Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses in Australia With Placements

In the ever-evolving world of finance, to cope with global competition, business organizations need to depend on data-driven insights, mainly financial analyses of past, present, and future activities to predict future outcomes and assess investment opportunities. It serves as the backbone of corporate finance, investment banking, and other financial professions. Australia is known for its robust financial sector and world-class educational institutions offering a bunch of financial modeling courses in Australia to serve the growing demand for skilled professionals in this field. This complete guide will explore the importance, the benefits of these courses in Australia, and some of the top courses available in this country.


List of best financial modeling courses in Australia


What is Financial Modeling?

It is a mathematical presentation of a business company’s financial performance. It arranges a structured analysis of historical financial data and projects future financial outcomes based on various assumptions and different scenarios. Financial modeling is also used as a tool to determine the focused results of the business company’s new projects.

It is widely used in investment banking, corporate finance, real estate, and other financial sectors to make decisions, evaluate investment opportunities, and assess the financial health of business organizations. It also helps to make a sustainable business. An analyst can create an end-to-end plan based on data, potential opportunities, forecasts, and predictions. At present, as a profession, it is gaining massive popularity.


Importance of Financial Modeling Courses in Australia

Financial modeling plays a crucial role in strategic planning and decision-making. This is the process of creating a detailed representation of a business company’s financial performance and projections. Here some key reasons are:


Decision Support: This model provides critical insights into the potential outcomes of various business decisions, helping business organizations choose the best course of action.

Risk Assessment: By adding risk factors into models, companies can assess the potential impact of different risks on their financial performance.

Valuation: Financial models evaluate the value of business companies, assets, or investments; this is crucial in investments and sales.

Capital budgeting: It aids in evaluating the profitability and feasibility of long-term capital projects.

Scenario Analysis: Examining different scenarios and their impact on economic outcomes to create a resilient strategy.


The Benefits of Financial Modeling Courses in Australia

  1. World-class education Australia has several prestigious universities and educational institutions and there are several accounting programs. These institutions have strong industry connections to ensure that students receive top-notch education.
  2. Robust Financial Sector Australia has a stable financial sector that encompasses banking, investment, and insurance. These sectors provide huge opportunities for the professionals.
  3. Networking Opportunities: through financial modeling courses Australia allows students to create a valuable network of contacts within the finance industry. Many courses offer networking and internship opportunities.
  4. International perspective: Australia’s financial modeling courses attract a diverse group of students from around the World; it gives a broader perspective and prepares students for a Global career.
  5. High-quality curriculum: these courses in Australia provide students with a comprehensive understanding of techniques. The curriculum is updated regularly to adjust to industry standards and emerging trends.
  6. Career Support: many institutions in Australia offer career support, including job placement, resume workshops, and interview coaching. This valuable support is really helpful for placement-seeking students in the finance sector.
  7. Salary Potential: Professionals with strong skills are rewarded with competitive salaries. They also empower students with the knowledge and skills to make informed economic decisions.


What is the Scope of the Financial Modeling Courses in Australia?

This course is career-focused. It is designed to cater to the needs of the relevant industries. The positive news is that it is increasing day by day and doesn’t require any formal degree to do this course; anyone can do the course. A financial analyst can do a job or can work as a freelancer. Many firms are hiring them to use their knowledge for decision-making and evaluation of the overall performance of the business company. This is the reason why the skill is in high demand.

  1. It enhances the existing career – After completion of this course, a student can create financial statements, M&A models, predictive models, and other essential finance reports and enhance the profile.
  2. These professionals are hired by many business companies.- They are working with large amounts of numerical data and by using this data they can make forecasts and minimize risks.
  3. It helps finance professionals carry out a variety of tasks and can create budgets for different departments within a business company. It is a multifaceted spreadsheet system and an invaluable asset for many finance professionals.
  4. It boosts the student’s profile in the industry- Qualifications and experience are the vital features of any CV, but special skills can help to get special attention.
  5. It is an essential requirement for business owners and start-ups.- It is a helpful tool that enables a new business company to make smart decisions for their developing business.
  6. It can help investors.- Financial modeling can help in several ways to forecast a company’s financial performance. The professionals can help to figure out which company’s shares are rising in value.


Jobs – After Doing This Course:

  1. Equity research analyst: who can intensively study the market, examine companies, and through insightful strategies help the business organization.
  2. Investment banker: Expertise can provide business clients with investment planning and raising capital.
  3. Financial analyst.
  4. Bank professional.
  5. Financial research analysts.
  6. Advisor.
  7. Strategy Consultant
  8. Commercial analyst.
  9. Corporate Development


Skills Needed to Do the Financial Course in Australia

  1. Basic knowledge of finance/accounting: Basic knowledge of accounting and financial terms is a must to build a career in this field. Students, who are from a commerce background, would be familiar with the concepts. Before beginning the course will be good enough to revise the said concepts.
  2. Computer application: A basic idea about computers, especially Excel skills is a must for creating charts and following other formulas. Also, need knowledge of Python. It can help to make big in this field.
  3. Problem-solving ability: A financial modeling analyst needs the ability to solve problems that arise in a company by building models and analyzing situations. Good problem-solving skills are needed.
  4. Management of time: Time management skill is a very important factor; an effective model is of no use if it doesn’t get ready in time. To get success in this field you need to become a master in time management.
  5. Sincere/genuine approach: To get the complete benefit of this course need sincerity. Most of these courses will provide an extensive syllabus. Students need to give 100% during the period of the course to get flying colors in their results.
  6. Patience: To understand the course and its syllabus needs patience to get good results, and after completion of this course to start a successful journey, patience is very important.


After Doing the Course in Australia, How Much Can One Earn?

Professionals with strong skills are getting decent salaries, and according to their experience and expertise earning ability can increase significantly. The average base salary is $128,094 /year in Australia. The salary can differ from firm to firm or according to the designation.


Some Best Financial Modeling Courses in Australia:



This is a well-known online educational platform providing advantageous courses. Its courses are structured by some of the business industry’s most qualified finance leaders. The course is designed according to the need of job placement as well as students’ learning capacity. These courses provide a power boost to the career.


Financial Modeling Course Key Features:

  • To make students capable and developing a strong financial model.
  • To equip the student with proficiency to compete in global finance.
  • To teach critical and analytical skills.
  • To successfully conduct the business evaluation.


Course Syllabus:

The whole course is divided into 6 modules and specific hours are allotted to cover that particular module. Each module contains different topics.

Module 1: Basic and advanced Excel

  • Introduction to MS Excel, Ribbon
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Functions like Hlookup, Vlookup, Match, Index, Sumifs, etc
  • Conditional formatting rule
  • Number and font formatting
  • Table functions and dynamic array
  • Introduction to macros
  • Sparklines
  • Data presentation through pivot tables


Module2: Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements

  • Fundamentals of Key Accounting
  • Find out income statements, balance sheets, & cash flow statements.
  • Comprehensive income concept

Understanding of relationships among three financial statements

  • Common-size financial statement preparation.
  • Relevance of notes to account


Module 3: Ratio /KPI Analysis

  • Types of ratios
  • Dupont formula
  • Basics of eps
  • Financial summary preparation


Module 4: Basics of this course

  • Financial model structure
  • Building Revenue and Cost Drivers
  • Different schedule preparations
  • Key formatting tips
  • Financial statement projection
  • Index financial summary cover page


Module 5: Different types of model

  • Three statements projection model
  • LBO model
  • M&A model
  • Private equity return model
  • 13-week cash flow model


Module 6: Business Valuation

  • Relative valuation
  • DCF valuation
  • NAV approach
  • Blended valuation
  • Preparation of valuation report
  • Pre-money and post-money concept


Duration: 3 months

Mode: Online Benefits of doing this course:

  • Expert trainers are responsible for the proper delivery of knowledge to their students.
  • Job interview opportunities are provided to all students.
  • Practical-based knowledge helps to develop confidence.
  • Online helps students to do the course from anywhere at any point in time
  • Certificates are given that are valid for all over the world.



  • Basic working knowledge of computers Basic Excel knowledge
  • Finance discipline would be a plus



718.84 Australian Dollar +Taxes

Course Duration: 3 months

Mode: online


Contact Details: +91 9911839503



2. Pivotal 180

This institute has gained global popularity for its variety of courses. They are offering online financial modeling courses in Australia, live streaming, or in-house. They have set the standards for this course. They display the teaching models as well as how to deal with the models.

Pivotal180 runs self-paced online learning programs. This program uses video lessons and downloadable demonstration files. Their online platform allows students to review materials whenever they choose to. The name of their course is project finance and infrastructure modeling.


Key Features:

  • Focused solely on teaching
  • Flexible delivery options like self-paced learning, online, live streaming, in-house
  • Possess practical knowledge of the finance world
  • Trained the top advisors, developers, lenders, and funds across the world
  • The course covers a broad set of topics related to financial management.


Syllabus Covered:

  • Pre-course material
  • Introduction
  • Term loans
  • Cash flow drivers
  • Waterfall and cash flow summary
  • Debt service reserve account
  • Construction phase
  • Depreciation and tax
  • Returns
  • Core outputs
  • Modeling quality checks
  • Optimizing a deal model


Benefits of doing this course:

  • Students will learn to use these models for evaluating business decisions.
  • The sensitivity required to approach risks is taught.
  • Access for 12 months the course materials- videos, graphs, written materials, etc
  • Students will receive a course completion certificate
  • Open discussions and interactions are encouraged.


Mode of Teaching: Online

Duration: self-paced learning course






3. CCE the University of Sydney

The Center of Continuing Education. It is a prestigious institute affiliated with the University of Sydney. With the financial modeling courses, there are several other courses also available. There are two types of courses available, one is classroom-based and another one is online. These courses are designed to the knowledge to the students to construct a professional financial model.


Key Features:

  • Suitable for both who are working or about to start working in the financial sector.
  • Also suitable for students of commerce as well as science and mathematics students.
  • Self-managed learning through a Learning Management System.
  • Study material and related videos will be given for step-by-step guidance.


Two Types of  Financial Modeling Courses in Australia :

Course1: Best Practice course

Course2: Online course


Syllabus Covered: Course 1

  • Excel uses
  • The modeling lifestyle
  • Modeling best practice
  • The blacklist
  • Testing


Mode of Teaching: Offline

Duration of Course: 8 hours


Syllabus Covered: Course 2

  • Uses of integrated 3-way models
  • Learn to build a 3-way model
  • Error checks and troubleshooting
  • Best practices and advanced Excel
  • Valuation
  • Revenue and expenditure
  • Integrated financial statement
  • Quality control


Mode of Teaching: Online

Duration of Course: 60 hrs. / 120 days


Contact Details:



4. Plum Solutions

Plum Solution is a Sydney-based institute that provides training and consulting in the areas of financial modeling. This institution provides offline classes in major cities of Australia and is also available online. Their courses are mainly for business professionals who want to improve their skills using Microsoft Excel. The Institute’s team of experts teaches to build best practice financial models, budget forecasts, and analytical reports.


Key Features:

  • Online support during the course.
  • Categorized level of courses according to the prior knowledge of courses.
  • Certificates are given after one clears the exams.
  • Promotes practical learning and covers raw basic concepts of model building perfectly.
  • Plum Solutions support center is giving a four-week subscription after the course completion.


Syllabus Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Excel tools
  • Building financial models
  • Model analysis tools
  • Essential formulas
  • Techniques
  • Building a business case
  • Analyzing and presenting a model
  • Scenarios and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Conditional formatting
  • Dynamic charting
  • Model output


Duration: 12 months online course

Mode of Teaching: offline and online both






Recommended Reads:


5) University of South Australia

The university provides an undergraduate financial modeling course. The course is an advanced training program where new tools and methodologies are used to bring knowledge to each student. The main aim of this course is to clarify the student’s ideas about spreadsheet design as well as construction.


Course: Financial Modeling


Syllabus Covered:

  • Role of numerical solutions
  • In financial and investment analysis this institute follows Simulation models.
  • Excel
  • Spreadsheets
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Statement simulation
  • Fund analysis
  • Performance measurement
  • Models of leasing
  • Property valuation
  • Interest rate risk analysis
  • Investment analysis



  • 1 week: Preparatory class
  • 10 weeks: Lectures
  • 10 weeks: Tutorial
  • 30 hours: Seminar


Mode: A Classroom session


Benefits of doing this course:

  • It will give 4 assignments that would carry marks and these marks would reflect on your result certificate.
  • Students will be trained by hands-on experts who know the field of finance well.
  • A proper distribution of lectures, tutorials, and seminars will help students to gain an extensive knowledge base.
  • The assignments will improve practical application skills and raise confidence.


Phone: +61 8 8302 0114


6) Curtin University

This University is ranked as one of the best universities in the world. Their courses are extremely student-centric, desires, and aspirations of the young students. They have a separate system of working rules for international students.


Course: Advanced Financial Modeling Course in Australia


Syllabus Covered:

  • MS Excel
  • Software development
  • Investment decisions
  • Eikon


Benefits of doing this course:

  • This institute is known for these courses which is one of their best courses.
  • Various tools and techniques were taught.
  • Certificates are provided once one completes the course.
  • International students can take advantage of scholarship facilities from the institute.
  • Trained professionals will impart knowledge about the finance and accountancy industry.


Phone: +61 8 9266 9266



It is an institute located in New York, and the financial modeling courses provided by them are available in virtual mode. Students can do this course from any part of the world. Anyone can receive professional training in finance, design, coding, etc based on your choice of course. The candidates can learn about the best practices from experienced investment bankers and analysts.


Course: Financial Modeling Bootcamp

Syllabus Covered:

  • Advanced Excel
  • Analytical tools
  • Database functions for the finance
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance
  • Enterprise Value
  • Financial accounting and statement analysis
  • Integrated modeling
  • DCF Model
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • LBO Model
  • Company Analysis
  • Financial Projections
  • Terminal Value
  • Discounting cash flows
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Financial Analysis and Reasonability Testing


Duration: 21 hours

Mode: Live virtual Classes

Benefits of doing this course:

–Here faculty members are world-class instructors who will train the students

– After completion of the course students will receive certificates

– Students are divided into small groups so that individual attention and focus can be given to each student

– The updated curriculum is designed for the best training

– There are the options to retake the course within 1 year


Contact: (212) 658-1918


Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs


  1. What is financial modeling?

It is a brief representation of a company’s operations in the past, and present, and predicts the future. Models are designed to act as decision-making models.


  1. Who should attend the financial modeling courses in Australia?

This training course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain in-depth knowledge of financial modeling.


  1. What are the prerequisites?

In these Financial Modeling courses in Australia, there are no formal prerequisites.


  1. Where to do financial modeling courses in Australia?

Many institutions are offering these courses in Australia. The institutions that have been mentioned above are the best in this field. One can choose according to his needs and convenience.


  1. What is the mode of teaching in financial modeling courses in Australia?

Nowadays, most institutions are providing online, offline, live-in sessions, pre-recorded videos, in-house training, etc. For international students, it is easy to enroll themselves in these classes without being residents of Australia.


  1. Is it worth doing these financial modeling courses in Australia?

Australia has a well-established education system. So doing financial modeling courses in Australia will be highly beneficial.



Financial modeling is a critical skill in the finance industry and courses in Australia offer numerous advantages. It will give world-class education, a strong financial sector, and opportunities for networking and career support. If someone wants to build a career in finance, then this course can add value to his/her resume and can improve them to achieve career goals. So, enroll in a financial modeling course in Australia and take this opportunity and learn the required skills in a workplace and find a dream job. Make yourself for the future to shine in this field.

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