Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Toronto With Placements

As the name suggests, Financial Modeling is a process where an organization creates a model in the form of a spreadsheet containing all their expenses, incomes, losses, and gains of the past and present to understand and find out the impact on their future financial decisions. Finance is a vast industry, and financial analysis plays a very important role in it. Financial Modeling does not just include knowing all about finance, it is a mix of accounts, finance, economics, and business analysis, so if a person wants to get into financial modeling, they need to be well versed with all the concepts. Go through the entire article to know about the best financial modeling courses in Toronto.


List of best financial modeling courses in Toronto


To be able to be a financial analyst, a person must be highly analytical, you could say it requires a high understanding of complex situations and perfect knowledge on how to use Microsoft Excel. Financial modeling spreadsheet is made on Microsoft Excel so you have to start with knowing how to use Microsoft Excel.

Financial models are never 100% accurate, but they provide rough clarity and help a company to know where they stand and make changes and strategies accordingly. We have also made a list of Financial Modeling courses in Toronto to guide you throughout.


The Essential Requirement for Doing Financial Modelling?

The essential requirement for doing the course is you should have completed 10+2 with subjects like Math, Finance, Commerce, and Economics. The most important skill you need to have to do financial modeling is advanced Excel.


How Big is Toronto For Finance?

Toronto has secured its place as the biggest financial market in Canada, making it Canada’s financial capital. It is also ranked 2nd in North America right after New York. Over the years, Toronto has emerged as one of the leading financial hubs in the world. Recognized globally at 7th rank for Financial Services. Toronto is the most diverse city in the world with increasing financial opportunities. Individuals migrate from other parts of Canada to work in the finance industry in Toronto.

Due to its good rank, individuals who pursue their education in finance from Toronto land a good and desirable job in the corporate world. Opening a bundle of opportunities to work in the finance industry and make connections helps you reach your objective. You can also find 8 Financial Modeling courses in Toronto to assist you.


Does Financial Modelling Help You Achieve Your Goal?

As mentioned before Financial Modeling is a mixture of all commerce-related fields, which is why it acts like a foundation and opens up plenty of chances for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a CFA, CPA, a finance graduate, majored in accounts, economics, or business administration, or rather from a completely different background anyone can pursue a Financial modeling course.

If you are already aware of finance or are a graduate in finance it would be like an accessory to you and if you are from an opposite path, you have nothing to worry about because financial modelling just might be the way you get into what you want.

So at this moment, all you need to do is find yourself one of the best financial modeling courses and be rest assured because we might just know these Top 8 Financial modeling courses in Toronto that will help you achieve your goals.


Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Toronto:



One of the most reputed and highly established Ed-tech companies is IIM SKILLS with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. The fastest-growing and leading company in India was established in 2015 providing the finest quality online education to students all around the world. IIM SKILLS has educated 35,000+ students and counting. IIM SKILS offers online programs for various fields like Writing, Marketing, Finance, and a Competitive exam.

They aim to deliver high-quality education to not just a specific location but the globe at minimum prices wherefore individuals are encouraged and constantly try to upskill themselves. It is truly a place to learn if you want to get an all-rounder education.

Their faculty consists of industry specialists who focus on both theory and practical skills so that you excel in whatever it is that you want to do. One of the biggest advantages of learning with IIM SKILLS is the lifetime access you get on your course with their LMS (Learning Management System).

Not to mention all their courses are certified, oh and did you know they offer guaranteed internship and job placements, it is truly a platform where you cannot go wrong.


Course Name: Online Financial Modeling Course


Course Details:

  • Course Duration- 3 Months
  • 1 month training period
  • 2 months guaranteed internship
  • 6 modules
  • 70+ hours of training
  • Training in basic and advanced Excel
  • 100% job assistance
  • Help with mock interview preparation
  • Certified Course
  • Practical assignment of 100+ hours
  • Case studies of more than 5
  • 10+ Financial Model Templates


Course Fees – 39,900 INR +18% GST.


2. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

Founded in 2016, CFI is a globally recognized institute that offers excellent banking and finance courses to professionals who want to excel in the respected industry. It partners up with universities to provide high quality and practical skills to students which prepares them for the real world. CFI caters to students and professionals with all the up-to-date tools and skills required in the corporate world.

They ensure that their students get their hands on practical scenarios, strategies by experts in the industry and not just theoretical knowledge. CFI is trusted by top banks and organizations and their certificates are acknowledged internationally. The institute’s first launched course was financial modeling, which is also one of the most in-demand courses that they offer. They also offer Financial Modeling courses in Toronto in partnership with some Universities.


Course Name – Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA).


Course Details:

  • Course Duration- 4-6 Months
  • Self-paced videos
  • Full immersion training
  • Certificate after completion of the course
  • Interactive exercises
  • Receive blockchain certificate (get digitally identified as a verification of the skills you gained)
  • Get 40 courses
  • Learn 8 skills during the course
  • Regular assessment


Course Fees – For self-study – $497 / year

For full immersion – $847 / year.


3. EY Virtual Academy

EY Virtual Solutions provide education to both corporates and institutes. Their goal is to educate corporations and Institutes with the best hands-on faculty full of professionals who are experts. Since the courses are trained by professionals they have exact knowledge about the latest news and train their students according to the coming trends.

They make sure their students receive the best education possible so that they are capable and skilled to keep updating themselves with leading changes and technology. They cater to adjust your training as per your location, and requirements so that you don’t miss out on their learning opportunity. They provide courses in numerous fields like Accounting, Finance, Analytics, Business Tools, Compliance, and Technology. They also offer a course combo. Right now take a look at their Financial modeling course.


Course Name –  Certificate in Financial Modelling and Valuation Course.


Course Details:

  • 36 hours of training
  • LMS support for 6 months
  • Certified course
  • Doubts solving through Email
  • Online test
  • Their online assessment is in an MCQ format
  • Modules include: Tax calculation and Building macros
  • To prepare them for independent business valuation.


Course fees – 250 USD.


4. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut is an ed-tech company that accredits professionals and technologists so that they outshine the industry. As the name suggests it delivers knowledge in plenty of fields like Software Development, IT Service Management, Finance, Al, Data Science, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing all these courses which play a very important role in today’s world. It is well equipped with so many courses that you don’t have to look for other alternatives.

It assists an individual to become a recognized person in the corporate world. The corporate world is extremely competitive, which is why it is extremely hard and stressful to become a part of it. There are a few institutes that offer courses to help to get into the corporate world and Knowledge Hut is one of them. It also provides online financial modeling courses in Toronto.

It was founded in 2011 with its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware making it one of the institutes with experienced faculty who help link the students to the real work.


Course Name – Financial Modelling with Excel Training.


Course Details:

  • 24 hours of training
  • Course duration – 3 Days
  • Practical training
  • Receive tips and techniques from industry experts
  • 3 detailed modules
  • Workshops
  • Certificate after completion of the course


Course Fees – It depends on the trainers and schedules, so you will have to check accordingly.


5. Financial Modelling Institute (FMI)

With its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Financial Modelling Institute offers high-quality and excellent courses that only involve Financial Services. Their goal is to ensure that individuals get top-notch education in finance-related fields from top educators. Financial modeling, Business Valuation, Financial Analysis, Financial Analyst, FinTech, Investment Analysis, and Microsoft Excel specialties are all included in the courses. This institute also offers Financial Modeling courses in Toronto.


There are 4 Financial modeling courses rendered in the institution

  • Foundation in Financial Modelling
  • Level 1: Advanced Financial modeler
  • Level 2: Chartered financial modeler
  • Level 3: Master Financial Modeller


Also, Check:


6. Pivotal180

It is one of the recently founded ed-Tech companies, currently providing courses in the areas of finance and taxing. Their faculty consists of individuals who hold lectures in Ivy League universities, making sure that only high-quality, in-depth, and practical education is being delivered to students out there. Not only that, their team has worked with Goldman Sachs and GE Capital which ensures that the experience needed to work in big companies like these is being given by them to the students.

It is a company that focuses solely on the finance and taxing part of the economy, it shapes the minds of individuals by helping them understand complex concepts in a much easier way, when you talk about finance or accounts you want someone to go from basics to the most complex idea and Pivotal180 helps you link and understand things better so that you have conceptual clarity rather than a short term understanding.

One of the best parts about these courses is that they are not just limited to a particular financial modeling course, there are alternatives that you can choose to see and decide which one fits and helps you in the best way possible.


The Certified Courses available are:

  • Renewable energy project financial modeling
  • Project finance modeling
  • Financial modeling for business plan
  • Introduction to battery storage and finance modeling
  • Mining project finance modeling


You will have to go through the website for specific course details but we assure you the course is certified which means you will receive a certificate of completion and you are going to be taught by industry experts, so you might not want to miss your chance. They also have their public sessions of Financial Modeling courses in Toronto.

There are 4 options available for learning the course: Public Sessions, Live Training, Online Self Paced Videos and Self-customised classes. The availability of the sessions keeps changing from time to time so go and book yours now. The prices of the courses will also be understood once you go and check their website.


7. The Marquee Group

As of 2023, Marquee Group has connected with The Training Street company. The company was founded in 2002 and has been training thousands of individuals to excel in different fields such as Financial Modelling, Data Science and Analytics, Advance Excel, Valuation, Lawyers, Accounting, Credit and Lending, Mining and Energy, Powerpoint, and Data Communications.

They provide numerous courses in the above-mentioned field ensuring that individuals have choices so that they can choose the courses that suit their requirements. For instance, their financial modeling courses vary from basic to complex topics, covering everything which is required to have absolute knowledge about Financial Modelling.

They are accredited as an approved training provider for the Financial Modelling Institute (FMI). Their classes are available to you in 3 options: Self Paced Classes, Offline Teaching, and Trainers led webinars. Their engaging, smaller class size, doubts solving support system makes learning from The Marquee Group all the very engrossing.

The Marquee Group’s Headquarters is in Toronto, Canada. The only motive of The Marquee Group is to help professionals, students, and graduates to learn finer and gain in-depth practical skills that help them cut into place in the corporate world. It is one of the best Financial Modeling courses in Toronto.


8. Coursera

American company Coursera established in 2012 has gained a lot of attention ever since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in the world. As education started taking new turns, being digital got in demand. That is when companies like Coursera, edX, and Udemy came to be, before things started to get digital people would mostly prefer offline, one-to-one classes and sessions to learn better but now companies like Coursera make it possible to learn and educate yourself with totally different and complex topics.

The biggest advantage is some of its courses are free so basically you are learning things for free with a detailed explanation and interactive self-learning videos that make it possible for you to complete the course as you please. Some of its courses give you a certificate of completion after upgrading for minimal charges. It helps you build a foundation on topics

Coursera is an easygoing website where everything is mentioned like the course duration, fees, modules, assignments, lecture videos, description and so much more. It also has courses that are offered by some excellent universities in the world. This is the place where you can properly make use of the courses and gain immense knowledge that not only helps you with your career but also the certificates you receive will hold significant importance in your resume.


Some of the Financial Modelling courses that you can do are

  1. Business and Financial Modelling – University of Pennsylvania.
  2. Finance and Quantitative Modelling for Analyst – University of Pennsylvania.
  3. Discounted Cash Flow Modelling course – Coursera Project Network.
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions – University at Illinois Urbana- Champaign.
  5. Fundamentals of Financial Planning, with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Course – Goldman Sachs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Financial Modeling Courses in Toronto


1.   Is Financial Modelling a good course?

It most definitely is a good course, if you are even a slight bit interested in the commerce field, financial modeling doesn’t just involve being good in finance, it requires you to be an enthusiast in learning everything the course demands of you including accounting, business analysis, and economics. This course makes you highly in demand because every organization needs a model which tells them about their present situation while making precisely the right assumptions about their future growth. The biggest advantage is the digital aspect of the course: you make a model by entering and computing data in Microsoft Excel. Financial Modelling can be easier with the help of some assistance which is why we have made a list above of some of the best Financial modeling courses in Toronto.


2.   Is it hard to learn Financial Modelling?

Financial Modelling includes technical and complex concepts that are difficult to grasp, it also involves up-to-the-scratch mathematical skills with the ability to make accurate assumptions while looking at numbers and stats for future forecasting. So yes, Financial modeling is difficult to learn but it is an important tool in the finance industry. This is why if an individual is keen to educate themselves about it then they have to be very focused and determined to learn about new and complicated theories and put their practice and attention to detail skills at work. There are also these 8 financial modeling courses in Toronto that will help you and make things easier for you.


3.   Job Opportunities after Financial Modelling?

As mentioned before, you can look for abundant and different career paths after doing financial modeling. Organizations look for analysts, associates, and managers who know how to make financial models. You can work as an analyst or associate for Investment Banking, Corporate Development,  Equity Research, Private Equity, Financial Planning, and analysis which are all the basic ones there are various more. Once you get into Financial Modelling you will know and understand the field much better and can work for numerous other firms. You can also try out any of the financial modeling courses in Toronto that we have listed above which would assist with your job.


4.   Would it be better if I do financial modeling in Toronto?

It doesn’t matter where you receive your education since all that is required is how satisfactory your skills are, but if you talk about getting to work then Toronto would be a good place. Toronto is one of the financial hubs in the world so obviously there would be more and better opportunities in Toronto for the finance industry. In the end, you must know where and how you would make use of your skills and knowledge to be at the top of your game, be it anywhere in the world. We have also listed some best Financial Modeling courses in Toronto.


5.   Are there any Financial Modelling books to increase my knowledge?

Yes! There are a generous amount of books that you can read to gain more insight. A book is the best thing in the world to gain more knowledge. mA book for financial modeling will work wonders for you: it will enhance your skills, you will get to know new and more concepts, and you might also learn some present-day tips and tricks that you have not heard before.

Some book recommendations are:

  1. The Basics of Financial Modelling by Jack Avon.
  2. Financial Modelling in Excel for Dummies by Danielle Stein Fairhurst.
  3. Financial Modelling using Excel and VBA by Chandan Sengupta.
  4. Financial Modelling by Simon Benninga.
  5. Mastering Financial Modelling in Microsoft Excel by Alastair Day.


To Conclude:

Financial modeling opens up a plethora of options for you. It is seen as an effective skill that makes a huge impact in the finance industry. Anything that involves finance is rather a bit more difficult than others. So anybody interested in doing a Financial Modelling course should know that it would take a fair amount of dedication to excel in the course.

Today’s world is said to be a digital world so there is no way Financial Modelling is going to take a step back. It is an in-demand course with various career options like Investment Banking, Private Equity, Financial Planning and Analysis, Equity Research, and Credit Analysis. Now that you are comparatively much more aware of what financial modeling is, and which are the best Financial Modeling courses in Toronto, you can enroll yourself and take the first step towards achieving your aim.

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