Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Tamil Nadu

Accounting is the measurement, calculation, processing, and communication of financial and non-financial information of any business or organization. Accounting is also called Accountancy and is considered “the language of business”. Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) is a course that aims to provide students with the fundamental knowledge of Accounting, Taxation, and other disciplines of Economics. Below are the top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu. They provide the best in-depth training in accounting and financial management.


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu



Accounting is divided into several fields such as Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Tax Accounting, and Cost Accounting. Financial Accounting majorly focuses on getting financial statements for investors and suppliers. Management Accounting majorly focuses on the measurement, analysis, and evaluation of information for internal management.

The process of accounting is done to measure the economic activities of any organization and business. The results of the calculation are used to convey and communicate financial information to various other stakeholders such as investors and creditors.

The persons who practice this activity for any organization are termed ‘Accountants’. Sometimes, ‘financial reporting’ is used as a synonym for accounting. Financial Accounting is majorly concerned with the summary and analysis of financial transactions done by any business or organization.

And the statements prepared are called financial statements. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are a standard framework of guidelines given by the government and jurisdiction for financial accounting.



Taxation is the imposition of compulsory financial charges and levies on individuals or legal entities by a governmental organization. Those individuals and legal entities are known as taxpayers, and they pay the tax to fund the government so that they can spend the money on various public expenditures.

Tax Compliance is a policy that is aimed to ensure that taxpayers are paying the right amount at the right time and can secure tax allowances and tax reliefs. A taxpayer who fails to pay the tax on time or resists paying the tax will be punished by the law.


With advancements in technology and the world transforming into a digital era, the business has also transformed its strategies. Accounting itself has become in demand. Many start-ups are looking for expert Accountants. The finance department of every organization should be strong to get a high turnover every year. For that reason, every organization is in search of an expert accountant. His/her responsibility is to maintain and manage financial records sales records, and tax payments.



IIM SKILLS is an online education platform that teaches skill-based courses. The Platform is ranked #1 by Top Education Blogs such as Career360, and CourseDekho. The Field of Business is changing at a very high rate. Nowadays business organizations and corporate companies don’t work traditionally.

The BAT Course offered by IIM SKILLS is among the best business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu as well as in India. The course is designed in a way that will reduce the gap between skilled professionals and industry requirements.

Every industry and business, whether large-scale or small-scale, needs a skillful accountant who is an expert in the field of accounting, finance, and taxation. The course opens a wide range of career opportunities for individuals such as finance auditing assistants, tax assistants, and finance experts.


2. Tezpur University

The Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Tamil Nadu offered by Tezpur University are initiated by Swayam Academy. The courses will help students to learn the complex concepts of revenue and taxation in easy ways and the in-depth knowledge of business accounting, finance taxation, and tax laws.

The course will also help you to understand economics, statistics, business mathematics, management, and operational research and it also build your competencies for research activities. The course is aimed to upskill students with professional skills, interpersonal skills, and entrepreneurial skills.

The course is structured and organized in a way that you can attain success in competitive exams such as NET/SET etc. The course structure is designed in a way that covers both practical as well theoretical training. Also, learning how to use Computer-based software in Accounting, Banking and Taxation will be taught.

The institute focuses on every individual and makes sure that every student acquires the relevant set of skills and knowledge necessary for becoming successful. It also transforms students with behavioral skills, confidence, etc. After completion of the course, every individual will be inculcated in ethical values, leadership, and managerial skills. The institute also offers various diploma and integrated programs at an affordable price.


3. NIFM – National Institute of Financial Markets

NIFM is a training organization that is registered as “NIFM Educational Institutions, Ltd.” It is one of the top institutes for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Tamil Nadu. The institute offers the best courses for financial markets, stock markets, and accounting taxation.

It is a Private Vocation Training Institute that offers short-term as well as long-term skill development courses. The courses offered are both online as well offline, so interested candidates can choose their preferred platform at their convenience.

The rapid increase in the economy of India has resulted in the need for Trained, Skilful, and Qualified Finance Market Professionals. For Financial Market Training, the institute has Advance Diploma in Financial Market Management. It is a one-year job-oriented course, that majorly focuses on providing a job to the candidates.

The course offers pre-recorded chapter vice videos with eBooks in pdf formats. The lessons are taught in English as well as Hindi. Students need to take 10 Online Mock tests to complete the course. The Program is designed in such a way that it will also prepare you for the NISM exam.

The topics and Modules that are covered by the course are – Capital Market Dealers Module, Commodity Market, Options Training Strategy, and Technical and Fundamental Analysis. The Modules that are specifically designed for SEBI NISM Certification Preparation are – Equity Derivative Market, Currency Derivatives, Investment Advisors, Research Analyst, Security Operations and Risk Management.


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4. SLA Consultants India

Structured-Learning Assistance (SLA) Consultants India Private Limited is a Government Certified IT and Non-IT Training and Development Institute. Since 2015, the institute has been growing rapidly and every year there is an increase in the number of candidates enrolling in this institute.

The comprehensive and job-oriented skill development programs provided are majorly focused on helping students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs achieve their desired goals. The expert trainers of SLA are industry-level experts. They teach practical and project base training to students to upskill them.

The training school offers the best short-term training courses. The expert trainers are experienced MNCs working professionals, Chartered Accountants, and IIT, NIT, and IIM Alumni trainers. The E-Accounting, E-taxation (E-GST and E-Income Tax) is an online accounting and taxation course which is among the best business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu.

The course is designed by 5 experienced and successful Chartered Accounts to match the required skill sets for the job in industries such as Manufacturing, Investments, Banking, Automobile, etc. The institute’s short-term training programs are Tally ERP 9 and SAP HANA Simple Finance Program.

The candidates eligible for taking business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu are graduates, freshers, and working professionals who want to upskill in this field. Candidates who are interested in a 6-month diploma course in accounting and taxation will get 100% interview opportunities. And the job opportunities will be provided for the positions of Assistant and Senior Accountant, Accountant Manager, etc.


5. Zonal Tech Solution

Zonal Tech Solution is popular in IT Training, Management Training, Job-Oriented Training, Consultant, and Out-sourcing Training and offers the best Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Tamil Nadu. The institute promises to provide the best and high-quality training in IT and Non-IT domains.

They have helped many students to meet their goals and achieve success with their training programs. This education platform has enabled lots of students to outperform in various competitions and always be ahead of the innovation curve.

The Corporate Accounting course offered is specifically designed for office holders, who belong to administrative levels in the public as well as private sectors. Candidates who want to become experts in interpreting and managing financial data, want to communicate their contribution to the bottom line, uncover drains on portability, and want to be good and confident in taking smarter decisions can take the course to achieve the highest success.

After successful completion of the course, candidates will be able to select the perfect accounting techniques, as prescribed by the relevant accounting standards. They will be also able to perform easily the accountant treatment for every type of inter-entity relationship. You will also get the opportunity to work for popular companies such as Microsoft, Infosys, IBM, Tech Mahindra, etc.


6. InPAT Pro

InPAT is a dedicated education platform that works exclusively for Finance, Accounting, Marketing Professionals, HR, etc. They aim to develop a community of individuals who are experts in the field of finance by providing them with the right tools and techniques.

The institute offers you to practically learn accounting and finance, helps you to get good jobs, and builds a lifelong connection with the people of the institute. Interested students can visit their ‘InPAT pro’ app which is made for students and professionals and help them to find the right path.

With the help of the app, aspirants can directly ask questions and queries to professionals. They can also download study materials and apply for relevant jobs through the app itself. The business taxation courses are the best business accounting and taxation courses in Tamul Nadu.

The BAT courses in Tamil Nadu teach you to compute business income and tax payable for any organization. It also teaches you to compute the partnership firm taking provisions of the Income Tax Act. Topics such as Depreciation computation as per the IT Act as well as the company act, Advance Tax Computation, etc. are also covered.

After enrolling in the course, get access to study materials that will provide in-depth, clear, and detailed information on important topics. Also, get access to concise, easily understandable descriptions of the topics in the presentations.

The Important Topics that will be taught are – Depreciation Computation as per the Income Tax Act, Depreciation Computation as per the Companies Act, Allowances and Disallowances under various sections of Income Tax, Advance Tax Computation of Firm and Company, and Tax Payable by Company and Partnership Firm.


7. Keerti Institute

Keerti Institute is a training institute initiated by Keerti Knowledge and Skills Ltd. The institute is a leading institute that offers business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu. It aims to help aspiring youths who are seeking a successful career in the field of taxation and accounting.

The courses offered will help you to understand the basic operation concepts and jobs role they can take it. The programs are unique and they will empower the young generation to sharpen their skills and become confident working in the modern industry.

The institute has transformed the lives of many youngsters through its courses and has helped them to get a secure career. The Accounting and Taxation Courses that are offered are – Financial Accounting and Taxation (K-FAT), Advanced Office Automation & Financial Accounting (K-AOAFA), Advanced Office Automation & Financial Account Program (K-AOAFA) PRO, and Financial Accounting Program (K-FAP).

The Tally Courses that are offered are – Tally Essential and Tally Professional. The K-FAT has a very popular accounting and taxation course. The course will prepare the students to carry out day-to-day accounting responsibilities for the industries such as Manufacturing, Trading, and Service Providers. The course will impart students with theoretical and practical knowledge of financial reporting concepts.


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8. IMS Pro School

Pro School is an IMS initiative that was established in 1977. And since then, it has been working hard in building and establishing a successful career for its students. The institute is considered the fourth most trusted education brand in an AC Nielsen and Brand Equity Survey.

The institute builds new-age skill programs based on future industry market opportunities. It also innovates to help the youth to engage, mentor, and guide them for a better future. They offer skill development and certification programs that will help them to stand out of the crowd and get great opportunities.

The skill development programs that are offered are – Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Analytics, and the best business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu. Other programs in Electrical, Retailing, Mechanical, and Healthcare domains in PPP mode are also offered.

The Finance Courses that are offered are – Certification in Financial Market (CFA), Global Professional Accountant (GPA), and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). IMS’s Global Professional Accountant course is a globally recognized certification course that is being enrolled in 180 countries.

The course is the best way to build a successful career in accounting for fresher and experienced candidates. The institute sticks with the students to help them set goals and draft eye-catching resumes. It provides career guidance as per the industry’s needs. They assign weekly assignments and Mock Interviews.


9. Edu Pristine

Edu Pristine is a premier finance training institute that was established in 2008 by industry professionals who have worked at Standard Chartered, Accenture, S&P, and Goldman Sachs. The institute is a worldwide leading institute and offers the best business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu as well.

The five popular verticals of the institute are Finance, Accounting, Analytics, Marketing, and Healthcare. The institute is in collaboration with top MNCs and is trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, students, and professionals. They aim to impart students with practical knowledge and help them to get extensive exposure to new challenges and innovative ideas for a better future.

The courses are taught by industry-level experts who have worked for years in top MNCs such as Standard Chartered, Accenture, etc. The business accounting and taxation courses are designed to help you to become an expert in the field of accounting and work comfortably as an accountant professional.

The course will teach you to master the tools and techniques that are in demand in the market such as Tally. The course offers practical and experiential learning with soft skills training. The also offers job opportunities in the companies such as KPMG, Tech Mahindra, TCS, etc. After the successful completion of the course, taking financial decisions will become easy and generate superior financial success.


10. NIMB National Institute of Management and Business Studies

NIMB offers the top accounting, taxation, business, and management courses. The trainers of this institute are expert CAs and MBAs and the institute promises to offer 100% placement opportunities and support. The courses are mostly practical-based with job-oriented.

The course is designed in a way that will impart the students with the skills and knowledge necessary to work as industry-level professionals. The course offers assignments and projects that involve real-life problems. Solving these problems will develop your hands-on practical learning.

The course provided 24*7 mentor support and they will always help you to clear your doubts and queries. The course will be performed live with help of the latest video communication software so the students can take the class at their convenience. Offered by IPA, the business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu give you the best learning experience.

Accounting is a very competitive, fierce, and challenging field. Companies and Organizations are aware of the importance of tax filing and record keeping. The BAT courses in Tamil Nadu offered here will help you to learn complex topics easily. Any graduate or post-graduate, 12th-pass student, or any working professional who wants to upskill can enroll in the BAT courses in Tamil Nadu.

Lots of career opportunities are available after the successful completion of the course. Positions such as Assistant Accountant, Accounts Manager, Finance Manager, Taxation Assistant, and Taxation Manager will get opened. The topics covered are – Industrial Accounting, Accounting Software: Tally ERP, BUSY, Income Tax (Online ITR Return Filing), GST (Online GST Return Filing), Auditing, Provident Fund Labour Laws, Company Law matters, Stock Market – Capital Market, and E-Commerce & Banking.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About BAT Courses in Tamil Nadu


1. What is the education required to take the BAT Courses in Tamil Nadu?

A student who is 10+2 passed out from recognized boards, any graduate, and postgraduate, with a desire to become an Accountant, can enroll in the courses. Before enrolling, please look for the eligibility criteria because the mentioned criteria may vary from institute to institute.


2. Will I get a job once I finish BAT courses in Tamil Nadu?

Yes, you will surely get a job and that too a good job once you complete the business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu. Along with a good job, you will also have a good portfolio with a certified course completion certificate which has worldwide value.


3. What is the Fee for business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu?

The course fee varies as per the duration of the course. Some institutes offer 6 months to 1-year courses while some offer 1-3 months Courses. So, before enrolling please contact the provided institute and pay the amount accordingly. If you are a working professional and just want to brush up on your skills then a 3-6 months course will work just fine. But if you are a complete beginner and learning accounting from scratch then you need to take at least a 1-year course.



Business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu are basically for trade entrants whose major focus is on money and taxation. The important thing is that Professional Chartered Accountants are highly respected. They are the pillars for the success of any business and organization. The job of an accounting and taxation professional is to organize and manage the sending and receiving of money.

Employment stability and opportunities are very vast. Every year thousands of start-up companies are being led up. And a need for an accountant to run those companies is obvious. And leaning the mentioned business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu will help you to stand out of the crowd and grab the opportunity to work for top MNCs.

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