Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur With Placements

What’s basically a financial model? So if we narrow down the concept, we can say it is a tool for decision-making. Now when we talk about “decision-making” we will usually need data or some calculations to support our decision. Similarly, when we work for any firm, all the financial data is kept in an excel sheet. Those data are essentially financial, like a company’s expenses or earnings. So with the stored data, one can prepare an entity’s future financial statement, known as financial modeling. In this article, you will explore some best financial modeling courses in Jaipur.


List of best financial modeling courses in Jaipur


Today with the increasing dynamics of organizations, one has to keep par with the future predictions of the companies. These include how the sales of any entity will increase, how the capital structure may change, how demand for any particular product can increase or decrease, and what assets a company will require for its growth and maintain sales. So today financial modeling has become a significant domain in any industry, and shortly the demand will increase more and more.


What Are the Advantages of Financial Modeling?


  • To prepare an entity’s Financial Statement
  • To Forecast profit and loss in an organization.
  • To evaluate if a product’s sales will increase or go down
  • To keep a check on the Capital Structure of the Business.
  • To keep in the regulation of assets that a business will require to grow based on the history of its financial statements.
  • For the valuation of any organization


Different Types of Financial Models


  • Three Statement Model (Profit & Loss Statement, Entity’s Future Balance Sheet, and Entity
  • Merger Model
  • DFC (Discounted Cash Flow)
  • LBO (Leveraged Buyout Model)
  • Sum of Parts Models
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) model
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Option Pricing Model


Uses of Financial Model


  • Financial Models are instrumental in Future Operation performance like Employees to be Hired or Breakeven Units.
  • Future Financial Performance of any organization, estimating profit or loss.
  • Forecasting Capital Expenditure (like estimating the cost of specific projects).
  • Funds Required to Fulfil Future Obligation
  • Cash Flows Generated in the Firm
  • Enterprise Value or Equity Value
  • To Analyze Profitability Ratios and Liquidity Ratios
  • To Analyze Growth in a business (whether the Business has upward growth or downward growth or the growth is static or negative)
  • Performing Scenarios/Stress analysis


How Financial Is Different From Financial Forecasting?


Financial forecasting is to determine and analyze the future aspects of an entity, and Financial Modeling is mathematical that an organization needs to represent in its Financial Statements. A company needs those statements to forecast future results, for instance, if the company will grow or if the sales will increase.


Financial modeling is quantitative and represents a company’s financial statements so that business decisions can be taken based on those statements. Forecasting is used by managers to see where the business is headed.


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Top Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur




IIM SKILLS is ranked at the top among many institutes for verified online courses. IIM SKILLS provides job-oriented courses which are much needed in today’s growing digital world. The institute provides a valid digital certificate and a guaranteed internship program. The financial modeling course they provide is very enriched and is curated by the top industry leaders who hold massive experience in the financial sector.


The course is very powerful yet very easy with live lectures which one can access anytime and from anywhere. Enroll yourself and be benefited from India’s top Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur. IIM SKILLS has very appreciable media coverage by the Times of India, Financial Statement, ENTREPRENEUR, Zee News, The Indian Express, and many others.


Learn from the best educators who aim to make learners competent at developing structured and steady financial models and perform financial analysis so that effective decisions for the future can be taken with those statements. IIM SKILLS intends to equip you with the aptitude and abilities to thrive in global standard financial markets.


How is the Course Super Beneficial?

  • Get 3 months of Live and recorded lectures on Financial Modeling and Valuation Course
  • Learn Modern Age Skills from the experts.
  • Boost your Career by adding a new skill to your portfolio.
  • 2 months assured internship with 150+ placement partners.
  • Internships aligned with partner firms for Investment Banking, Financial Modeling Specialist, and Valuation Advisory.
  • Prepare for mock-interview
  • Master Certification


Financial Modeling Course Curriculum

  • Learn about Financial Modeling and Financial statements.
  • How to Create efficient and vigorous financial models.
  • Learn to Analyze historical data forecast future projections, and present assimilated financial statements, key ratios, and output.
  • Learn to create efficient financial models to structure and analyze historical data, forecast future projections, and present assimilated financial statements,
  • Learn realistic financial models rendering real-world business problems with experts.
  • Specialize in conducting analysis, delineating conclusions, and casting recommendations.


Who Can Pursue the Course?

  • Fresh Graduates
  • CA (Pursuing or completed)
  • tech and Engineers
  • Professionals working in Financial Sector



  • Master Certification
  • Guaranteed Internship Programme
  • Access LMS anywhere and anytime.
  • Get Learning Resources
  • Get a Free Demo
  • Complimentary Services (Pay Zero rupees for backup classes or job referrals or resume building)
  • Get Placement Opportunities with top companies
  • Well-Researched Learning Resources.
  • Lifetime Access
  • Round the Clock Support


Course Fees – INR 39,900+GST


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2. IBI Institute


Investment Banking Institute was founded by Mr. Manoj Kumar and Mr. Ankur Gaur. IBI provides instructor-led training both online live and in classroom mode. IBI is Microsoft’s authorized test center for all applications of Microsoft. IBI provides students and learners great opportunities to explore their professional courses online and in the classroom through various instructions like Excel-based training, power points, practical illustrations, and real cases and problems for better understanding.


What Do They offer?

●     Get Online live mode classes as well as classroom mode.

●     Basic and Advanced Excel

●     Learn to create Pivot Tables/dashboards.

●     Hundred percent placement


Course Structure

IBI Institute provides a Financial Modeling Course online live + classrooms course. Book your seats to bridge the gap between job requirements and academics and place yourself in the top organizations. The Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur provide-


●     Visual Basic Application (VAB MAcro)

●     Basic and advanced Excel (150+ functions)

●     Introduction to Financial Statements and Ration analysis.

●     Multi Tab Financial Modeling from Scratch (oil and gas sector)

●     Multi-tab Financial modeling (OTT Platform-Netflix; Automobile-Tata Motors; FMGC sector)

●     Project FinanceDiscounted Cash Flow Evaluation

●     IPO Evaluation

●     Equity Research model

●     Merger and Acquisition Analysis

●     Trading Combs Valuation Technique

●     Transaction Valuation Technique

●     Pitchbook Benchmarking/Price Rebasing/Company profile

●     Power BI

●     Prepare for Interviews


The other plan one can get from the IBI institute is Investment Banking Self-Placed Mode


In the rich designed self-placed course, you can do all your training online with provided course material just like the classroom mode with added accessories like:



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3. Coursera


Coursera provides you with great choices in technical learning programs hence is considered one of the best online platforms to specialize in different courses. One of the best parts of Coursera is that it provides learners with different levels of learning as preferred by them- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Mixed. Learners can even opt for a different duration from 3-6 months to 6-12 months, one can even go from a year to less than a week or two.


Your Takeaways from the Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur

●     Great Specializationwith in-depth knowledge of the course

●     Guided Projects

●     Learn from top instructors through videos and discussion forums and assignments.

●     Get your professional E-Certificate

●     Earn Master-Track Certificates

●     You can also earn Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in limited expenditure

●     Earn a University issued career credential in a flexible and interactive format.


Programs You Can Learn Apart From Financial Modeling

●     Business and Financial Modelling

●     Finance and Quantitative Modelling for Analyst

●     Discounted Cash Flow Modelling

●     Excel Modelling For Professionals

●     Advanced Valuation and Strategy M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital

●     Introduction to ValuationWACC

●     Stock Valuation with Dividend and Discount Model

●     Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling

●     Financial Engineering and Risk Management


4. EduAscent


EduAscent Institute of Finance in Jaipur has a very structured course curriculum on Finance Modeling and Excel. EduAscent has created a good impact on learners through their expert guidance and is one of the reliable Financial modeling Courses in Jaipur.


  • Online Education
  • Live Training
  • 9 years plus experience
  • Learn from the Experts


Course Curriculum


  1. Excel Basic
  2. Advanced Excel
  3. Financial Modelling


Course Duration

Excel Expert – 40 hours

Financial Modelling with Advanced Excel -100 hours


Fee Structure

Excel Expert – INR 12,000

Financial Modelling with Advanced Excel- INR 30,000


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5. Institute of Financial Studies


Institute of Financial study is a one-stop destination for Financial studies, it was established in 2009 and promotes financial literacy with the changing dynamics in the market. Institute of Financial Studies is promoted by Deshna Foundation and aims to provide the best Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur.


Main Objectives of IFS

●     Promoting Financial literacy as the formal education system is unable to keep pace with the dynamic contrast in the market and organizations.

●     It also aims to help people educate in different Financial fields so that one can take informed decisions in corporate as well as in personal life.

●     Continuous learning platform for both students and professionals.

●     Provide Training for globally recognized programs.

●     They aim to provide a good network, research, and guidance in the Financial field.


Why is IFS one of the Best Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur?

IFS course module is compact and designed to meet the realistic scenarios in business and forecast successful business decisions.


The Course Deals:

  • Microsoft Excel Fundamentals
  • Excel programming VBA/Macros
  • Data Analysis and decision tools
  • Principle of Finance


Who Can Join

●     Chartered Accountants

●     Management Accountants

●     Financial planners

●     Financial analyst

●     Lower and Middle-manager

●     Business Consultants


Classes are conducted 5 days a week


Course Duration- 3 MONTHS

Course Fees- 45,000


Also, Check the Professional Courses IFS provides

●     Technical Analysis

●     The CFA program (Chartered Financial Analyst)

●     The FRM Programme (Financial Risk Management)

●     Power Excel

●     Actuaries

●     Business Intelligence

●     Data Analyst


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6. Learning and Development Academy


Learning and Development is a professional upskilling service provided by Grant Thornton in India. They Provide customizable Programmes and result-oriented training to students and professionals. Learning snd Development Academy provides skills and programs in a classroom environment to keep par with the digital age of machine learning.


Various programs curated by seasoned experts and learners will be guided by top trainers who will share their valuable experiences along with the best practices followed in the industries.


What makes Learning and Development one of the fastest-growing Financial Courses in Jaipur?

The Grand Thornton Learning and Development Academy launched its Financial Modelling program for working professionals in financial sectors and students to provide them best knowledge of Financial statements and valuation and to understand and build business and valuation models. The program is designed to provide conceptual knowledge and divulge best industrial practices.


Learning Outcome From the Course

●     MS Excel and refreshing formulas

●     Designing Financial Model

●     Design Revenue and Expenses Model

●     Creating Dashboards to summarise models

●     Presenting Reports using Models

●     Valuation techniques

●     Project Valuation

●     Modelling Delays

●     M&A- Introduction/Evaluation/Valuation


What Will You Get From the Programme?

●     70 hours of study, 40 hours of the instructor-led session on CISCO WEBEX

●      30 hours of recorded VBA and additional case studies

●     GT Study Material

●      Session recorded Vedios

●     Final Assessment

●     Access to Grant Thornton LMS for 1 year

●     Certificate of Completion

●     Testimonials


Who Should Enrol?

  • Investment Bankers
  • Equity Researchers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • MBA Finance and Commerce Graduates
  • Professionals Working in the Finance Sector.


Program Fees- INR 30,000 plus taxes


Learning and Development Academy Provides Various Certification Programs Like

●     Cybersecurity Fundamentals

●     IFRS E-earning

●     Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

●     Business Intelligence

●     E-Learning in GST in India


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7. Corporate Financial Institution


Corporate Financial Institution provides learners with the best guidance in upskilled programs with their finest course and expertise in learning. The Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst course is divided into 5 rounds of learning and is a trusted platform by thousands of learners.


  • Prep-Course
  • Core Course
  • Elective Course
  • Final Exams
  • Get Certified


How Your Learning Experience in Corporate Financial Institution  Makes it one of the trusted financial Modeling courses in Jaipur

  • All 38 FMVA course
  • FMVA Certificate
  • Financial Models and Template Libraries
  • Quizzes, Assignments, and Tests
  • Learn Excel, PPT, and Files
  • Digital Blockchain Verified Certificate.


Additional Bonus in the Course Curriculum

  • Capital IQ Access
  • Pitchbook Access
  • Resume and Cover Letter Review
  • Premium Email Support
  • Additional case studies
  • Free Modelling Competition entry


8. Udemy


Udemy has an excellent reach of online programs and one can learn as many programs in detail as he wants. Udemy has an excellent pool of categories of programs like:


●     Development

●     Business

●     Finance and Accounting

●     IT& Software

●     Office Productivity

●     Personal Development

●     Design

●     Marketing

●     Lifestyle

●     Photography and Video

●     Health and Fitness

●     Music

●     Teaching and Academics


One can even choose the level of learning according to his/her preference thus it becomes one of the most engaging platforms to learn Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur. Udemy provides courses of all levels, from Beginners, Intermediate, and expert, in more than ten languages in which you can learn your course.


Get full assistance to understand the dynamics of Financial Modelling, become an Expert in MS Excel, learn to make Cash flow Statements and build a valuation model from scratch, become an expert analyst and learn to value a company.



Udemy provides 102 Subtitles


Practical Tests


Courses You can Enrol in Financial Modelling

●     Financial Modelling and Forecasting

●     Beginner to Pro in Excel – Financial Modelling and valuation

●     Financial Modelling- Build A Complete DFC Valuation Model

●     Introduction to Financial Modelling for Beginners

●     Financial Modelling for Business Analytics and Consultants

●     Advanced renewable Energy – Financial Modelling

●     Financial Modelling and Fundamental Analysis

●     Complete Financial Modelling for Project Finance  in Excel

●     Financial Modelling for Startups.


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9. LinkedIn E-Learning


LinkedIn Learning is trending as an excellent certification Platform where one can learn from experts across the globe. The unique feature of LinkedIn learning is that you can start a free trial and then take the subscription, learn as many programs as you want, and get a certification for every course you apply for.


There are short videos and long lectures and you can also keep a track of your daily learning which is very effective in your regular learning. You can see lectures and videos as many times as you want.


Perks of LinkedIn Learning

  • Learn From Global Experts
  • Earn Certificates to showcase in your LinkedIn profile
  • Learn at your own time
  • Explore Business Topics, Creative topics, and Technology Topics.


 10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is considered a top player in the field of technical and creative learning, it is the best Corporate Training awardee. Numerous courses are available with expert guidance. It ranks among the top Ed-tech Global companies having 300,000 plus alumni and is a Global platform for learning more than 400 courses. Henry Harvin is one of the most trusted brands by Go, Trust Pilot, Reviews Reporter, etc. So Henry Harvin stands out as one of the best Global platforms for Financial Modeling courses in Jaipur.


Benefits of the Course

  • Live Interactive Classroom Training (40 hours)
  • Projects – facility to undergo project in escalation resource Management, Stakeholder Management, and many more
  • Internships
  • Get E-learning access and LMS portal, tools, content, and assessment
  • Get a Global Course Certification and showcase expertise by using the hallmark CEMF next to your name.
  • Hackathons
  • Get a 100% Placement program with Henry Harvin
  • Bootcamps
  • Get Free 12 months of Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Finance Academy for the Financial Modelling Professional Course




1. Which are the top three ranked institutes for Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur?

IIM SKILLS is one of the top-ranked institutes all over India. Then IBI Institute and Coursera also provide a great course in Financial Modelling.


2. What career options will you have after doing Financial Modeling Course?

Well, there is a pool of opportunities that open after you complete the financial modeling course, in-fact your certification will also give you a career hike. You can go into Management Consultancy, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds or Venture Capital Funds, and Equity Research. One can even go for Commercial banking or Non-Banking Financial Companies and Financial Diligence firms. If you become an expert, you can also choose Research and Outsourcing Companies.


3. What is the approx time one needs to complete financial modeling courses in Jaipur?

Financial Modelling can take approximately three to six months depending on the course curriculum. Sometimes it can even take a year.


4. What is the fee structure of the Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur?

The fee structure depends on the Institute you choose. It can go from 25,000 – 40,0000.


5. Is a person with non-commerce eligible for Finance Modeling?

It is quite beneficial if a person is from a commerce background or pursuing MBA or accounting, or a person who is a finance professional as the skill adds up in the learning and becomes an asset for a career hike. But the skill can be learned by anyone for sure, it is very profitable for a person who has a startup.




Financial Modelling is one of the most popular courses and top-notch courses that is being searched now. Industries are now looking for more professionals who are certified in Financial Modelling as it is the need of the hour. Top companies and business organizations are hiring Financial experts who take care of their Financial statements and analyze and evaluate for future needs. Almost all top institutions have tie-ups with business organizations and media so that they can create good placement opportunities for students. It is high time that experts, professionals, and students add up their skills and generate a good career hike. So many globally acclaimed Financial Modeling Courses in Jaipur and all over India are providing top facilities, course material, real-time access, industrial cases, and live training to gig up their skills. Learning new skills always creates an asset. Corporate sectors and giant firms and even startups are now searching for new proficiency and apprehensions so that they can bring value to their business. So sign up for your new financial journey and boost your abilities and career.

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