Top 5 Sites for Freelance Technical Writing

Humankind has been engulfed by technology and advancements from all four directions. As a result, science and technology are present in practically every element of man’s life. Experimentation and advancements also allow for the emergence of new technology regularly. In today’s column, we’ll take a closer look at the best freelance technical writing Sites in India.


List of best sites for freelance technical writing


Technical writing is a difficult profession that is a step up from content marketing and copywriting. Technical writers write more technical information, whereas content writers write more basic stuff. In any case, the growing need for tech-related material has led to the emergence of freelance technical writing. While freelancing has long been popular, the demand for freelance technical content writers has only recently begun to rise.


Because it is less expensive to engage freelance technical writers than to recruit full-time in-house technical writers for organizations and small businesses. We’ll go over in this article, what technical writing is, how to become a technical writer, what are the successful strategies, and the best places to obtain freelance technical writing work.


What is the Definition of Technical Writing?


Technical writing is primarily focused on a product or a subject. The material is primarily focused on a certain product, subject, or process, and provides technical information about that product, subject, or process. The Freelance Tech Writer’s main purpose is to simplify technical terms and provide clear information to the target audience. The writing style should be in such a way that the layman can understand all of the difficult technical words.


What is Freelance Technical 


Freelance technical writing is when a writer works with clients rather than for a firm full-time to translate difficult-to-understand technical concepts and information into easily digestible literature. Because it includes the utilization of complex material and specific writing styles, it differs from typical article writing, report writing, and blogging.


Bloggers, copywriters, and content writers may be able to produce simple blogs and articles on topics such as information technology, HTML, SEO, social media, and other subjects, but they may not be able to create user manuals and other technical documentation.


Instruction manuals, case studies, white papers, orientation manuals, API documentation, release notes, financial reports, company documents, FAQs, and more are examples of technical writing. On top of good writing skills, technical writers must have thorough technical knowledge of the subject matter.


They may require direct technical capabilities, communication skills, and years of industry experience at times. Although most technical writers adhere to a style guide, some technical writing projects may need the use of unique templates. In any event, technical writing necessitates an understanding of a variety of writing styles.


Many small businesses found it difficult to hire full-time or even part-time technical writers, so freelancing became popular. This is because the average technical writer income is higher than the national average. As a result, a variety of technical writing freelancers can be found on numerous websites.


People looking for high-quality freelance technical writing professionals will find a plethora of new job advertising on various websites. Some professions require extensive technical writing, while others only require proofreading. In any event, many technical writers nowadays prefer remote freelancing employment, particularly because it allows them to build a strong and broad portfolio.


What Steps Do You Need to Take to Become a Freelance Technical Writer?


If you have no past expertise with technical writing or writing in general, becoming a freelancing will be difficult. It will be easier to break into freelancing if you have worked as a technical writer for an organization or in technical communications. You don’t have to devote all of your time to freelancing; you may do it on the side while working as a technical writer.


That’s because technical writing jobs for freelancers can pay wildly different amounts. In any event, all you have to do to become a freelance technical writer is start looking for work online. Various freelance assignments can be found on various freelancing websites. Alternatively, you can create a LinkedIn profile and market your services by showing your portfolio and generating leads.


Thousands of tiny firms rely on freelancers, while large corporations prefer to use in-house remote technical writers. This is especially true for the hundreds of new websites, small SaaS businesses, and other online businesses that appear every day. They outsource their technical writing to freelancers.


As a result, you’ll always be able to locate freelance technical writing jobs. You’ll always be able to access information whether you’re producing user manuals, internet FAQs, release notes, or even financial papers. You can negotiate the costs of these freelance assignments if you have a great portfolio. The more diverse your portfolio, the better rates you’ll be able to obtain.


It also helps to have some technical writing qualifications to show off your abilities and expertise. You don’t have to know everything right away if you want to work as a freelance technical writer. You learn as you go, finish assignments, and gradually improve your freelance profile. 


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How to Become a Successful Freelance Technical Writer?


It is one thing to become a freelance technical writer, but you’ll be standing up with thousands of other freelance technical writers. To kick start your freelance technical writing job, you must be able to compete with them right away. While great writing, communication, and technical writing experience are required, you should also consider the following suggestions. 


1. Build a strong portfolio of technical writing


When you’re first starting as a freelance technical writer, it’s critical to have some experience. Because you’ll need to demonstrate your abilities, creating a technical writing portfolio is the ideal approach to do it. You should leverage any previous work you’ve done if you don’t have much experience. If you have a lot of experience, pick the best pieces to include in your portfolio.


If you haven’t done any work before, you can make new samples to show potential clients what you’re capable of. Make supporting materials for well-known apps, write unique instruction manuals, or produce user guides for tools you use to create new examples. In any case, having a good technical writing portfolio allows you to showcase your expertise at all times.


2. Identify a niche in which you excel.


People are more knowledgeable and skilled in one business or subject matter than in others. It’s vital to pick a field in which you excel and can call yourself an expert on a variety of topics. Finding your niche is the best approach to discovering your industry and interests. You should concentrate on one industry, one aspect, and seek to enhance yourself in that area.


The more narrowly defined your specialization, the better, because you won’t be competing with a slew of other freelance technical writers. You’ll only be up against a few other technical writers that operate in the same field as you. Once you’ve identified your niche, you should concentrate on expanding your knowledge in that topic, improving your writing talents, and finding long-term freelance clients.


3. Make Use of Templates and Double-Check Your Work


While technical writing necessitates specialization, it is nevertheless necessary to adhere to standard principles and formats. Using templates is the greatest method to ensure you’re doing it correctly. You can obtain a sense of how to start by looking at many technical writing examples, samples, and templates.


Make it a practice to double-check everything after you’ve finished, especially while proofreading and revising your document. Check you’re technical documents against templates and other examples to ensure that the format and writing style are correct.


Freelance Technical Writer Responsibilities


A freelance technical writer’s responsibilities vary based on their customer base, but they often involve the following:


  • Investigate and comprehend difficult topics and procedures.
  • Logically organize and streamline content.
  • Create documents that are simple to read and understand for your intended audience.
  • Check the information for accuracy and make any necessary corrections.
  • Technical vocabulary and concepts are well-understood.
  • The ability to put complex knowledge into simple terms.
  • Check documents for errors in language, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Some technical freelance writers have other skills and credentials in addition to these obligations.
  • Some freelance technical writers, for example, may have experience in a certain field, such as healthcare. A technical writer in the healthcare field would need to be well-versed in medical jargon.
  • A freelance technical writer working for a software development business, on the other hand, must be conversant with the software development process and possess a thorough understanding of the product.


Let’s Take a Closer Look at what Technical Freelance Writers do Regularly.


  • Keep Learning

A freelance technical writer’s primary task is to have a thorough understanding of a particular subject. It entails having an in-depth knowledge of the subject and the ability to comprehend and express complicated topics in simple terms. It’s especially tough when working with highly specialized or technical subjects.


The freelance technical writer, on the other hand, must transfer the guarantee that the information is correct and understandable. A freelance writer must research to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.


They must do the following while conducting research:

  • Gather information from a variety of sources, such as journals, whitepapers, and publications.
  • Examine any previous information or documents connected to the topic.
  • Consult with professionals in the field.
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to gather firsthand information about the subject.


  • Content Organization and Structure

After the freelance technical writer has gained a thorough understanding of the subject, they must begin arranging and structuring the text. It entails creating a logical flow for the text and ensuring that information is presented in a way that the intended audience will understand.


The freelance tech writer must also select how the material should be presented. They may choose to write in paragraph form or use tables and lists. The decision is based on what is best for them and their client.


The freelance tech writer can begin composing the document after the content has been sorted and formatted. It entails putting their knowledge of the subject into easy-to-understand words and using creative writing to engage the reader. They must also ensure that the document’s tone and language are appropriate for the intended audience.


  • Content Proofreading

After a freelance tech writer has finished writing content, he or she must proofread it for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Freelance technical writers must ensure that the work is devoid of faults, as they might cause readers to become distracted or confused.


In addition, the freelance tech writer should review the text for consistency and make any necessary changes. It is the responsibility of technical writers to ensure that all formatting is uniform. They also make sure that all paragraphs and lists have the same format.


Technical Writing Skills


Depending on their writing niche, freelancers’ technical niches require different skills. However, there are a few abilities that practically every freelance technical writer should have to succeed in this field. Let’s find out more about them.


  • Ability to Communicate Well

Technical writers must have great communication abilities to convey technical information to a target audience in an understandable manner. They must also be able to interact successfully with clients and other stakeholders. Topics must be discussed, points must be clarified, and issues must be resolved by a skilled writer. Writers must first figure out what their clients want, and then create content that satisfies their needs.


  • Writing abilities

To succeed in the freelancing profession, technical writers must have exceptional writing skills. They must be able to organize and communicate their views logically. The document’s tone must be appropriate for the intended audience. A technical writer who has good writing abilities will not be able to deliver high-quality work.


  • Editing Capabilities

Technical writers should be able to proofread and revise their work. It entails proofreading texts to verify that they are free of spelling and grammar issues, as well as ensure that they are consistent throughout. They must make the necessary revisions to ensure that the final document fits all of the standards. Some businesses employ both technical writers and editors. To provide their clients with error-free publications, freelance technical writers must edit their work.


  • Management of Projects

Because they don’t have a manager or supervisor, freelance tech writers need good project management skills. Technical writers must be able to work on several freelance jobs at the same time. It necessitates being well-organized as well as solid time management abilities. They must ensure that all deadlines are met and that work is delivered on schedule. They should also be able to efficiently manage their projects by using project management software.


  • Management of Technology

As a freelance tech writer, you must be up to date on the latest technology and know-how to use it. For managing their business operations, many organizations use a variety of software and technological solutions. To comprehend how they work as a freelance technical writer, you must know how to operate them. You should also be familiar with project management software such as Asana, Trello, Jira, and others.


  • Skills in Research

To obtain information for technical documentation, technical writers must conduct a significant study. They must gather the necessary material from reliable sources and compile it into a unified document. They must also be able to comprehend difficult topics and communicate them in a way that is understandable to others.


  • Technical Expertise

Although sophisticated technical knowledge of the subject is not required for technical writing, it is beneficial to have some fundamental technical expertise. It will assist you in comprehending the technology discussed in the document and accurately writing about it.


For example, if you’re writing about software, you’ll need to understand how it works. You should be conversant with your clients’ software and tools as a freelance technical writer. It will assist you in better understanding their operation and accurately writing about it.


  • Thinking Critically

For technical writing employment, critical thinking is a must-have skill. As a freelance writer, you must assess the client’s needs and comprehend their desires. You must also think critically about your client’s technology or products and determine the best approach to communicate them. You may also need to come up with content ideas. Without it, freelance writers will be unable to deliver high-quality work that fulfills the needs of their clients.


  • Marketing Expertise

You should be familiar with marketing if you want to be a successful freelance technical writer. To attract new clients, you must know how to promote yourself effectively and create a strong network. To stay ahead of the competition, you should be up to date on the newest market trends. Improved marketing abilities will help you land more freelance technical writing gigs and expand your company.


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Top Websites for Freelance Technical Writing Jobs


Technical writing jobs and offers can be found on a variety of websites. Building a freelancing profile, on the other hand, requires time and work, and it’s best to stick to one platform at a time. The more time and effort you devote to one platform, the stronger your freelance profile will become. As a result, you’ll be able to receive better employment and offers.


In any case, you can begin your freelance technical writing job by visiting any of the freelancing websites listed below. It’s best to create a profile on each platform and experiment with it to see which one works best for you.


1. Upwork 


One of the most popular sites for freelancers is Upwork, formerly known as Odesk. Graphic designers, content marketing professionals, and freelance writers can all find work in the marketplace. Writers can submit bids for both short- and long-term projects. Because previous works on the webserver to create your reputation, it is easy for specialists to use.


Before securing a gig, you’ll need to be patient and submit a lot of proposals if you’re just starting. However, once you begin to deal with clients and establish a reputation as an expert writer on the site, your hard work will pay off. You can charge an hourly fee or a fixed amount for projects, depending on your preference. When submitting bids, keep in mind that Upwork takes a share of the freelance writer’s pay.


2. FlexJobs


FlexJobs is a freelance writer website and job board that helps experienced writers discover clients and writing gigs. FlexJobs has the advantage of having all of the freelance job postings vetted and validated. You do not have to worry about fraud or low-paying jobs because of this. To view the job specifics, independent article writers must join up for a premium subscription on the platform.


From virtual assistants to search engine optimization (SEO) professionals, high-quality web designers, copywriters, content writers, software development engineers, and coders, this platform has it all. Include any testimonials from previous clients when applying for gigs to help you stand out from the crowd.


3. Freelancer


Freelancer is one of the world’s largest and most established freelance marketplaces. The site works in the same way that most freelancing sites do: you create an account, submit some proposals, and try to build your freelance profile. Starting a freelance career on can be difficult, especially when there are so many people with really strong profiles and years of expertise.


As a result, you may be forced to start with smaller, lower-paying technical writing jobs. You’ll be more open to better and higher-paying freelancing employment as you progress and complete more tasks. You can use particular keywords to look for freelance technical writing jobs on Freelancer. Keywords assist you in locating jobs that are relevant to your industry, specialty, and writing style.


You can also select whether you want an online job or one that is located near you. Minimum budgets, lengths, and contests can all be used to narrow down your search. If you specialize in a specialized topic field, you may also search based on the required abilities and language. In any event, the majority of technical writing jobs may be found on Freelancer.


4. Fiverr


Fiverr is a huge freelance marketplace that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Because it adopted a novel approach to freelancing labor, Fiverr grew to be so popular. They inverted the process of people posting jobs and freelancers applying for them. As a result, freelancers create pitches that include a complete portfolio as well as a description of what they do.


Employers can skim through several potential pitches and initiate contact with the freelancers they believe are the best fit for the job. As a result, freelancers must create a pitch that highlights their strong points and highlights the finest of their portfolio. You should include your greatest technical writing works in your pitch as a freelance tech writer.


If you’re just starting, keep your pricing low at first, and as you gain experience, you can raise them. You can use these pitches from other freelance technical writers to help you construct your Fiverr pitch.


5. Guru is another well-known freelance employment board. Like Upwork and Freelancer, you create a profile, apply for jobs, get hired, and get paid through the site. Their “Guru Work Rooms” will help you handle communications on all of your projects, and they’ll send you daily job matches so that you can spend less time looking for jobs as well as spending more time applying for, winning, and working on projects.


Guru also has the freest bids (10 per month) and the lowest costs on money billed through them of any of these platforms (9 percent). The platform also makes it simple to define your standard rate, making the hiring and onboarding process go more smoothly.


You can select skills and expertise so that your profile appears in searches by companies seeking freelancers with your background. Sign up for one of the above-mentioned sites to get out of your 9-to-5 job and become a freelance tech writer.




Q1.What does a technical writer make as a freelancer?

A freelance writer’s earnings are determined by a variety of factors, including talents, qualifications, experience, and specialty. However, all freelance technical writers earn an average of $70,191 a year. The starting wage is $23,500, with a maximum of $133,500.


Q2. What does freelance technical writing include?

Technical writing is distinct from other types of writing. Producing material that focuses on certain products, processes, or services is a part of it. The purpose of technical writing is to make things easy to understand for the reader.


Q3. For a 500-word piece, how much should a freelance technical writer charge?

The cost of a 500-word article varies depending on its quality and difficulty level. You can, however, charge anywhere between $30 and $100 for it.




You must constantly expand your understanding of diverse issues as a technical writer. If you want to make a reputation for yourself in your field, staying on top of current advances is critical. As a freelance tech writer, you should be prepared to operate under a variety of deadlines, budgets, and client types. It’s just as crucial to understanding what the client wants as it is to be educated about any specific assignment. In any event, it’s critical to expand your freelance technical writing job by taking on multiple tasks and producing high-quality work.


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