Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in India With Placements

For many of us, writing has been close to our hearts since childhood. From writing candid diary entries to writing essays, and articles in school, our love for words and expression has always been there. However, as we grew older, this love for writing was overshadowed by the other priorities of life like career, family, job, etc. What if we told you that you could reignite that passion for writing again and that you will have to invest just an hour of your day to make it happen? That is possible with the help of creative writing courses in India.


List of best creative writing courses in India


These Creative writing courses in India will encourage you to write every day. At the same time, you will gain a lot of knowledge about creative writing through these courses. For the ones looking to improve their writing skills, Creative writing courses in India can be a game changer. So, whether you are an experienced writer or a beginner, let us dive in and explore the world of creative writing!


What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is an artistic expression that involves using your imagination to write creative, and engaging stories. Writing is like an escape for creative writers from the real world as it takes them to another world while writing a story. They keep their mind open and let their imagination do the magic.

Also, creative writers are strong observers and take inspiration from their surroundings such as nature, music, and people for writing stories. Writing is therapeutic for a lot of writers. It lets them express their feelings in a creative and often personal way.

It can also take many forms like plays, essays, poems, etc. You do not need any degree to become a creative writer. If you love to write and people enjoy reading your stories/content, you can become a creative writer.


Creative Writing vs Content Writing

Creative writing is a part of content writing. Content writing is a vast field where a person should possess skills along with creative writing skills like technical know-how, monetization skills, knowledge of various social media platforms, Search Engine Optimisation, etc.

While content writing is more focused on providing information and is more factual and informative, like writing an article, blog post, or product description, creative writing is more like storytelling, where you can let your imagination run wild and create characters, plots, and worlds.

Let us understand this with this beautiful example. Imagine you want to write about a unicorn. As a creative writer, you would describe in detail the unicorn’s magical horn, its shimmering coat, and the way it gallops through a mystical forest. You might even give the unicorn a name and a backstory.

However, if you are a content writer, you might write an article about the history of unicorns, where they originated from, and the different myths and legends surrounding them. You might also write a product description for a unicorn-themed toy, explaining its features and benefits.

So, in a nutshell, Content writing is often used to inform and educate the reader, while creative writing is used to evoke emotion and captivate the reader.


Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing is all about expressing yourself in a unique and imaginative way. It can be used to explore difficult emotions, tell stories, and even create new worlds. It is a form of writing that allows you to turn your ideas into something truly captivating. There are various types of creative writing. We will tell you about some of the most common types of creative writing and how you can use them to tell your own story.


1. Short Story- Short stories are one of the most popular types of creative writing. The reason for their popularity is mainly because they are easy to read and do not require a long time to read. Unlike novels, which can take weeks or even months to finish, one can read a short story within a few minutes.

They can be written in any genre, such as fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance, and more. Short stories can be about anything, that is, they can be funny, sad, scary, or romantic.

They can be set in any time period or location and can feature any number of characters. Short stories allow writers to experiment with different styles and techniques. One can read them during a quick commute while waiting in a queue or even during a lunch break.


2. Poetry- Poetry is a type of creative writing that uses language in a special way. It uses words to create images, emotions, and ideas. In poetry, writers use language in unique and imaginative ways to capture a feeling, a moment, or an experience. Poems can be short or long, and they can be about anything from love to nature to politics.

Poetry involves the use of various poetic devices like Metaphor, Alliteration, Simile, Imagery, Hyperbole, Personification, Paradox, etc. These poetic devices create a musical quality in a poem, making it sound different from other types of writing.

They make poetry more engaging and fun to read or recite. Words are used beautifully and creatively in poetry. Poetry uses words to create rhythm, sound, and meaning. Some poetries can be very personal. A lot of poets write about their own experiences and feelings, which makes their work very relatable.

One of the unique things about poetry is that one is free to interpret poetry in his own way. Poetries are a beautiful way of expressing feelings and thoughts. Poetry is a powerful form of creative writing that is always worth exploring. Also, through poetry, one can connect with like-minded people, that is, people who share the same interests and passions as yours.


3. Essays- When we talk about essays, the first thing that comes to our mind is that a topic will be given and we have to express our thoughts and opinions on it in a written paragraph form. They are usually thought of as dry, and academic. Then, why should we consider it as a form of creative writing?

The reason we include it in creative writing is that while writing an essay, one can express his own thoughts and ideas. Essays can be creative, personal, reflective, and even humorous. For example, you have to write an essay about your experience with a particular hobby or interest.

Rather than writing boring facts like the benefits of having hobbies, you can write about how it makes you feel, why you enjoy it, or how it has impacted your life. You can make your essay creative and engaging to read by including stories and various quotes.

You can also include elements of fiction or poetry in your essay which will make it so much fun to read and will keep the reader glued to your essay till the end. The common type of essay is the formal academic essay. These essays are subjected to tight scrutiny since they include serious facts that need to be cross-checked.


4. Novels- Novels have a long story that ranges from a few hundred pages to a thousand pages. It is a type of creative writing in which a writer tells a story through various characters, a plot, and a setting. A writer has to put in a lot of effort to plan and complete a novel.

The process of writing a novel is long and often tiring. It involves drafting, revising, and editing until the book is ready to be published. It can even take a writer a year or years to complete a novel. Novels can be set in any time period, location, or genre. Novels are completely fictional.

They take the readers to some other world. While writing about various fictional characters, a writer should empathize with them and put himself in their shoes to make them realistic and relatable to the readers. Novels are meant to entertain people but they can also have deeper themes and issues.

For example, if a novel is based on the theme of women’s empowerment, it can be discussed by telling a story of a woman who was oppressed and physically abused during her childhood, and when she grew older, how she fought the adversities of her life and became a strong, successful, and independent woman.

In between, you can also state facts about women’s empowerment. This is an interesting way of informing people about the topic rather than simply stating facts.


Other best courses in India:


5 Best Creative Writing Courses in India



Mode- Online

Provided by IIM SKILLS

Duration- 12 Hours

Certificate- Yes


About the Content Writing Course

IIM SKILLS has been the leading institute in terms of providing the best Creative writing courses in India for the past five years. In their content writing course, they offer comprehensive teaching in all aspects of content writing and it includes a module on creative writing.

Thanks to IIM SKILLS, aspiring learners can learn all they need in terms of content writing skills, and that too from any corner of the world. After completing their Creative writing courses in India, students can take part in the internship program offered by the institute for 2 months.

This internship is a part of the course. Although it is upon the student whether he wants to go for the internship or not. The internship is paid and you will get a good exposure to the content writing world practically. A fixed stipend of INR 6000 is given to the students after the completion of the internship.

It will also help you to build your CV and will increase your chances of landing a reputable content writing job. After the completion of the internship, this reputable institution provides placement assistance to its students. They are supported by companies like Amazon, American Express, Flipkart, and many more.

They have a dedicated placement cell that grooms and prepares the students for cracking job interviews. The faculty members have more than a decade of experience in this field. They have done an extensive research to create the perfect content writing module to ensure the best online Creative writing courses in India experience.

If you want to make your writing come alive with vibrant imagination; reach a large number of people; and monetize your creative writing skills, then you should definitely opt for the IIM SKILLS Content Writing course.


2. Complete Creative Writing – The Full Course!

Trainer- Trace Crawford

Mode- Online

Provided by- Udemy

Duration- 12 Hours

Certificate- Yes


About the Course-

This Complete Creative Writing – All Genres course- The full course is a fun and practical introduction to creative writing. A whopping number of 24,855 students have enrolled in this course. Their Creative writing courses in India have received a 4.6 rating from 3,207 students which are amazing.

The aim of this course is to inspire its students to create stories in fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction. You will get to solve various quizzes to test your knowledge and what you learned in the course. In the 12 hours of video content and 145 downloadable resources, you will learn about various techniques, devices, specialized skills, and publishing opportunities.

In Creative writing courses in India, you will become familiar with four genres of creative writing; apply techniques for success; understand concepts to relate to your own writing; evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of projects; and create a variety of writing styles.

You will also learn about publishing opportunities, podcasts, where to create a professional portfolio and more. You will discover outlets to share your work and gain confidence as a writer.

The overall aim of this creative writing course is to get your creativity going and express all your amazing ideas! This Udemy course comes with a 30-Day money-back guarantee. Their Creative writing courses in India are one of the best Udemy creative writing courses for beginners looking to enhance their writing style and learn more about writing.


3. Udemy’s Creative Writing Course

Trainers- Tracy Baines, Louise C

Mode- Online

Provided by- Udemy


Certificate- Yes


About the Course-

With over 4,000 students and a 4.2-star rating out of 5, this one of the Creative writing courses in India is one of the most preferred courses in the category of creative writing courses on Udemy. This course is designed to help you become find out your writing style and helps you gain the motivation to improve your writing skills.

It has a fun informal style that encourages everyone to write something every day. It is a flexible course so it is suitable for anyone who wants to inculcate the habit of writing around their busy lives, or those who want to write full-time or get published.

The students of this course get expert tips regarding creative writing from professionals including practical advice on getting started with creative writing. You will also learn how to make money out of your writing when you are ready to jump into the writing field professionally.

Apart from this, this one of the best Creative writing courses in India includes tools and techniques to reduce barriers when it comes to writing. This relaxed and fun course is perfect for anyone looking to explore creative writing and gain confidence.

If you are not satisfied with this creative writing course, you can ask for a refund as this course comes with a 30-Day money-back guarantee. So go ahead, and give this fun creative writing course a shot!


4. British Council India

 Trainers- The British Council team

Mode- Online

Provided by British Council India

Duration- For Adults: 36 hours I 9 weeks I weekend batch

For Kids: 18h| 6 weeks| weekend batch

Certificate- Yes


About the Course-

The British Council offers a range of creative writing courses for aspiring authors. The organization has had operations in India since 1948. It helps aspiring writers hone their craft and explore their creativity, all while learning various techniques to polish their writing skills.

It is a reliable course for those who would like to pursue a career in creative writing. The introductory 36-hour course is spread out over 9 weeks in weekend online classes, while the intensive 3-week course is catered to more experienced writers.

A Grade B2 level of English is required for admission into the course. The curriculum of the courses helps students to develop a unique style and vision in their writing. Through these classes, various techniques are taught to improve writing abilities.

This one of the best Creative writing courses in India helps students to discover their individual writing style and vision, explore unconventional thinking, enhance artistic expression, and equip them with an understanding of various writing styles.


5. Henry Harvin Writing Course

Trainers- Henry Harvin’s team

Mode- Online

Provided by- Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Duration- (24 hours) Live classes and Membership for 1 year

Certificate- Yes


About the Course-

This gives writers the ability to express their imagination through words using a mesmerizing vocabulary. It helps students unleash their creativity and gain knowledge of new ideas, and break free from monotonous thoughts. Through their classes, students can learn poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and drama.

Language proficiency and basic technical experience are the basic requirements that this course demands in an aspiring writer. So, before joining Creative writing courses in India, make sure that you have these skills. The aim of this course is to further the professional growth of content creators by providing them with essential writing skills.

This one of the Creative writing courses in India not only gives learners a strong grasp of the study material but also evokes emotions in order to bring out the writer within them. With time and practice, students can become versed in different styles of creative writing as well as develop proper methods for producing written works. This will help you to discover your unique writing forte.


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Skills That a Creative Writer Must Possess


  1. Strong Imagination power- Imagination allows a writer to make the stories more engaging and fascinating. It adds to the creativity of the stories. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is one of the best examples of how wild imagination can make a story so magical and thrilling.


  1. Observation- Creative writers should have strong observational skills. They should be aware of their surroundings and take inspiration from there. Strong observational skills help writers to notice the smallest of details that others might not notice. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a great observer. His popular novel The Great Gatsby was inspired by the parties he attended during the Jazz Age.


  1. Empathy- Empathy is what makes the characters of stories more relatable to the readers. A writer should empathize with the character he writes about. He should put himself in his character’s shoes and observe what his world looks like and then pen it down.


  1. Monetization skills- A creative writer should not just limit his skills to writing. He should know how to monetize his skills and reach a large audience. He should know his audience and the type of stories and content they want from him.


  1. Perseverance: Writing requires a lot of effort and discipline. One has to sit for long hours and pen down as many creative ideas as possible. Writers should be able to stick to their writing projects even when it gets tough. It is a tiring but rewarding process.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. How is creative writing different from content writing?

Content writing is often used to inform and educate the reader, whereas creative writing is used to evoke emotion and captivate the reader. While content writing is more focused on providing information and is more factual and informative, like writing an article, blog post or product description, creative writing is more like storytelling, where you can let your imagination run wild and create characters, plots, and worlds.


  1. How do I find my writing style?

To find your writing style, you should read a lot of books, and different types of novels. Along with this, write every day on various online platforms like Quora, Medium, etc. This will help you to know what type of content you enjoy writing the most and what your audience likes about your writing.

You can also make your blog on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can make your own website as well and can post your write-ups there. By doing all this, you will not only find your writing style, but also you will be able to monetize your writing skills in much lesser time and reach a larger audience.


  1. Can I be a creative writer without a degree?

In general, one does not need any degree to become a creative writer. One should have requisite creative writing skills and a love for writing.



Creative writing courses in India are designed to help writers unleash their creativity and sharpen their writing skills. These courses offer innumerable advantages to those who aspire to become writers and have a passion for writing. Moreover, these Creative writing courses can provide a like-minded community, where writers can support and communicate with each other. Overall, if you have a passion for writing, and want to polish your writing skills, investing in a good creative writing course would help you to overcome writer’s block, develop your own unique voice and sharpen your writing skills.

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