Top 6 Financial Modeling Courses in Ahmedabad With Certificates

The financial world has lately been buzzed with a concept called financial modeling, and it has become one of the top skills to make a career in finance. Now, financial modeling is a fairly old concept, but with spreadsheets becoming more advanced, businesses have realized their full potential and how they can leverage it to make important financial decisions and understand their future growth. If you are someone who is interested in understanding this concept then the best way is to embark on a learning journey by immersing yourself in one of the financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad mentioned here.


List of best financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad


What is Financial Modeling?


Financial modeling can be defined as the process of connecting finance, business metrics, and accounting to build a representation of the company in a spreadsheet tool like Microsoft Excel, which can then forecast the company’s future financial performance. In essence, it is a decision-making tool.


To better understand this, let’s talk about a real-world scenario. Imagine, you want to set up an e-commerce business. Consider all possible revenue sources an e-commerce business will have: subscriptions, strategic partnerships, commissions, ads, affiliates, etc. Next, consider all your business’s direct and indirect expenses.


Not only this, but you will also have to decide how to fund your e-commerce business, and whether you will put your resources or raise funding from somewhere else. Once you have funds, you’ll have to make more decisions regarding capital investments, growth, cost policies, employees’ compensation, etc.


Behind all these decisions is the working of a program made by a financial analyst. This program is nothing but a financial model which helps the front-end management to make strategic decisions by giving results, interpretations, and analyses about the business’s financial outcomes.


Nowadays, most finance and accounting roles require either building a financial model or updating an existing financial model’s data. Anyone who builds a financial model should have at least some basic knowledge about finance and accounting as well as the skill to implement it in Excel. To master this skill, enroll in one of the financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad that we have listed.


Applications of Financial Modeling


From a small start-up to a big multinational company, everywhere financial models are used for various reasons. Companies use these models internally as well as for addressing external parties such as current and potential creditors and investors. There are many uses of financial modeling in a company; we will list a few of them below to understand its importance and why you should definitely enroll in financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad.


  • Making Strategic Investments

A company’s growth and competitiveness are improved by the success of a well-planned investment. For this, correct evaluation and analysis are required which is done by a financial model. Financial models for investment projects allow companies to understand the requirements and conditions for the required workflow and the life cycle of the project, as well as the volume of the initial outlay, the discount rate, and the cash flow.


Financial Modeling is used in mergers and acquisitions to analyze the outcome of the combination of the two companies involved. A successful merger or acquisition results in countless benefits for both parties such as an increase in growth and revenue, diversification, better tax benefits, and stronger market share.


All these benefits arise from the use of well-constructed financial models that help the company to understand the benefit or cost of merging or acquiring another company by analyzing current, past, and future financial statements, making assumptions about the acquisition, deal dilution, company valuation, and making projections.


Before making any financial investment, a business has to assess how much risk is present and how it will impact the particular venture. The model will provide solutions to the business after locating potential risks or threats by determining how likely it is to lose an investment or asset, what the company’s tolerance and attitude are toward risk, and what its capacity is for a risk in a given period.


  • Business Growth

Financial modeling is a crucial tool for businesses to start new development lines and initiate growth by finding areas that will generate higher profits. Using the model, they can see how their advertising and marketing efforts are working so that they can allocate appropriate funding. For retail businesses sales growth is determined by analyzing the increase in revenue in the current quarter and comparing it to the past quarter.


  • Financial Budgeting and Business Forecasting

Businesses need to use financial forecasting to increase profits and create budgets. Businesses use financial modeling for this to improve their performance to meet their financial goals. The model estimates financial factors such as expenses, sales, cash flow, equity, and asset replacements to measure financial success and allocate funding where required.


It also provides an audit of past financial statements regarding revenue assists and production costs. Not only this, but when planning new projects, the model also allows for taking into consideration the impact of external entities such as changes in regulatory standards or economic policies.


  • Business/ Startup Valuation

As a startup when a company wants to go public, it has to determine its exact worth. To reach the correct valuation, financial models are used to discover the precise amount of free cash flow at different points in time for the firm.  This process is particularly useful to determine a business’s overall value when it plans any kind of restructuring such as trading shares to external investors.


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Financial Modeling Job Opportunities


After understanding the importance of financial modeling, you must have decided to choose one of the financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad. But now you are wondering what job opportunities you will have and what is the future going to look like. To help you understand, let’s talk about some of the job profiles that require financial modeling as an important skill.


  • Investment Banker

Investment bankers collect data and use financial modeling to assist the bank’s clients with valuations and advise them about what is the next best step regarding, mergers, sales, and acquisitions. Other job responsibilities include economic decisions on raising capital for the business, helping the client go public, and issuing stock and bonds accordingly.


Investment bankers typically have long working hours ranging from 60 to 100 hours every week. However, these long hours do not go unpaid – even with an entry-level job, you can earn $80,000 up to $200,000 annually.


  • Risk Modeling Analyst

As a risk modeling analyst, you will research and implement portfolio margin models, and provide insight into the model’s capabilities, functionality and limitations. You will work in the financial modeling field using regression, simulation, and time-series modeling techniques.


Lastly, you will be demonstrating knowledge of asset pricing, securities finance, and risk analytics. With a base salary of $75,000 going up to $100,000 per year, a risk modeling analyst is a prestigious job to have.


As an FP&A Analyst, you will play an important role in the company by working closely with the VP. You will manage all the day-to-day budgets and expenses and aid in financial planning, reporting, forecasting, and analysis. To ensure that expenses are managed with a high degree of accuracy, you will be creating forecasting models that will guide key business decisions.


Your skill set will include advanced excel skills and a deep understanding of key variance drivers, and you will be well versed in budget management and financial modeling. The average salary for an FP&A Analyst is $90,000 with some companies offering up to $120,000.


  • Acquisitions Analyst

As an Acquisitions Analyst, you will be an integral part of the investment team. You will assist the acquisition department in the financial analysis, and presentation of investment opportunities that meet your client’s investment criteria. Your job responsibilities will include valuation and cash flow analysis when potential investment opportunities come, performing deep financial modeling including sensitivity and scenario analysis, preparing underwriting models, and evaluating divestitures.


For a good career opportunity in this field, you should have the ability to make decisions quickly, absorb and understand a high volume of information and possess strong analytical and investigative traits.  An Acquisition Analyst is paid an average salary of $80,000 per year and you may be able to earn up to $125,000 depending on your experience.


As a credit analyst, you will analyze financial information and credit data of businesses or individuals who apply for loans or credit to determine the level of risk the loan financing company will experience. Your job responsibilities will include developing spreadsheets and models to support the analysis of credit applications, conducting an extensive analysis of financial statements, and performing due diligence on rating the credit of the customer. The salary of a credit analyst ranges from $50,000 per year to $150,000.


  • Revenue Analyst

A revenue analyst works to improve the revenue of a company by monitoring all the positive and negative changes. With an intensive job requirement, a revenue analyst will work to review all financial records of the company, prepare revenue reports, inspect the profitability of investments and contracts, outline how the company can adapt to changes in economic conditions, use financial models to control bad financial decisions and create new revenue policies.


A revenue analyst is typically paid $60,000 per year going up to $150,000 depending on the requirement and experience.


Find here the top-notch Financial Modeling Courses in India


List of Top 6 Financial Modeling Courses in Ahmedabad


1. IIM SKILLS – 3 Months Live Financial Modeling Course


At the top of the list of the best financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad is the financial modeling course offered by IIM Skills. IIM Skills is a renowned online education institution in Asia offering a wide range of courses in different fields covering writing, SEO, accounting, GST, CAT, and the financial modeling course, which we will be talking about.


IIM Skills provides top industry-relevant courses that will help you take the next step forward in your career by strengthening your skill set.  With an impressive record of having trained 15000+ students across 35 countries, IIM Skills is undoubtedly the #1 institute offering financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad.


The Financial Modeling and Valuation course offered by IIM skills is expertly designed by veterans in the finance sector keeping in mind the standards of the finance industry. With its comprehensive curriculum, students will be able to dive into the following:


  • Learn financial statements and financial models
  • A deeper understanding of Microsoft Excel and its multiple advanced features
  • Construct cash flow statements
  • Extract raw data and build P&L statements
  • Learn the basics of valuation models and how to build them from scratch
  • Understand how a company’s valuation is set
  • Design appealing and professional financial charts.


Why Should You Enroll in IIM Skills’ Financial Modeling Course?


  • Access From Anywhere – Get access to classes at the click of a button with the online training mode.
  • Expert Teachers – Learn from faculty with years of industry experience. Understand concepts through a real business problem and an edge over others by learning unique financial hacks.
  • Flexible timings – Are you a student or a working professional? Are you busy with some work? No worries. This will not cause a hindrance in your learning as you have the option of enrolling in either weekend classes or weekday classes. Not only this, but if you miss a class, you can always opt for a backup class.
  • Well-Managed Learning Resources – Get easy lifetime access to all the course material through the Learning Management System as well as session recordings and important tools.
  • Master Certification- The most lucrative feature of this course is the certification you will receive after successfully passing the course. This certificate is recognized by the MSME Government of India and will add massive credit to your resume.
  • 2-Month Guaranteed Internship – In addition to certification, IIM Skills goes one step ahead in improving your learning by offering internships with partner firms. You will get a chance to learn about investment banking, valuation advisory, and roles such as financial modeling specialists.


Who Should Pursue This Course?

Fresh Graduates, MBA, CA, finance professionals, and Engineers.


Cost:  Rs. 39,900+ taxes


Certificate: Master Financial Modeling Certification by IIM skills


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Other Courses

GST Certification Course

BAT Course


2. Wall Street Prep – Premium Package Financial and Valuation Modeling Certification Program


To enroll in a self-study course and learn at your own pace, Wall Street Prep offers one of the most extensive financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad.  This Premium Financial and Valuation Modeling course is designed for both students and professionals alike who are interested in strengthening their careers in the fields of equity research, investment banking, private equity, and corporate finance.


The program is designed assuming that you have basic knowledge of accounting and excel. Wall Street Prep’s program is used by top financial institutions and investment banks to train their employees.


Course Deliverables:

  • Financial Statement Modeling
  • M&A Modeling
  • DCF Modeling
  • Trading Comps Modeling
  • LBO Modeling
  • Transaction Comps Modeling
  • Building Buyers List
  • 39 mini bonus courses – excel, debt capital markets, project finance, divestitures, etc.


What Are Some of the Unique Features of the Wall Street Premium Financial Modeling Package?


  • Self-paced, intuitive, and comprehensive – Complete the course within 70-90 hours and learn through a combination of videos, financial reports, and excel model templates. Through a step-by-step process and case-study format build, analyze and interpret the different financial models.
  • Real-world investment banking training – Bridge the gap between academics and the real world by acquiring practical financial skill sets that will be required in jobs.
  • Support team – Gain unlimited free access to Wall Street Prep’s support center and get answers to your queries, important updates from the support team, and free downloads.
  • Private Tutoring – With an additional fee of $800/hour, you can have live video-chat tutoring sessions with experienced investment bankers.
  • Resume Boost – Enjoy the free opt-in service to upload your cover letter and resume to WSP.


Cost: $499


Certificate: Get the certification by taking the WSP Financial & Valuation Modeling Certification Exam within 24 months from enrollment and score above 70%.


3. Certified Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst(FMVA) by CFI


The FMVA course by CFI is one of the most popular financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad. FMVA certification program equips the learners with essential skills needed to perform financial analysis. Through the financial modeling courses offered, students learn how to best structure their models and instill confidence in the stakeholders who will be involved in the decision-making process.


You will become a world-class financial professional within 4 to 6 months through their modules covering budgeting and forecasting processes and financial modeling skills. With 38 courses, 190+ interactive exercises, expert faculty, and a blockchain certificate this program is a deal you cannot miss.


Course Deliverables:

  • Accounting
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Financial Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Presentation and Visuals
  • Strategy


What is the Structure of the FMVA Program?


  • Take the 7 optional prep courses to review your fundamentals before starting the course.
  • To build a strong foundation in financial modeling completing 11 core courses.
  • To explore more specialized subjects and advanced topics choose a minimum of 3 electives.
  • After you complete the above requirements, appear for the FMVA final exam and score at least 70% to earn your certificate.


Cost: Self-Study – $497/year, Full- immersion- $847/year

Certificate: FMVA certificate after completing all the course requirements and passing the final exam, you can get a digital certificate or a physical one mailed to your address.


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4. Business and Financial Modeling from Wharton


Wharton Online offers Business and Financial Modeling Specialization by the University of Pennsylvania. The course is offered through the online platform Coursera. The specialization consists of 4 courses, and capstone project making is one of the best financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad for beginners.


The course is designed to aid the students in making informed financial and business decisions by teaching crucial financial modeling and valuation skills. Students will build a strong foundation in modeling techniques, spreadsheet models, company valuation, investment analysis, forecasting, and more.


The capstone project features a real-world case study where students will get to work with datasets from Wharton’s data research platform.  Most learners can finish the course in 6 months and after the completion of this course, they will be ready to use their data to build scenarios, describe realities and predict performance.


Course Deliverables:

  • Quantitative modeling fundamentals
  • Introduction to spreadsheets and models
  • Modeling risk and realities
  • Decision-making and scenarios
  • Capstone project


Cost: $79/month

Certificate: Complete all the courses in the specialization as well as the hands-on projects to earn the certificate.


5. The Investment Banker from Financial Edge


Financial Edge is a well-established firm on Wall Street and has been teaching a range of courses since 2016. Its most widely acclaimed course is The Investment Banker course, with one of the most comprehensive curricula among the financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad. Top investment banks train their new hires through this course.


With 4 different courses and answers to interview questions, be ready to start your career in investment banking with a significant edge over the others. Study around your schedule as you get lifetime access to the course. Get a chance to be recommended to recruiters after the completion of the course.


Course Deliverables:

  • The Accountant – interpret financial statements and data
  • The Modeler – build financial models
  • The Valuer – learn the fundamentals of key valuation methodologies
  • The Deal Maker – understand how to make important decisions regarding mergers and acquisitions


Cost: $465

Certificate: Complete the exam for each of the 4 skills certificates, unlock your micro-degree and get a Wall Street recognized certificate that can easily be added to LinkedIn.


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6. Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation by Udemy


365 Careers offers courses related to business, finance, and data science on Udemy. People working at world-class firms like PayPal, Apple, and Citibank have enrolled in this course as it is one of the most expertly designed financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad. The financial modeling and valuation course by 365 Careers is the best place to start if you want to become a financial analyst, FP&A analyst, or investment banker as you get to learn from proven experts.


Through well-designed and easy-to-understand materials, detailed explanations, comprehensive case studies, and real-life examples learn the subtleties of financial modeling. Get lifetime access to the course and study at your own pace to become an Excel expert while designing financial models, building cash flow statements, extracting raw data, and constructing P&L statements and valuation models from scratch.


Course Deliverables:

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Excel best practices
  • Excel functions
  • Case study for building P&L from scratch
  • Excel charts and layered pivot tables
  • Horizontal and vertical financial models
  • Valuation
  • Capital budgeting model


Cost: $45

Certificate: Complete the required course material and quizzes to gain a Certificate of Completion.




1. Why is IIM Skills placed at the top of the list of financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad?

IIM Skills offers live classes so that you can learn while clearing your doubts, provides a 2-month guaranteed internship, and lets you take a demo class before you decide to enroll.


2. Why should you go for online mode of financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad?

The online financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad allow students to study from anywhere at any time without the hassle of attending in-person classes.


3. Is financial modeling an important skill for companies?

Financial modeling is a crucial skill as it helps companies in making important business decisions regarding investments, mergers, and risks.


4. What jobs can you take up after studying financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad?

After studying financial modeling, you can start a career as an investment banker, risk modeling analyst, FP&A analyst, credit analyst, and many more.




Financial modeling has its roots in different parts of the finance world. We have discussed how crucial it is to master this skill to move your career in finance forward. You will help your company take smarter business decisions through your extensive financial modeling knowledge. If you have planned to enroll in one of the financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad be assured that your decision will only bring positive outcomes whether you plan to start your company, further your career, or change jobs.

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