Top 9 GST Certification Courses In Bangalore With Placements

After 1st April 2017, the country experienced a change in the already functioning indirect tax regime! The implementation of GST, even though meant for the overall benefit of the nation and the ease of taxation, left the businessmen and general public in a lot of confusion and doubt! In such circumstances, it became of utmost importance to understand the law and the compliances for carrying out business smoothly in the country.


Thus, there was a surge of various professionals for guiding the businessmen in this sector viz GST practitioners. This in turn brought about a rise in the courses and qualifications needed to equip oneself with the newly formed tax regime! In this growth of GST-oriented courses, like all other cities, a lot of GST certification courses in Bangalore were launched.


List of the best GST certification courses in Bangalore


The need for selecting the best courses arises when you have an array of them to choose from. To make the process easy and comfortable for you, we hereby bring to you this article with the details of the GST certifications courses in Bangalore!


Before diving into the details of the GST certifications courses in Bangalore, let us take a glimpse into the basic details of GST- definition and benefits.


GST- Definition


GST is a consumption tax or indirect tax (or sales tax) on goods and services in India. A destination-based tax, it is comprehensive, multistage, and has subsumed almost all indirect taxes.


It is multi-staged as it is collected at every step of the production process. Due to this, the cascading effect of taxes is abolished and the ultimate consumer is at a benefit. Consumers are charged at the point of consumption, not at the point of origin.


Components of GST


GST Taxes Include:

  • State Goods and Services Tax (SGST): A tax imposed and collected by the state government.
  • Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST): A tax imposed and collected by the central government.
  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST): A tax applicable on inter-State supply of goods and services imposed and collected by the central government.


GST Has Several Major Advantages:


Reduction of Tax Evasion: Due to the corruption-free tax administration, the evasion of tax has been reduced to a minimum. This ensures a higher inflow of revenue for the government leading to a robust economic system.


The various measures taken by the government like- syncing of GST registration and PAN, reporting and matching at the invoice level, reconciliation of credits, generation of e-way bills, tracking of movement of goods, the appointment of GST commissioner for investigation and directorate general of analytics and risk management have made this possible.


Elimination of The Cascading Effects Of Taxes: The implementation of GST has led to the removal of the tax upon tax charged with earlier tax laws. Thus, goods and services are more affordable. Therefore, uniformity of taxes is one of the major benefits of GST.


Reduced Compliances: The emergence of GST laws has made procedural compliances easy and seamless. The introduction of e-way bills and reducing the number of returns to be filed as compared to earlier laws have all boosted trade and commerce.


Best GST Certification Courses in Bangalore


For acing the game in GST compliances and advice, a number of institutes have come up offering GST certification courses in Bangalore. We have tried our best to provide you with detailed insight into the best institutes to help you decide better!


Here is a list of the institutes offering the best GST certification courses in Bangalore!


IIM Skills 


The online GST practitioner certification course at IIM Skills is one of the finest. It is designed carefully keeping in mind the finer details and depth of the GST regime. It is power-packed with complete information on the subject.


The trainers being highly equipped with the knowledge and industry experts present the complex concepts in easy and understandable concepts. Being an online course it is accessible from anywhere and anytime. The lifetime access to all the course contents and the 24*7 support makes it unique and attractive. Additionally, it offers the most remarkable business accounting and taxation courses in Bangalore, which are highly popular for lucrative careers. If you are interested in other finance-related courses, go through the list of the top financial modeling courses in Bangalore to have a detailed idea of the benefits of such a course.



Name of the course: Online GST Course

Eligibility: Freshers, students, finance professionals, accounting executives, business owners, small business entrepreneurs, retired individuals, and homemakers may pursue the course.

Course Curriculum:

  • GST’s genesis, concept, and impact on businesses
  • The framework and structure of GST
  • Registration under GST: Criteria and Process Explained
  • Invoicing in GST: Invoicing Rules and Regulations
  • GST Returns Filing
  • Composition Scheme under GST
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • E-way bill under GST
  • Input Tax Credit and Payment in GST

Duration: 4 weeks of the live online GST certification course, 16 hours lectures.

Other Highlights: Practical assignments, hands-on learning, freelance opportunities, dedicated placement cell, free e-books, invoicing tools & software, free demo class before enrollment.

Certification: Master GST Certification From IIM Skills on completion of the course.

IIM Skills Master certification for GST


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Reviews and Testimonials

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Inventateq is a 100% job-oriented software training institute in Bangalore offering GST certification courses in Bangalore. Inventateq has been in the industry for nearly half a decade now. There is a wide variety of courses in software that are trending and necessary. In addition, it offers digital marketing courses, AWS, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Tally GST courses in Bangalore.


It has students from beginners to IT professionals. The institute prepares its students to take on real-world challenges. Real-world scenarios are brought up in the classroom to give the students real exposure. The institute functions with the aim of creating value, earning trust, exceeding expectations, and empowering people.


With only 8 students in a class and every student having an individual workstation, it is ensured that every student’s personal attention from the trainer. This provides the students an opportunity to learn in the most efficient and thorough manner.



Name of The Course: Tally GST Training

Eligibility: Students, new workers, and freshmen with a B.Com or M.Com degree are eligible.

The institute mentions paying your fees in installments as you learn but does not mention the GST course fee.

Course Curriculum:

The Tally GST course covers the following topics:

  • Manual accounts for Tally ERP9
  • A brief introduction to Tally ERP9
  • Management of inventories
  • Managing finances
  • MIS reports with advanced features
  • Payroll and taxation
  • Controls over audits, compliances, and income tax
  • Auditing and GST

In this training, the following projects will be undertaken:

  • Tally ERP: Activating GST for your company
  • Scaling GST based on sales ledgers
  • Stock items, stock groups, and GST compliance

Duration: This course is 35-40 hours long with weekend and weekday class options. Additionally, online training is available.

Other Highlights: 100% guaranteed placement Assistance, Easy payment of fees via installments, highly experienced and certified trainers, resume preparation and interview preparation support, free software installations.

Certification: Certificates of completion are awarded to the candidates.




myTectra is recognized as one of the best GST certification courses in Bangalore. The organization focuses to provide real benefits and long-term gain to both organizations and individuals.


It provides real-time classes online, which are accessible even through mobile devices. It also offers classroom training in more than 10 cities worldwide. The courses at myTectra are self-paced at the learner’s will. They are specially designed by IT industry experts keeping in mind the nuances of the industry.



Name of The Course: GST Certified Professional Training

Course Curriculum:

The following is the course outline:

  • GST – Introduction
  • GST law requirements and their impact on current accounting practices
  • Knowing the differences between the CSGT, SGST, and IGST
  • How SGST, CSGT, and IGST are accounted for
  • How to implement in an effective manner
  • GST-ready planning and recommendations
  • CBEC drafts rules
  • Q&A open house, Query Resolution

Other Highlights: 100% placement assistance, high-quality training, top technical trainers, a comprehensive curriculum, a real-time internship, innovative teaching methods, and a personalized approach.

Certification: Upon completion of a course, a certificate of completion will be issued.


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With the dedicated aim of creating and guiding the next generation of CFO’s, CFO Next is hence named so. Various accounting-based courses such as ACCA, CMA, CPA, CFA, GST, CLAT, and IFRS are taught by a qualified team of professionals.  Anyone seeking to professionally grow in the accounting and related fields can rely on these courses.


Both online and offline classes on GST are offered at CFO Next. The GST courses are designed for students as well as professionals who are willing to upgrade their knowledge or gain first-hand know-how on GST. The experienced professionals provide immense guidance through regular reviews to make the entire learning process easy and informative.



Course Curriculum:

This course discusses the constitutional GST amendment act, key definitions, and procedures for levying and collecting taxes under GST Law.


In order to be eligible for the course, you must have passed your 12th grade in any discipline. Three levels of training are available. GST final certification assessments are available to level 3 students.

Levels of Study:

Courses are offered at three levels

  • Beginner’s course in GST
  • Practitioners Course in GST
  • Advanced Certification in GST


The GST Final Certification Assessment Certificate can be obtained immediately by students who pass the GST Final Certification Assessment.

Course Fees:

The cost of the course

  • INR 999 is the cost of a Beginner’s course in GST
  • INR 2999 is the cost of the Practitioners’ Course in GST
  • INR 4,999 is the cost of Advanced Certification in GST


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GST Training Bangalore


Cosmic IT Services, GST Training Bangalore is an excellent GST training institute in Bangalore. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. The trainers are professionals from India and the US with more than 16 years of experience.  The GST course covers the basics as well as the applicability of GST. It deserves a special mention as one of the most popular GST certification courses in Bangalore.



Name of Course: Diploma in Goods and Services Course-Weekend

Course Curriculum:

It includes 15 chapters that include the following highlights of Goods and Services Tax:

  • Introduction and necessary details of GST
  • Enrolling the Goods and Service Tax
  • Levy and Collection of Tax
  • Schedules in Golden and Services Tax
  • Scope of Supply
  • Time of Supply
  • Composition Scheme
  • Valuation of Supply and Different valuation rules
  • Input Tax Credit
  • E-Way Bill
  • Goods and Services Tax Document Format
  • Maintenance of Books of Accounts
  • Returns-New Module
  • Others Tools in the GSTN Portal
  • Refunds

Course Fees: INR 6,000/- is the course fee for this GST workshop.

Duration: This GST course lasts for two days over the weekend.

Certification: Candidates are eligible to receive an MSME certificate after completing two days of assessment training, however, there is an extra fee of INR 3500/- payable for the same.


IIM SKILLS Bangalore GST course Demo invite

Innovation Institution


Innovation Institution primarily provides Microsoft Office training in Bangalore. Along with excel training in Bangalore, it also provides courses on C, C++, web designing, graphic design, and Tally with GST. The company is dedicated to delivering quality service and professionalism in all areas. It is one of the prominent institutes providing GST certification courses in Bangalore.


With an Innovation Institution, you can build a solid career foundation. Its batch size is no more than eight students, which means every student has ample opportunities to interact directly with the trainers.


Name of the course: Tally.ERP 9 with GST Training

Eligibility: The minimum requirement is to have passed the 12th grade.

Course Curriculum: The syllabus is comprehensive, covering Tally and GST concepts in detail. The website provides information about modules.

Other Highlights: Mentors are industry professionals with Tally certification. The GST training at Innovation Institute combines hands-on experience in Tally 9 coupled with advanced GST features, free software installation, real-time case studies, and interview preparation.

Certification: Course completion certificates are awarded to candidates.



Technovids is one of the major IT training institutes in Bangalore. It is one of the most advanced instructor-led training institutes. It has courses at affordable pricing and is 100% based on hands-on training by real-time experts in the industry.


It has courses like- Big Data, Business Analytics, Agile, and Scrum, Data Science with R, GST and etc.  It has by far trained 50000+ individuals with a wide base of more than 100 courses. The GST course at Technovids is bundled with the Tally program and trains one in both subjects thoroughly.



Name of the course: Tally.ERP 9 with GST.

Eligibility: Those who know the basics of accounting are eligible.

Course Fees: A course fee of INR 10,000 is charged for GST courses.

Course curriculum: This course covers the following modules in its detailed syllabus:

  • Getting Functional with Tally.ERP9
  • Company Info
  • Set-Up of Accounts
  • Inventory, Items and Goods, Stock
  • Features of Tally.ERP9 and their uses
  • Value Added Tax
  • Accounting Vouchers in Tally.ERP9
  • Reporting
  • MIS and Other Reports
  • ERP9 Utility
  • Short-cut keys
  • Corporate accounting module
  • GST, diverse scenarios of GST implementation
  • Approximately one and a half to two months will be needed to complete this 50-hour seminar course. Filing of returns, GST adjustment, advanced entries, etc.

Certification: Completion certificate for the course. An added benefit of learning at Technovids is gaining excellent command over Tally.ERP 9.


GST Masterclass 


This GST Masterclass in Bangalore is a practical, hands-on course as its name implies. The course is meant for educating entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business owners, accountants, and freelancers on all aspects and concepts of GST. It is one of the most sought-after institutes for GST certification courses in Bangalore.


Being trained by GST practitioners is what makes the course popular. Additionally, they provide GST training to companies across India, including in Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Kolkata.




Eligibility: A person, accountant, entrepreneur, freelancer, lawyer, and tax consultant may apply.

Course Fees: INR 5000 for GST course fee.

Course Duration: 1 Month ~ 4 Weekends ~ 16+ hours of practical learning.

Course Curriculum: Its curriculum aims to give attendees a broad understanding of the following topics:

  • GST law and rules
  • Implementation, compliance, and enforcement issues.
  • Key provisions of the model law for the goods and services tax
  • Understand the new law’s impact on organizations and how it will affect business processes.
  • Complying with GST, registering, paying, returning, and reclaiming.
  • Readiness and implementation of GST for companies.


Systems Domain


Systems Domain is an ISO-certified company with ISO 9001:2008. It commenced operations in 1997. It has been providing a wide variety of in-demand courses to build robust careers since its inception. In addition to training in spoken English, SAP FICO, Python, Hadoop, and even Tally with GST certification courses in Bangalore, System Domain is also known for courses in SAP, Python, and Python applications.


A wide variety of programs are available, from job-oriented programs to professional certification programs. Each training program integrates a wide range of live projects, real hands-on training, and case studies to make participants and trainees job-ready. The curriculum is industry-specific, with advanced expert-designed content.



Name of the course: Tally with GST.

Eligibility: Accounting knowledge is required for applicants.

Course Curriculum: The course includes all the functions of accounting as well as a thorough introduction to Tally.ERP9. Participants also get extensive training on GST. Registering, invoicing, accounting, returns, crediting input GST, payment and refunds, implementing the GST composition scheme, and appealing penalties and fines, are all included in the GST module.

Other Highlights: Participants learn how to maintain accounts both with and without inventory and perform real-world tasks based on real-life projects.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is GST?

Ans. The indirect tax imposed on the supply of goods and services is known as the Goods and Service Tax.

Q2. In India, when did GST take effect?

Ans. It came into effect on 1st July 2017, after being passed by Parliament on 29th March 2017.

Q3. When goods and services are sold, how do cascading effects affect them?

Ans. A taxation system that imposed sales taxes from raw materials all the way to consumer purchases is known as cascading taxes. This is generally a phenomenon when tax is charged upon tax!

Q4. Where can I get GST certification courses in Bangalore?

Ans. Well, there are many to choose from for the GST certification courses in Bangalore. You can carefully go through the details of all the institutes and decide which is the best for you.

Q5. What are the types of GST?

Ans. The three types of GST are SGST-State Goods and Services Tax, CGST-Central Goods and Services Tax, and IGST-Integrated Goods and Services Tax.




As the nuances of GST are difficult to comprehend for the business- owners, they need guidance and hand-holding through the entire process. Hence, the need for able GST practitioners has been rising since the implementation of GST laws!


You can rely on the trusted and proven GST certification courses in Bangalore to march on to become a certified GST expert. The potential in this sector is immense and is increasing every passing day. Hence, you need to choose judiciously and get the maximum benefit out of it!


Hope this article will help you choose the best among the GST certification courses in Bangalore.


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