Generally speaking, copywriters are responsible for writing promotional content. They write content for ads, products, and services offered by businesses. They need to think and understand the customers because they can’t write efficiently without understanding the customers.


4. Blog Writing:-

Today there are millions of websites on the internet. All these websites require excellent quality content to be successful and rank on the first page of SERP. And many large organizations and companies cannot produce a large amount of content on their own, so they hire a professional blog writer. They employ dozens of blog writers.


5. Ghost Writing:-

Ghostwriting is when you write an article or some other form of write-up and give credit to another person. And in return, the person who will take your credit will pay you. It is an example of Ghostwriting, and it is acquiring more trust than ever before.


6. Technical Writing:-

This type of writing is quite complex because it involves lots of technical stuff. You have to break down all the technical aspects of a piece of information and write it in your own words. And if you are from a technical background, you can move quite smoothly in this field; otherwise, if you are from a typical experience, you’ll have to spend most of your time doing research and understanding basic concepts. It involves writing for books, creating manuals, writing guidelines and procedures to carry out complex tasks, etc.


7. Academic Writing:-

Of all the types mentioned above, this is the most structured, concise, and research-oriented kind of writing. The sole purpose of the academic style of writing is to deliver original information to the reader. The role of an Academic writer is to write so that the reader can understand it without putting much effort. Examples of this type of writing include writing case studies, reports, material for educational institutes, methodologies, etc.


How To Become A Content Writer?


To be a content writer, you need to create content frequently. The more content you produce, the better you become. So, keep practicing. But if you are not seeking any professional guidance from experienced professionals, being a good content writer might take a long time.


Because then you will have to do everything by yourself. You’ll get stuck many times in your journey, so it’s better to have some good guidance. And to provide the necessary guidance on your path to becoming a great content writer, there are many online and offline institutes. Here are the top content writing courses in Bangladesh.


Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Bangladesh


1.    IIM Skills


IIM Skills was founded in 2015, and soon it gained so much popularity among students and professionals because of the quality of the content delivered. They have trained more than 1500 thousand student’s from 45 different countries around the world.


And the content writing course provided by them is unique and straightforward to understand. They also have a 3-month internship program where you will have all the practical exposure that a content writer needs to grow. The students are highly satisfied with the unique way of teaching that is provided by the IIM Skills. They are also a top-notch institute for other professional courses such as Digital Marketing Courses in Bangladesh, SEO Courses, financial Modeling, and more.


The course is called the content writing master course. Some of the key features they provide are lifetime access to the learning management system(LMS), access to tools worth more than 35k, master certification and practical learning, and the guidance of well-experienced professionals.


Other Courses


2. Digital Gurukul


This Institute follows quite a unique approach. One of the best parts about this Institute is that they offer to teach in the regional languages. So, for the students who want to learn the art of content writing, the language is becoming a huge barrier in their path. Then this Institute has got the solution for you.


Now let’s discuss some of the key features offered by the Institute. The features they provide include:

  • Their updated syllabus.
  • Practical exposure.
  • 24/7 mentor support in case you have any queries.
  • Live classroom training.

There are more than 200 hiring partners. They provide 40 hours of classroom training. If you are planning to enroll in content writing courses in Bangladesh but cannot find one, you can consider this course.


3. Udemy


I am sure that many of us are familiar with this Institute. There is a reason why we have included this Institute in our list today. Since its inception in the year 2010, Udemy has achieved great success. Ok, this was some general information about the Institute. Now let’s talk about the content writing course.


Udemy offers a very highly rated content writing course at just 455 rs. The name of the course is Content is the king. It is a 3-hour course with 29 lectures. The course also provides four articles, one downloadable resource, lifetime access, and a certificate of completion.


But remember one thing this is not an advanced course for content writing. After completing this course, you will be able to understand the basics of content writing. Don’t expect much from this course. It is suitable for beginners who are just planning to know what content writing is and what will be its scope in the near future.


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4. Skillshare


How many of you are looking for a free course in content writing? This Institute has got the solution for you. They provide an entirely free writing course, and no fee is involved. They teach you everything from writing engaging content and achieving marketing goals through it. Overall it’s a good course. If you are just a starter, then you must go for it.


5. CodersTrust


This Institute provides content writing courses in Bangladesh. Along with content writing, they also provide courses from other fields as well. You can check it on their official website. They promise to teach all the basics of SEO, keyword research tactics, how to include proper keywords in the article, etc. They also provide valuable guidance in creating freelance websites.


6. Digital Institute


The duration of this course is two months and there will be a total of 32 classes and each class will be of 2 hours. They provide live training through google meet. They have also provided the facilities like group discussions and 24/7 support. If you are from Bangladesh and are looking to join a course, then content writing courses in Bangladesh like Digita Institute can turn out as great options for you.


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7. Henry Harvin


This is also one of the most popular institutes you can consider if you plan to pursue content writing courses in Bangladesh. The Institute was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Delhi and San Francisco. The key features of this course are that you will get one-year gold membership, a 100% placement guarantee, and a highly acknowledged certificate. This course will cost you somewhere around 15000, but the money that you will pay for this course will be worth it.




1.    What are some of the best content writing courses in Bangladesh?

There are many great content writing courses in Bangladesh like IIM Skills, Digita Institute, etc.


2.    How to learn the art of writing content?

To learn the art of writing, you can pursue a writing course, because the course will help you to understand things quickly.


3.    What do content writing courses in Bangladesh one must do?

Well, today there are many institutes that provide courses in content writing. Suppose you are a beginner then you can start with a basic course in content writing instead of directly heading for an advanced course.


4.    How to become a certified writer in India?

To be a certified content writer you need to look out for institutes that provide genuine and trusted certifications.




Hope you’ve read the complete article. Content writing is a high-paying, demanded career option to choose today. Just make one promise to yourself that your content should be genuine and should not try to mislead anyone. Be polite, express your things clearly and in a simple manner so that the readers from all classes can understand easily, and perform the required amount of research so that you can have the original data with you. And that’s it, now you can start your career in content writing by enrolling in the above-listed content writing courses in Bangladesh. One last thing that we would like to remind you guys is to choose your course wisely as we have discussed above, otherwise, you will simply end up losing money without gaining any outcome.


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