Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Indore With Placements

Indore is a growing city located in the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is well connected and boasts of reputed financial institutions like IIM, home to students all over the country. Top Content writing courses in Indore are highly searched for as people understand the need and market for content writers. 


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Content writing is the art of creating content that connects with the audience. It should tell a story and have an impact on the brand in the minds of the customer. The content is the first introduction to any brand, person, or organization. It helps the customer decide whether he wants to engage further or not. Hence content writing is a necessary function for anyone trying to market themselves.


Brands, organizations, and even individuals are hiring content writers who can help them reach out to potential and existing customers to continue their growth story and build a niche for them in the market. Certified content writers are in great demand.


They can work either as freelancers or be a part of the branding and advertising team. Due to an increased demand for certified content writers, content writing courses are the most sought-after certificate courses.


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Kinds of content writing


The content writing field is very diverse and includes different genres of writing. Most people believe content writing is limited to articles in newspapers, journals, and magazines. However, there is much more to content writing than articles alone. Organizations and brands that include personal brands invest a lot of money in providing information to their customers or audience in a targeted way. Achieved through different styles of writing such as



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Why should one pursue a content writing course?


A question that every person looking to enroll in a top content writing course in Indore or any other city would ask. After all, one needs to invest their time and money to do it. Therefore the expectation would be that the completion of the course will lead to some benefits. The tangible and intangible benefits of taking up such a course are listed below.


The tangible benefits of working as a content writer are:


A viable career option that helps you diversify your portfolio


Content writer is a good career option for anyone who wants to start in marketing as a fresher. It helps one understand the requirements and the necessary traits to make it count in offline marketing as well as digital marketing. These can be acquired through online modules and courses while on the job and shift to marketing effortlessly.




As a content writer, it helps one explore the creative side and pursue it through personal blog writing, books, and journal writing. E-book writing and publishing on different platforms can be explored as a content writer


Freelancing opportunities


Students, homemakers, and individuals who want to make extra money content writing provide freelancing opportunities to achieve their goals. Content writing is an excellent choice for someone looking to restart their career after a break.


Some of the intangible benefits are:


  • Explore multiple projects at the same time
  • For a fresher, someone exploring a switch in their career, or looking for work-from-home options, content writing is a way to begin.
  • A way to build self-confidence
  • Internship opportunities to help gain experience and improve their writing skills
  • Helping one to understand related fields of advertising and marketing better


Many institutes offer content writing courses in Indore. There are a few points that one should keep in mind while choosing the content writing course:-


  • Faculty
  • Mode of learning
  • Access to resources after the course
  • Support


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Institutes that offer top content writing courses in Indore -to help you make an informed choice:


1. IIM Skills


A reputed institute helps you channel your passion for writing into a well-defined career as a content writer. Its curriculum is well defined and gives an insight into different kinds of content writing. It covers the why, who, and how part of the content writing in an easy-to-understand format.


The syllabus covers all forms of writing followed by assignments and feedback to help you practice what you learn. It has students enrolled not only from India but abroad too because of its well-designed modules and coverage of content writing. The instructors are well informed and help you with all your queries.


If you are in Indore looking for content writing courses in Indore, please bookmark the website IIM  Skills to get certified by the best. The distinguishing features that set IIM Skills from the rest are:


  • Three months of internship training


The training is an advantage for freshers and those looking to make a switch in their careers. The internship provides a platform to showcase and practice in the different modules. It also includes advanced classes such as SEO which is a big plus. By the end of internship training, one is well equipped with the different styles of content writing and ready for the first assignment professionally.


  • Lifetime access to course material and support

Students enrolled with IIM Skills have lifetime access to the resources and lesson modules on completing their course. The staff of IIM Skills is always ready to help clear your doubts even after completing the course.


  • Setting up a website of your own or need help to build a portfolio

Starting as a freelancer or wanting to start on your own needs you to have a website and build a portfolio. IIM Skills will help you all the way to do that.


  • E-book publishing on platforms such as Kindle and Google

IIM Skills helps you to be the author that you always wanted to be by helping you write your first e-book and publishing it on well-known platforms such as Kindle and Google.


The other defining features of the content writing course in Indore are:


  • Online mode of learning
  • Recorded lectures on their LMS platform- to help students refer and learn at their own pace. When a student misses a live session, these recordings are a great way to catch up with the rest of the class in terms of learning.
  • Students get tools worth INR 35000/- free of cost with lifetime access to all the resources.


The curriculum of IIM Skills is divided into twelve different modules as follows:


Module 1: Web development

Module 2: UI UX interface

Module 3: Introduction to content writing

Module 4: Content keyword writing

Module 5: Start Writing Content

Module 6: Content writing tools

Module 7: Duplicate content Detector

Module 8: Content distribution using Email

Module 9: Google Local Pages Setup

Module 10: Content Marketing using social media

Module 11: Exploring Social Media Tools

Module 12: Freelance content Writing


The website of IIIM Skills is designed well with instant chat support to help you enroll in the content writing course in Indore with great ease. A demo video by the founder explains the entire course structure in a very easy-to-understand way.

Reviews for the course at IIM Skills are exemplary.


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IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Other Courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


2. Coursera


Coursera delivers quality content writing courses in Indore on its online platform. It is an e-learning platform updated with courses offered by universities and institutes from all over the world. Based on one’s learning level and qualifications, courses designed are beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Basic courses are mostly introductory levels suitable for all. It helps one assess their interest levels in the given course before enrolling for a higher-paid course.


The courses are available both in the paid form and free. One can avail of the free course in audit mode. However, no certificate gets issued in the audit mode. Coursera offers more than a hundred courses in content marketing and writing.


The most popular course taken up by students is Strategy of Content Marketing, conducted by CoppyBlogger in association with University of California Davis ext. The course mainly focuses on creating content to target audiences at different levels of their engagement with a brand, product, or service. It also explains how one can create a personal blog to engage with the audience as an influencer.


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3. Udemy


Udemy is an online e-learning platform that delivers content writing courses in Indore. It has many general content writing courses as well as specific writing courses. The generic content writing courses cover the basics of content writing and the following topics:


  • Content adaptation
  • Content writing for devices such as mobile
  • Career options in content writing
  • Adaptation of content.


Some of the specific programs that students can enroll in are 


  • Writing whitepapers
  • Headline strategy and writing
  • Content writing for email campaigns and social media platforms
  • Business writing
  • copywriting


The courses are in online mode and accessed from their website.


 4. Symbiosis institute – center for distance learning (SCDL)


Symbiosis institute offers a distance learning program in creative content writing. The course duration is for one year and valid for two academic years to complete the course. At the end of it, a diploma in creative content writing gets awarded. Assignments need to be submitted at the end of semesters 1 and 2 in the form of hard copies for grading. Since it is a distance learning program, course materials get dispatched to the students.


The eligibility conditions specify 50% in grade 12. Students looking for a diploma in content writing can explore the creative content writing course in Indore at Symbiosis Institute. 


5. Swayam


The online portal for skill development by the Government of India has a tie-up with reputed institutes and universities offering certificate and credit courses for free. The highlights of these courses are:


Completely online

The entire curriculum gets covered through different modules

Video lectures and transcripts for the same are available on the portal.

Students can learn at their own pace.

Each module completion is after answering the quiz/test.

The courses offered are free of charge. Certificates get awarded after completing the proctored exam at a designated center. Candidates have to pay the examination fee and attend in person.


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite  


6. Tech Forest

An Indore-based institute with a  local office, Tech Forest offers a content writing course. Details regarding the courses fees, offline mode, and timings are available by contacting the local office. Further information on how to reach out to them is available on their website.


The modules covered by tech forest are


Module 1- Language skills

Module 2- Internet skills

Module 3- Creative writing, business writing, technical writing, social media, SEO content writing

Module 4- Academic and research writing

Module 5- Communication and content strategy

Module 6- Earn from content writing


7. Edex


It is an e-learning platform from MIT and Harvard and offers many content writing courses. There are general and specific courses to choose from the list of courses. These courses range from creative writing, business writing, academic writing, scriptwriting for plays and stand-up comedies, and more.


o     All the courses offered are in tie-up with universities globally.

o     Most of the certificate courses in audit mode are for free

o      A fee has to be paid to get a certificate.

o     The courses are self-paced through pre-recorded lectures and reading material.

o     In the audit mode, there is limited access to the course material in the paid program there is unlimited access.


8. Online Idea Lab


Online Idea Lab is an organization with branches across India, the USA, and Canada. They offer content creation courses both in the online and offline mode. They conduct both weekend and weekday batches which is convenient.


The courses include levels like foundation, advance, technical, copywriting, creative, and instructional design.


Each level has different modules. E.g.

It has three main modules:

Content research

Content writing

Content promotion.


Course fees differ for online and classroom courses. An offline mode is a convenient option for those who reside in cities where they have their branches. They have good facilities and infrastructure to conduct classes. For someone looking for top content writing courses in Indore online classes are an available option.


9. Digital Academy 360


The Digital Academy 360 is an institute that offers many certificate courses like content writing. All forms of content writing and the basics of WordPress website design topics in the certification program.  The program offers flexible timings and weekday and weekend batches


The design of the Content Writing Program :


o    16+ modules are covering various forms of content writing through lectures and assignments

o    There is access to different tools to help in your website design

o    Certifications are from Digital Academy 360 and Hubspot

o    A placement cell to help you with interviews and placements.


They also offer internship opportunities to help one hone their writing abilities and practice.


10. Henry Harvin


A recognized online institute that offers content writing courses either as recorded lectures or through live online classes. The recorded lessons are suitable for self-paced learning with lifetime access to them.


Many students enroll in online classes by mentors. They get advantages such as:


  • 1-year gold membership
  • Flexible schedules
  • Monthly boot camp sessions
  • Access to recordings of classes for a lifetime

The self-paced classes are eligible for an upgrade to mentored lectures. The curriculum followed for the content writing course in Indore has the following modules:


Module 1: Language Skills

Module 2: Internet Skills

Module 3: Business & Marketing Writing

Module 4: Content Strategy

Module 5: Technical & Research Writing and more


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite



  1. How much is the monthly income of a content writer?


The salary of the content writers depends on the experience they have acquired by working with different companies. The monthly salary of junior content writers ranges from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15000. The senior content writers may charge on the basis of words.


  1. Is there any possibility to start the journey of a content writer after passing the Higher Secondary examination?


If you want to work with reputed companies, then having a bachelor’s degree is required. You can join paid or unpaid internship programs after qualifying for the Higher Secondary examinations and start gathering experience.


  1. What are the basic qualifications of a content writer?


The most important qualification possessed by content writers is to write content in an easy-to-understand manner. They should be good readers in order to infer relevant information from different sources that they can incorporate into their writing.


And to conclude and wrap it:


There are many academies and institutions offering top content writing courses in Indore. Content writers are in great demand because of the difference they make to the value of a brand with their writing. Organizations and brands are in constant need of quality content writers.


It is necessary to get certified by a reputed institute that adds value and weightage to your portfolio.  An assessment of the learning outcomes needs to be done before deciding to enroll in the course. Reading through the course curriculum, brochures and watching demo videos gives a fair understanding of the course content.


Testimonials and reviews are another great way of getting to know about the institute. Therefore, while browsing for a top content writing course in Indore, keep these pointers in mind to make an informed decision.

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  1. Hi, I am Mahima. I am 19 years old and pursuing a BA. I have done internships in content writing, but I am still unavailable to start as a freelancer. I have worked with one client, but he said that I need to work more on my skills. Could you please suggest which of the following would be best to improve my writing skills and begin with freelancing?

  2. Hi Mahima, I would suggest IIM Skills as the best option. Once you start the course, a WhatsApp group is created to help you with queries and doubts. They provide experience through the 3-month internship program. You write articles on varied topics, and these articles are published. Freelancing opportunities are posted on the group during the internship period. You can apply there. This will give you the start needed to begin your freelancing career

  3. Hi. I am Veena. And I want to explore this domain. I work as a chef and also run an Instagram page. I want to take this profession as a secondary source of my income. I have one question. I am also thinking to open a business, and thinking to do some digital marketing courses. Should I go with content writing or digital marketing? but content is my first choice, but they cover content in digital marketing courses. No?

    • Hi, Veena as you have mentioned you are a chef who wants to start your own business I personally feel a Digital marketing course from IIM Skills would be a good option at this point. It would help you learn how to attract and engage your customers. You can always learn content writing at a later date to enhance your writing skills to showcase your business.

  4. Hi, Kalyani. I read your comment. Thanks for keeping this forum active. Can u please tell me where do they publish these articles. And what about the internships? They guide in getting internship opportunities. Right? And can anyone join that whats app group?

    • Hi, Poonam all the articles written by the guest bloggers and interns of IIM skills are published on various websites such as,,,, and Yes, they do guide in internship opportunities and this is offered on completion of the enrolled course from IIMSkills.To join the WhatsApp group you need to enroll in any one of their courses such as content writing, digital marketing, and GST certification to name a few. The Whatsapp group includes all your batchmates who have enrolled in the same course.

  5. Hi, I am Krisha. I think content writing depends more on personal branding if you want to be a freelancer. Does any of these courses teach about personal branding and to start? I really like some of the courses, but before jumping, I want to be sure which of them offers a proper base for starting content writing as a freelancer?

  6. Hi, Krisha, I would recommend the content writing course from IIM skills. The course curriculum and internship training is designed in such a way that you get enough opportunities to build your portfolio as a freelance content writer. The course covers the different aspects you need to keep in mind as a writer, and how to begin as a freelancer. Guest posting, guest blogging, and available internship opportunities are some of the ways discussed during the course to help you build your brand as a freelance content writer The course at IIM skills guides you on how to create and host your own content writing website. All the articles and work you have written as part of your assignments and internship can be showcased here to build your brand. Hope this information helps.

  7. I want to work in Digital Marketing and I also Love writing. Which one should I pick? should I take up Digital Marketing course or Content writing course?
    I am liking the IIM SKILLS course details. Kindly guide me I am confused and would love to know more.
    – Ameya Kanpure

  8. Hi Ameya, since you want to work in digital marketing and love writing I feel the digital marketing course by IIM Skills would be the best option. It covers content writing in their module. You can check the demo video and other details by visiting their website iim or contact their support. Details can be found on the website. Also you always have the choice of completing your content writing course from IIM Skills after the digital marketing course

  9. Hi. I quit my job last month. And I thinking to step in for freelancing and start my career with it. I am very passionate about freelancing and the flexibility it offers. Thanks to this blog, I got to know so much more about this field and explore more. I am excited to enroll in some courses. Thanks


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