Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Varanasi With Placements

Are you from Varanasi and looking to upgrade your writing skills? If yes, then you might be on a hunt to find the top content writing courses in Varanasi and shortlist one that suits your needs. Nowadays, content writing is one of the best careers that can help you earn a decent amount of money. With the online presence of each product in the market, you need to be well versed with the ongoing trends in the content writing field.


Updated list of the best content writing courses in Varanasi


This must be kept in mind that there are no shortcuts for beginners or pro writers to become proficient in the field of content writing. Before moving forward, let’s know what is content writing, scope, required skills, and more to help you make your choices clear and crisp while on a hunt for a good career option.


What is Content Writing?


Content writing is the opportunity to exchange content on various channels to offer knowledge to its users. Traditionally, these channels may include social media platforms, newspapers, magazines, videos, and a lot more. To be precise, we must not forget to mention that content writing courses are gaining immense popularity and with an increase in demand, institutes for content writing courses have also been set up. 


The content writing industry holds enough potential for the readers as well as the career seekers to build their careers and increase the name value. Content writing acts as a bridge to the source of content and the digital marketing strategies that are being decided to see the content on the top. We must not forget that content and digital marketing go hand in hand.


Individuals who are serious about building their career in content writing and want to earn more should invest in content writing courses. With an increase in student population, Varanasi has become one of the best choices for content writing institutes to offer their services to the students. However, thorough research is required to shortlist the top content writing courses in Varanasi and choose the best content writing course out of these.


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What Is The Scope Of Content Writing?


Content Writing is a vast field that offers huge opportunities for beginners and professionals in the field of writing. Individuals can develop their career as professional content writers indulged in writing for various businesses. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for SEO content writing and SEO-rich content, so that the businesses are on the top of the Google searches that can bring huge traffic.


With an increase in internet usage, digitalization has overpowered the physical marketing trends and we must admit that ‘Content is the King’. Today, businesses have a full-fledged profession with firms completely dedicated to offering content writing services to their clients and outsourcing content writers with a handsome salary package. 


According to the MarketingProfs report, approximately 2 million blog posts are written daily and this number is definitely expected to grow in the future at an exponential rate. This indeed has created a gap in the demand and supply of quality content writers. 


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Skills Needed by Content Writers:


There is no doubt that being a content writer is not an easy task, but writers can enjoy great perks from leaving behind 9 to 5 jobs and continuing to work from their favorite places like beaches, coffee shops, mountains, homes, and other spaces to go for business trips from company’s side. Good content writers need to have the essential skills mentioned below that can help grab a successful position in their career.


1. Proper Research: Thorough research is one of the most needed skills for good content writing as it adds credibility and value to the written contentThus, it’s more important to find trustworthy and interesting information from reliable and legit sources online.

2. Being Focused: Being a content writer, it is always recommended to have a complete focus on the task and get rid of all the distractions coming your way. Writing requires focus which at times becomes hard so here’s a trick, you can start with small and interesting content pieces that require your attention and then move forward with other content.

3. Adaptability: For every content, there is a proper adaptable template or writing criteria. A good content writer must be able to start writing in the same manner and change the writing styles as per the demand of the needed content. The tone and style must be known to put content in front of the users. The courses may help you grab these skills, but it depends on a person’s needs and requirements. The more styles you learn, the more valuable you will be in the writing field as a content writer.

4. Systematic Organization: Writing requires a proper systematic order to be followed consistently. It can help you streamline the content and make your work a lot easier and better. Keep calendars and reminders to never miss a deadline as it can send bad messages to your clients and customers.

5. Understanding SEO Trends: A good content writer should never miss a chance to learn more and more from the SEO trends in the market. As it can add more value to the content by keeping up with Google’s latest algorithm changes.

6.    Communication: Always remember writing is an area of proper communication, so never miss a single detail. Make no excuses to get in touch with your client if you have missed information or are confused about something. Your clients and customers will always appreciate the good work instead of misled information. 


Take your time to continuously develop these writing skills and stay on the top. This can help you craft simple and crisp content- that’s easy for your users to engage themselves.


After shortlisting from the top 10 content writing courses in Varanasi, you will be able to select the one content writing course that can help you choose from the popular types of content writer jobs with the following designations.


·      Blog Writer – Handles blog posts, articles, interviews, and research

·      Brand Journalist – Takes care of brand stories, customer stories, press releases, company bios, interviews, and internal communications

·      Copy Writer – Responsible for creating web copy, infographics, sales collateral, print media, and product descriptions.

·      Ghost Writer – Handles articles, web copies. Off-page content, ebooks, whitepapers, and more

·      Technical Writer – Takes responsibility for writing How-ToInstructions, Manuals, UX (User Experience) Messaging, guides, and FAQ’s

·      Social Media Writer – Handle writing quizzes, interactive content, PR outreach, platform-specific content, and more

·      Email Writer – Handles newsletters, transactional emails, drip campaigns, customer nurture, and sales nurture

·      Script Writer – Takes complete responsibility for churning out the content in form of video scripts, explainer video scripts, podcasts scripts, chatbots, audio/video advertising, and motion graphics scripts

·      Ad and Promo Writer – They are performance-driven content writers responsible for creating landing pages, direct mail copy, sales collateral, promotional copies, and advertisement copies


It’s never the case that one-size-fits-all, nor should it be in the case of content writers. As you have enough choice from offline and online content writing courses to do careful research regarding the content writing courses and then decide the best content writing institute that offers courses as per your demands. Content is complex, so various writing specialists are necessary to help brands succeed in the growing market competition.


To succeed well in your career as a professional content writer, you must be aware of the top content writing courses in Varanasi and push up your boundaries to earn a good salary package. Let’s dive deeper and know more:


1. IIM Skills


The institute offers one of the top 10 content writing courses in Varanasi that is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. IIM Skills has been offering students with theoretical as well as practical training courses around content writing in Delhi and many other cities for the last 5 years and has been very consistent at doing so. The headquarter is in New Delhi, India. The institute offers classroom training and online sessions as per the student’s schedule. The key features include:


– Weekly Assignments

– Money-back guarantee

– Lifetime access

– International Certification

– Global placement assistance

– Hands-on Experience

– Industry Validated Content

– Subject Matter Experts

– Self-paced learning

– Classroom learning




IIM Skills Brand Partners

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Reviews and Testimonials

IIM Skills content writing reviews


You can also explore another in-demand skill, which is Digital Marketing. Learn in-depth marketing practices via digital platforms with the Best Digital Marketing Course.


2. Coursera


Another e-learning platform that offers content writing courses in multi-lingual languages. The collaboration with 200+ leading universities and companies allows you to learn job-ready skills and earn a degree that you had always wished for. The key highlights include:


· User friendly

· Easy interface

· Experts training

· Language filters

· Practical exercises

· Learn from best tutors


IIM SKILLS Varanasi Content Writing Course invite


3. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader offers one of the top 10 content writing courses in Varanasi that will teach you how to excel in content writing and upskill yourself to achieve a successful career ahead. The company is entirely dedicated to the career growth and personal development of individuals, or professionals. The key highlights include:


– Student oriented approach

– Practical experience

– Best tutors

– Lifetime Support

– Live Classroom training

– Hands-On Assignments


4. King Of Digital Writing


King Of Digital Writing is one of the prestigious content writing institutes that offers SEO, Digital marketing, and content writing courses in Varanasi. The course is perfectly designed in a way so that the students can work in a live environment. The skills will be fruitful for your business as well as the clients


– Experts Guidance

– Practical experience

– Lifetime Support

– Great facilities


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5. Living Bridge


The institute was established in 2012, and since then, the courses have been added for various disciplines. Not only content writing courses, but it also offers courses in cinematography, screenwriting, editing, photography, and more. A platform that will ensure you get the proper guidance and mentorship from the best tutors.


· Comprehensive curriculum

· Minimal and detailed study material

· Specialized courses 

· Learning from experts

· Learning Workshop


6. Newcent Training Academy


It is a privately-owned educational college that offers content writing courses in Varanasi that can help develop skills that assist applicants to secure a position in their careers. It doesn’t matter where you live, just focus on the study material as this distance learning can help you land a great position in MNC’s as well. The certificates are sent by post, and you can also connect for doubt clearing sessions on the phone.


· Online classes

· Skill oriented

· Strategic guidance

· Learn business practices

· Classroom learning

· Distance learning


IIM SKILLS Varanasi Content Writing Course invite


7. Udemy


One of the best e-learning platforms that involve online content writing courses to help guide the students. The course is designed with hands-on experience of different subject forms and subject types.


· User-friendly interface

· Easy navigation

· Easy to filter out specifications

· Learning from experts

· Easily understandable courses

· Customized course curriculum

· Free workshops

· Paid tutorials

· Affordable fee


Whether you are an aspiring writer or a professional who wants to upskill yourself, Udemy is one such platform that offers its students the best e-learning experiences.


 8. LEADS – Content Writing Training


The LEADS Content Writing Program, Leads Division, was founded in 2006 by a group of experts in the content marketing and content writing field. The key features include

– Student Centric

– Online research Centre

– Online Growth Centre

– Study material


9. One India Training Academy


The One India Training Academy was established in 2016 and is committed to offering the best and high-quality courses online to match the fast-paced content writing industry. Started with a group of tiny teams and with the rigorous hard work, they have developed a great company. It offers project training with the internship facility to its students. Students can easily enroll for online or offline training.


– Professional Teachers

– In-depth study material

– Constructive Approach

– Result Driven


IIM SKILLS Varanasi Content Writing Course invite


10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin Institute offers its services in technical knowledge that help you grab a great position in your career. The content writing course includes


– On-demand consultation

– Coaching

– Interactive Content

– Support Assistance

– Guaranteed internship


To become successful content writers, you need to grasp the content writing process and know exactly what your clients and customers demand from you. The selection of the best content writing course is in your hand as we have provided the list for the top 10 content writing courses in Varanasi. You can visit their websites and call customer care for further assistance. 


Know The Best Content Writing Fundamentals to Ace Your Career


· Make content a habitual activity rather than an occasional one

· Keep a sharp focus on your topic and research well

· Use legit and factual out-of-the-box sources to gather better information

· Boredom is contagious so try to eliminate a content writer’s creative rut

· Cut the jargon wherever needed 

· An original copy is worth more than a copy, so always have that with you

· Give yourself approximately 12 hours to come back and read again the content you have written


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. Is there any course to learn content writing?

IIM Skills offers you one of the nest content writing courses in India and it is also an internationally acclaimed content writing course. You will be learning methods to create unique content as well as publish your content on popular platforms.


Q2. What are the degrees best for content writing?

Students who have studied literature are best suited for the roles of content writers. If someone has completed B.A or M.A in English literature or Mass Communication and Journalism, she is qualified enough to start a career as a content writer.


Q3. What should I study for content writing?

 In this field, the more you read, the more you can excel in the art of creating unique content. You need to learn about some technological things in detail like SEO, content management systems, copywriting, etc.


Final Thoughts


When combined with other means of communication, content writing can effectively provide the audience with the necessary background and genuine feedback. You may be surprised to know that in 2021, Content creation is already the cornerstone of digital marketing and search engine optimization.


As a growing industry, content writing is taking up turmoil and will remain in demand for a long time to come in the future. However, the main problem is that the content marketing dimension is incorporated to create quality content. So, please have a very careful watch on the key features of each content writing institute offering the content writing courses before making your final decision. Numerous content provides in-depth information.


This concludes our list of the top 10 content writing courses in Varanasi. If you’re serious about making content writing your passion, just learn the writing skills needed to become a good content writer.


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