Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Creative writing has a unique perspective and the ability to accentuate any piece of content. Bangalore is recognized as India’s Silicon Valley and has a thriving creative writing scene. The city has made a name for itself as a center for creative writing, thanks to its numerous writing courses, literary festivals, and vibrant writing groups. If you want to consider a career in creative writing in this cutthroat environment, you’ve come to the perfect spot. This article will point you in the direction of the 10 best creative writing courses in Bangalore, where you can learn more about the field and get some advice on how to begin your own creative writing journey.


List of best creative writing courses in Bangalore


There has been an increase in public attention as Bangalore continues to prosper. They now have a stronger inclination and passion for creative writing. To communicate a specific idea, feeling, or narrative when writing creatively, you must use your own imagination, creativity, and story.

It is an expressive type of literature. Some inspiring writing examples are novels, poetry, plays, and short tales. In order to produce an original and appealing piece of writing, writers are free to experiment with various storytelling strategies, genres, and themes. In order to learn more, let’s explore more about these content writing courses in Bangalore.


Creative Writing:

Creative writing is a form of writing where the objective is to tell a tale using strong written imagery that have an emotional impact. Poetry, short tales, novels, and other works are examples of this kind of writing. While other type of writing genres typically leaves the reader with facts and information rather than an emotional response but creative writing uses sensations and emotions to help the reader see the story in their mind. To master creativity in writing , one should choose to opt from the best creative writing courses in Bangalore.


Types of Creative Writing:

Creative writing can be classified into two groups. Fiction and Non-Fiction. Let’s have a closer look.





A novel is a fictional work that has between 60,000 and 1,000,000 words. Plot, character, place, theme, storytelling technique, point of view, and other components make up a novel. It tells a drawn-out tale of human experiences, and the characters are complexly portrayed. Novels can be classified as picaresque, epistolary, Gothic, romantic, historical, mythical, mystery, science fiction, realist, horror, or thriller, among other genres.


Short Story

A short tale is a prose fiction work that can be read in one sitting and finish it between 20 and 60 minutes. Short stories often have between 1,000 and 7,500 words, although there is no specific length mentioned. Short stories typically run from 10 to 25 pages, with only a handful approaching novella length.

Anything in literature that is less than 1,000 words is referred to as “short fiction” or “flash fiction,” and anything that is less than 300 words is aptly called “micro fiction.” There are three common subgenres of short stories: lyrical, flash fiction, and vignettes.



Literature that uses structured words that are chosen for its meaning, sound, and rhythm to elicit a certain emotional response or a focused imaginative understanding of experience are called poetry. There are many distinct kinds of poetry, including sonnets, free verse, jingles, limericks, haiku, and others.

Therefore, poetry is a genre of literature that generates an emotional response from the reader by the use of sophisticated language, rhymes, sounds, etc.


Plays/TV scripts and screenplays:

Plays are intended for stages; TV scripts are intended for TV series; and screenplays are intended for motion pictures. These types of writing share many characteristics with novels and stories, such as articulating themes and eliciting emotions.

The main exception is that plays, TV scripts, and screenplays aren’t written with long descriptive sections and are instead performed rather than read. They rely a lot more on dialogues. Each script needs a specific kind of formatting.




Literary Journalism:

Literary journalism, often known as narrative journalism, is a subgenre of non-fiction that combines factual reporting with storytelling techniques and other stylistic elements more typically seen in fiction. It is fact-driven and necessitates investigation and frequent, interviews. It creatively epitomizes true events.



A memoir is any nonfiction piece of narrative writing that is based on the author’s own memories. It is therefore believed that the assertions made in the work are true. Memoirs have a strong emphasis on evocatively but unreliably expressing the author’s interpretation of these memories.



A biography is an in-depth information on a person’s life. It reflects a person’s experience of these life events rather than simply listing fundamental facts like education, employment, relationships, and death. The writing of biographies involves extensive research. The subject of the information could be directly interviewed and asked to provide their own assessment of the events in their life as a source of knowledge.


Script writing:

In scriptwriting, in order to write a script, one must record the actions, words, and facial expressions of the characters in screenplay format. The process of writing a script differs greatly from that of writing a novel, a poem, or an essay.

Specific formatting techniques are necessary in order to communicate successfully on the screen. The screenplay structure allows the plot to be visually portrayed. Screenwriters create the scripts for movies, TV shows, video games, and increasingly even web series.



The reader frequently has a personal experience with the personal essay because it is based on the writer’s experiences and viewpoints. The narrative driven nature of personal essays is less apparent. The action, on the other hand, is frequently more internal and motivated by thought.


Lyrical essay:

The lyric essay, a relatively recent genre, employs a style of nonfiction prose that is more poetic and condensed. Consequently, it is frequently referred to as a combination of nonfiction and poetry.



Nonfiction travel writing can take many diverse forms, from travel guides to blogs, journalism, and memoirs. Regardless of the medium, good travel writing enables the reader to picture and experience a distant environment.


Jobs in the field of Creative writing

The field of creative writing offers an endless number of employment opportunities. One or more of them are:

  • Content Writing Departments
  • Script Writing Sector
  • Publishing sector
  • Article writing
  • Freelance journalism
  • Editorial Responsibilities Areas
  • Writing for Competitions
  • Proofreading and Copy Editing
  • Novel and Short Story Writing
  • Writing for Radio and Television
  • Writing for New Media such as games


One should attempt to enroll in a course from the best creative writing courses in Bangalore if they wish to succeed in this field.


PayScale for Creative writers:

The first wage for students in this field ranges from INR5,000 to INR15,000 per month. Those that have a solid reputation in this industry can set their own compensation based on the work they provide.


Scope of Creative Writing:

We all know that fresh, engaging writing is always in style. Aficionados of reading constantly need new material to read, whether it be in physical or digital form, regardless of how quickly digitization is taking over our life.

Both print and e-media are expanding their reach and offering more opportunity for creative writers. The best thing is that a writer can work both as a freelancer and an employee. Media organizations and TV/radio agencies typically use professional creative writers to produce scripts.

When people write creatively, they use their imaginations, offer alternatives, expand their mental processes, and improve their problem-solving skills. It offers the individual or student a chance to communicate their opinions and find their voice. Additionally, it strengthens their capacity for reason.

There is a high need from editors and publishers for creative authors to produce stories, articles, novels, and scripts. Each candidate is qualified to serve as a professional writer for a variety of businesses. In the screenplay and playwriting departments, creative writers can also pursue careers in the film industry. You can advance your profession by enrolling in one of the best creative writing courses in Bangalore.


Other best courses in Bangalore:


Best Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore:

The best 10 creative writing courses in Bangalore are listed here, so if you want to improve your writing skills, make an effort to enroll in one of them.



One of the top online educational institutions is IIM SKILLS. It offers a variety of professional courses that are divided into categories on its website, including writing, marketing, and finance. Their “Content Writing Course” is a top-notch creative writing course with an up-to-date, pertinent curriculum.

It is among the top creative writing course for beginners which can significantly shape and cultivate your career. IIM SKILLS offers real online creative writing courses for the global growth of skills. In this course, the aspirant along with developing various writing styles, learns how to build their own website.

It demonstrates how to conduct keyword research using different content creation tools. SEO (search engine optimization), the internet phenomena is also taught very creatively and efficiently. There is a 3-month internship option in addition to the 1-month online course.

Weekly live classes are available for a fair price throughout the first month. A guaranteed internship with flexible hours is available over the next three months. In this stage, students learn how to create electronic books and publish them on websites like Kindle and Google Books.

Lessons on blog writing also assist aspiring writers gain exposure on well-known websites. Press releases can be published on the online news site with the help of the provided instructions.

For the candidates to be able to increase the capitalization of the service, all of these aspects are crucial. Furthermore, you’ll receive training for tests like HubSpot and TOLES (LEGAL ENGLISH CENTER GEORGIA) and a certificate after completion.


Content Writing Course Curriculum Highlights:

  • A guaranteed internship of three months. Live online classroom training lasting four weeks.
  • 14 hours of lectures pertaining to the internship and 16 hours of in-depth classes.
  • Those who signed up for the training will receive free tools worth INR 35,000 worth of value.
  • Earning an IIM SKILLS Master certificate and preparing for a HubSpot Content Marketer certificate.


Course Provision

  • You may start a content writing business.
  • Whether it is technical or non-technical, you will receive lifetime support.
  • Building a resume and portfolio for jobs and freelancing.
  • You’ll release your first e-book on Kindle and Google Books.
  • Your initial press release will be posted on the online news portal.


The content writing master course consists of 15 modules to be taught and learned:

  • Digital content (articles, blogging, webpage)
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress web development
  • Marketing collateral
  • Email writing
  • Creative writing
  • SOP and business writing
  • Social media writing and video scripts
  • Technical writing 101
  • Legal writing
  • Affiliate marketing & AdSense
  • Resume writing
  • Freelance content writing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO (search engine optimization)

These benefits contribute to its rating as the best creative writing courses in Bangalore.


2. Coursera:

One of the most popular websites for online learning and skill development is Coursera. It is a tool that helps learners get courses, certifications, and specializations straight from prestigious universities. Novels, short tales, blogs, screenplays, and advertisement scripts are all part of their creative writing curriculum. Numerous introductory creative writing courses are available on Coursera.


Creative Writing Courses for Beginners: Course Highlights

  • Friendly to newcomers
  • You have the freedom to learn at your own pace.
  • They ensure doubt removing sessions.
  • It supports mobile devices meaning you don’t have to rely only on laptop for learning.
  • They provide placement assistance.
  • Internshala training diploma.
  • They provide 4 written assignments to understand the topics.
  • They provide 1 hour class every day for 6 weeks at flexible timing.


It is regarded as one of the best creative writing courses in Bangalore because it offers several advantages. Coursera’s Creative Writing Specialization is one of its creative writing courses offered by Wesleyan University. Beginners should take this course. It covers the short story, the narrative essay, and the memoir, which are the three main types of creative writing.

They impart knowledge on how to write engaging articles. Course era also provides 6 months course upon completion of which it gives certification also.


The following courses are available for this specialty:

  • Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot;
  • Creative Writing: The Craft of Character;
  • Creative Writing: The Craft of Setting and Description;
  • Capstone: Your Narrative


3. Udemy:

Udemy bestows one of the best creative writing courses in Bangalore where you may improve your write-up and drafts. This course covers a wide range of fundamental writing skills, including grammar, phrases, paragraphs, and essays. The advanced writing skills covered will include cliffhangers and foreshadowing.

Here, one may also pick up tips on how to write short nonfiction books more swiftly and effortlessly. The cost typically lies between Rs. 455 and Rs. 468. Right now, “Write a Book! Creative Writing Skills for Beginner Writers” is one of the best-selling books ever.

Being an author is no longer a difficult endeavor. An individual can learn about character development and story development through online creative writing classes.

Through advice from experts in the field of writing from different genres, original ideas can be turned into bestselling novels, and Udemy is the perfect venue for that. This Udemy course helps writers overcome “Writer’s Block” when they encounter a period in which the right words just won’t come to them.

Enrolling in this Udemy course will help you improve your drafting, publishing, and creative writing abilities. Some examples of online creative writing courses that focus on creating and releasing a novel or e-book are:

  • How to write mind-blowing fantasy fiction
  • Publish your first book in 60 days.
  • Writing in-depth to become a successful writer
  • Write your first book or novel.
  • Content writing masterclass
  • How to make your romance more intense


4. British council of India:

The British council, India provides one of the best creative wring courses in Bangalore. The British Council guarantees to assist the candidate in discovering their distinctive writing voice. To apply for this course, the individual must have an upper intermediate level (Grade B2).

They impart a variety of writing skills improvement methods. Along with an introduction to creative writing they also provide a 3-week course for seasoned writers.


Course Highlights: 

  • They serve both aspiring and seasoned writers.
  • This course helps the writer develop their own style.
  • The course supports the aesthetic expression of ideas.
  • The course covers a variety of topics, including narrative development, background setting creation, dialogue writing, short story and poetry writing, humor, children’s stories, etc.
  • The writer will be better equipped to understand and think of concepts after the training.
  • By teaching students about various writing styles, the knowledgeable professors complete the picture.


Course Fee: INR 10,00

Timeframe: 36 hours


5. Skillshare:

Their creative writing courses in Bangalore is considered the best in the market. New creators frequently use Skill share. You can enroll in multiple courses at once with its premium membership, which is similar to a one-time purchase. You can challenge yourself to complete as many skill-building courses as you can throughout the time period of your choice.

Productivity, marketing, filmmaking, videography, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, and many other topics are among the course categories offered. They offer the greatest starting creative writing classes available.


Highlights of the course:

  • There are 27 lecture modules in this course.
  • 20 assignments with guidance.
  • Flexible timings.
  • Nurturing and encouraging your imagination.


Skillshare is recognized for providing courses in creative writing and practical study aids covering a range of techniques, tools, and topics such story outlines, character development, storytelling, and narrative development.

Here, students of all skill levels are welcome to enroll. The lesson activities can help you improve your creative writing abilities. Some of the courses are arranged here according to genre. So whether your stories are based on exhilarating adventures or bits of fact, you can enroll in programs here.


6. Anita’s Attic:

According to several students, this is taken as best creative writing courses in Bangalore. Having its headquarters in Bangalore, this extensive creative writing program is run by Anita Nair, a best-selling author of nine novels.

She also serves as the course instructor. This course, which is offered annually for 12 days spread over 12 weeks in collaboration with Harper Collins publisher, is not just a creative writing workshop; it is also a mentorship program.  Numerous genres are covered in her class, including

Audiobooks for Children’s Fiction, Novels, essays, poetry, travel diaries, short tales. Each student receives a one-on-one session with Nair at the end of the class, which meets every Saturday and occasionally has guest writers. One must complete the website’s enquiry form for fees and batches to receive a response.


Recommended Reads:


7. FutureLearn:

Future Learn offers a variety of creative writing classes, similar to Skillshare. Several prestigious colleges offer the courses. University of York, University of East Angelia, and University of Huddersfield are a few of these. There are seven courses overall with a creative writing focus.


The topics covered as teachings in this course are:

  • Creating fictional characters
  • Many sources for the stories’ characters
  • Character presentation techniques in stories
  • Reading as a writer
  • Practice writing that incorporates imagination, investigation,
  • observation, and editing
  • Workshops, peer review, and the value of feedback

Due to these reasons, it can be rated as one of the best creative writing courses in Bangalore.


8. Internshala:

Internshala is such a platform that makes a mark on the candidates who choose the right online creative writing classes. A renowned institution that offers many courses and credentials is Internshala. It is one of the best places for learning and because of that considered as best creative writing courses in Bangalore.

They support education of the highest caliber and provide students a thorough introduction to the sector. Poetry, theater, non-fiction, and fiction are all included in their creative writing course. They have outstanding academics in their specialized sectors.

Their area of expertise is introductory creative writing courses. In addition to this, Internshala is one of the most popular job sites and has changed the lives of many aspirants in many different fields.  By enrolling in their classes, you can also shape your career.


Curriculum Highlights

  • Completely hands-on instruction.
  • Project assistance.
  • Support for internships.
  • A completion certification.
  • placement assurance.
  • Access to user-friendly online learning.
  • A space for you to express your creativity.


9. The Novelry:

It’s one of the most expensive websites providing one of the best creative writing courses in Bangalore which provides the course in an online mode. In The Novelry, students learn the principles of storytelling, editing, and how to develop a concept into a published work of art. People at all stages of writing can find a welcoming, encouraging environment at The Novelry.

It combines organized ‘how-to’ education, coaching, and one-on-one tutor contact with extensive feedback on difficulties, writing, and other topics, all available as you work on your novel. It also includes textual analysis of works by great writers.

Individual courses cost $149, but when purchased in quantity, you’ll save 15%, bringing the price to $1,999. Although the training is fairly costly in terms of expenditure, you will ultimately produce a novel that is published under your name. Overall, you are already an author.


10. Henry Harvin:

One of the best creative writing courses in Bangalore is offered here. The goal of this practical creative writing course is to inspire you to develop your own works of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and drama—the four genres of expert creative writing.

With the help of a captivating vocabulary, our creative writing course equips authors to express their imagination via language. The course enables students to break free from the constraints of their everyday lives and broaden their vocabulary, think of original concepts, think outside the box, and get rid of mental tedium.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Creative writing courses in Bangalore:


Q1. Is learning creative writing simple?

Since it takes a lot of time to acquire and perfect the craft of writing, creative writing is a type of writing that many students find challenging to master. This procedure takes years for some people.


Q2. Why should one pursue formal creative writing courses in Bangalore?

When compared to other styles of writing, creative writing enables you to express your feelings in a way that is not otherwise possible. Additionally, it aids in the growth of creative abilities, which are quickly emerging as essential in today’s cutthroat environment.


Q3. How can a grownup start writing creatively?

It’s admirable that you desire to pursue writing as a profession. Any age can be used to develop creative writing skills. First, you should educate yourself about the subject’s knowledge, diversity, importance, potential career pathways, and scope. Then you ought to start with a free Institute demo. The IIM SKILLS orientation program, in my opinion, is the ideal venue for you to begin your trip.



In conclusion, enjoying oneself through creative writing is possible. This stress-free activity lowers stress levels by producing endorphins.You are able to focus on other areas of your life thanks to the flexible work hours. There may be pressure to fulfill deadlines, but this is true for the majority of occupations. The pay scale is variable and is based on the qualifications and experience of the writer. Keeping this in mind, there is no stopping if you enjoy being creative and painting with words. Give your imagination free rein to hone your writing abilities.

Boost your writing style and the author’s voice. Enroll in the appropriate course to develop your perception. The best creative writing courses in Bangalore are those listed in this article.  To sum up, creative writers will always be in demand, especially if they are able to maintain their originality and vivid imagination while adjusting to new publication platforms and channels. Therefore, creative writing courses shouldn’t be discounted as merely hobby courses and could offer a genuinely acceptable foundation for a successful writing career.

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