Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai With Placements

Navi Mumbai is a well-developed modern infrastructure city near Mumbai, Maharashtra. With the most balanced organized living standard in the city, it also serves good education and professionalism. With the increasing industrialization and globalization in the city, the demand for job-ready courses has been fulfilled by the data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. The government, as well as private companies, has given so many opportunities for the people admiring these data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai.


List of best data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai


To get the company or the product on top, they need information in a very precise manner, and for that, data analytics is used by companies. Data analytics in simple terms is collecting, categorizing, filtering, transforming, and organizing the data to get to a definite conclusion so that the company can reach the final decision about that data.


Top Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai Are-



IIM SKILLS is top top-rating institute for learning the Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai. They provide the best online course with the best faculties and guidance throughout the course period and afterward. They provide and teach all the important tools required for understanding the course. They provide an internship program after the completion of the course and provide a 100% placement guarantee.

The best institute for career-oriented students. They have a complete LMS (Learning Management System) for proper learning and understanding the course structure category-wise which has lifetime access once you purchase the course. This government-recognized course provides live projects from different sections and provides practical assignments.


  • Course structure-
    • Introduction to the course
    • Description
    • Importance
    • Types
    • Use of tools
    • All about Excel in detail
    • Graphic and visual techniques for analysis of data.
  • Tools-
    • Python
    • Tableau
    • Excel
    • Power BI


  • Course fee– INR 40,000
  • Course duration- 6 months.
  • Mode of learning– online.


  • Who can apply
  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate
  • Freshers
  • Postgraduate
  • Any other professionals.


  • Why should anyone choose IIM SKILLS for this course
  • Top rated
  • 24*7 help
  • Provide after completion of the program
  • 100% placement guarantee.
  • The Best faculty
  • All-important learning material



2. Resonance Institute for Data Analytics Course.

Resonance Institute is one of the top data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. They provide both online as well as offline training, and they have two branches of the institute in the city. They have two course categories in data analytics course – one is a 3-month training program in which they teach analytics without coding and another one is of 6 months in which they include detailed coding work. For both the courses the best concerned teachers are available for the complete training and guidance of the student.


The structure of the course provided by the institute-

  • For those who want to do the 6-month training program-
    • Eligibility should be from a science background as the syllabus includes coding.
    • Fee– INR 50,000 excluding tax.
    • The curriculum of the course
      • Introduction and description of the complete course in the initial 2-3 days of the course
      • Detailing of the tools required in the analysis of the data in 10 days, includes practice sessions.
      • Different Coding languages with complete coding tools in 6-10 days depending upon the understanding of the student and their previous knowledge of it.
      • Practice sessions every alternate day.
      • Weekly group discussion with changing groups every week.
      • Monthly projects are provided by the institute during the internship period(optional)
    • For those who want to do the 3-month training program
      • Eligibility-
        • Graduate
        • Undergraduate
        • Any professionals
      • Fee-INR 60,000 excluding tax
      • The curriculum of the course
        • Introduction and description of the course.
        • Detailing of the tools required in the analysis of the data.
        • Practice sessions
        • Weekly discussion
        • Monthly projects


The online course provided by the institute has the same course structure the difference lies in the fee structure which is INR 45,000 for the internship program they can join the institute physically or they can apply for that online too which is again the optional choice for the student.

To apply for the course in an online batch students can register via the website provided below or can contact through the contact number provided.


Contact information-




Vashi Kopar Khairane Rd.

Master Naresh Chowk Navi Mumbai near Nerul railway station.


Promising facilities of the course provided by the Institute for Data Analytics course

  • They have a very good bunch of faculty team for all the subject matter
  • They provide a 100% placement guarantee
  • They have a different team for the training of the student
  • They also have a link with different multinational companies for the internship program.


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3. Mukherjee Institute of Advanced Data Analytics Course

Be the best data analyzer by getting all the experience during the course period of 6 months with the best data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. This institute not only provides you with the learning of the subject matter but also provides good work experience of almost 1 year after the completion of the course under 10 different projects. They make you job ready as well as this course is most suitable for the students who want to the freelancing work in this field.

They provide both work-from-office and work-from-home assured jobs under terms and conditions. They provide you the personal gadgets for learning with pre-inserted tools and languages to make the easy to learn. They help you with the interview sessions, resume making, and portfolio designing to make your presentation ready for the job.


  • Course structure
  • Course module
  • Basic to advanced theoretical topics
  • Top 10 tools required in the analysis of the data
  • Coding language for advanced analysis and technical analysis of the data
  • Professionalism in editing and designing data


  • Duration
  • 4+2-month duration in which 4 months is a learning period and 2 months is a training period with practical projects within the institute.


  • Fee– INR 75000 including tax.
  • Mode of learning– offline
  • Location– Gurudwara sector 9 Canada Road Navi Mumbai.
  • Contact details–


4. Advanced Institute for Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai.

This institute has been providing job-ready training for the last 5 years and has a remarkable placement record. They have experienced teachers to teach all about the course details and they have separate classrooms and labs for the theory and practical sessions for the data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai.

Students can also stay for their practice sessions after the completion of class every day till the assigned time in the institute itself, they are provided with all the support from teachers in case of any doubt or understanding.


The overall course structure of the institute is-

  • Descriptive knowledge about the course from general to advanced type.
  • Tools like Python, Tableau, etc. are being included in the course with the purchase excess.
  • Internship program (optional)
  • Placement programs are also provided for both fresher and experienced students (optional)


They are also specialized in other courses

  • Digital marketing courses- for different categories of students they have 3 different courses in 3 months,5 months, and 8 months of duration.
  • Content writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Technical writing


Mode of learning-offline.

Duration of the course– 3 months + 2-month internship program (not compulsory)

Fee– INR 48,000 excluding tax.

Location– Inorbit Mall first floor, Sector 30a Vashi Navi Mumbai.


Why should you choose this institute-

  1. Best teachers are available for students.
  2. Good internship support is provided.
  3. Guaranteed placement for all the students may it be fresher or experienced.
  4. Lifetime access to the purchased course with full answerable support in all manner.


5. Portal Educates

The top institute in Navi Mumbai for data analytics courses. Since 2005 this institute has been providing the best knowledge about the course and giving the best data analysis to the top MNCs in the data industry. Their teaching starts with the very basic to most advanced topic of the concerned subject i.e., from verbal and writing skills to the cohesive tool management in data work. This institute has a very strong link with top companies nationally and internationally.


  •   Course Syllabus-
  • starting from the basic verbal and writing skills
  • strategy and time management
  • helping with all the important tools
  • Computer knowledge and languages required in advanced data analysis
  • practical sessions for upcoming projects within the institute


  • course fee-INR60,000
  •  course duration-6 months
  •  mode of learning– offline.
  •  Address- SDV complex, Sector 4, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  •  Contact details-


  • Reasons to choose this institute for data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai
  • As there are so many institutes for this course in the city Pirates Educates provides you with the best teachers from all over the country.
  • They have a special online class in which the top data analyst from different fields teaches the actual work process of the course and provides them with a weekly project for the same.
  • They provide specific devices to each student within the institute with pre-installed tools to make students get familiar with the tools and their usage in data analysis, tools include-
    1. Microsoft Excel
    2. Python
    3. Tableau
    4. SAS
    5. Power BI and many more.


  • They teach all the major technical languages required in the process because coding is an important part of data analysis in a real sense, it is not possible to completely learn data analysis without coding language like-
  1.   R
  2. SQL
  3. Java
  4. C and C++ (optional)


6. Grow More Institutes for Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai.

The most advanced two-year master/post-graduation data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. 200+ students every year pass out from this institute from all over the country with guaranteed placement in top-rated companies. This course is completed in 4 semesters with 4 major projects done directly with the top MNCs and are paid projects provided with the certification.

They have the best faculty and management team with 10+ years of experience in their subject matter. They also have the best infrastructure with proper digital classrooms and advanced labs with all the important equipment and tools inserted already.


  • Course layout-
  • Syllabus-
  • 1st semester
  1. learning soft skills
  2. Basic data and its types
  3. Functioning and management of data
  4. How to do research work on data
  5. Data collection, transformation, and organization.
  6. 1 project based on the syllabus (paid and optional)
  7. 2 intermediate tests and 1 final exam


  • 2nd semester
  1. basic to advance designing
  2. Professional Editing
  3. Data sorting
  4. Data structuring and its algorithm with correlated data
  5. 1 project (paid and optional)
  6. 2 intermediate tests and 1 final exam


  • 3rd semester
  1. detail about the tools required in data analysis
  2. Practices with the tools with about 10 interclass projects and 10 industry projects
  3. All about the programming languages with live projects, assignments
  4. 1 project based on the complete syllabus (paid and optional)
  5. 2 intermediate tests and 1 final exam


  • 4th semester
  1. practical and self-developing semester
  2. carrier boot camps (voluntary training)
  3. industry work
  4. Resume and portfolio-making
  5. 1 project (paid and optional)
  6. 2 intermediate tests and 1 final exam


  • Course Duration– 2 years
  • Mode of learning– offline
  • Location– Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Fee– INR 36,000 per semester
  • Contact details–


  • Eligibility criteria- Any graduate from a science background with a minimum of 50% marks.

Certified diploma courses in science background from a well-known institute are welcome for the data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai at Grow More Institute.


  • Why grow more?
  • Most advanced top-rated master course
  • Provide post-graduate degree with attached experience with 4 most top-rated company
  • A bundle of practical knowledge
  • Paid internship (optional)
  • Guaranteed placement.
  • top faculty team from all over the country.
  • Boot camps for good carrier options.


7. Sunrise Institute

This institute is best for moving into a bright future with no coding experience or knowledge. The 4-month master course is a complete package for students who want to pursue their future in data analytics course. This institute provides with best study material and best sources to understand complete knowledge about the data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai, and the course curriculum is designed in a manner to make the student job-ready immediately after completing the training program with 4 months of training.

They also provide 1 month of unpaid working projects with the companies aligned with the institute to get the working experience and this is a completely optional choice for the students. The institute itself gives you that working space (only if you attain the 1-month working project) with a salary based on the work you did in the one-month working project.


  • The course includes-
  1. Introduction to Data
  2. Searching and researching the data
  3. collection and mixing of data
  4. editing and designing data
  5. implementation of tools in any data, important tools included in the course are Python, tableau, SAS, and a few more.


  • Mode of learning– offline
  • Course fee– INR 35,000 (excluding taxes)
  • Course duration– 3 month+ 1 month working project(optional)

In campus job application if undergo the above-mentioned working project.


  • To learn about the course, you can visit the institute at the location given below –

Sector 4, Sarsole, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Contact details–


8. Goyal Institute of Learning and Management.

 Goyal Institute is the best institute for data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. With this course, they have 7 more courses. Goyal Institute is a leading Centre and they are spread in all other cities of India too like Mumbai (Maharashtra) Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Kolkata (west Bengal) Indore (Madhya Pradesh) Raipur (Chhattisgarh) Jaipur, Ajmer (Rajasthan) Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and many more.

They have passed so many good data analysts from their institute who are working nationally and internationally in big MNCs. They have two different course set for data analytics in basic and prime courses with different structure –


  • Basic course
  • The course duration for this course is 3 months.
  • In this course, everything from basic to advanced learning is provided with all the important tools and technical languages covered.
  • Monday to Friday classes will be there from 3 to 6 in the evening and on Saturday there will be practice and doubt sessions which will be conducted from 8 to 10 in the morning and 4 to 6 in the evening (Sunday leave).
  • Extra optional 2-month unpaid internship will also be provided by the institute (terms and conditions applied)
  • The fee for the basic course will be INR 30,000


  • Prime course
  • The course duration for this course is 6 months including the compulsory internship of 2 months.
  • The course curriculum will be the same with advanced learning for the internship and live research projects.
  • Monday to Friday classes will be there from 7 to 10 in the morning and on Saturday there will be practice and doubt sessions which will be conducted from 8 to 10 in the morning and 4 to 6 in the evening (Sunday leave).
  • The internship program for the prime course is compulsory for 2 months and will be paid one done with the top companies of Navi Mumbai, Pune, and Mumbai available both from home and from the office as per availability.
  • The fee for the prime course will be INR 40,000


  • The course curriculum for both courses is as follows-
  • Introduction to data analytics
  • Segregation of data and search research work on it.
  • Implementation of tools and technical languages in detail with research work


  • Mode of learning– offline
  • Other courses by the institute
  1. Microsoft Excel from Beginners to Advanced
  2. Complete Digital Marketing Course
  3. Artificial Intelligence course
  4. Web development course
  5. Content writing course
  6. Digital painting course
  7. Art, Designing, and Photographic course


  • Who can join the course– Graduates and Postgraduates from recognized institutes with at least 60% scores, any working professionals with good academic backgrounds.


  • Location– SATYAM ARCADE, Sector 21, Kamothe, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra


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9. Carrier Point- Stairs to Your Bright Future

This institute is the top institute for courses related to skills development which add value to your jobs and your ultimate future. The data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai by Carrier Point a very descriptive courses with a duration of 4 months. There is a 100% placement guarantee and full support from the management team for any query during and after the course.

Best teachers and best course inscriptions are a complete combo to reach the heights of success with carrier point, they have 5 faculty members for the data analytics course having the best course of experience in their respective subject matter who will be guiding you from beginning to the most advanced data analytics methods with all the tools and technical languages.


They make the expert out of you in 4 different areas of data analytics as in –

  1. Predictive data analytics.
  2. Descriptive data analytics.
  3. Prescriptive data analytics.
  4. Diagnostic data analytics


This is a complete online course with top-ranking courses


After completion of the course, you can join the internship program provided by the institute, they have 3 different programs for the internship program-

  1. 3 months
  2. 6 months
  3. 1 year


Other skill-based courses are also provided by Carrier Point.

For more details about the course by carrier point, you can mail us at


10. Green Wave Institute

The best step to a bright future is never stopping the attitude of learning new things which adds beneficiaries to your substantially gained knowledge. Green Wave Institute is a well-known and top-ranked data analytics course. With almost 5 batches at a time and 20 batches a year with more than 100 students in a single batch. they pass out from the institute with assured jobs in different companies.

They also give training to freshers and those students who want to do freelancing work in the technical field. The course includes the complete knowledge of data analytics from basic to advanced learning that is from learning skills in Excel world to the tool game implementation in data analysis.


The mode of learning is completely offline

The course duration is 3 months

The course fee is INR 45,000 excluding taxes.

Location– Sai Sharan Building, Sec-8, above Sai Prasad Hotel, Greater Khanda, s Sai Sharan Building, Sec-8, above Sai Prasad Hotel, Greater Khanda, sector – 08, Navi Mumbai.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)-


  1. Is it important to learn to code to become a data analyst?

     No this is not compulsory to have coding knowledge to be a data analyst. One can simply use tools for that purpose and yes skills are very important to be a data analyst as it requires a lot of research, editing, adding and removing of data, and many more things.


  1. What is the role of a data analyst in any company?

    The data analyst does a lot of work with the data they have been given. Their actual goal is to provide beneficial data to the company to get the best amount of profit which is followed by a collection of data, conversion of that data into the most useable form with the help of their skills, and some important tools.


  1. What is the minimum duration to completely master the data analytics course?

     The answer to this question depends on what kind of data analyst someone wants to become and from what background they belong. For beginners, 3 months are enough to begin with the basic course followed by mastery of any particular criteria. And for those from it background with a little bit of technical understanding can go with the higher understanding in 2 months with prior knowledge they already have.


  1. what is the most important feature data analyst should have?

The most basic skills are soft skills, then some major skills research work, collecting and cleaning/filtering the data, editing and designing work with data Statistical knowledge, problem-solving, knowledge of important and basic tools and technical languages, and maintaining the database. These are the basic skills that are important in any data analyst.

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