Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Galway With Placements

All the passionate readers out there have once considered writing their imaginations, opinions, and emotions at some point in their lives. Writing is no less than an art, it is a craftsmanship that meticulously seeks the fabrication of emotions and imaginations into heart-touching and enlightening tales. Words are the power of expression; they empower inspiring writers to embark upon their writing journeys fueled by words. However, often inspiring writers fail to complete this magical journey as they lack the prowess to craft intriguing narratives with their pens. Understanding the need of the hour, Creative Writing Courses in Galway have advocated a characteristic blend of traditional Irish storytelling techniques and contemporary literacy practices catered to provide structured guidance in the development of fundamental capabilities for evocative storytelling.


List of best creative writing courses in Galway


Amidst the scenic cultural topography of Ireland, lies the enchanting city of Galway, a reminiscent land of creativity where artistic expressions find their home. Galway is blessed with a historical legacy of established writers, poets, and storytellers who crafted tales of heroism and myth. The city’s literary legacy is full of prominent figures like W.B. Yeats, Lady Augusta Gregory, and Rita Ann Higgins, to name some.

Undoubtedly, Ireland is a nation of writers, whose works still influence inspiring writers and poets. Enthused by this creative renaissance that serves as the foundation of enriching creative writing courses in Galway, modern writers build and bridge the gap between the art of creative writing’s past and present.

This listicle throws a spotlight on Creative Writing Courses in Galway which conspicuously stimulates the craft of narration, hones artistic writing skills, and unlocks an encouraging environment for striving creative writers. But before digging into the list of Creative Writing Courses in Galway, let’s briefly understand the enchanting realm of Creative Writing and why this craft has so much popularity.


Creative Writing: A Magical World

Creative Writing is the craftsmanship through which words say “hello” to ideas, expressions, and emotions. In other words, it’s an act of transforming thoughts into words. Creative writing is such an incredible craft that the beauty of it fabricates mesmerizing tales to tell. The wonderful product of this craft is anything captivating- plays, poems, stories, and scripts- that is original, out of imagination, and beyond traditional writing.

Many call or define Creative Writing as a process of crafting the original written forms of one’s infinitely perceived imagination into prose, scripts, short stories, poetry, etc. It is a medium through which many people get the liberty to communicate and express their unique imaginations, hypotheses, and notions to the world. It is an artistry- meant to elicit emotions and feelings in the minds of curious readers. Apart from emotions and feelings, there are other factors illustrating creative writing-

  • defining an engaging connection with the reader,
  • writing in a specific style,
  • from a specific school of thought
  • narrative structure
  • imaginative or descriptive language

Creative writing is a versatile form of art that utilizes various forms of literary devices to express the gist of words, conceiving writers’ notions of thoughts and imagination. All the popular poets and authors we know had a pen for creative writing; they embarked on the voyage of a lifetime to fascinate our world with humorous, heart-swaying, and joyful pieces of written art fashioned by their impeccable creative story-telling minds.

If you also have an ambitious creative mind with a cluster of thoughts willing to pour out on an alluring white blank page; then Creative Writing Courses in Galway are just for you! Creative Writing Courses in Galway lends you a landscape to self-discover yourself as a creative writer by taking you on a phenomenal journey of creative expression and growth.


Creative Writing vs. Content Writing vs. Copywriting

A lot of times, there is a misunderstanding of the meaning between Creative Writing, Content Writing, and Copywriting. People misinterpret these three forms of writing for one another, which is not the case. The major point of difference between creative writing, content writing, and copywriting is the attribute of intent. Let’s further understand this-

Creative Writing Content Writing Copywriting
1. Meant to express the writer’s thoughts Meant to inform or amuse Meant to convince/persuade
2. Produces both short & long forms of material Produces Lengthier material One or two liners
3. Infuses heart-touching emotions Emotionless Creates an emotion of FOMO
4. Uses a lot of literary devices such as similes and metaphors Needs to be grammatically accurate No need for grammar accuracy
5. Freedom to use a variety of tones Formal tone Informal tone
6. Does not have marketing content Informative for the marketing context 100% marketing material
7. Greater artistic flexibility In conformity with SEO guidelines Must include a Call to Action
8. Transforms into Novels, Short Stories, Poems Transforms into blogs, articles, web pages Results into Ad copy, Slogans, Taglines


Developing Artistic Language in Galway: Creative Writing Courses in Galway

Winds in Galway are infused with the essence of creativity by the city’s lively culture and breathtaking landscapes, from the windswept Cliffs of Moher to the beautifully serene beaches of Lough Corrib, that serve aspiring creative writers with uncountable inspirations.

The emergence of Creative Writing courses in Galway has laid a fruitful pathway for aspiring writers in Galway to discover their literary potential, polish their craft, and join a community of like-minded storytellers. As a result of optimization and a guided approach toward building crucial skills, Creative Writing Courses in Galway have turned out to be the prerequisite for memorable stories.

Passionate writers learn the art of engaging and appealing narrative by mastering skills such as character development, plot construction, dialogue creation, pace & style of narration that underpins the mechanics of writing. Furthermore, through productive feedback from mentors, the learners discover the scope and areas of improvement while polishing their strengths, facilitating them to refine their writing corpus.

The most remarkable attribute of Creative Writing Courses in Galway is that they offer a fusion of Irish creative writing techniques and contemporary literary expertise, allowing the learners to embrace and understand both modern and traditional narrative structures.

The learners simultaneously examine and experiment with both the narrative structures and styles, while also gaining a complete understanding of storytelling evolution and its power to fascinate and resonate across generations.

For those who share a passion for narration, creative writing courses give an organized framework for craft development, experimentation, and a forum for self-discovery. Creative writing enthusiasts go on an unforgettable and inspiring journey that not only transforms their careers and skills but also enhances life through the power of words and the limitless realm of imagination.


Here is the List of the Top 5 Outstanding Creative Writing Courses in Galway



A leading institute from the land of diversity and richness, India; IIM SKILLS, an online platform is popularly known for its writing skills course- Content Writing Master Course. This course enables you to hone your skills in all types of writing materials including Creative Writing.

Taught by industry experts, this course enables the learner to gain proficiency in their creative writing skills and content writing skills as well. This is a 4-month course that makes you stand out and confident in the world of creative writers. This extensive course on mastering writing talent includes a variety of writing skills from WordPress, Keyword Research to Publishing an e-book.


Duration 1 month + 3 months (internship)
Mode of Teaching Online
Level Beginner
Achievement of Completion Certification
Fees £ 149


Course Outline- The Content Writing Course includes 16 modules. Every module uncovers a discrete set of skills that one needs to embark on a rewarding career as a writer.

  • Module 1- Introduction to Content Writing
  • Module 2- Website Development (WordPress)
  • Module 3- Digital Writing Materials (Articles, Blogging, WebPages)
  • Module 4- Copywriting Skills
  • Module 5- Fundamentals of Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 6- Email Writing Skills
  • Module 7- Social Media Writing
  • Module 8- Creative Writing Skills
  • Module 9- SOP and Business Listings
  • Module 10- Legal Writing
  • Module 11- Technical Writing
  • Module 12- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Module 13- Fundamentals of Content Marketing
  • Module 14- Affiliate Marketing & Adsense
  • Module 15- Freelance Content Writing Skills
  • Module 16- Fundamentals Of Resume Writing


What You’ll Learn-

  • Grasps ways to unveil creativity while inculcating the habit of writing daily.
  • Learn various types of content writing in depth through best practices.
  • Gain expertise in creating captivating content that is free of grammatical errors.
  • Become a writing specialist through hands-on experience and various content creation tools.
  • Polish your creative craft by enhancing your communication and writing skills that positively impact your journey as a writer


2. A. (English and Creative Writing)- University of Galway

With an experience of over a decade, this creative writing course focuses on motivating and guiding undergraduate talents explicitly in the domain of creative writing at the renowned University of Galway. If you are someone with aptitude and passion for literary expression then this course is for you!

This course encompasses the study and practice in all major genres of creative writing namely, Fiction, Poetry, Playwriting, Screenwriting, and Non-Fiction with an emphasis on hands-on experience which aids the students in discovering and experimenting with these broad genres and finding their own individual strands of interest.

This is a 4-years full-time long period course that takes you on the journey of budding levels of concentration on your creative practice while focusing on practical mandates and industry requirements. The program provides the learners with a passage to abundant job opportunities where written communication is acute. Additionally, the learners foster the skills for creative imagination and professionalism that are crucial to being a prominent author.


Duration  4 years program
Mode of Teaching  Classroom
Level  Beginner
Achievement on Completion  A Graduate Degree
Fees   € 5738 p.a.


Course Outline- The whole coursework is divided into 4 years. Every year focuses on accomplishing distinct skills.


  • Year 1- Students will study creative writing, English, and one chosen Art subject. In the Creative Writing domain, students will learn about Fiction and Non-Fiction, with weekly visiting-speaker series.


  • Year 2- Students will study creative writing, English, and one chosen Art subject. For Creative Writing, in the second year, they will educate themselves on writing poetry, plays, and Screenplays.


  • Year 3- This year will be self-directing for students as the third year of the program focuses on the creative writing work of the students, through mentored independent projects, or study abroad, or work placement. This year provides key opportunities for developing and polishing students’ own creative writing skills.


  • Year 4- In the fourth year, as the course is on the verge of completion, the classes are centered on the students’ creative writing projects and portfolio consolidation, professionalization, and publication planning. The students learn about various professional and publication mandates and tactics.


What you will learn-

  • Acquire creative writing skills that make you eligible for a variety of careers and creative writing and communication fields.
  • Become prompt in teaching, editing, publishing
  • Learn written communication in advertising, copy-writing, and games writing
  • Caliber to create an imaginative narrative design.
  • Gain maneuvered writing skills for ever-changing areas like media, journalism, and public engagement.
  • Become efficient in writing original well-versed write-ups while being engaging and enlightening.


3. Getting Started in Creative Writing (online course)- University Of Oxford

This course, introduced by the University of Oxford’s Department of Continuing Education, underlines the necessary creative abilities to become a mind-blowing and confident storyteller. This course is for those striving to start a rejoicing career in the domain of Fictional writing. This creative writing course emphasizes introducing the key elementals of creative writing by way of step-by-step guidance while the students integrate and apply various critical and creative methodologies.

The course begins with an introduction to the world of Fictional writing and further leads to the essentials of the art which includes- characterization, plotting, description, dialogue, and editing- incorporated with an in-depth understanding of how novels and stories are created into masterpieces.

Furthermore, topics such as building a captivating opening sequence, use of imagery creatively, how to experiment, and other distinct genres are instructed through special sessions with a comprehensive magnitude upon the nascent voice and confident style of an individual’s writing.


Duration 100 hours
Mode of Teaching Online
Level Beginner
Achievement on Completion Certificate


Course Details- The course syllabus comprises 10 Units expanded over 10 weeks. It is also highly recommended by the faculty to engage in online conversations (forums) to gain a rewarding online learning experience. The course syllabus is as follows-

  • Unit 1- Introduction to the course and art of fictional writing.
  • Unit 2- Emphasis on the development of fictional voice, pace, and style.
  • Unit 3- Descriptive Crafting scene and fashioning a fictional world
  • Unit 4- Narrators of the Story: Understanding the choices of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person narratives.
  • Unit 5- Character Building: Background, Conflict, and Other Individuals.
  • Unit 6- Dialogue: writing, importance, and credibility.
  • Unit 7- Plots: Patterns, subplots, and momentum.
  • Unit 8- Genre and length of the story and what to expect
  • Unit 9- Theme of the story
  • Unit 10- Finishing, Polishing, and Editing.


What you will learn-

  • Understand the key features that weave a fictional work.
  • By practical usage of the key features, develop and discover your own writing style.
  • Caliber uses the technical aspects of story-telling with enhanced expressive skills and confidence.
  • Ability to edit the story to make it into a fictional wonder.
  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in various forms of narratives and their developments.


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4. Creative Writing Specialization- Coursera

With its unique educational model, Coursera is a well-known online educational platform that offers short-term online courses for developing and enriching skills in a wide range of fields. In partnership with Wesleyan University, Coursera has come out with the Creative Writing Specialization program which imparts the art of creativeness in three notable creative writing genres: short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs.

During this creative writing program in Galway, aspiring creative writers learn the ability to compose captivating creative write-ups and evaluate peers’ writings in the major three genres.

Furthermore, this course will enhance your writing and innovation skills while fostering inspiration. Moreover, the learners will analyze and critique peers’ writing constructively for inspiration and simultaneously, draft, rewrite, and produce their original fiction work in the genre of their choice for the Capstone.

Over and above, upon the completion of the first assignment, learners will receive up to an 80% discount from Write Bros, a 30% discount on their first purchase from Scrivener, and 30% off membership at Scribophile.


Duration  1 month (10 hrs per week)
Mode of Teaching  Online (Self-paced)
Level  Beginner
Achievement on Completion  Certification


Course Details- The entire course is broken down into 5 distinct courses, allowing the learners to get acquainted with all the ins and outs of an area of study. The learners may complete these 5 individual courses at their own pace.

  • Course 1- The Craft of Plot
  • Course 2- The Craft of Character
  • Course 3- The Craft of Setting and Description of a Fictional World.
  • Course 4- The Craft of Style
  • Course 5- Draft Your Story


What you will learn-

  • Master the techniques to compose an enlivening fictional story
  • Construct memorable characters in a fantastical setting.
  • Learn the methodology of descriptive writing style.
  • Polish your inner skills of imaginative writing while developing a stronger caliber to critique various writings
  • Structure manipulative and engaging plots for the story


5. Complete Creative Writing (All Genres)- Udemy

Udemy is yet another leading Ed-tech website providing a plethora of courses in various fields as per the learner’s learning interests and capabilities. Offering both paid and unpaid training programs to learners around the globe, Udemy has become the choicest online skill development website.

Udemy enlightens creative writing enthusiasts with a complete course in creative writing that covers all genres- fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction which is also why this is one of the most popular creative writing courses in Galway.

This course enables the learners to become the successful writers they wish to be in the choice of genre. This is one such course that sails your learning ship through fun and practical experience in creative writing that impassions you to create your work of fiction, drama, poetry, and non-fiction.

This course instructs about writing techniques, literary devices, and specialized skills to help the learners identify and perfect their own writers’ voices. This course is instructed through 43 video lessons, 37 online review quizzes, and study materials in the form of graphs, notes, and assignment sheets.


Duration 12 hours
Mode of teaching online (self-paced)
Level Beginner
Achievement on Completion Certification


Course Details-

  • Fiction- Introduction, Types of Plot, Major Elements of Fictional Writing, Fictional Character Building, Creation Description & Outlines, Story Development, Crafting the Ending of the Story, Choice of Words & Feedback, Linear Narrative, Reshaping Reality, and Narrators Techniques.
  • Poetry- Poetic Concepts, Abstract of the Poem, Narrative of the Poem, Satirical Poetry, Writing the Ode, Sonnets, and Japanese Poetry
  • Drama- Visualization, Comic Writing, Dialogue Writing, Monologue Writing, Editing and Fixing common problems in writing, One Minute Plays, Building a Character, Ten Minutes Play, and Playwriting.
  • Non-Fiction- Introduction, Vignette Writing, How to use Sensory Language, Scenes Writing, Plot Diagram, and Personal Universe and Storytelling.
  • Creating Digital Portfolio


What you will learn-

  • Comprehensively learn all four major genres of creative writing
  • Gain skill expertise through authentic writing assignments that are skill-targeted
  • Discover your own writer’s voice and make it flawless
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of various elements of writing in different forms of genres.
  • Caliber to curate and craft engaging podcasts, poems, journals, plays, and much more.
  • Master the technicalities of writing such as literary devices and specialized skills in writing, and descriptive writing.
  • Create robust and appealing narratives.
  • Make a vibrant portfolio of your own works


6. Building a Strong Writing Foundation- Irish Writers Centre

Irish Writers Centre is Ireland’s flagship source for learning Irish Literature. This writing skill development organization provides means to develop talents and encourage the ambition of aspiring writers by working with all types and talents. The aim is to create a world where writers prosper and are esteemed for the words and ideas that enlighten many lives.

Irish Writers Centre offers various creative writing courses, Whether you want to craft children’s stories, short stories, novels, poetry, historical fiction, flash fiction, and much more, they are all covered. They are established to offer in-person and online writing courses, along with self-paced courses and workshops to writers at every stage (beginner, emerging, or professional) of their career.

Building a Strong Writing Foundation with E.R. Murray is among the outstanding creative writing courses in Galway. This course is specially structured for aspiring writers who are seeking to start a writing career and in need of support and motivation, to begin with the first page.

Over six weeks, the course builds a solid foundation of core elements of writing fiction suitable for aspiring writers of fiction, novels, and flash fiction. It is a complete online course that includes, writing exercises and challenges, reading and discussing samples, group discussion, additional stimulants to motivate writing, and tips and tricks of writing.


Duration 6 weeks
Mode of Teaching online
Level Beginner | Emerging
Fees € 165


Course Details- The course covers the following topics-

  • Crafting believable Characters
  • Writing Convincing fictional settings
  • Creating of water-tight world
  • Best Practices for developing dialogues, plot, and voice
  • How to Become Your Own Editor


What you will learn-

  • Acquire valuable writing skills
  • Have a strong foundation for your writing journey
  • Deeper knowledge of your own writing practice and style
  • How to make the most of your writing time.


FAQs: Creative Writing Courses in Galway


Q1. Is creative writing difficult to learn?

A1. Yes, Certainly. However, many writers have accomplished this art without studying this skill in the formal sense. This one sort of talent takes years to learn and polish. Creative Writing courses help you speed up this journey and save you from refabricating each time you write.


Q2. Is becoming a creative writer a lucrative career choice?

A2. If you are a wordsmith and have a pen for fantastical imagination, you can earn money from anywhere.  In fact, creative writers earn more than content writers and copywriters. Today, in the world of the Internet, you can earn money from many platforms by writing in multiple genres and publishing your work in multiple forms such as audiobooks, e-books, etc.


Q3. What are the prerequisites for enrolling in creative writing courses in Galway?

A3. Anyone of any age and at any stage of their career is eligible to enroll in creative writing courses. Creative Writing is a skill that doesn’t require any degree or any sort of background. All it requires is enthusiasm, imagination, and a voice for narration.


Conclusion: Creative Writing Courses in Galway

Creative Writing courses are quintessential for pushing artistic imaginations, triggering creativity impulses as well as establishing a community of creative writers who share the parlance of passion for storytelling. Before embarking on a transformative journey, aspiring writers are advised to read reviews and research for the mentioned courses ensuring that they align with skill development expectations.

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