Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Visakhapatnam With Placements

Vizag is one of the fastest-growing cities, and it is the commercial capital of coastal Andhra Pradesh. It is well known for its tourist spot, industrial growth, and sea trade. Since they must invest more time and money in the online platform, they required skillful digital marketers who know their stuff in the online world.


This article is about the best digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam


As the fastest growing city, it has already proven itself with its GDP of 43.5 billion. This tells us that it already has set foot in the online world. From buying a product, selling a product, renting a product, and advertising a product everything is done online. Vizag is known for its tourism, and you know how the online world plays a major role- from booking hotels to buying tickets.


So, it is essential to know your way around Digital Marketing. Every company needs a digital marketer who can help their companies in the Digital Marketing world.


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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Visakhapatnam

Below is the list of top Digital Marketing courses in Visakhapatnam that will guide you through the Digital Marketing world and make you a professional Digital Marketer.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the finest online education services, and they have already benchmarked their name in a Digital Marketing course and Content Writing course. Its mission is to give world-class education at an affordable price. It is one of the finest Digital Marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. Being a worldwide renowned online education service, they exactly know their stuff and what to teach the students, and how to make them understand it.  


Course Name: Digital Marketing Master Course

Duration:5 months

Fee: 34900+18% GST


Course content


  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. WordPress Web Development – 2 Modules
  3. Search Engine Optimization – 4 Modules
  4. Search Engine Marketing – 6 Modules
  5. Email Marketing – 4 Modules
  6. Inbound Marketing – 3 Module
  7. Social Media Marketing – 6 Modules
  8. Web Analytics – 3 Modules
  9. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy -1 Modules
  10. Online Reputation Management– 3 Modules
  11. Content Writing and Blogging -3 Modules
  12. Media Buying – 1 Module
  13. Affiliate Marketing – 1 Module
  14. Video Marketing -1 Module
  15. Digital Infographic Resume Preparation- 1 Module


They give 180 hrs of comprehensive training with more than 15 live projects and 10 case studies. They provide optional internships. Since it is a tool-driven course, you can learn and get hands-on training.You get tools worth 79000 with the course package. At end of the course, you will receive a master certification from IIM Skills and help for google HubSpot, Facebook exam certification preparation.


They also provide you a letter of recommendation post-internship. This Digital Marketing course provides you with lifetime access to its course material, recorded session, and class presentation. This course has weekdays and weekend batches, and you can switch the batch to your flexible time. They also provide free demo classes, so you know what you’re getting into it.




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2. Simplilearn


Simplilearn digital marketing specialist is one of the best Digital Marketing courses. They can give you the best insight into Digital Marketing. They give you in-depth expertise in every branch of online marketing and helps you to perform well.


Course name: Digital Marketing Specialist

Fee: 59999+18%GST


Course content


  1. Mastering Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, and Digital Analytics
  2. Social Media, Mobile Marketing & Digital Strategies
  3. Advanced Web Analytics
  4. Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Advanced Pay Per Click Certification Program
  6. Advanced Social Media
  7. Harvard Business Publishing Case Studies in Digital Marketing  


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Each of these contents has a different curriculum, so you will understand every nook and corner of Digital Marketing. It has 200 hours of live interactive sessions with more than 45 live projects and case studies. At end of the course, they will give a Digital Market Specialist certificate.


They also have partnerships and certifications like HubSpot, Hootsuite, Online Marketing Certified Professional, and Online Marketing Certified Associated, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics. Timing of course is flexible to students, so you don’t have to worry if it is weekdays or weekends.


Overall, this course will teach you in-depth about Digital Marketing but with a higher fee structure. They also provide you with a free demo class to equip you with their teaching style. Also, a free Hootsuite Certification course is available.



Contact no: 1800-212-7688


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IIM SKILLS Visakhapatnam DM Course Invite


3. Sai Santhosh technology


Sai Santhosh technology offers Advanced Digital Marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. They give quality training for each individual and help them with their placement. They are well known for their job placement and do provide great assistance to the students.


They give hands-on training so that students could learn and understand how Digital Marketing works. The course is being refreshed according to the change in Digital Marketing. If you’re looking for a short-term digital marketing course, then this is your thing.


Course Name: Advanced Digital Marketing

Duration: 60 days

Fee: INR 15000


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Course content


  1. Preface to Digital Marketing
  2. Google AdWords Fundamentals
  3. Advanced Search Display Advertising
  4. YouTube Video Advertising
  5. Mobile Advertising
  6. Google Analytics
  7. LinkedIn Advertising
  8. Facebook Advertising
  9. Website Designing
  10. Keyword Research
  11. Local Business
  12. Social Media Optimization and Marketing
  13. Mobile Marketing
  14. Email Marketing and many such important concepts.


This course syllabus has a job-oriented module and a self-learning module.


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Job oriented module 


1 Search Engine Optimization

2 Search Engine Marketing

3 Social Media Marketing

4 Keyword Research

5 Google Analytics

6 Google Search Consoles.


Self – learning module 


1 YouTube Affiliate 

 2 Marketing

3 Website Designing

4 AdSense

5 Facebook

7 Mobile app



Contact: 95534-28515


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4. Pivotalsoft


Pivotalsoft IT service is a leading institute in Visakhapatnam, and it has been in the training business for 12 years. They provide software training and Digital Marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. Since they offer many courses and have trained many people for the past 12 years, this makes them the best. So they exactly know how to train an individual and teach him the subject.


Since it exclusive in Visakhapatnam, people may even get better placement in Visakhapatnam in the Digital Marketing field. 


Course content


  1. Overview of Digital Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategy
  3. Types of Digital Marketing
  4. Traditional Versus Digital Marketing
  5. Social Listening
  6. Website Architecture
  7. E-Commerce Website
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. Social Media Marketing
  10. Search Engine Marketing with special emphasis on inorganic SEO
  11. Paid Search Ads
  12. Pay Per Click
  13. Cost Per Click And CPM.


As being an IT sector, they do know the importance of Digital Marketing. They have tie-ups with various sectors, so there is no problem in getting you placed. They also provide you soft skills, so you can confidently appear for an interview.


Each session is followed by a practical session, so the trainee can understand better. They also provide 24×7 support to know course duration and fee structure contact the below number. 



Contact: 09030 200009  


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5. Colourmoon training and development


Colourmoon is one of the leading institutes which provides Digital Marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. They also provide other courses like Web Designing Training, PHP Development Training, Android Development Training, IOS Development Training, Hybrid App Development Training, Graphic Designing. 


They started as a web solution company, and now they are a training institute. This is a one-month job-orientated course, and the idea of getting placed in a company is very much possible.


Course content


1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

2: Trend and Keyword Research

 3: Website Planning and Creation

4: Search Engine Optimization

5: Local Business & Listing

 6: Pay Per Click Marketing

7: Social Media Optimization

 8: Social Media Marketing

9: Web Analytics

10: Content Marketing


The syllabus has been customized in a way that concentrates on job and placement. Thus, it gives a 100% job-oriented course. With its best fee and packages, it gives the best course at an affordable price.  So, there is a possibility that people approaching the career is high.


It gives a face to face training with highly trained industrial faculty who would give you a perfect insight into this job-oriented course. It also provides live project training that helps you to understand better.



Contact: 9676600666


6. S.R.J Infoways


S.R.J Infoways is an IT sector that not only provides Digital Marketing and Web-related services, but also provides Digital Marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. Their mission is to give a world-class experience and help the trainees to be better Digital Marketers. 


Course content 


1 Introduction to Digital Marketing

2 Search Engine Optimizations

3 Search Engine Marketing

4 Content Optimizations

5 Search Advertising

6 Display Advertising

7 Social Media Marketing

8 Social Media Optimizations

9 AdWords

10 Content Writing

11 Shopping Ads

12 Lead Generation

13 Analytics

14 Affiliate Marketing

15 Video Advertising

16 Email Marketing

17 Mobile App Promotion

18 Remarketing

19 Backlinks and Internal Linking

20 Setting Filler


With their hands-on training and highly experienced faculty, their Digital Marketing course benefits many trainees. And they make sure each one of you has learned and understood about Digital Marketing.


This course helps even if you are new to this domain and gives you a clear structure for Digital Marketing. They also provide other courses like PHP and Web Design. 



Contact: 7286886666


8. GIT Training Institute


Git training institute is known for its IT and business-related training. The institute offers Digital Marketing courses both online and offline. So you can choose which one is a better option for you. They also provide other courses like C++, Java, PHP, Python, and much more. So they do know how to give better training and make trainees understand the concept.


Course content              


1 Overview of Digital Marketing

2 Search Engine Optimizations

3 On-page Optimization

4 Off-page Optimization

5 Local SEO

6 Social Media Marketing

7 Affiliates

8 Facebook Marketing

9 Twitter Advertising

10 Video Marketing

11 Google Analytics

12 Mobile Web Marketing

13 Online Reputation Management

14 AdSense and Blogging


The duration of the Digital Marketing course is 40 hours with hands-on training and give the trainees a better understanding of the course. With its best and experienced faculty, they guide the trainees to a better path and helps them to achieve their best self.



Contact: 0891 254 1479


IIM SKILLS Visakhapatnam DM Course Invite


9. Knowledge Hut


Knowledge Hut has a diverse training program, and they also provide Digital Marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. Being renowned for its diverse training program, it gives you a better insight into Digital Marketing. So, this helps the trainees have a clear understanding of the subject and boost their confidence about what they have learned for future placement.


Course content 


  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Business strategy and marketing
  3. Brand strategy
  4. Marketing Analytics
  5. Excel, Statistics and Data Visualization 
  6. Metrics, Sources, and Statistics
  7. Segmentation, Targeting, and Tracking
  8. Testing & Experimentation
  9. Budgeting & Planning
  10. Presenting & Storytelling
  11. Mid-course lab
  12. Acquiring and Engaging Users
  13. UX Fundamentals & Trends
  14. Developing a content strategy
  15. Activation & Retention
  16. Email Marketing
  17. Search Marketing
  18. Social Media Management & Influencer Marketing
  19. Facebook Advertising
  20. Twitter, LinkedIn & Display Advertising
  21. Final Presentations


This is a short-term course, and you can get comprehensive training from Marketing gurus who helps you to understand what works and what’s does not. They offer 16 hours of comprehensive and interactive Digital Marketing training, and they also provide real-world examples and give different case studies to help you understand.


Learn the strategy that might help you to develop your businesses and they also provide downloadable courseware and course credit.



Contact: 91-80-41520045


10.Wifi Vidya


Wifi vidya is also well known for its Digital Marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. They also provide an individual course in SEO, Pay Per Click, blogging, YouTube, freelancing, and so on.


Course name: Digital Marketing

Fee: 25000


Course content 


  1. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  2. Types of Search Engines
  3. Keyword Research by Position
  4. On-Page Off-Page Optimization
  5. SEO Report Generation
  6. Search Engine Marketing Introduction
  7. Types of Campaigns
  8. Conversion Tracking
  9. Social Media in Business and Its Importance
  10. Facebook Introduction
  11. Engagement
  12. How to Make Money Through Affiliate Networks
  13. Email Marketing
  14. blogging
  15. How to Create Effective Content


They provide hands-on training while teaching theory and help the student to understand in-depth Digital Marketing. With the weekly assignment, you might improve every week. At last, they evaluate you after giving you a case study. At end of the course, you will receive the certificate.


With free 20000 worth of tools, you can get the gist of Marketing tools and how to use them efficiently. With experienced faculty, you can learn from the best. Since this is a job-oriented course, you get increased chances of getting placed. You can manage your course time; you don’t need to stress about it.



Contact:  9908 178 486


IIM SKILLS Visakhapatnam DM Course Invite



  1. Which are some of the best digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam?

There are many highly rated digital marketing institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. IIM SKILLS is one of the frontrunner institutes where you can enroll and get certified in digital marketing.

  1. What are some important modules of digital marketing taught in Visakhapatnam?

Some important modules to master in digital marketing are SEO, SEM, Online brand management, reputation management, SMM and SMO, web analytics, website analysis, email marketing, affiliate marketing, GMS, and others.

  1. What is the course fee for digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam?

The fee for a good digital marketing course varies from 25000 to 65000 based on the facilities provided by the institute in Visakhapatnam.




So, these are the best Digital Marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. I hoped this helped you to choose which is best for you. Digital Marketing is a booming business, it is a necessity in the modern world to make things easily available to consumers. It is also a smart way to engage with customers, and soon it will take place among new gods in the digital world.

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    • All these courses are online-based. They provide both weekdays and weekend classes. Since your looking for 6 months I would highly recommend IIM Skills. It is a 3 months program with 3 months guaranteed internship.

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