Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Nagpur With Placements

In today’s fast-moving world, managing finance is the most crucial aspect of any organization. We work hard to create multiple sources of income, and with the increase in our financial condition, it became hard to manage our financial flow. So, we need someone having great knowledge of managing finance and help in taking a crucial decision. This increases the great demand for financial modeling courses in Nagpur and professionals.


List of best financial modeling courses in Nagpur


What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is a way of getting the closest estimation of the financial performance of any particular project or business. It is the most highly valued skill one should have in a particular organization. The main objective of financial modeling is to predict the results by combining various matrices of finance accounting and business.

With the help of financial modeling, one can present organizational operations in the past and present in the future in form of numbers. Financial models are used as decision-making tools, which help top management to estimate the cost and project and also project the profit of an upcoming or proposed new project.

Financial modeling helps in getting an in-depth understanding of all the components of every complex scenario and assists in taking better decisions. The financial model is a summary of the entire business cost and can be used to make a crucial decision in the future.

It is also used in strategic planning to test various situations and scenarios, estimate the cost of new projects, decide on budget allocation, and allocate corporate resources. Financial models have been widely used in estimating the valuation of a business and comparing business with peers in the industry to get an idea about your current and to estimate your future position in the industry.


Let’s Take a Real Situational Example:

A good financial model provides a set of basic assumptions to its user. As the most commonly forecasted line item is sales growth, the comparison of a previous quarter with a recent quarter as sales growth is recorded according to their increase and decrease, In this case, financial models require only two inputs to measure sales growth.

Financial modelers create three different cells. Cell A is for the prior year’s sales, cell B is for the current year’s sales, and cell C is used for a formula that divides the difference between cell A and cell B by cell A. This is the growth formula in the financial model, Where cell C is coded formula into the financial model and cell A and B is used for inputs that can be inserted by the user.

So in the above case, the main purpose of the financial model is to estimate the sales growth in a possible event that occurs. This is only one real-world example of financial modeling Any factor that effects or affects growth can be analyzed through these financial modes.


Why You Should Become a Financial Modeling Expert

With the increase of complexity in the business and to keep yourself above the peers of the industry. It’s very competitive, cutthroat even. Companies always looking for skilled professionals having an in-depth understanding of these finance models and are always ready to pay well to them.

Because companies always need someone who helps them to move in the right direction and make the correct decision on time. With the great demand for these financial model experts in companies, the job opening will also be increased. And many renowned institutes teach financial modeling courses in Nagpur and many other big cities.


Below we have mentioned some of the major reasons why you should become a financial modeling expert.

  • Financial modeling courses increase your chances to grab a researched based job in any reputed finance firm, Bank and MNCs
  • Doing Financial modeling specialization can enhance your existing qualification, which might open the door of the big 4 for you.
  • An expert in financial modeling also helps you in keeping track of the credit scoring system. 
  • An average salary of a financial modeler in India is around 21 lakhs per annum and even a fresher can easily get a package of around 8 lakhs yearly and a senior financial modeler can make up to 55 lakhs yearly.
  • Financial modeling keeps you in the decision-making body if love to be in a group of higher authority.
  • Financial modeler offers value and output because over a period any business generates lots of financial data and these data must be maintained and structured within all departments and outside through sales payments                                                         
  • Once these inputs are entered into excel format, with the help of functions and formulas in the spreadsheet we make calculations and estimations required by the business.


Career Opportunity After Completing Financial Modeling Couse in Nagpur

After completing the financial modeling course, altogether new doors are opened for you. These skills always keep you in demand in the job field. Financial modeling skills helps you to enter various degree of financial sectors. Because the value of financial modeling is rapidly increasing beyond.

Because it is one of the most crucial tools for any company to track and estimate the risk or treat it in a very cost-effective way, so because of its impotence and uses financial modeling widely adopted in various financial sectors such as.

  • Mutual Funds
  • Project Financial firms
  • Investment Banks
  • Equity and credit Rating agencies
  • KPO’s

So, in all the above sectors financial modeling becomes the main component in estimating the risk and allocating the funds for purposed projects. And it will make you a valuable player on the team. Someone who keeps the organization in the right direction and makes the correct decision.


How to Become a Financial Modeler 

Now a day almost every financial and accounting jobs need and ask for financial modeling professional skills. Below mentioned some of the most vital skills to excel as a financial modeler professional.


Crucial Skills to Become a Financial Modeling Professional:


1. Eyes on Details: As a financial modeler expert, you must have an eye on every minute detail, if you don’t have attention to details, you’re not likely to be great at financial modeling. So developed a habit of keeping eye on details.

2. Ability to Forecasting Results: As a financial modeling professional, you are very good at art and science. You can use regression analysis to predict future results based on past results. Apart from that qualitative factors such as management team and culture have to be taken into consideration.

3. Good Accounting Skills: A solid understanding of accounting fundamentals, such as the concept of revenue recognition, matching principles accruals, non-cash items such as depreciation, and more. Solid hold on accounting skills helps you to understand how to read a financial statement, how to dissect them, and how to take it back up again.    

4. Excellent Excel Skills: Excel is the most important tool in financial modeling. So strong Excel skill is very critical for financial modeling professional. Because creating a financial model is sometimes more of an art than a science, so you should know all the important shortcuts of Excel to speed up the work. You’ll also know all the important formulas and functions to perform all the calculation more effectively and efficiently.

5. Ease in Solving the Problem: The ability to logically thinking in a very organized manner is the first and foremost ability of a financial modeler. It is very crucial to flow the logical flow of information while making a financial model for a better understanding of the user. 

6. Presentation Skills:

A good financial modeler is also able to create a wonderful presentation in PowerPoint or any other presentation tool. Which helps in communicating the results of the models to managers or clients.


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Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Nagpur

Financial modeling course is becoming a hot skill currently day, so there are so many premium institutes in India that provide financial modeling course. The banking sector procedures and techniques are evolving, and this gives a rise to financial modeling professionals. Many cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad even various premium institutes provide financial modeling courses.

The main purpose of these institutes providing financial modeling courses in Nagpur is to train the candidates to create the financial model, which is used by the organization for various purposes such as tracking the health of an organization in terms of forecasting and budgeting risk analysis and evaluation, resource allocation, and many more.

In these institutional courses, you will learn to create simple as well as very complex financial models using tools like excel and many more.  Over the period through practice with the help of various case studies, you will easily understand the applicability of financial modeling concepts.

These courses are designed to cover all the major aspects of financial modeling and valuation. Below we have mentioned the top 5 financial modeling course institutes you will look for.



IIM SKILLS is one of the finest institutes in India which provides financial modeling courses in Nagpur. They are well-trained professionals who take care of every aspect of the financial modeling course journey. As financial modeling is a field that requires knowledgeable professionals, IIM SKILLS has experts who guide you in and out of the financial structure of the organization.

They are known for providing dedicated practical training sessions to their students. It is the first choice for many beginners who begin their journey as financial modelers who needs strong support in their initial days, whether they need support with digital skills, or they need advanced training to adopt expertise in the financial system.

IIM SKILLS provides financial modeling courses in various cities in India even in small cities such as Nagpur. If you are looking for financial modeling courses in Nagpur at IIM SKILLS, you will get multiple benefits same as any metro city in India. It helps you in gaining the core concept of financial modeling but provides you with practical training, which helps you taking profitable decisions for the betterment of the organization. 

The financial modeling course is conducted online, where you can easily interact with your mentor to clear any doubts and get support. The mentors are industry experts who have been assisting students for so long. There are many practical assignments are given to you during the training program which sharpens your financial modeling skills. This makes the course very rewarding for you. This course comprised 100+ hours of assignments and 5+ case studies. 


Major Benefits of Financial Modeling Course in IIM SKILLS:

  • IIM SKILLS has a great placement record, because of its 150+ placement partners. So, you have a great chance to get employed at a recognized organization.
  • They have 100% practical training, so you are ready to work as a professional financial modeler after completing your course.
  • Also, they provide you with an internship that helps you to work on real projects and build your portfolio.
  • You will also be certified after completing your training from IIMSKILLS, which is recognized by the government of India. This is a great addition to your academic background.
  • IIM SKILLS provides you with lifetime support. You will reach out to them for guidance and support at any stage of your life.


Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration:  3 Months

Course Fee: 39,900 + GST


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2. Coursera

Coursera is another wonderful resource for one who wants to excel in the field of Financial Modeling. This detailed course on financial modeling is offered by Macquire University. Macquire University holds a high reputation among some top-most universities in the globe.

Coursera is offering more the 4000 courses online, which are provided by Sanford University. The financial Modeling course by Wharton is one of the top-selling courses on Coursera, specially designed for intermediate learners. (WRDS) Wharton designed a database that can be used by its learners. such as.

 It helps in figuring out the crucial gaps and minimizing the potential risk. It also helps in figuring out the best scenarios for achieving success. With the help of this database, you can easily implement quantitative models in spreadsheets.

You can take structured decisions. Which helps you in preparing the presentation in PowerPoint from quantitative models. It’s a great tool to sharpen your decision-making skills, and you can easily implement quantitative models.


Major Benefits of Financial Modeling Course from Coursera:

The whole curriculum of the course is designed to keep the ease of learning for beginners.

  • You can access all sought content, online materials such as audio videos lessons, and assignments. 
  • The entire course is a practical knowledge-based comprehensive training format.
  • You can easily navigate, key in data, data manipulation, and many other features.
  • There are numerous charts, graphs, and so on used for the representation of data, with this help of it, you easily understand the concepts.
  • With the help of this course, designing spreadsheets, correcting and validating data for analysis, and decision-making become so easy for you.


Duration: Depends on the course

Fee: Varies as per the course


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3. Investopedia Academy

Investopedia is a project-based online provider which offers a Financial Modeling course. The whole course was designed bearing in mind the future requirements of the industry.  Investopedia’s comprehensive modules comprise both theoretical as well as practical concepts of financial modeling.

The mentors of the academy are financial professionals from Fortune 500, making it one of the best learning experiences for all its learners. So, you can easily understand concepts such as Capex and depreciation, Scenario Analysis, working capital, Deprecation Schedules, Shortening the cash cycle, and many other financial concepts.


Major Benefits of Financial Modeling Course from Investopedia Academy:

  • The whole curriculum in Investopedia is majorly spread into 8 parts, which gives you detailed insights into both theory and practical knowledge of financial modeling.
  • You can build a financial model from scratch 
  • This course is a great resource for understanding financial jargon.
  • There are 40+ plus video lessons with interactive content.
  • After completion of this course, you can easily understand the valuation of business and financial projections.
  • You can make realistic financial projections 
  • There are several exercises, projects, and assignments that hone the newly acquired decision-making skills.
  • You can also access the whole content for a lifetime.
  • Investopedia also provides you with a placement Guarantee after completion of the course.


Duration: 40+ lessons

Fee: INR  15314 


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4. Udemy

Udemy is a world-class platform for online learners. Whether you have a career in investment banking or want to excel in your business. The financial modeling course on Udemy is ideal for you. It helps you to get ahead in your professional life.

Udemy has more than 155,000 online courses and it is the best possible platform if you are looking for a Financial modeling course. You will find on-demand videos and various downloadable resources with lifetime accessibility. Udemy courses are designed on learning-based assignments.


Major Benefits of Financial Modeling Course from Udemy:

  • These courses help you in building financial models and statements with practical training.
  • You can build a financial valuation model from scratch.
  • You can become an expert and use various features of Microsoft Excel with ease
  • After doing this course you can easily represent the data through charts and graph
  • Easily do cash flow analysis

There are also too many courses on Udemy related to the Financial Modeling field, so after doing this you can also look after it…Which opens the door for you to various Career opportunities.


Such as:

  • Investment Banking
  • Freelance
  • Financial analyst
  • Research analyst and more.

Duration: Depends on the course

Fee: Varies as per the course


5. G T Academy

Grant Thornton academy is a well-known name in up-skilling services in India. Because of their result-oriented training program. GT academy is famous for its curriculum especially designed for working professionals and beginners. They impart conceptual knowledge to their students with a perfect blend of industry practices. They majorly focus on concepts through case studies so you can easily understand and implement complex concepts.


Major Benefits of Financial Modeling Course from GT Academy:

  • Case studies-based learning helps you in gaining crucial insights into opportunities and risk 
  • You can easily understand complex financial concepts.
  • Display the model through a dashboard.
  • Job roles-based scenario for better understanding.


Duration: 80 hours of learning 

Fee: INR 18000 


6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Finance Academy is one of the most prestigious institutes in India providing skill-centric financial modeling courses to its learners. Henry Harvin’s financial modeling course curriculum was designed based on current industry requirements.  

They have 70 hours of two-way live online interactive classroom sessions. Which clears every doubt of yours when you start your journey as a financial modeler. They provide you with more than 52 masterclasses for essential soft skills training. Which improves your personality over the next 12 months.

You can attend multiple sessions with multiple trainers in this course to understand the different points of view on the same concepts.


Major Benefits of Financial Modeling Course from Henry Harvin:

  • Hands-on practice on live projects facilitates the overall understanding of the current requirement of financial modeling in the industry
  • You can also variously attend boot camps on financial modeling.
  • Full placement assistance after completion of the course.
  • Henry Harvin also provides internship opportunities to their learners too.
  • Their certificate credential is globally accepted.


Duration: 70 hours of course

Fee: INR 29500


FAQs About Financial Modeling Courses in Nagpur


Q1. What are the best applications of financial modeling currently required in the industry?

  • Business Analysis
  • Calculating the overall net worth of business
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Capital arrangement through debt and equity


Q2. What is the demand for financial modeling courses in Nagpur?

The demand for financial modelers in India is increasing day by day and you can be enrolled in this course from anywhere. There are many reputed financial modeling courses in Nagpur you will find in small cities too. People from cities like Nagpur, Indore, and Patna are opting for Financial modeling courses. After the financial modeling course, You can work in many sectors such as in banks, public accounting, institutes, or many other sectors. Most institutes offering financial modeling courses in Nagpur are training so online mode because of the current situation. But this is very easy for working professionals or students to complete this course with comfort and their preferences.


Q3. Will I get a certificate of completion after completing the financial courses in Nagpur valued by companies?

Yes, of course, a certificate of financial modeling courses in Nagpur is highly valued in the industry and you are eligible for a job with that certificate. A professional course with proper training along with a certificate gives your employer a proper idea about your competency and caliber.


Q4. What career opportunities do I have after doing financial modeling courses in Nagpur?

One has various career opportunities after completing financial modeling courses in Nagpur. You may work as a research analyst or finance specialist, bookkeeper, and many other financial roles. The financial modeling courses in Nagpur provide you in-depth knowledge base, So hence on your interest, you can choose the role you wish to do.

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