Top 7 Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad With Placements

Have you wondered whether you should invest in a suitable data analytics course or if data analytics is for you? Read on to find out the “what,” “why,” where,” and “how” of data analytics – you might end up finding not only extensive information about data analytics courses in Ahmedabad but also a gateway to your secure and bright future.


List of best data analytics courses in Ahmedabad


No wonder then, that the salary of good data analysts has rocketed through the roof in the past few years. The average salary of a fresher Data analyst is in the range of Rs 6 to 7 lakhs p.a which is much higher than other job profiles. If that was not enough- if numbers do talk – this is just a trailer of the huge interest that this area is going to command in the next few years.

You are in luck if you are a tech lover and numbers and patterns interest and intrigue you. Upskill yourself by investing in a good course, and job opportunities might end on your doorstep. But which one should you invest your time and money in? The options available are overwhelming. All the academies make tall claims and long promises.

Worry not; we have done the groundwork for you and have curated a list of the best data analytics courses in Ahmedabad. But before diving into some of the best data analytics courses in Ahmedabad, do you understand what data analytics means and why this new kid on the block is hogging so much limelight?

So let’s take the first step toward exploring the best data analytics courses in Ahmedabad and start our journey by understanding the meaning of data analytics.


What Is Data Analytics?

“‘Change is the only constant” – this has never been truer we were going about our lives as usual, and the next day, we woke up to a locked world and masked people. Many businesses came to an abrupt halt – just like that. Who were the survivors? Those who could quickly adapt to the change.

In this dynamically changing landscape, businesses and organizations need to make the right decisions in the present to gain/retain that competitive edge and safeguard their future. Some of the critical decisions faced by companies are:

Above are just a few of the myriad decisions that companies must deal with. The question is, how do the companies arrive at these decisions? Do the decision-makers rely on “gut feel”? No, businesses depend heavily on statistics and data to guide their choices.

Think of countless websites that you have surfed or all the apps that you have downloaded – most of them invariably ask for some information – name, age, email id, etc. Ever wondered what happens to all the details that you provide –  well, all the details are collected and added to the company’s database.

This data is a potential goldmine – a potent game changer in this exponentially dynamic business landscape.


As Jim Bergeson, a data warehousing pioneer, rightly said :

“Data will talk to you if you’re willing to listen.”

The world-famous tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc., have reached the pinnacle of success by diligently collecting data and then prudently analyzing it. This is what equipped them to come up with innovation, satisfy customer requirements and stay many steps ahead of the competition. In other words, these giants collect raw data, clean it and convert it into actionable insights  – and this is what data analytics is all about.


Why Is Data Analytics So Important These Days?

Gartner has found that businesses increasingly prefer data-driven decision-making to intuition-based decision-making, which probably accounts for why the data analytics market is growing at a compound annual rate of nearly 30%. Is it any wonder that there is a surge in online and offline certification courses in Data Analytics?

You are spoilt for choice – before you start exploring data analytics courses in Ahmedabad, you should get a glimpse into the work profile Data Analytics expert. So, here is the seek peek for you.


What Does a Data Analyst Do?

Data analyst plays a very important role in helping companies navigate through heaps of available data.  He/she acts like an interpreter and lighthouse at the same time.  The data analysts equip the decision makers with the inference that can be drawn from data and provide a hand map of the path that a trend is likely to head.

Having interpreted the data, the data analyst will then pass on their findings in the form of suggestions or recommendations for decision-makers to implement. Data analysts work in various sectors like business, finance, medicine, and infrastructure, transforming incomprehensible numbers into coherent, intelligible, and actionable information. Breaking the role onto steps, a data analyst would:

  1. Gather data
  2. Clean Dats
  3. Model Daya
  4. Interpret Data and finally
  5. Present findings


What Tools Are Used by Data Analysts?

Someone has aptly said, “ You are only as strong as the tools in your toolbox”. What sets a much sought-after data analyst to the one who might not be as successful is the mastery of weapons of the trade. Some of the tools that a data analyst needs to command mastery over are:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Sheets
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • R or Python
  • SAS
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Jupyter Notebooks


How To Become a Data Analyst?

There is more than one path to becoming a data analyst, provided the idea interests you. You can join a college, do courses through recorded videos, or learn via live interactive classes. Options are unlimited.


If we were to break down the steps, it would be as below:

  1. Get Certified
  2. Work on your technical skills
  3. Work towards building your portfolio y working on real-time projects
  4. Work on honing your presentation skills
  5. Get a job – keep going


Career Options After Pursuing Data Analytic Certification

Many roles open for those who pursue data analytic courses. Most of the data analytics courses in Ahmedabad will equip you to don many hats. While what you finally pursue would depend on a myriad of factors, here is a glimpse into some of the roles that you can take on as a data expert:

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Business Intelligence Analyst
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Financial/Marketing/ Risk/ Quantitative Analysts
  5. Data Visualisation expert


Each of the above are extremely interesting and challenging career paths.


Skills Needed By A Successful Data Analyst 

It might be good to know if you really have it in you to become a good data analyst. While with time and the right attitude, all the skills can be learned, consider yourself to be made for the “data analyst” role if you possess any one or more of the following skills:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Knowledge About Programming Languages
  • Fluency In Data Visualisation
  • Decent Mathematical And Statistical Skills


Career Options

Before finding out more about data analytics courses in Ahmedabad, you might want to know your career options after course completion. Many roles open up for those who pursue data analytics courses. A good course will equip you to don many hats. While what you finally take up would depend on a myriad of factors, here is a glimpse into some of the roles that you can take on as a data expert:

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Business Intelligence Analyst
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Financial/Marketing/ Risk/ Quantitative Analysts
  5. Data Visualisation expert


Each of the above are extremely interesting and challenging career paths.


Who Should Pursue Data Analytics?

Anyone with interest and willingness can pursue a course in data analytics. You should consider adding it to your skillset if you are :

  • A fresh Graduate
  • A UG/PG Student
  • An IT professional;
  • A banking and finance professional
  • A sales professional
  • Looking to switch/ restart careers


Having understood the ‘What,’ ‘Why,’ and ‘How’ of data analytics, let’s finally delve into a data analytics course. Here are some data analytics courses in Ahmedabad that you could consider investing in. Most of them have online options so that you can study from anywhere.


Other best courses in Ahmedabad:


Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad


1. IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course

One of the top options while considering good Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad, would be a data analytics course offered by IIMS Skills. IIMS Skills is a well-known ED-TECH company bridging training gaps in multiple spaces like digital marketing, finance, content writing, and tech space. Established in 2015, the company is well known for making its student’s industry ready by providing rigorous and relevant training in in-demand areas.

Adding credibility is the fact that all the courses of IIM Skille are certified by the Government Of India – Ministry MSME – Micro, small, and medium enterprises. All the courses offered by IIM Skills are designed and delivered by Industry experts bringing in many years of experience, knowledge, and foresight – courses in data analytics being no different.


Here are some of the features of the data analytics course in Ahmedabad offered by IIM Skills: 

Course Name- Data analytic course

Designed by – senior data analyst with Air India, VP Barclays

Mode – online live classes, with lifetime access to the recordings.


In addition, once you enroll you also get access to recordings of past and future batches, making sure that you stay relevant with any new tools that come in the market after your course completion. Another unique feature of the data analytics courses in Ahmedabad offered by IIM Skill is that it gives you lifelong free access to paid versions of the tools like Tableau etc.


Duration – 6 months of classes plus 2 months of unpaid internship. The course journey can broadly be divided into the following stage:


Stage I – Completion of 6 months of core coursework

Modules covered  : 

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Visual Basic Application
  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • Data Analytics using Python
  • Tableau
  • R For Data Science
  • Alteryx


The data analytics course designed by IIM Skills focuses on equipping candidates with practical aspects and understanding of the nuances involved in data analytic jobs.

Every weekend, a topic is taught, followed by a real-life assignment/ project across various industries. The 6-month core course is geared to provide you with over 100 hours of practical hands-on experience.


Stage II – Completion of 2 months of unpaid internship

After completing 6 months of coursework, you get to test your skills through  2 months of unpaid internship offered by IIM Skills.  You will be given the option to do 1 project in either of the following sectors

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Infrastructure.

On successful completion of the internship, a certificate of internship is provided


Stage III- Placement assistance

Once 8 months of coursework is complete, IIM Skills will hold your hand and guide you till the time you find a job. The support is provided in multiple ways :

  • Linked in profile optimization
  • Resume building
  • Mock interviews
  • Arranging interviews with prospective employers – But what happens if you get rejected by the employer? Well, IIM Skills really goes all out. They get in touch with the recruiter to find out why you didn’t get through and based on the feedback, they help you rebuild any skill gap that you may have.


All in all, the data analytic course in Ahmedabad offered by IIM Skills is comprehensive, and delivered right by expert mentors and industry experts. Most importantly, they hand-hold you and guide you till the time you are placed with a company. You must be wondering what would be the fees for such an exhaustive course. Well, read on.


Fees – The fee for the full course is Rs 49,900 +GST alternatively you could also study any single Module for Rs 19900 + GST,


2.  Simplilearn 

The data analytics course offered by Simplylearn is another option if you are exploring data analytics courses in Ahmedabad. Considered to be the world’s leading digital skill provider, Simpliearn offers an advanced course in data analytics in Ahmedabad in collaboration with IBM. The advanced data analytics course in Ahmedabad offered by Simplilearn consists of 6 modules :

  1. Business Analytics with Excel
  2. SQL
  3. Programming basics and Data Analytics with Python
  4. R programming for data science
  5. Data Analytics with R
  6. Tableau Training


One can complete the above modules in any order. You get an individual certification from Simplylearn for each of the modules that you complete. Further, you also get a certificate from IBM for modules on R and Python. After completion of the above modules, you also have the option to complete one or more of the 4 optional electives to further deepen your knowledge.


The instructors provide 24/7 support for doubt clearing.

The other details of the data analytics course in Ahmedabad  offered by Simplilearn are :


COURSE NAME -Data Analysts Masters Program

Course Duration – 5 to 6 months

Mode – Online live interaction classes.

Class recording available – yes, for close to a year of access to class recording is provided.

Projects – you get an opportunity to work on 20-plus real-life projects on an integrated cloud platform

Job Assistance – yes



  • Excel
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Scipy
  • Python
  • R
  • Tableau


FEES  – Rs 54000

EMI option available – yes

Prerequisite – Basic understanding of mathematics


3   ExcelR

ExcelR is another name to consider if you are looking for data analytics courses in Ahmedabad. Renowned for providing quality training in Agile, Project Management, IT, etc. ExcelR offers both in-class and online training in Data Analytics and Business Analytics.

While in-class training is available in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore, you can opt for online training from anywhere. The highlight of the course that has been developed in collaboration with IBM is practical learning and the opportunity to work on high-end live projects. This is a perfect course if you are looking to upskill yourself.  Some of the details of the data analytics course in Ahmedabad offered by ExceIr are:


Name – Data Analytics Certification Course

Duration: The duration of the data analytics course in Ahmedabad offered by ExcelR is 6 months,  which can be divided into 3 months of classes and 3 months of hands-on project work.


The course life journey can be summarised as below :

Stage 1

Complete coursework and obtain a certificate of completion from Excelr. Spread across various modules, the course teaches you the following tools :

  • Statistics
  • Basic to advanced Excel,
  • SQL to extract data,
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Coding – basics of Python and R
  • Chat GPT fundamentals


Upon completion of all the above modules, you get the certificate of completion from ExcelR.


Stage 2 : Get IBM Certified:

Appear for an exam conducted by IBM on visualization tools and get IBM certified.


Stage 3:  Certificate of Internship

Once the above 2 certifications are complete, you then move to 3 months of unpaid internship with the associate company AIvariant.


During your internship, you get to test your skills on 3 live projects, each project being a month long.  Once you complete 3 projects you get a certificate of internship.


Stage 4 :  Placement Assistance

Further, the organization also assists in placement for a duration of one year from the start of the course. The company has an elaborate method of assisting students find jobs

  • Assistance in resume building
  • The company also helps in linked-in profile optimization
  • Those who successfully complete the course, projects, and internships are provided with 5 mock interview sessions
  • Scheduling of interviews with the companies and assistance in placement


Fees :  for offline classes are Rs 60,000, while for online courses is Rs 45 000

Class recordings : Yes, you get lifetime access to the recording of all the lessons of your batch.  The company also gives you a jumbo pass for one year – which allows you to access all the recordings of all the batches.


4.  KnowledgeHut

If you are looking at data analytics courses in Ahmedabad, you could also look at courses offered by KnowkledgeHut. KnowledgeHut brings to you a practical course on data analytics to help you quickly develop the skills needed in this field.


Duration – 3 to 4 months

Projects – over 10 projects coupled with over 110 coding exercises and 10 real-life case studies to give you an immersive experience

Placement assistance – yes

Mode – online with over 150 hours of instructor-led sessions

Fees –  Rs 56000+ GST


Tools Taught : 

  • Excel
  • SQL
  •  Git
  •  GitHub
  •  Python
  • NumPy
  •  Pandas
  • Seaborn
  • Plotly
  •  Bokeh
  •  Tableau


5.  Imarticus Learning

Imartcus Learning provides both in-person and online premium post-graduate programs. However, you can enroll for the program only after clearing the assessment test conducted by Imarticus.  The other details of the course are as below:


Course Name : 

postgraduate program in Data Science Data Analytics.


The enrolment to the program is assessment based. You need to appear for an exam and if you clear, you might win a scholarship up to Rs 45000.

Both weekday and weekend options are available for the course.


Duration : It takes around 4 months to complete the course with the weekday option and 10 months if you opt for the weekend batch.


The course is structured:

  • Basic Programming for non-programmers
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Python Programming
  • Statistics for Data Sciences
  • Machine Learning
  • Data visualization with Tableau and Power BI


Fees – The course is really detailed and goes in-depth into each tool and module. This is a premium course and it reflects in the fee. The course is priced at INR 2.25 lakhs

Session Recording – access to sessions is available for the duration of the course

Practical Training – You get an opportunity to work on over 25 projects during the duration of the course. These projects are industry-based and range from basic to advanced.

Towards the end of the course, you get to work on a capstone project.


6. Intellipaat

Intellipat is another option to consider while considering data analytics courses in Ahmedabad. With great industry tie up and experience in conducting over 150 + courses, you cannot go wrong in opting for a data analytic course from Intellipat.


Salient features are:

  • The course is conducted through a combination of online live interaction +self paced videos
  • You can opt for either a 7-month advanced certification program in data analytics (in collaboration with IIT Madras) or an 11-month postgraduate program in data analytics * designed in collaboration with IIT Roorkee).
  • You will get lifelong access to recorded sessions in LMS
  • What makes Intellipaat stand out from the crowd is that it provides lifelong access to its job portals to its students.


7. Tops Technology 

Data analytics and data science courses are another option to consider when exploring data analytics courses in Ahmedabad. Some of the features of the course in data analytics offered by Tops Technologies are:

  • Interactive learning and the opportunity to work on live projects
  • Flexible batch timings and highly trained teachers
  • Placement assistance
  • 6-month course duration
  • Course fee – Rs 65000
  • Topics covered :
    • Core Python
    • Statistics
    • Business Excel
    • SQL
    • Data Visualisation


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is data analytics the same as data analysis?

Often used interchangeably, data analytics and data analysis are not the same. Put simply, data science involves understanding the data available to interpret what has happened till the present, whereas data analytics involve using various tool to make meaningful future insights.


2. Can I work as a freelancer after the certification?

Data Analytics is tool heavy and calls for a lot of investment. Also given the nature of the work, it might be better to work in various options available. Working as a freelancer in this area is difficult because of the investment required and because it might not be as easy to secure the projects.


3. What if I am from a nontech background? 

While having some tech knowledge is an advantage, it is not necessary. Before signing up for a course, check for prior knowledge needed. Most companies start from basic and build it up or offer a foundation course to bridge the knowledge gap for people from non-tech backgrounds.



Data analysts are in high demand, and given the rate at which companies generate data, this trend is here to stay. So, if tech interests you and numbers are like play for you, consider investing in a good data analytics course – there are a number of options. Whether you are looking for a career switch or starting afresh – there will be one that is right for you. Invest time and effort now for a brighter, more secure, and happier tomorrow.

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